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Authors: Nicky Fife

His Jazz Affair (9 page)

“Tracy, Tracy Tracy!”She heard the banging again and realised that it was Guy banging on her door. “Let me in!”He screamed. His voice sounded edgy and strained. Ohhh what was he doing here? Why was he coming now? Hadn’t he done enough?

“Tracy open up please he begged.” She could feel the emotion in his heart

She stood by the door holding the towel closer around her; unsure if she should let him in. She had spend the last hour standing in the shower letting the cool water sooth her. It had not helped much. She still felt dirty after being used and tossed aside like that.

“It’s late I am sleeping.” Why would he come banging on her door in the middle of the night like this?

“You don’t want Sarah waking up do you?”

Slowly she opened the door for him. He looked tired and dishevelled. It looked like he had slept in his clothes for two days. Tracy hardened her heart towards him. She was not going to give in to him again because she felt sorry for him

“What can you possibly say to me that I don’t already know? She screamed “Did you string me along?”

“She is lying “he was visibly angry.

‘You are the liar. I saw the pictures myself. You and her in Europe!” I never want to see you again.” She screamed

“You would believe her over me?” He asked. If she didn’t trust him that much then she wasn’t worth it.

“You are a player I should have known better”

He reached out to touch her and she flinched at his touch. His heart swelled, he would never beg another woman again. He had done that once, it was enough. Telling her that he love her seemed like a last ditch attempt. He couldn’t risk her throwing it back in his face. It was better this way.























Chapter 9

Guy tracked down the journalist who had the photos put up on the tabloid. It had cost him fifty thousand to get to the bottom of the story. Todd had been more than happy to cough up his source. He needed money, and he hadn’t promised Sheila anything. This was business.

Guy wrote a check for him and he looked at it and shook his head. Guy added another zero. He smiled and spilled the beans. It had been easy

H e stood in his office waiting for Sheila to come. His hands were deep in his pockets as he stared out of his top office window into the blue sky. His eyes did not register his view. His mind preoccupied with the conversation he had with Todd.

Sheila sprayed her light perfume on her pulse points as she readied t go to Guy. It was now time to go in for the kill. She had wasted her time thinking he was still vulnerable after his break up. Now she realised that if she waited too long another young female like Tracy would swoop her pray right under her nose.

She walked in confident flashing her cleavage at him. His back was turned, his shoulders tense.

“So it was you who connived with that reporter to print those pictures out. I am through with you, you are fired he said.

“You can’t fire me I saved you that little gold digger. “She lashed. Do you think it’s a good business image to be frolicking with the help? Waitresses for that matter. She is nothing but a little tramp.”

“How could you go to the hotel and get a security tape footage of this whole... whole mess?”He didn’t know how else to call this.

“What are you trying to do? Blackmail me into a relationship? I will not be manipulated.” Guy was shaking in anger

“Don’t be like that Guy. Look at us, “She showed him the paper. He closed his eyes blocking those images from his eyes

“We look good together. We are meant to be.” She spoke softly trying him to see reason.

“There is no us there will never be us?” He dismissed her. His back turned to her.

“You want that Thrash.” Trash was now irritated. “I have waited for you all these years to get over your little break up. And you expect me to stand to the side and let you continue running after other women? When will it be my time?”

“There will never be that time. And it’s not now. You are fired.”

“You can’t fire me. You are nothing here without me. I make all this...” Sheila raised her hands around the office and the building, “I make this work. You will be lost without me.”

He remained standing there ignoring her. She changed that tact.

“You want that little bitch, who has nothing to her name. Maybe you don’t want a real woman Guy; you want a little girl that you can pull around on a leash. She has slept around with half this town. Someone you could easily drop when the time came.”

“Shut up, and get out of my office.” She had hit close to home. He always debated with himself how far he was willing to take this relationship. And now he wasn’t sure whether he should be happy that he got away without difficulty.  Somehow it produced a bitter taste in his mouth. Tracy was not a tramp.

He didn’t fight for her. Did part of him want her gone? Was she now too important n his life. She had his heart in her little hand and he couldn’t survive another heartbreak.

“You went too far this time Sheila. Good bye” he turned and walked out.

Sheila could not believe that she had lost out. To a waitress for that much. Just like that.




Jane watched Tracy as she packed her uniforms and personal items into her bag. The colour was gone from her eyes and her cheeks had deep hollows in them.

“You don’t have to resign. Sheila is gone.” Jane tried to convince her. It was the hottest topic of the day. Sheila had left abruptly and though it was a surprise no one was sorry to see her go. It had a lot to do with those photos in the paper. Jane felt sorry for Tracy; it must be devastating to be going through this.

“I cannot continue working here. Its best I leave.”

“What did Guy say, I am sure there is a reasonable explanation.” Jane wasn’t convinced herself. Those photos spoke volumes. No man could talk himself out of those.

“This conversation is making my head crazy.” Tracy complained. It was enough dealing with it herself but explaining something she didn’t also have answers to was disturbing.

Jane walked over to her and gave her a hug. Tracy stood there grateful to have a human touch. She closed her eyes trying to block all this away. This was a pain that was extraordinary; she didn’t feel like this when her boyfriend cheated on her with her friend.

It was painful now because she loved Guy and she thought her feelings were reciprocated. Maybe she had assumed too much. He was playboy and that was that.

“You look like hell.” Only Jane had the guts to say this out loud.

Tracy laughed at herself, “I feel like hell. I feel like a tractor has run over me five times.”

Her instinct was to go somewhere isolated and bury herself in the sand for eternity. No need to continue standing around prolonging her misery. She had to get a hold of herself and move on.

There was no point in trying to hide her aching heart. She was sure everyone in the hotel, if not the whole town knew of this incident. Getting away from people for a while would help her move on.

“Let’s go somewhere, maybe a massage? That will help.” Jane said kindly. Her heart was bleeding for Tracy.

“Maybe some other time right now let me go home.” She picked her bag

“I will pass by to see you some time.”Jane promised.

Tracy smiled, “Thanks Jane, you have been a good friend.”

She looked at the hotel foyer as she left. It was s sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach that threatened to rip her apart. She was sorry she had to make this drastic decision but it was for her own sanity.



Guy typed on his laptop furiously. Firing Sheila had brought a lot of work on his shoulders. He had a lot of people to interview and getting the hotel to operate smoothly was a hustle. Pushing everything at the back of his mind he tried to concentrate on his job.

The sooner he settled back into his work the better he would feel. It was easier to exhaust himself with work that to think of Tracy. She didn’t want to listen to reason and there was nothing he could do about it.

He closed his eye momentarily then shoved the paper away from him. He raked his hands through his hair messing it up. He laid his head in his palms trying to ease the throbbing headache.

“Sorry to disturb you,” His secretary said standing by the door way.” Mr Warren is here to see you.”

He didn’t want to see anyone damn it. But sooner or later he had to get out of this office. He shrugged his shoulders trying to relieve his tense muscles.

“Do you want to see him? I can ask him to come back some other time.” She looked like she wanted to say more but held her tongue.

“Ask him to wait in the restaurant. I will be with him in ten minutes.”

“Sure thing.” She said and stood around as if frozen. She had never seen Guy like this. She had some questions but this wasn’t the best time to be probing him. He was like a simmering volcano, one wrong move and he would explode.

She acknowledged with a nod of the head and closed the door behind her.

Guy went into the bathroom and splashed some cold water into his face. The water cooled him down and his head ache reduced a bit. He popped a few aspirin and took a gulp of water. He took a brush and tried to make some semblance of his head. He looked better now. His eyes were no longer blood shot from lack of sleep.

He went into the restaurant as Chad sat a distance from him. He was fiddling with his glass waiting for Guy to arrive. Chad looked at guy disgustedly.

“You look like shit.” It wasn’t the best of greetings.

Guy lifted bleary eyes to him,” what do you want man?”

“Obviously I saw the paper man. So you and the singing bird are through. Thought you may give me her number since you have moved on.” He taunted.

Guy stared at him unseeingly, “You think I will just hand her to you on silver platter, just like that?” He was visibly angry.

“Hey man you now have that nice little blond, what you need another skirt for?” Chad wanted to irritate Guy. It amused him to poke him knowing well that the publicity was damaging his image. He had specifically stopped by to let Guy know that his story was all over town.

“I messed up Chad. I really messed up.” Guy was surprised at him own admition for that matter to Chad.

“You really liked her didn’t you?”Chad was amazed. He didn’t think Guy cared for Tracy that much.

“Yes I do.” It was coming from the bottom of his heart.

Finally Guy spoke and told him about the hotel incident with Sheila and his relationship with Tracy. Guy was hating himself now. Mostly because he was angry that Tracy’s life was affected. He thought eventually they would have an amicable break up. That they would remain friends somehow.

Chad let out a low whistle,”That’s a tight corner you in. Maybe just give Tracy time to cool off. She will come around in a week or two. Women don’t like to be pressured.”He advised. He didn’t know much about women but he it was a rational analysis.

“You love her don’t you” Chad asked as he observed Guy

“It doesn’t matter anymore. She hates my guts.”Guy replied bitterly.

“I have to see to something now. I will come back later on and we can have a drink.”Chad suggested.

“Sure.” Guy wasn’t thinking much.

Guy walked Chad into the foyer as they stood one of the tables talking. Guy seemed better. Maybe talking about his dilemma helped him to relax a bit. Guy was talking business and the fact that he was looking for a new manager for the hotel.

Chad saw Tracy as she came out of the elevator. She was occupied in her mind and didn’t not see them in her path. She almost jumped when she realised who was in front t of her.

“Tracy my girl, I was hoping to see you around. “Chad started breaking the silence. Neither of the two wanted to look at each other.

“I had just come to collect my staff.”

Chad could feel the tension between the two of them. A knife could cut that tension into little pieces. Tracy would throw daggers at Guy once in a while when she looked his way. Guy was not going to beg her in front of Chad; his male ego did not allow him that. He still had his pride if not her.

“I have to be going now.”Tracy was curt.

“Let me offer you a lift then.” Chad offered looking at Guy who seemed oblivious to the exchange. Chad noted the pulse beating in his throat.

“Thank you that will be nice.”

She did not look back at Guy as she walked out of the hotel. Chad held her elbow lightly and she was grateful for the support. Her body was weak and she could collapse at any moment. Chad looked back and saw that Guy was looking at them as if he wanted to strangle him. He threw him a smile as he opened his car door for Tracy.

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