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“Well she’s not really my type. But that passion when she sings...makes a man want to do things to her.” Chad was intrigued. He liked women who knew what they wanted in a relationship. Sex and money. This was looked like one you had to charm over dinner. Chad wasn’t that patient.

“You seem to be taking interest in her,” Guy said.

“Well I could make an exception for her.” Chad laughed

They had never pursued the same woman. Guy didn’t want to start competing with him now. He had to state his claim. Tracy was his. He wasn’t going to let some lover boy come and ruin his game.

“This one is mine, Chad. Keep your distance.” Guy warned

“Ah is that so now? And what if I say she’s fair game. What will you say about that.” Chad challenged. He could play her a bit.

Guy’s eye narrowed dangerously as he measured his opponent.

“Dare to carry that one out.” His voice was low.

Chad realised that he was treading on dangerous ground. He didn’t want to have Guy as his enemy. He could be ruthless if he was pushed. Chad didn’t want to keep pressing the wrong buttons.

“She’s all yours Scot. Just know I am interested when you get tired of her.” He winked his eye.

Guys eyes widened in anticipation. A slow smile flashed across his face.

“Don’t bet on it.” His voice was low.

Tracy was eager to leave, hastily picking up their equipment bags. The band had agreed to pay a courtesy to their host. They don’t know him, she breathed. He wasn’t the saint they all thought.

“Thank you Mr Scot,” she heard Don saying. Tracy placed herself behind Nick, the tallest of group. Guy could see a peek of her dress. She was trying to remain as obscure as possible. He felt anger rise within him, she was not allowing him to talk to him. Her expression spoke volumes.

He was nice, amusing, saying all the right things, making others laugh. He wanted to hear her laugh but Tracy could not manage even a grin. But then no one seemed to notice her. They were engrossed in their little chatter. She shifted on her legs impatient to go.

“That was a sensual performance.” A deep voice said behind her. She turned startled for a moment. She recognised Chad. He was a favourite with the ladies.               He was known to be very generous to his lady friends.

Tracy blushed as his eyes ravished her openly. He reached for her hand giving her a light kiss that sent shivers down her spine.

“Thank you. I am happy you enjoyed it”

The exchange did not go unnoticed by Guy. He continued his conversation with his eyes glued on Tracy and Chad. Tracy was smiling and laughing and she clearly looked besotted with the man.

“So I will definitely be at your album launch. You are amazing and all the guest are happy.” His speech was mechanical. He could strangle Chad right there and then

“I will see you around.” Chad threw her a dimpled smile. He knew that trick always bowled women over. She was a beautiful woman. He would be around if Guy got tired of her.

Tracy patted her flashed cheeks trying to calm herself. She ignored Guy as he continued with small talk. She had admirers, there were other fishes in the pond.

It was Nick who got the courage to confront her on their drive back. “That was rather rude, Tracy. You did not say a word of thanks. What are angry about?” They knew her well. Ten years in her company they could read her like an open book.

Tracy was more than happy to repeat Shelia’s story. They deserved to know Guy for who he was! None of them seemed disturbed by her little bomb.

“So you see  he was just using us. Perhaps he laughed behind our backs with Sheila.”She said bitterly.

“That’s not true.” Done chipped in. “I don’t know why Sheila would say that but we got the call two weeks ago from Guy. We were not sure if we would make it that’s why we didn’t tell you earlier.”

“What?”She was stunned. Why would Sheila make up such a story?

“Yeah remember we only rescheduled the launch of the album to next week because that venue we want to use couldn’t give us this date?”Mike reminded her.

“Well you should have told me.” Her voice was stern. She was taking out her anger at them. So she acted irrational jumping to conclusions based on Sheila. She shouldn’t have trusted her. Now Guy thought the worst of her. He probably never wanted to talk to her again.

“Who was that guy you were mooning over?” Mike asked.

“That was Chad. Just the, most eligible bachelor in the city.” Tracy beamed.

“Says who?” Mike questioned.

“Says everyone. Dah!” Tracy replied

“I think Guy is better than that two timing cheat. Did you see how he got caught in that hotel by his girlfriend with that model. That one is bad new Tracy. Stay away from him.” Mike advised.

“Ohhh there’s nothing between us. He was just being polite.” Tracy sighed. She had noticed that Chad was doing it for show. He was probably trying to get some woman jealous. He certainly hadn’t done it because he liked Tracy.

She debated with herself as she got ready to go to bed. Should she call him or not? Tracy didn’t like carrying anger around, things were better said out than to let them eat you up inside. She reluctantly picked up the phone to dial his number.

It was well after one in the morning. Maybe he was already resting. It rang once and his voice answered in his smooth tone.

“Hie, Guy” she started.  How was she going to apologise. He probably didn’t want to talk to her.

“Tracy,” he waited for her to speak.

He could hear her breathing lightly into the phone. He was surprised to hear her, his heart skipped a bit. She was finally coming around. His knuckles held the phone tightly. Damn he could strangle the little vixen for getting him worked up like this.

“I wanted to say thank you. We had a blast.” He’d be damned if he thought she was going to say sorry.  “Hope you got the best for your money. We gave our most splendid performance.”

He smiled. She was so proud, his little minx. She did act like a cat, her nails drawn. She could have scratched his eyes out if guests were not around he figured.

He had been anxious over Chad’s attention on her. He irked to know if he had made a move on her. But Guy knew Chad well. He wouldn’t go against his request to stay away from Tracy. He wanted him to know that she was a beautiful woman and he was interested.

Guy was surprised at the jealousy that welled up in him when he saw Tracy blush. She was showing other man emotion, yet acted indifferent with him. It wasn’t her fault he knew. He had to be more patient with her.

“It was worth every penny.” He was not helping her. She had to say it.

“Well, anyway good night then.”She had to get off the phone now.             

“Night, love. Will call tomorrow.” He said. The line went dead. He smiled to himself. He enjoyed her anger, she wasn’t one to be offended for long. She was a reasonable girl. He liked that about her.

She was turning out to be an interesting chase. There was no fun if the woman gave in easily. He liked it when they played hard to get. The victory was sweeter in the end

She almost jumped at his endearment. If only that were true. Will see how it goes, she thought as she snuggled into her bed, grateful for the tiredness that overtook her, and soon she was sleeping deeply.












Guy spent the day debating with himself on where to take Tracy that night. Somehow everything felt different. He wanted to impress her, but at the same time he wanted her to be comfortable in his presence.

He knew that she was intimated with his wealth. He certainly didn’t want to goad her with money. Initially he had chosen an upmarket restaurant for dinner but he knew that she was nervous being seen in public with him especially with the tabloids always around him.

Eventually he settled on an out of town cafe that was small and intimate. It was the perfect place for a date. Away from all the familiar prying eyes.

He was falling for her. Tracy was falling for him too, he knew it, as he knew his own name. She easily forgave him for his shortcomings. She was so accommodating. She was sweet, beautiful almost untainted.

They had grown close in their conversations over the phone. She liked talking, oh so much. He never grew tired of her stories. She had a story for every event in her life. He envied her upbringing. She was just a regular girl, unlike him, always pressured to be the best at school. Being the best at everything he did was tiring at times.

Maybe that’s why he enjoyed her. He was his normal self again. He could forget about work and just be a regular guy, dating a pretty girl.

He kept their visits brief, wanting her to get used to his presence. He turned up to pick her from work. He used his old van. No one knew it was him in that beaten down truck. But still he had to park a block away from prying eyes.

His secretary has noticed that he was knocking off work early, almost at the same time.

“Are you attending something that I don’t know off? You are always knocking off at six these days. Even if there is a still mountain of work to do.”She had looked down her spectacles at him.

Guy had been taken back. Was he that obvious?

“There’s a book club I am attending these days.” Let her deal with that lie.

“A book club? “ She snorted. The man was lying. Well sooner or later she would know.

Goodness he was always tempted to drag Tracy into his arms. He had to sweeze his palms once to stop the itching in his hands. She wasn’t one to be rushed. She was some delicate bird that had to gently coxed lest she flew away.

Being in close proximity to her was dangerous. It was like holding a candle near dynamite. One day he was going to explode surely.


As she opened the door for him that night she greeted him with a warm friendly smile that almost knocked his breath out. She looked at him in the most adoring manner; no woman had looked at him like that. Most women would show him a calculating smile. Every action was deliberate; it had to have an effect on him. But Tracy was natural and genuine.

Guy was surprised that she could bowl him over like that. Hanging on her every smile, every laughter and every sigh.

“You look beautiful.” He complemented. They had both dressed up for the evening. A black short dress for her, and a dark suit for him.

Guy took her light wrap putting it around her. It was warm, but the nights got chilly later on.

They were both silent as they walked to the car. Each to their own thoughts.

“Where are we going? Tracy asked as he drove off.

“Do you like surprises?”

“No.” She would rather prepare herself.

He smiled at her affectionately and told her the place. She had not heard of it before. At least it was not one of his.

It was a small cafe overlooking a river. They sat at a little table enjoying the light music that played in the background. Some rose petals were scattered on the table their scent rising. It was the best romantic setting, with a beautiful woman who looked shyly at him.

Tracy was happy beyond her comprehension. This week had been a whirlwind. Guy was the most attentive, kind; best behaved she had seen him. He was not an intimidating executive, always talking business. He would talk about trivial staff like sports and cars.

He never asked about her relationships. And eventually she had volunteered information. She knew he wanted her to open up herself with no pressure from him.

His kisses were light, almost flirting. At times passion would overcome him, and she could feel him straining against his emotions.

Tracy was surprised that he never invited her back to his home. Was he hiding something she wondered?

He was talking about his childhood trip on a safari camp. His father liked game hunting, but amazingly he always missed. “I guess he could never bring himself to kill an innocent animal.” He was saying. His eyes were light and carefree.

“Did you ever kill any thing?” she was curious.

He laughed at her,” Me? No. I hated hunting. I only went because that was the father son time we had.” His voice was sad.

He didn’t talk much about his childhood. Tracy felt sorry for him. Her heart would cry out for the little boy who never enjoyed. At least he was close to his sister. He spoke of her fondly. She was married with a young son.

“Lisa loves being a mom.” He was saying, “She’s got one kid now but I think she will have a dozen if her husband agrees.” He was light hearted

“She wants me to get married too and get acquainted with diapers!” he grimaced

Tracy laughed throwing her head back, her eyes glistering. Guy! Diapers! That’s one scene she wouldn’t want to miss

“But you were almost married....”Her voice drifted off as she realised what she was saying.

There was silence. Tracy was sure he could hear her heart beat. It was the only thundering sound that she could hear. Oh why didn’t she think before she burst out?

BOOK: His Jazz Affair
5.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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