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Authors: Nicky Fife

His Jazz Affair (4 page)

"I guess that’s about it. Let me drive you home." He offered putting his glass down.

“I can call a taxi." She didn't want to be in his presence further. It was disorienting with the mixed signals he was sending.

“It's no problem, I have to see to some issues as well." His voice remained indifferent. It was more of a command.

He drove smoothly, and Tracy wondered if that’s how he handled women. He was gentle with the wheel and yet held it firmly enough to remain in control. Tracy’s mind wondered off and he had to repeat twice before she could hear.

"Do you have any family?"He asked

She wasn’t sure if he was making small talk, or was he interested to know.

“There’s just me and my mum, my dad passed away a while ago." Her mom had been a single parent since Tracy was five years old. She had resolved not to marry again having been devastated at being a widow at thirty years old. She never re married though she had suitors knocking at her door.

Raising a child and trying to have a stable relationship had been a steep hill for her to manage. Now in her middle age, she was dating again.

"Sorry for your loss."

“It was a long time ago, I was five then. I hardly remember him." Tracy regretted not knowing him. She had flash memories of him bringing her ice cream, but nothing solid that held his memory together. Her mom was the only parent she knew and they were very close. She had struggled to raise her, but Tracy never lacked for anything.

Guy realised that she was very close to her mom, and loved her. Her eyes light up as she spoke of her. It made him miss his parents more.

“When did you start singing?” he was interested.

Tracy did not need much coxing. She enjoyed talking and he seemed ready to listen. He was trying to make peace she realised. She felt colour flood her cheeks. He was interested in her life.

“Over ten years now. We have been together since teen hood.” She explained.

“So you enjoy your life?”

“I love music, it’s my very essence,” she laughed.

She was soon engrossed in her story; the band was dear to her. They were her family never to be parted.

She went off a bit about her life. Music had been part of her for a long time. She told him from the time she started and the progress they had made. It was a long story.

He would nod his head to encourage her, and laugh at her silly jokes. She had the girl next door character. Good looks, good laugh and good character.

She told a pretty intriguing story, they had persevered through thick and thin, and here there where ten years later.

She had never once thought of quitting even though they were not making money. Money isn’t everything, she remarked her eyes serious.

If only that were true. Guy knew of women more interested in money than anything else. He had been there before.

She forgot that she was afraid of him. He was his charming self again. His smile almost affectionate

“We have recorded an album which we will be launching soon.” She smiled. It had been a milestone.

“I guess you will not be working for me, for long.” He laughed. Hopefully he would still get to see her at least. Damn he would see her!

“I guess so.” She agreed. They would need to promote the album and that would involve travelling and holding shows. But that might not be for a long time to come.

He approached her building and pulled over at a parking space. Tracy reached over to open the door but it budged in her hand. “Oh it’s locked.”She exclaimed nervous.

His hand moved over behind her and caressed her on the neck making her jump a bit. His face moved closer to her and she kept her head turned away from him. Gently he coaxed her to turn and look at him. As she turned her lips flippantly brushed against his and she drew back surprised, his hand closed around her head and drew her closer.

His lips were soft and persuasive and gently playing with hers. He   wasn’t threatening and it felt sweet, Tracy opened her lips a bit. She felt his tongue flicker on hers as he deepened the kiss. She tasted as sweet as she looked, and soon she was returning his kiss.

He drew back, leisurely caressing her lips with the pad of his thump. “I would like to see you again, “he murmured. “Can I call you?”

She did not trust herself to speak and nodded her head in agreement. He brushed his lips against her again then opened the door for her.

Tracy was clueless to what had just happened. She wanted to scream on top of her lungs for the whole world to her. He tasted warm and inviting, it felt right being held in his arms.

Tracy was dazed as she walked over to the apartment. He did not leave until she was safe in the building. She saw him drive off and she stood in the hallway trying to catch her breath. Wow, Guy Scot kissed her! And he wanted to see her again. Her fantasy was turning to be a real life story. Ohhh…This was too much, she heart skipped a bit as she climbed the stairs.



















CHAPTER 3             

Tracy turned to the full audience her hair and dress sparkling in the lights. Some guests were sitting down while others were standing around chatting and mingling. She was singing her second song for the night. She could not see you Guy. Of course it was his job as host to mingle with the guests. However she felt nervous knowing that he was around.

She liked this song for it was one she had written herself. It spoke of love that it flew away. She had written it when she was hurt her cheating boyfriend. She thought Rob had been the love of her life at one time.

After dating for two years she thought their relationship was solid. But he was not to be tied down that easily. He had fallen for her friend Gloria.

Gloria acted like she hated Rob. She spoke negatively about him and found fault in all he did. It was shocking for Tracy when she walked in on them one day with the bed sheets entangled round their feet.

She could not cry. Tears had refused to fall down for the lying bastard. He had run after her then, towel wrapped around him, begging for forgiveness. Tracy had kept her face stoic of emotions. Later she had broken down in front of Mike. It was a terrible time, one she didn’t want to live through again

She felt so emotional, so heartbroken, so lost at that time. She had poured her emotions into the song. As she ended her voice trailing off, she opened her eyes realising that it had gone dead silent. Only the instruments played softly rounding up the song. The attention was on her.

The sudden burst of applause thundered, shaking the stage had Tracy silently cursing and ducking from her memories. It was an awesome performance. The musicians had thrown in an adlib bit to give the Mc time to hop on the stage and take over from her. Tracy took a small bow as she retreated from the stage for their ten minute break.

“Let’s hear it for The Four band ladies and gentlemen,” the MC was saying drawing another fresh round of applause.

“Excellent, beautiful” The other band members convened around her. They were all excited that they had gotten the attention they needed from their audience. Another round of merriment among the band had the guys bear hugging. Tracy laughing, uninhibited planted a kiss on each of their cheeks.

“If we get this response at the launch it will be awesome!” Mike exclaimed. The drummer hit his drumsticks in the air, eyes sparkling with excitement.

Tracy listened for a moment and nodded a bit. Her throat felt dry, she needed water fast. No need to croak at the next song.

She drifted off towards the bar area to get a glass of water. People nodded and she in return smiled courteously as she passed by. Her cheeks still flushed bright by the heat. It was a warm night too.

Sheila was right in her path and Tracy decided at one moment to avoid her, but she had to be polite to her boss, she reasoned. Sheila was not a she-devil, she thought. She could be nice when she wanted.

“You have drawn a fan club today, I should say,” Sheila started. She must have had a few too much to drink because her eyes were too sharp.  “Don’t get carried away. They are just being polite. I wouldn’t resign my day job just yet.”

Tracy was stunned, her mouth falling wide open. “Ohhh?” This woman was a bitch.

“We could have hired someone else, but as you realise this is a.... charity event...”Her voice was spiteful.

Sheila didn’t like Tracy and she did not hide the fact. She detested anyone who was below her class especially if one didn’t attend the ‘right’ schools. Well not every parent could afford schools in Europe. Tracy had to make do with a government school.

The light went out of Tracy’s eyes. Is this how Guy considered them? A charity case.

“Guy asked about you on Monday and I told him you had this small band and you needed the money. That’s how you got hired. You owe me.”Sheila’s smile did not reach her eyes.

“Well, thank you then.” Tracy could not think of more to say. Silently she prayed there and then for the ground to open up and swallow her whole. Her chest felt tight, a big ball straining against her.

They stood there eyeing each other. Tracy unconsciously toyed with her water. Her throat constricted and nothing could go down now.

“Ladies, mingle, enjoy.”Guy’s voice broke the silence.

Sheila turned to him draping her arm through his. Stating her claim for all to see. He felt the tension between them and wondered at the cause.

Tracy kept her eyes downcast. She would not look at him. She didn’t want to look at him. He confused her. One minute he seemed like a very nice person hiring them out of the blue! The next moment she learns he was feeling pity for them.

“Excuse me.” Tracy excused herself shoulders dropped.

Guy knew he had walked in on something. He trusted Sheila only as far as he could see her. She was a ruthless person. She could simply make a business decision that benefited her at the expense of others. She never did anything that did not benefit her in the end. She was no mother Theresa.

“Did I interrupt something?”His voice was low.

“Not at all. We were just discussing the weather.’ She caressed his arm. He stepped back as if he was looking for someone.

“Ok then. Let me see to my guest.”

Sheila stood as she watched him charm his guest. She wasn’t happy with the interest he had on the girl. That time at the restaurant asking about her, now this, inviting her as the guest performer? She took another sip and pursed her lips thoughtfully.

Guy noticed that Tracy was strained with her last performances.  No one noticed he was sure, but knew her better, he had listened to her before in the clubs. She was different somehow.

She avoided him through the evening. He made a move towards her and she conveniently got surrounded by a group of male admires. There was a lot to occupy his mind, but he kept the corner of his eye on her.

She was captivating in her blue gown, her tresses flowing to her shoulders. She didn’t know she could charm a bird out of the tree.

“That was beautiful,” Jane said kissing Tracy on both cheeks. She looked stunning in a small black number.

“Thanks for coming to support us.” It was a lie though. Jane wasn’t on the invited guest list but Don was interested in her and made arrangements for her to be let in.

“Guy throws an awesome party. And there are some beautiful women here. Do you think he is interested in any of them?”

“Obviously. A playboy like him. He is bound to be with someone here!”Tracy said rather too sharply.

“OK no need to bite my head off. Chill girl.”Jane laughed.

“He’s really not bad at all. With all this money to lavish around. Too bad Don is here I might have made a move on him myself.”Jane smirked looking around to see where Don was.”Anyway he is out of my league. I have seen the hot models that hang about him; they always have their game on.”

“Really I don’t know that.”Tracy pleaded ignorance.

Jane made a face at her, ”You are not serious. You do read the tabloids don’t you? Hey even at work it’s all around the mill.”

The conversation was tiring to Tracy; she didn’t want to talk more about Guy and his women. He was full of himself.

He had caught her gaze once, but she had looked right through him. He could feel she was angry at him. But why? It had something to do with Sheila he was sure. Those lips that had kissed him passionately before were angry grimace at him. Women were difficult creatures. They had mood swings that he would rather not deal with. He resolved to let her be. He had more important matters to attend to either way.

“Hello Guy.” Chad Warren said from his back.

“She’s not bad looking hey Guy?” Chad was perusing Tracy. His eyes sweeping over her in raw hunger. Chad owned casinos around the country. He was a filthy rich man who liked women.

“You can’t be serious don’t tell me you find her attractive.” Guy was taken back by Chad’s interest. He didn’t want her anywhere close to Tracy. An over whelming sense of possessiveness overtook him.

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