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Authors: Nicky Fife

His Jazz Affair (2 page)

She was an attractive woman. She knew he was not ignorant to her charms. He was just playing hard to get.

He wasn’t blind to female antics and it amused him greatly. She now turned up for most business trips, making sure that his personal assistant included her with the executives. He didn’t mind because he kept it all professional. Most women got tired when they saw his disinterest. Not this one. Sheila was bent on pursuing him regardless.

Since his fiancé broke their engagement two years back, he had seen the true colours of women. He had been so in love and ready to marry then. But he ultimately got the shock of his life when she out of the blue broke the engagement after meeting a rich eighty year billionaire.

Guy even knew the old man for that matter. He was a grandfather to one of her friends. They had all grown up together and he considered that man his own grandfather. He realised then that he was no more than a meal ticket. From then on, he had thrown himself into his work, he had been greatly disappointed.  A few women had come, and gone. But none had managed to get him to bring the ring out again.

He saw Tracy standing talking to the head waiter and he recognised her instantly. The girl from the jazz club! She had captivated him with her smooth, luscious voice the first night he saw her. He almost chocked on his wine at her sight.

On one of those nights he wanted to be by himself, Guy had taken a detour and stopped by a jazz club to refresh a moment. He had seen her then, beautiful dark haired with amazing brown eyes. She wasn’t extremely striking at first sight but her lovely face was refreshing.

She sang well, though he could tell they were still rough around the edges but the band put up a good performance.

He had let himself be drawn into the mood of the night, with her honey edged voice carrying through the dark night, singing just for him. I would love to hear that every night, he contemplated to himself. From then on he had been hooked.

He went the following week and saw them playing again. He was mesmerised by her voice it was soothing it carried him to that place where it was just him and his lover. He had been to that place once, when he was in love. The music made him captured those moments again.

He made it a habit to pass by the club every week, watching his dark goddess, enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the jazz music. One time he had gotten busy with work and when he visited the jazz club again he was disappointed to learn that the band had moved on because the club was closing down.

He wanted to see her again, to feel her presence, to have her within arm’s reach. Guy had gotten the band’s name from the club manager. It was called The Four.  A likely name for a four band member group.

He knew he would find her sooner or later. He managed to get a contract with them to play at his house at a function over the weekend, and now here she was working for him. She had been right under his nose all this time.

Tracy walked as cautiously as her wobbly legs would carry her. All she could hear around her was her pulse, drumming away in her ears. He was still concentrating on the woman before him.

Tracy recognised her as the head manager for the hotel. Sheila was known to be ruthless to staff. She could easily fire people for little mistakes if they compromised service delivery. Tracy cleared her throat for the second time before Guy Scot acknowledged her by a simple nod of the head.

“Good evening, may I take your order?” she tried to keep her voice from shaking.

They hardly glanced at her and she felt invisible. Guy gave their order his smooth voice speaking in low tones. Before Tracy could grasp, he folded his menu and put it aside.

She stood for a second trying to remember what he said but all she could hear was him saying her name! Did he really say her name? No, I don’t think so, she thought.Ohh why was this happening to her! Why was his voice echoing in her head!

“I am sorry sir, kindly repeat again?” She asked in a small voice. How embarrassing. She wished the ground to open up and swallow her.

Guy lifted his eyes surprise at her; Sheila shot her an irritated look. This waitress was not serious, honestly.

“Ok. Would you like me to write it down for you?” he asked smiling a light playing in his eyes.

“No no. I just missed a bit, sir”

He went over slowly waiting for her to acknowledge that she was ready.

Tracy listened very hard trying to stop her shaking pen from falling off her hand. Sheila turned a dark look on her that promised a nasty talk later. Tracy hurriedly ran off before she embarrassed herself further.

It was a surprise meeting him in flesh though she had been working at the hotel's restaurant for a year now. Well mainly because she had been assigned housekeeping duties before becoming a waitress. How would their paths ever cross? Even if they did it was not mandatory for them to be acquainted at any level, than being boss and employee.

She had seen him around as he walked by. He either was on his phone or there was some executive escorting him around. Tracy admired him from afar but this was the first time she had seen him close in person.

She was relieved when she managed to deliver their order with no more hassles. They were engrossed in their conversation, he hardly lifted his head to her. She could have imagined that smile.

Tracy took a sigh of relief as she changed from her uniform into some jeans and shirt. God, he is so hot. Much better in person than his pictures, for sure. Those lips could make a sane woman mad. Mad to ravish him.

"You wanna hang about a bit?" Jane the young Chinese girl asked. She was a nice girl who had a good command of English. She was very happy to be working in South Africa, and was surprised to find modern apartments and running water. It had taken her a week to believe that Africa was not all jungle.

Cape Town was a beautiful metropolitan city. A tourist resort area that was pregnant with diverse culture and languages. It was a far cry from the lion infested wilderness that Jane expected. She had not even seen a zebra hoping around!

"Sorry Jane I have practise today'' Tracy excused herself.

“You are always busy with the band. Soon you will forget your friends.”She snorted.

“No I will not. We just have to put in more hours now.” Tracy laughed it off.

“You can come to one of our practise sessions. The guys would love to have you around. Especially Don.” Tracy chided.

Jane blushed, “I will see him later on, without you bunch around.”

They stood chatting for some time. Finally Tracy was able to leave after being updated on all the rumour in the hotel. Jane loved chatting about everyone and everything that did not concern her. She was the one to know the latest gossip everything that happened in everyone’s life. It was amazing how she stored all that information in her small head!

The latest now was that Miss Sheila had no man, and the sexual frustration was making her behave like a she cat.

“I think we should hire some escort for her to take care of her business, you think?” Jane smirked as they parted.

As Tracy left the restaurant, signing off and grabbing her bag the overwhelming effect of the surprise meeting left her. She had had been engrossed with Jane that her mind her nerves had calmed down from meeting Guy.

Her mind drifted back to him as she walked over to the elevator. He was a handsome man in his mid thirties. Tall dark handsome rich, every girls dream. Wasn’t he voted the most eligible bachelor last year?

She followed his life in the papers and magazines, and was amazed at how much he had accomplished in the ten years he was in charge. Growing up in hotel industry success came to him naturally. Having inherited three hotels form his father he had managed to add three more hotels, bigger and more luxurious!

Guy had a good eye for investment, he treated his employees well and had an army of loyal staff that were devoted to him.

Guy was involved in charity work, he donated large sums of money every year. Scot Hotels built an old people’s home, and gave scholarships to various students. He inspired a lot in the young people, and was involved in mentorship programmes.

Tracy could feel her head clearing up as she took her phone and scrolled through some messages from her friend.  The elevator was taking long to come. She did not pay attention to the man who entered with her. She laughed at a text message she read, then realised she had company.

"I am sorry sir.... "She started.”Oh it’s you! I am sorry Mr Scot."

"Something funny?" He drawled his voice deep and husky.

She smelt so good, like a bed of flowers he could just roll all day in.

“Kinda.... "

“You have me at a disadvantage. You are?” he inquired extending his hand. It was a firm handshake. She could feel an electric shock pass through her body. He held her hand longer, then she pulled away.

"I am Tracy, ahh Tracy Burns.  I work here, as you can see...and you are Mr Scot... off course you are...."she rumbled. Ok let me be quiet now. She almost jumped out of her skin. He was close she could smell his cologne. It was expensive, light, masculine, dark and musky.             

There was silence, neither wanting to go further. The elevator came to a stop.

"Well good night then," she said stepping out carefully, waving. A smile tweaked nervously at the corner of her lips.

He just leaned back on his shoulder and winked back her, as the doors closed.

" Ohhh, my!” Tracy fanned herself. This much excitement in one night was too much.

She was running late for the band session. Mike the band leader was not going to be amused. She had to forget about Guy and rush home.

The bus ride helped to cool her down.  A horny hot girl and a bumpy bus ride was not a good combination. She was delighted to have finally seen him face to face he certainly looked impressed by her.

It was a short bus ride but at the opposite side of the city. Totally different from the upscale area the hotel was located. It wasn’t down trodden, neither was it up class! It was just the right area for a twenty five year old struggling musician.

The restaurant salary paid her bills for sure, but her heart was in music. Everyone knew it was difficult getting a breakthrough in a big city like Cape Town. There were a lot of musicians around singing for the meals. People were coming from all over the world to try their fortunes and it did not make life easier for them.

But as a young woman determined to make it she knew that day was not far in the future. Okay, so maybe jazz music was not the most liked genre, but surely someone out there appreciated their music. Jazz was becoming more popular with more people calling them to perform at weddings and corporate events as well

Their small band of three guys and one girl did get gigs once in a while. At least they had a few hot spots that they played at over the weekend, which was working out fine. They now had regular performances at least twice a week and soon their first album will be out in the market.

The guys were already at the apartment she shared with Sarah, a high school friend, also Mike's girlfriend .It was their usual Monday night affair to hangout chill, and practice.

They would practise an hour or so in the evening because the neighbours complained. Still they got a couple of practice sessions in the afternoons she was off work. Still she had to put in early hours by herself as she was the lead singer and a few key notes in the shower too.

Tracy noticed boxes of pizza on the table, a few coke bottles scattered on the table. It looked like the guys had an early start as they were working hard on new songs.

“Hie Don, Mike, Nick!” She shouted taking off her jacket. They nodded at her and continued playing the instruments. Soon she was singing off softly letting the music take over.

It was later during the evening that Mike took the courage to confront her. “You look distant are you ok?” Mike was a child hood friend. She had known him all her life. Being three years older than her, he was the big brother through school and in time eventually inviting her to join their band.

Mike looked out for her. He had a soft spot, maybe because she was an only child. She would hang around him after school. At first he hated it, in time she grew on him. He had also hooked her up to be his girlfriends’ roommate. Mike and Sarah had been serious for two years, and were talking of marriage as soon as the band took off. Which hopefully would be soon, Sarah always hoped.

“You would not believe whom I saw today,” Tracy smiled. She went to tell him about running into Guy and how handsome he looked in his black suit and his liquid to die for eyes.

Mike had laughed at her once when he saw her staring at Guy’s photo in a paper. He had joked about how all the ladies in the city were half in love with the bachelor. He had suggested that a TV show be aired to compete for him. Problem was that all the women in the city would turn up for the show including his girlfriend Sarah!

“As long as you realise that it’s all your fantasy dear. That dude is out of your zone, it’s all in your head. Have you seen the kind of women he hangs out with? I don’t think your waitress uniform will hold a candle over them.” He laughed her off.

“It’s good that you have finally met in him flesh. Maybe now you can get over him as a romantic figure in your head, and see him as your pay check.” He brushed her aside.

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