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Authors: Nicky Fife

His Jazz Affair (6 page)

“It’s a well known story. What’s there to say? It didn’t work out.” His voice was level. He did not flinch as she squirmed under his gaze. Daring her to challenge him.

“Well we have all been there.” She sipped her wine.

He without a doubt didn’t want to talk about it. All Tracy knew was the woman dumped him for a richer man. That was horrible for him considering the dude was old!

“It’s not easy for a man to say that a woman dumped him.” He started. He had a thoughtful look on his face.

“You read the story didn’t you?” it was more of a rhetoric question.

It had been public humiliation for him. His friends made a spectacle of him. It wasn’t everyday that he got kicked out by an old man.

“Well it was in the papers.”

“For a long time too.” He sounded bitter. “We were a perfect couple I thought. But to tell you the truth, we were falling out a bit. She didn’t want to get married initially and then she agreed, then later we had issues on starting a family.”

He reached for his drink and took a deep gulp.

“I finally gave in to her demands. We would have the wedding in August, we would hold off having children. I would invest more in Europe than here. I was shocked when she said she had found someone else.”

Tracy fidgeted with her drink. He was opening up to her finally. He trusted her that much.

“I had changed my life for her. I was willing to change it all for her. But she didn’t see that. Or maybe it wasn’t enough.”

“I am sorry you had to go through all that.”

There was dead silence between them. He was caught in his past nightmare and she felt pity for him. It must have been a big blow to his ego

“It’s all in the past.” he buried the subject. He causally reached out and took her hand in his lightly running his fingers in her palm. Tiny shivers ran down her spine. He was without a doubt trying to take her mind off that subject.

His breakup had been painful to him. But it had taught him a lot about women. They could say, and do all the right things to trap a man. He would never allow himself to be caught unaware again.

“I will be going to Europe on business for the next few weeks. Will visit Lisa as well.” He changed the subject.

“Oh I will miss you” it will be lonely without him. He would go for business occasionally but not for weeks.

“You can come along.” His invitation was unexpected. He captured her gaze and she could see the passion in his eyes.

“Come along? No, no. We will be concentrating on the album launch.” Would she have accepted his invitation if she didn’t have commitments, she wasn’t sure.

“Lucky for you.” His eyes were deep pools and she knew she could not escape him for long.

“So you will be by yourself.”

“No there will be a few executives tagging along. We will use the company jet. It will make our travel easier.”

There was time he referred to his wealth but not too often that Tracy realised the different lives they lived. It made her feel self conscious at times and she wondered why he was seeing her. There were better women out there.

“Can I leave you the keys to the house? My housekeeper had a fall and hurt her knee. She will be in a cast for a few weeks. Just pop around to make sure everything is in place.”

“Sure, no problem”

They had lobster which was Tracy’s favourite. It was just delicious as she felt guilty as she wolfed down her food. Guy smiled to himself. She was a child at times and would throw caution to the wind never minding what others thought of her. She was always so natural never being pretentious like other women.

They strolled along the river admiring the stars that shone brightly in the night. A full moon added to the brilliance giving magical touch to the night.

“You have gone quiet.”Guy remarked. It was unlike her.

“I was busy admiring the view.” The river shimmered in the light with little twinkles darting the surface.

“You look beautiful.” Guy reached out to stroke her cheek. In the dim light he could see her blushing at his compliment.

“You don’t look bad yourself.” She returned in banter.

“I am not trying to be smooth. Just being honest.”

Tracy was surprised. He found her attractive. He was not trying to win points. His eyes reflected that he was being honest.

“Thank you.” She said turning her back on him

He approached her slowly wrapping his arms around her as he drew her closer to his torso. Tracy felt safe in his embrace. He was not threatening neither did he make a move to go further.

They stood there for long minutes listening to the soft flowing river and an occasional croaking frog. They walked to his car in a comfortable silence their hands entwined.

He listened to her stories as they drove back. She never ran out stories, it amused him. She liked taking about her mom, and the band and the music, the album, the travelling... the list was endless.

She probably never noticed that he spent more time admiring her breast, or the way her neck curved. Or that bottom lip that looked sensational.

“You will come for the launch, wont you?” she was saying.

He nodded in agreement as she went on about the preparations and the anxiety.

“Thank you again for dinner,” she said.

“Thank you for coming with me. It would have been an awfully lonely night if you hadn’t agreed.”

“That’s not true.” She laughed.

He liked it when she laughed. Her eyes brightened and her cheeks flashed. She looked divine. He could devour her.

Tracy enjoyed Guy when he was his playful self again. He played along with her mindless chatter. This was safe territory. No pressure on both of them

The car finally pulled up at Tracy’s apartment building. It was late as he took her up the stairs to her apartment. He wanted to see her safely in her room.

She was standing there chatting about some song and all he wanted to do was to kiss her.

“So you see....” she was saying and his mouth descended on her swallowing her words.

She tasted so good. Her hands wrapped around him as he pushed her against the door, trapping her with his body. She was on fire wanting him to quench her.

The kiss was electric; Tracy was lost to everything but the feel of that moment. Guy deepened the kiss quenching his thirst, he had been dying. Her skin was on fire or was he the one burning?

He slipped his tongue into her mouth again drawing her deeper into him. Tracy moaned lost in the glory.

“We don’t want to be waking anyone up.” He ran his lips on her flushed cheek.

She nodded and he gave her a last kiss as she opened the door.  She waited in the open doorway as she waited for him to leave.

Tracy waved at him as he walked off, his long strides covering the space in a few seconds. She hugged herself trying to retain his heat and his smell to her. She could still feel his lips plundering hers.

Tracy almost jumped out of her skin when she heard a familiar voice behind her.

“You are finally back, dear.”

“Mom!” Tracy exclaimed.






Chapter 5

“You didn’t have to come mum.”

“Of course I had to come dear this is important for you dear. I am the only family you have.” Mrs Burn was saying as she sat on the couch her feet tucked beneath her.

She was an attractive woman in her late forties with short cropped brown her and intelligent eyes. She looked more like Tracy’s’ sister than her mom. She liked to take care of herself. Her body was toned, a face with clear skin that could rival any twenty year old.

“You didn’t want me to wait for you to post the pictures on face book. Anyway I forgot how to log on.” Mrs Burn wasn’t big on technology. But she did know her face book and twitter. She was no old lady but it amused her to think she could become a grand mom soon. Better start playing the part.

She was impressed by Guy. He is so tall, she remarked to Tracy. Mrs Burn was smitten.

“We should invite Guy for dinner. Since he is your boyfriend.’ There was a sparkle in her eyes. Mrs Burn wanted her daughter to find a good man and settle down. And this one was the one, she decided. He smelt expensive too. Must be them imported perfumes, she decided.

Tracy could imagine Guy sitting there, eating her moms home cooked meal. Some pie possibly. That was definitely a far cry from the exotic meals he was used to.

“I will ask him.” Tracy was polite. She didn’t want to shoot down her mom. There were not yet that serious to be meeting each other’s parents. She could scare him away.

Mrs. Burn could inadvertently start talking about weddings. That would surely send the poor man running.

It’s his decision, she thought as she got into the bed she was sharing with her mom. This was her life; he had to know her for who she was. He could either accept or not.

The day of the launch came faster than they could finish their rehearsals. They were all excited and nervous at the same time. It was going to be fine, they said to each other.  But sweaty brows spoke otherwise.

Mrs Burns sat in the audience with Guy by her side. He had been very accommodating, picking Mrs Burns from home and sitting with her too. They seemed to get along fine and Guy had survived her home cooked meal. He had eaten every last morsel on his plate, Tracy was sure he was being polite. But he seemed to genuinely enjoy their evening!

They were going for celebratory drinks after the show. Guy had reversed a room at his hotel and they were expecting a huge crowd, predominantly their friends.

It was well after one a.m when they made it to the hotel. The moody was funky and light. It had been awesome night. Breakthrough had finally come for then. Success was a few days away.

Guy strolled over to Tracy as she chatted with her friends. Drawing her aside he moved over to the end of the room. There were a few couples hanging back away from the noise and bustle.

“Congrats,” Guy was saying his body shielding her from the rest of the people. She looked flushed; the excitement was wearing her down.

“Thanks, you supported us.” He had bought the album at an auction that was done at the launch. He paid a large amount that no one was expecting. It would be in the papers tomorrow for sure

“I will be leaving tomorrow. I will miss you.” His eyes were sad. He wanted to take her with him, but that was not good for business. Pleasure and business didn’t mix.

Tracy was tempted to kiss him there and then, but she noticed a few eyes prying their way.

They walked outside into the night. There was a half moon that illuminated the sky. It was light enough for her to see and draw him down to her lips.

Guy noted that this was the first time she had initiated physical intimacy with him. He deepened the kiss for a moment overtaken by the flood of emotions that came over him. She wanted him.

This was not the time and place. She was tired and was still caught in the mood of their night. He wanted her to come to him with a clear head. Soon, very soon he was sure.

“I have a gift for you.” He drew out a jewellery box. Inside was a sparkling diamond bracelet. She gasped in awe, it was too much.

“I can’t accept this. It’s expensive. I will lose it.” She tried but he reached over her hand and slipped it on.

“Consider it an album launch present.” He chuckled.

This time she kissed him with all her being. She gave herself up to him wholly. He surprised her at times. He did the most thoughtful things that she imagined.

“I have to get into the office now to look at some stuff. Can my driver take you home?” He drew back. It was late but he at times his job demanded this stamina. “Your mom must be sleeping now.”

“I will see you when you come back from your trip then.” She didn’t want to leave him yet.

“Yeah, I will be calling you.” He said as they went to look for Mrs Burn.

Mrs Burn was still awake but grateful to call it a night. She was amazed by the Mercedes Benz that was at their disposal. She had never ridden in such a car. It smelt wealthy. Must be the leather.

“You can call me Miss when you need my services.” the driver was saying as he dropped them off.

“I beg your pardon?”Tracy was surprised.

“I will be your driver for the time being, till the boss says otherwise.”

“I will be just fine. Thanks.” She brushed it off. He shrugged his shoulders and drove away.

“Why didn’t you take it up? “Mrs Burn didn’t understand her daughter at times.

“I use the bus mom. It works for me.”

She wasn’t some bought woman. He had given her the bracelet, which was more than she could accept. The car and the driver that was going overboard. She could still look after herself. Fine, yes he had money, but there was more to life. There’s family, laughter, joy and music. She wanted him and him alone.

That week was boring for Tracy. No Guy to meet at the end of the day. He called but his conversations were short. At times she would call him and he would say he would call her back, only to return her call hours later.

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