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Tracy sat silently in the car not wanting to encourage Chad. He looked at her interestingly. She and Guy were both too proud to admit they were wrong.

“He really likes you.”Chad said

Tracy looked away not wanting to hear him

“Did he put you up to this? Is that why you offered to drive me.”

“He is really sorry and nothing happened with Sheila.”Chad tried to get her to understand.

“All I know is that I need time to think about this. Please, just let it go.” She pleaded.

“Thank you for the ride.”Tracy said as she disembarked.

Chad watched her walk away. He felt sorry for them. Some people never knew how good they had it till they lost it             


















Chapter 10

“I am just visiting my mum for a while, just a few days or so.” Sheila said as she closed her bag. She had packed a few clothes. She needed space to think. A change of scene would do her good

Mike looked at her concerned he didn’t like the way things had turned out. The album was going great. If only her life was going the same way.

“I need to clear my head a bit.”

The break up had been bad on her. She had resigned from her job and now she had lost weight. It wasn’t only that her voice had lost its magic somehow. She no longer had soul. She wasn’t doing herself or the band any good.

“I talked to Guy the other day.”Mike started trading cautiously

“What do you mean you talked to him?” Tracy was shaken.

“He called me. He was checking on you.”

“And why would he do that.” She said bitterly.

“He cares for you Tracy, give him time to talk to you. He sounded miserable, you look miserable yourself.”

“You have easily forgiven him for what he did?” Tracy could not believe her ears.

“What did he do? I don’t know what he did. All you saw were those photos Tracy. They prove nothing.”Mike almost shouted.

“They proved what you had always been trying to tell me Mike that Guy and I are from different worlds. In his world they can date, marry, divorce and marry again in one night. My world says one man one woman.”

She sat on the couch her shoulders dejected.

“I know you think I am being unreasonable but this was a wake up call for me. I was in over my head I see it now.”

“I am sorry Tracy. I don’t want to force you into a relationship that you don’t want.”

Mike hugged her. She was the little girl he took care off again. It was best that she visited her mom for a while. She may change her mind in time she thought.

“Thanks for lending your car.” She said.

“That’s what big brothers are for.”He laughed trying to lighten the moment. He escorted her out of the apartment with her overnight bag.

She got into the small car and prepared for the two hour journey. She waved as she pulled out of the driveway. It was going to be a relaxing week. She felt it in the air finally leaving Guy and all these problems behind.



Guy walked into the party and wished he had not come. He narrowed his eyes, the room was too full and it was noisy. There were a lot of people he knew around. It was Chad’s party. Some get together or something.

“Hello Guy,” it was a familiar voice. He turned around and saw Lee, Chad’s sister. She looked very happy to see him. Her eyes brilliant as they drank him in.

“Hi,’ he replied politely. She was an aggressive girl who had a reputation with the men.

“Here alone?” she asked coyly.

“Yeah. And you are with someone?”

Lee ran her perfectly painted nails on his arm, “I am now...” Her voice trailed off suggestively.

“Beautiful music. It’s by the band Lighthouse family, extremely good group. “Guy found himself repeating Tracy’s words. He had only heard the song once. He didn’t even know the band.

“Oh is it?” She wasn’t interested. There was a tastier morsel on her plate now.

He nodded at her. He wondered how long he would last at this party. He had decided to attend to get back into a social life. It did not seem like it was helping him now. He felt outplace in this noise. He craved for the soft singing voice of a certain woman he knew.

“I am surprised you didn’t bring your new beau with you.” It was obvious she was referring to Sheila. The whole town thought them an item after those hot photos in the paper.

“Is that so?”He quizzed his eyes narrowing warningly.

Lee shrugged a thin shoulder, “Well I don’t know. There are certain stories going around the town about you and a certain young lady.”

“What young lady?” He knew Chad had said something to her.

“Well...” she drank her wine provocatively, “there’s a song bird you are said to be flying with. People talk you know.”

“Oh.” A dark explosion flooded his head. She seemed oblivious to his dark look.

“What do you see n her anyway? She’s below you...”she sipped her wine. “Well I guess you just needed a lay while you and Sheila got serious.

Guy froze. He could not believe his ears. This woman had guts.

“I’m sure she is nice....but really she’s nothing more than a club girl.” She chided.

His eyes grew as cold as ice. His look chilled her whole body.

“Don’t ever talk about Tracy in that way again. Or else...” he threatened. Had never hit a woman but he could start now. “She is a sweet woman ten times more than you will ever be.”

“That’s uncalled for. You think her better than me?’ she was visibly shocked.

“You don’t know anything Lee and if your friend Sheila put you up to this then she is as demented as you!’He snapped.

“You like people talking about you, laughing behind your back? You are the crazy one, stupid ass.” she hissed

“I think I have overstayed my welcome. My apologies to your brother. I have somewhere else I would rather be.” He stormed off angrily

Guy drove off angrily speeding dangerously not caring about the outcome. He was angry with himself for letting Lee taunt him. His emotions were making him irrational.

He paced about the house like a panther even that did nothing to relax him. He sat by the fireplace forcing himself to read. This was the longest night he had spent and eventually after a struggle he was able to sleep.


Hearing the phone ring wasn't unusual for Guy. He was accustomed to awakening at odd hours to attend to business. He had not grown the business by sleeping ten hours a day; at times he would have to spend nights with only an hour or two of sleep.

Guy reached for the receiver at the same time looking at the clock, it was one a.m. In the morning

“Yes Guy here,” His voice was already alert as if he had been up for hours.

“Hie its Mike.” His voice was shaky. Mike’s voice was the last one he expected. Just hearing his voice he immediately knew something was wrong. Mike would call if something had happened to Tracy for that matter. Guy’s heart missed a bit.

“What can I do for you?” Maybe he was just being paranoid. Tracy was fine.

“Sorry to wake you up there has been in accident. Tracy is in the hospital can you come now to Mercy hospital.”Mike went on to explain that her car had hit a lamp post or something, Guy wasn’t sure. He stopped listening when he heard “accident”. It was too much to bear if anything had happened! Please God I hope he is alright, he prayed

Guy jumped out of bed grabbing his shirt and his shorts fear flooding back into his head. You could not be thinking anything can happen to Tracy. He blamed himself for this. She wouldn’t have travelled if they had not had a falling out.


















Chapter 11

Seeing Tracy lying on the hospital bed was a shock for Guy. She wasn’t hurt badly with only her left arm in a cast. It was the horror of knowing that he could have lost that overwhelmed him and the reality of the situation hit him. Life was short. Too short to live without Tracy

It took Mike and Sarah to convince to go home with Guy. He had insisted that he could take care of her. Her mom was on the way and there was more space at Guys house. She was unhappy with the arrangement but finally gave in.

“What movie do you want to watch?” he asked. She was sitting in front of the TV looking sullen. They had to talk sooner or later.

“Any thing is fine.” She shrugged her shoulders.

She wasn’t making it easy for him. He may have talked his way around Mike and Sarah but she wasn’t as easy. She had her pride and being dependant on him made her angry. She could take care of herself.

She looked beautiful with anger lines across her face. He could feel his own heart melting at her sight. He longed to draw her near and kiss away all the painful days away.

Guy didn’t believe much in fate but he knew everything happened for a reason. The Sheila issue, the arguments and now the accident. All this was meant to make them better people. To understand and trust each other more. But was Tracy ready to admit that?

Chad had subtly introduced him to a very attractive model this last week. He had been on his case to start dating and socialising again,

Guy had reluctantly gone out with the woman. It had been a bad mistake from the start. Her voice was shrill, perfume over whelming; she ate too little and had awful blond hair. He knew he was trying to find fault with her because she wasn’t Tracy.

“I am sorry about the accident, Tracy.” His heart was almost bursting in his chest. He sat next to her on the couch their bodies barely touching. Her familiar scent filled his nostrils.

She looked down at her one good hand as if contemplating to hit him. He deserved it. She had every right to beat the daylights out of him.

This was the last place she wanted to be, but they had finally come full circle. She could not avoid him forever.

“It was good seeing you in hospital and I appreciate you taking me into your home. I will pay you as soon as I can.”

Guy stood up angrily and paced about the room. Finally calming himself he set himself next to her again.

“I deserve that.”

Tracy bit her lip nervously. She could see the emotions playing on his face. He was trying to reach out to her. Was it worth it continuing to ignore him, eventually he would get tired of pursuing her? He had been patient enough.

‘I know you need your space but I have given you these past weeks to calm down. Have I not redeemed myself? I fired Sheila. What more can I do to show you that there was nothing between us?”

He waited for her to respond but she remained with her eyes cast down. Guy put his hand below her chin and lifted her head till their eyes were level.

“Tell me now that you don’t love me and I swear to God I will never come around you again.” He demanded his voice soft and low full of emotion.

He was putting her in a spot. Her heart cried out to him but her stubborn head refused to admit it to him.

“I love you.” She whispered.

“I didn’t hear you.”

He had to hear it again. He had risked it pushing her like that; she could easily have called his bluff. He let the pent up breath he had been holding.

He kneeled in front of her, resting hi s head on her chin.

“I love you Tracy, I missed you much.” His lips descended on hers hot and demanding. He was afraid of bruising her further and had to remind himself that she was still fragile from the accident. Finally he had managed to break that protective wall around her.

“I should have trusted you Guy. I am sorry I didn’t believe in the beginning. I know Sheila can’t be trusted but those photos were bad.”

He smiled reassuringly; he had finally gotten his woman.

“I have the tape from the hotel. You can watch it and see it for yourself what transpired.”

Tray was taken aback. “You had the tape all this while? Why didn’t you show me?”

Guy embraced her and in his passion hurt her hand. She grimaced and drew back smothering her face with sweet little kisses.

“I wanted you to trust me for me, to take my word. It’s important for me that you trust me regardless of what the facts say."

“You really think highly of yourself don’t you?” She laughed at him. Why put them through all this. She didn’t understand him at times.

BOOK: His Jazz Affair
10.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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