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Authors: Nicky Fife

His Jazz Affair (7 page)

The following weeks were the same until one night he opened up.

“It’s one of the investors I got a year ago. He wants to pull out and this will cost us millions of dollars.”He sounded tired and drained. “Its hectic but he is coming around a bit now. He wasn’t happy with recent government policies introduced in tourism, so he thought business would go down. But so far we have managed to convince him to stick around. But I don’t know for how long.”

“I am sorry.” Tracy could not think of how to console him.

“It kind of puts a damper on our expansion plans.” He was explaining.

“How are the shows going?”Her life was more exciting than his, he thought. “Tell me about them.” He knew she would spend the next hour updating him.

It was good to hear her voice. He relaxed back in bed as he let her talk

And talk she did. She had so much to update him on. They had performed at ten clubs and they would be touring soon she hoped. They would spend some time going to different cities and performing.

“I will see you home when I come next week.” He was starting to drift off. The few days stress was catching up with him.

“I love you...”she said softly. There was no reply. He had dozed off.



Guy came out the shower his towel wrapped around him. He could hear the door knocking though he hadn’t ordered room service. Who was it, so late in the night? The knocking was persisting and in two strides he threw the door open.

“Evening boss.” Sheila stood in the doorway her black lingerie hanging to her every curve. She stood poised in the doorway one hand casually on her hip.

“What are you doing?”Guy was visibly shocked, a pulse beating in his throat. His eyebrows shot up. What was this woman playing at now?

“What’s going on here?” Guy asked fully knowing what this woman wanted.

“Guy, I thought we could have a private conversation. Just the two of us without the other executives.” Sheila voice was pregnant with passion. She wanted to rip that towel off him here and now and do him there and then.

“Conversation?” Guy flabbergasted. “Then you should have come better dressed.”

“Is this not appropriate for an adult conversation.” She ran her tongue over her lips.

“I think you have me confused with some other man.” His eyes were stony. Did she think he just jumped into bed with any naked woman who knocked at his door?

Sheila stepped closer to him, but he pushed her out and they were both standing in the corridor. Guy was nervous, what if someone walked by? He was angrier at Sheila for throwing herself at him.

“I thought you might need company. It’s been a very tiring week for both of us. And it’s our last here, together.” She ran her hands over his chest.

“Look Sheila but this is not going to work. Ok. Just go back to your room.”His insisted.

“Ok. Maybe not today then. Next time.” she perched a kiss on his brow.

He remained frozen. He waited for her to step from him. He respected Sheila as a work mate. Nothing more. Yes, she was an attractive woman. But she represented the kind of woman he didn’t want to get involved him. She was controlling. She would chock him.

“I will think no more of this little drama. And I do not expect to see this again!” His voice brook no opposition.

Sheila realised that he was angry. She was a patient woman. He needed more space. She could give him that.

Guy angrily banged the door. Damn Sheila was a beautiful woman, but he kept seeing those brown eyes that haunted him. Tracy, Tracy! What was she doing to him? Spoiling him for others?

He didn’t want to have an affair with Sheila. She was more valuable to him as an employee. Office affairs never worked out, and he didn’t want to lose her. But Tracy, she was also his employee. Was she worth loving and moving on when the time came?



















Chapter 6

Mike was sitting with his girlfriend and on another couch is Tracy finished off with her makeup. Guy was coming back today. Tracy was excited and could hardly contain herself.

“Hey slow down.”Mike warned. “You will burn out soon like your surname miss.”

They all burst out laughing. She had anticipated this day for a while. She decided that it was better to wait for him at his house. She would surprise him then. She had missed him so much.

“How do I look?” Tracy had on a small black dress that showed her hourglass figure. Guy’s bracelet shimmered on her wrist.

“You are going to knock him out dead.” Sarah was saying. She was happy her friend finally had a steady relationship. They were a striking couple, Guy and Tracy. Tracy was a genuine loving person, just want Guy needed.

“She’s jumped in with both feet.” Mike shook his head as Tracy closed the door behind them.

Tracy arrived at Guys house as he unpacked his boot. The petite leg that descended from the taxi with one red stiletto certainly wasn’t Mrs Mclay. His eyes beamed with surprise at Tracy. She looked beautiful like a goddess. Oh dear God! He had missed her. She threw herself into his arms her lips a warm inviting peach.

The taxi driver winked as he left the two love birds. They looked so in love, he nodded viewing them through his rear view mirror.

“Welcome back.” Her voice was husky with passion.

They had to get inside now. Guy could fill himself straining in his pants.

“Let me help you with the bags.” She was shy again. He looked handsome, better that she had last seen him.

The house light up with her presence. It felt good to have company than the TV that was going to be his companion that night. Her scent drifted to his nostrils seductively, it felt so familiar, so right.

“Want a drink?” he asked

“Sure. How was the trip?”

“Not the best I have had.” Guy was happy it was over. There was more to it but he wasn’t going to exert himself going over it again.

“Just need to work extra hard.  Managed to see Lisa. That really helped.”

He went on over his trip, but for the most part about his family. They sat close to each other their bodies almost touching. Eventually there were no more stories to share.

He knew why she had come. He ached to feel her body against his, and slowly he drew her close.

Tracy looked at him was this a good idea, but at that moment, Tracy stopped thinking and could not come with one reason why he should not be drawing her closer. His eyes were dark, with hot promises to come if he let go now she would crumble to the floor. He didn’t stop. His lips were hot on hers as his hands ran a scorching a line up her neck.

Guy felt the excitement through him, she smelt so good. He drew his breathe through her hair, down to her long neck and went back to drink her lips. He felt heady and he knew he wasn’t going to stop. He could hear the beeping of the microwave as the timer went off.

She was as eager as him he could feel it. She had totally surrendered to him. She was his from that first kiss. He knew it was all leading to this moment, here and now, just them! She wrapped her arms around his neck drawing him ever closer to her. He could feel her breast through his shirt. His hands ached to touch her, his tongue to taste her!

Tracy wondered how she had been living without him all this time. She felt complete, as if her world had come full circle. Was he the ONE then? She lifted her eyes and drowned in his liquid eyes. She could see all her questions answered in his eyes.

Slowly she opened his shirt one button at a time, her fingers flickering over his hairy chest. He responded his hands stroking her back, oh so electric!

He wrapped his arms around her, drawing her closer to him letting him feel his manhood. This is what you do to me, his body said. She stepped back with her eyes on him and dropped her shirt. Her bra followed to the floor. Slowly he drew close to him, drinking in her beauty.

He could feel her nipples pressing against his torso; he could feel her gasping as his hands moved towards her belt. Slowly he realised it, as if was giving her time to turn away.

Tracy did not want turn away, this was what she had imaged all these years from the time she saw his picture and now it was all happening. For real!

He murmured in her ear, “There will be no turning back now,” he kissed her ear. She replied by moving her hands towards his belt, lightly brushing his manhood. She felt him stir, and for a moment she was afraid. Was she inexperienced for him? She had slept with one man, and there wasn’t much to write home about. Tracy became bolder and unhurriedly licked him on his chest, her lips flickering over the tiny hairs.

She gasped as he removed her dress his hands running over her thighs. OK this is happening, she said to herself. Before she realised it he swooped her in his arms and turned to the bed. It was soft Egyptian sheets that felt cool on her back.

He stood over her she removed his trousers never breaking his sight from hers. He could see that she was a little nervous. But damn if she turned away from him at this moment. He had to move fast before she panicked.

Tracy was lost at the sight of him. She was struck for a moment and could do nothing but stare at him. She did not have to think for long as his lips sucked in one of her nipples. She felt the fire run down to the very core of her womanhood. He moved over to the next nipple paying it as much homage.

His hands descended to her knickers, and he felt a flicker of surprise in her. His lips returned to her and his tongue delved deep into her.

Tracy was lost in the waves of feeling that swept over her. She wrapped herself closer to him feeling her body burn on each part that touched with his. She could not remember him undressing; all she felt was his manhood brushing against her thigh.

She grew bold and let her fingers wrap around him, gently stroking him. She couldn’t think. Her heart yearned to feel him deep within her. She could feel that he was straining to hold himself back, waiting for her to be ready for him. His hands rubbed across her clitoris, and she almost jumped off the bed.

“I can’t wait.” She whispered in his ear. He replied by lifting her hips and little by little entering her. Tracy felt some pain and tensed a bit. His tongue returned to her mouth wrapping it around hers slowly sucking her. Tracy was lost in the heat and she gave herself to it letting him carry her to a place she had never known.












Chapter 7

“Morning sunshine,’ Guy woke up her up from her deep slumber. A satisfied grin on his face. She looked peaceful sleeping with her lips slightly open. The morning sun turned her dark her reddish and she looked like a fallen angel.

Making love to Tracy was everything and more than he had imagined. Sweet, intriguing, tender and gentle. He was skilful, but she had known a thing or two herself.

Tracy woke up lazily, content, well loved, “Morning” she kissed him on the cheek. She rolled over pinning him on the bed her body crushing him, stirring him up again.

It was hard to believe that Guy was sleeping under her on this bed. It had been a passionate all consuming night. Tracy’s hands lightly grazed his chest playing with his nipples.

An overnight growth of beard covered his face giving him a rugged look. His eyes were tender as they fixed on her taut nipples. His thumb brushed the picks awakening the fire in her.

He playfully rolled over her pinning her to the bed playfully nipping her neck. Tracy rolled over laughing trying to escape him. She opened her eyes dreamily and caught the bedside clock.

“Oh my going to be so late for work!” she jumped out of bed in her naked glory. Quickly gathering her clothes and running to the bathroom.

“I will give you the day off. I am the boss remember.” He shouted lying back on the bed in no hurry to get up.

“No, no.”She cried. “Please take me home, I need to change.”

Guy pulled on his clothes. He didn’t expect their morning to start like this; he was supposed to make her breakfast in bed. Love her a bit more. Suck her nipples and do other things to her. But she was her practical self again. She would never dodge work to spend the day in bed with him.

“Hurry up.” She was already out of the door as if the dogs were after her.

Guy dragged himself out of door. He didn’t have to go work, still resting from his trip. It was ok for her no hang around with him, there were other people to cover for her. He needed to spend the day with her, getting better acquainted in their new found physical escapades.

At her apartment he waited for her to shower and pack her uniform in her bag. He had not expected their night to be that amazing. He found her more desirable than any woman he ever had.

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