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He tried pacing up and down to contain his arousal. After last night he wondered if he could ever be content with just hanging out and listening to her long stories when he knew what promises lay in her arms.

Cool down man, he said to himself. She wasn’t the first woman he bedded! There would sure be others after her. This was not a serious thing. Was it?

He was tempted to join her, but that would lead to more exotic play, then she would be late for work. Ten minutes later he was cruising down the road dropping her off at work.

“I will pick you later when you finish off.”He drew her in his arms kissing her fully on the mouth trying one last time to convince her to spend the day with him.

She quickly disengaged from him giving him a perk on the cheek.

“Later!”She shouted darting off.

He was lazy as he drove back home. He would spend the day lying in bed, catching on some well needed rest. Having her around calmed him it brought a sense of peace and tranquillity around him. He felt at peace than he had felt in a long time.

He picked up the car phone and dialled his secretary. She answered after one ring.

“You are not coming in today? Still jet lagged I guess.” She would reschedule his appointments. It was unusual for him to be tired after a trip. Mostly he could jump from one plane to a meeting then off on another place to some business dinner.

“Yeah I need a bit of rest.” He laughed good natured. If only she knew what he needed rest from.

It was late in afternoon as Tracy took off her shoes massaging her feet that she had time to relax. It was a busy day. With the tourist season taking off they were bound to be busy for weeks. The staff lounge was deserted at this time.

“Hey, can I join you?” Jane sad sitting next to her at the table. She looked tired too

“It’s been a hectic day, I am going to die.”Jane exaggerated

“You aint going to die,” Tracy laughed. “Maybe faint a bit.”

“If Sheila finds us here, we are dead meat.”Jane looked around making sure Jane was not in sight. “That woman is a slave driver.”

“She is just doing her job.”Tracy reasoned as she massaged her wrist.

“Wow where did you get.”Jane exclaimed admiring the bracelet on her wrist. She reached over lightly touching it.

“You must be doing him right for you to get something like this!”Jane laughed. She could be forward at time.

Tracy was embarrassed. She had been in such a hurry this morning she forgot about the bracelet. It was sure to catch someone’s eye. Tracy dint want people speaking and speculating about her.

“It’s a present from a good friend.”

“He must be a very good friend.” Jane was not to be sidetracked. It was an expensive piece of jewellery. “The guy must be loaded.”

Jane pretended to be ignorant. Don had told about Guy and Tracy. She wanted her friend to open up herself.

“What are you two doing here there’s work to be done?” Sheila snapped behind them.

They jumped apart; the cat had cornered the mice.

“No we just admiring Tracy’s bracelet!”Jane blurted out.

“Ohhh what’s special about it. Let’s see.”Sheila’s gaze went to the said wrist. He heart jumped as she saw the bracelet. It was expensive and knowing the musicians she hung around, losers like her, she must have gotten it from someone else.

“Was It Mr Guy?”Jane asked.”I saw him dropping you off this mor...”She stopped realising what she was insinuating.

“I mean anyone can give you.”Jane tried to cover up. But the cat was already out of the bag.

They all remained standing quite; Tracy was the first to head out of the room with Jane running after her.

So Guy was seeing this girl. Was she the reason he rejected her advances? What did he see in that girl that she didn’t have? Maybe he just amusing himself.

Sheila was not going to wait around and see how things worked out. Sheila had to dispose of the competition and fast.

“I am sorry Tracy” Jane apologised. But Tracy realised that soon everyone would know.

“Let’s just keep this to ourselves. Ok?”She hoped Jane would do so though she doubted.

“Yeah, yeah” Jane agreed.

It was going to be tricky working with people talking behind her back. But she didn’t care, she loved Guy and they were to together, that’s all that mattered. The whole world could know and she didn’t care. She was happy that she could stand on top of the highest building in the city and shout it out for all to hear.

Her heart desired to be back with him, to be safe in his embrace.

When he picked her up later that evening, she didn’t care who saw them kissing him passionately in greeting. Damn he had missed her. She looked dead on her feet.

Tracy showered as Guy cooked them a light dinner. He waited for her to be relaxed sitting in front of the fireplace, wine glass in hand.

“To us.” He toasted.

What did he mean? Was he proposing they go serious?

“To us.” she agreed. It was a silent understanding between them.

They had both been hurt in the past, Guy more than her. Trusting someone else was going to take time. Tracy loved him, she was waiting for him to admit to it himself that this was no lustful relationship that was bound to burn itself out soon.

She lay in his arms that night. Content just to be held by him. Guy did not make a move to take her. She needed her rest. He looked at her lying peaceful in his arms. Tomorrow was her day off. They will spend it all the things that were running through his head now!



Sheila sat across from Todd in her office. He was smocking, blowing puffs into her face

“I have something of interest for you.” She said as she handed him the photos.

He looked at them they were damning photos.

“Let’s just say this is my ticket to a ring on my finger.

“This looks really good.”

“Let’s just say I am a determined woman. I can do anything to make sure I win.”

“You definitely have the cat in the bag, darling.”Todd drawled

He stood up putting the brown envelope in his pocket.



Chapter 8

Tracy could not believe your eyes as she took the morning paper. She was dressed in jeans and shirt, casually walking barefoot in Guys House. He was in the kitchen making them breakfast. She had offered to collect the paper; the paperboy had just dropped it outside.

There on the front page were several pictures of Guy and Sheila dressed scantily, in some hotel room. There was Sheila her hand touching his chest. He seemed to be reaching out to her.

“What?” Tracy could not bring herself to believe her eyes.  She ran through the story barely picking up facts. But one thing was for sure; Guy and Sheila were an item and had steamed some hotel room in Europe.

He came behind her. She had been gone for long. He saw her shaking hands and took the paper from her.

Guy almost dropped the paper. The last thing he expected to see was a photo of his almost naked body on front of a tabloid. He could not understand what was happening but Tracy’s white face said a lot.

“What the hell is this?” he almost jumped out of the skin.

Tracy heard him but could not comprehend his words. So Guy and Sheila were in a relationship? What was she then?

“I didn’t know you were serious about someone. I made a mistake. I have to go.”She excused herself moving into the house to get her purse. This wasn’t happening. This was a bad dream.

“Tracy wait. This is not true.” His knuckles turned white as he gripped the paper.

“What is not true Guy? What? That you and Sheila are involved, that you were together in that hotel.”

“You didn’t make any promises to me Guy. I understand. No hard feelings. You needed a romp and I was available.” She said bitterly.

No that’s not it. There is nothing between us. Believe me.”He was almost begging. She was tearing him apart.

“I should have known better. You were too good to be true Guy.” Tracy was bitter.

“Let me explain. Sheila came to me in the hotel room but nothing happened.” Guy was watching her intently. 

Tracy could feel waves of nausea hit her. She felt faint and leaned on the wall behind her. It was like her fiancée over again. She may have not walked in on Guy, but their body language spoke volumes in those photos.

“Ohhh you think I am daft Guy. You expect me to believe that NOTHING happened from those photos?”

“Why are acting like this Tracy I am telling you nothing happened.” His voice sounded strained. He was getting worried that she was not taking his word.

Tracy remembered those nights she called him and he conveniently made himself unavailable. Maybe he was Sheila and they did not want to be disturbed. Tracy felt stupid. The signs had been there all along she had been too blind to see.

She closed her eyes unbelieving. Her instincts were to flee that very moment. To run away from this humiliation.

“You got what you wanted I think we are done.”Tracy said bitterly

Guy stopped in front of her his body stiff with anger. He tried to make some semblance of this mess. He could not understand where those photos came from. They had been no one in that corridor except him and Sheila and she certainly didn’t have a camera.

“Take me home. I need some time.”

He reached out to touch her but she flinched and he retreated his hand dejected. “Let me explain. Sheila tried to throw herself at me but I couldn’t. You were all I was thinking off on that trip. I did not even touch her.”

Tracy shut her eyes against the scene he was painting. She could see him in his towel and Sheila in her negligee standing there with her hands on his chest.

His story was too incredible to believe. Naive she maybe but he certainly wasn’t stupid.

“I don’t know what happened in that hotel room Guy. But right now all I want is to go home.” She turned a cold shoulder towards him. “Please.”

Yes maybe it was better to take time and cool off. And he needed to find out what was happening.

Guy had his suspicions. It was Sheila. But how?  Tracy didn’t want to see reason. She needed time to get over the shock of the photos. He needed time to get to the bottom of this. He had to let her go for the time being.

Tracy was sobbing silently as he drove her home. She kept her face averted from him. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him; he had disappointed and hurt her than any man had done.

If this was bad joke then it certainly wasn’t funny. She was the laughing stock of the whole town. She was out of the car before Guy came to stop slamming the door hard behind her.




“Tracy there is a delivery for you!” Sarah shouted

Tracy dragged herself out of bed and plodded over to the door in her pyjamas. It was well after mid day but she did not feel like waking up. She was drained and tired and her own body felt like a dead weight to her feet.

Sheila had seen her coming in the morning but she saw that all was not well. Tracy had arrived in a huff as if the dogs were after her. She barely said a word of greeting. Sheila had stood by her door hearing her friend sob.

Sheila thought it best to leave to Tracy to cry herself out. It was probably a minor lover’s tiff, nothing a good cry could not solve.

She was surprised seeing Tracy in her pyjamas so late in the day. The situation was worse than she initially thought.

“Nice flowers. From Guy?” it was very obvious that the large bouquet was coming from Guy.             

“Did you see the paper today?”

“No. Is there something significant in there?” Sarah was confused.

“Yes there actually is something significant.” Tracy threw the paper at Sarah

She looked at it shocked with every sentence she read. Her cheeks turned pink the red.

“There must be some mistake. Some explanation.” This was dynamite.

Tracy sobbed letting the pain wreak havoc in her body. Sarah embraced her smoothing down her hair.

“I am sorry dear. I don’t know what to say. What did Guy say?”

“That nothing happened.” She sobbed.

Maybe nothing happened.”It was incredible. Sarah could not believe that Guy would intentionally hurt Tracy. He maybe a playboy but he wasn’t a cruel man.

“There, there” she said. “We will get to the bottom of this.”

Tracy doubted that they could get more out of the story than what was obvious. She had Guy were through. They had their thirty minutes of fame and now it was over. She felt hollow inside all emotions draining from her. She knew that with time the pain would go away. It was only a matter of time



Guy knew that she wouldn’t speak to him but he had to try again. It had been a long day for him but Tracy was important to him. He had to make another attempt to make her see reason. He had fallen in love with her. It had taken him long to admit it to himself but finally the truth dawned on him.

BOOK: His Jazz Affair
5.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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