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                         HIS JAZZ AFFAIR

                   By Nicky Fife

                                 Copyright 2015 Nicky Fife

                   All rights Reserved




















Copyright © 2015 Nicky Fife

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher or author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Trademarked names appear throughout this book. Rather than use a trademark symbol with every occurrence of a trademarked name, names are used in an editorial fashion, with no intention of infringement of the respective owner's trademark. This story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is purely coincidental.




















Guy let the music carry him further away, her hot sexy voice drawing him closer captivating him. He could see her, the dark vixen weaving her web around him. She had the most enchanting voice he ever heard.

He could listen to her all night long. She turned to look at him, dark smokey eyes full of unbridled passion only for him. Her gaze arresting him for a moment, as her dark brown eyes looked into his, seeing his very core.

She threw her head back, her dark locks shimmering in the stage lights. The passion of the song over took her and a single tear ran down her cheek.

His heart yeaned for her, longing to be in her embrace. She reached out her hand as if beckoning him to her, my love, she mouthed the words.  His heart beat faster with the music as she reached the peak of the performance.

It was a brilliant performance that could win an award. In the glory of the moment he forgot that he was sitting in a crowded club with reporters around. This was a personal performance for him.

He closed his eyes blocking the disturbing crowd around him, letting the music fill his mind. At that moment he was in touch with his deepest feelings. Allowing himself to feel those emotions he kept at bay.

Loud thunderous applause brought him back to reality, and she was bowing throwing kisses to the crowd. Her infectious laugh filled the room as she blushed waving to the crowd.

He had been coming to see her sing, unable to forget that first performance. She was a captivating woman with chocolate dark hair, fiery eyes and a sensual mouth.  Her body small with curves in the right places.

Guy did not know her name, but he knew the tempo of her heart. She had a strong voice that carried maturity that was surprising for her age. He watched as she glided over the stage her brilliant hair flowing behind her.

It was obvious that she captured the hearts of the men with her flicking smile almost innocent smirk that made her look vulnerable. Guy wanted to hold her to protect her from the world. He felt protective over her but she looked like a woman who could hold her own.

His body responded to her the stirring deep in his loins begging to be released. He stretched out his leg to relieve some of the pressure. He lifted his wine glass and took a gulp, the liquid cooling him down.

Guy watched as she walked over to talk to her band mates excited, oblivious of his scrutiny on her. The drummer with long curly hair dropped his arm casually around her drawing her towards him. She wrapped her arm around his waist in response. Guy felt uncomfortable as if he was eavesdropping on their intimacy. Jealousy swelled up in him. Such emotions over a stranger? That was unlike him, he didn’t even know the day for goodness sake.

He had his fair share of women and they were not the best of relationships. Especially the last one. It had left him torn and bleeding inside.

He remembered it like it was yesterday, the betrayal that broke his heart. Never again would he leave his heart unguarded for any woman to stab him. Once was enough. He now knew better, ditch them before they ditch you.

He would never let a woman hurt him again. He picked up his car keys, turned his back and walked away from her.

















Chapter 1

“Evening, Guy. How was your day?”

Guy turned around at the mention of his name. It was the familiar voice of his hotel manager Sheila. A tall blonde woman, slim with ice cold eyes.

He was standing in the hotel foyer waiting for her and another executive. A business dinner had been scheduled to discuss matters. The past few months had been hectic for guy, managing six hotels was not an easy task.

It was times like this when he appreciated Sheila’s management skills. The report he would get today would be impeccable. Sheila was a perfectionist.

“Four meetings in a day are more than enough for one man. At least the investors are happy with our progress and will be putting in more money at least.”

“Thanks for the new car.”

“You deserve it.” This hotel had been the best performing in their group. They had decided as management to buy Sheila an expensive Mercedes. She did have an image to keep.

“You can throw in a holiday to the Bahamas as well.” She laughed throwing him a sensual look.

“That can be arranged. We are proud of the good work you are doing.”

Guy smiled to the passing staff as they went about their duties. His eyes seeped over the hotel noting every detail. Nothing was out of place. Not even a misplaced pen. Clients expected such opulence in a five star hotel.

“It seems Steve will be running a bit late.”Sheila said.

“May as well start dinner without him. I am starving.” Guy remembered having an apple and water between meetings. He rarely ate when his mind was at work. His secretary nicknamed him the work machine.

Sheila chose the centre table in the restaurant for them. She liked being the centre of attention. They were within sight of everyone in the hotel.

“What will you be having?”Guy asked politely.

“A salad”

He didn’t expect anything less from her. She had a toned body which was a little thin for his liking. He preferred women with a bit flesh on them. She was still attractive in her model body.

Guy sat back thoughtfully as he looked at the menu. Sheila always had a salad. He could not remember her ever ordering anything else. If their guests went about ordering salads all the time the restaurant would go out of business fast.

Sheila’s phone rang and she answered.

“The baby is coming. Congratulations Steve. See you tomorrow then” She cut off.

“It will just be the two of us for dinner. Steve’s wife is in hospital. The baby is coming.” Sheila was happy to have this time alone with Guy. She could not have set it better herself.

“That’s good for them.” Guy agreed noticing the smug smile on her face.



Tracy saw him and her heart began to race, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She convinced herself that he was a mirage, coming from her fantasies to play tricks on her. She looked away, and then stole another look again. But still there he was!

She knew him well. Guy Scot the owner of Scot Hotels. The owner of this hotel were she was working.

He was sitting at the centre table of the restaurant, close enough for her to see his chiselled face. Dark, handsome with those gorgeous lips. He was right there and not a pigment of her imagination. This was surreal.

He smiled at the woman sitting across him, flashing those prefect white teeth. His blue eyes as captivating as she had seen in his photos. The tabloids did not do him justice!

Oh, dear should she serve him? Tracy was shaking in shock. Should she ask one of the other waitresses to do that round for her? Her shift was almost over. Just a few more minutes and she would be out of this place.

She could just hang out in the back until her shift was over. She could avoid going to serve them. Her heat beat faster as she thought of ways of getting out of doing this round.

Guy was wearing a black suit that moulded his body to perfection. He had an aura of magnetism that drew women around him. Tracy could see a lot of glances thrown his way by the females sitting in the restaurant.

He drew attention easily, and the golden woman sitting with him was as striking. They made an attractive pair. Both tall, confident and charismatic.

Tracy debated with herself. What if she tripped over herself, or said something stupid. Ok compose yourself, he doesn’t bite. This man was her boss, well not directly her boss. He was the owner of Scot Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels and Tracy just happened to work as a waitress in one of them.

They had never met. Just because she had developed a teenage crush on him through those glossy magazines, didn’t make it real!

“Are you going to stand there all night?” John the head waiter asked rather annoyed. He had seen Tracy hesitating to attend to customers. This was not the time to be seen lazing around on the job. The owner of the hotel was around.

“We don’t have all night.”John took his job seriously and he was looking to be promoted to assistant manager soon. "Get a move on"

“I am getting to it John, in a minute.”

“You know Sheila is around you want her to bite our necks?”

“Don’t exaggerate John.”

He got close to her,” I can get fired.”

It was true. A few workers had gotten fired. It was a noose around everyone’s neck. One wrong step and your neck snaps.

“Ok, ok I am going.” Tracy patted her brow.

John wanted to impress his boss and having slow service was not the way to go. It was especially important this night because Guy Scot himself was here. And what Mr Scot wanted he got.

“I’m catching my breath,” Tracy said grabbing her notepad.

She couldn't just saunter over to them without clearing her head first. It was disorienting to see the man of your dreams sitting in front of you. A flesh and blood man, not some cold picture that she was acquainted to. Taking a deep sigh she resigned to her fate, putting on her steadiest smile, polite and professional she held her head high as she approached them.

Guy was trying hard to listen to Sheila as she gave him the update on the hotel progress. She was a beautiful blond woman, a go getter, determined to reach the top. He did not regret hiring her a year ago to manage this hotel.  Profits had risen significantly under her management, and it was one of the best performing hotels under the chain. She had a masters degree in business and knew her job well.

Having managed two hotels initially she brought a wealth of knowledge to the brand that gave them an edge over competitors.

Sheila had her pick of job offers, but astonishingly she had accepted his offer. She was still being head hunted and still she remained. The Hilton Hotels were still pursuing her.

Guy had recently noticed that she was getting more serious hanging around him and having a few wardrobe malfunctions and he wasn’t doing much to deter her. A slip of the blouse on the shoulder had happened once too often.

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