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Chapter 12
rin stopped dead in her tracks as she returned from Joel's bathroom. She watched in awe as he slept in the nude with the top sheet partially wrapped around him. She smiled all over because she knew that this was a deep sleep induced by her seduction. The sight of Joel, and most of the things that happened throughout the evening, seemed so surreal. As Joel lay there, Erin thought he looked cute, sexy, strong, and more than handsome enough to be considered fine as hell. She wanted to know more about Joel, exactly what made him tick, his fears, struggles and the obstacles he had overcome. Erin wanted to touch him, but didn't because she figured that her sensual touch might wake him.
Erin's mind went into overdrive because she didn't know what to do with Joel. Thoughts flowed through her mind like busy travelers through Grand Central Station the day before a major holiday. Part of her wanted an exclusive relationship with him, but she knew the love thing would eventually come into play and she wanted to avoid that by all means. She wanted to avoid getting her heart involved and simply wanted to keep Joel on the level of a very good friend with benefits. She had a specific agenda in mind and no matter what, she planned to stick to it. For now Joel was going to remain her friend and lover—at least until her heart and mind were ready to fully accept love in her life again.
The entire apartment was quiet until Erin's cell phone rang. The last thing she wanted was to disturb Joel. She raced out to the living room to answer it. Erin looked at her Caller ID. Just as she suspected, it was Kenya, with another untimely cell phone intrusion.
Erin sat down on Joel's chocolate leather sofa. She inhaled the rich scent of the quality leather and then, with excitement in her voice, she said, “Hey, girl. What's up?”
“What's up with you? Are you okay?”
“I'm better than okay. Are you okay?”
“I'm just okay ... just regular old okay.” Kenya paused for a moment. “I've been laying here going crazy worrying about you. What's going on?”
“Nothing ... right now.”
“Where is ... um ... what's his name?”
“Joel. You know his name. He's in his bed sleeping like a baby.”
There was an awkward moment of silence. Then Kenya yelled, “Oh my God!”
“You fucked him, didn't you?”
“No!” Erin said with excitement, but keeping her voice at a quiet and controlled level.
“You're lying. You're still at his apartment right now, aren't you? Don't even try lying to me 'cause you know I'll know.”
Erin laughed. “Ain't nobody trying to lie to you. Since you wanna know everything, Miss Nosey, Joel and I haven't fucked yet, but we did
make love
Kenya screamed, “You little slut!”
“Shut up!”
“You just met him.”
“Not really. I remembered him from years ago. We grew up in the same neighborhood.”
Kenya laughed. “Oh yeah, that definitely justifies sleeping with him on the first night. That wasn't even a real date.”
“You need to stop. Hope you're not trying to make me feel bad because if you are, it's not working. I don't have any regrets. You know for a fact that I usually don't get down like that, but honestly I feel like I've known Joel forever. I felt him and he felt me way before we even laid one finger on each other ... before our first words were exchanged. That's how strong our vibe was and still is ... pure chemistry. You have no idea how good I feel right now. Feels like I won something.”
“Well, I guess I'm happy for you and I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into. He lives right across the hall. Do you realize how messy that can be? Do you realize that we signed a one-year lease?”
“I thought about all of that already.”
“Before or after y'all got busy?”
Erin quickly mumbled, “After.”
“I said
, but so what. You don't know how it happened. Everything was so right. It was romantic.”
Kenya burst out laughing. “You're trippin' for real. Didn't y'all have pizza and fries for dinner? C'mon, how freaking romantic could that have been?”
“That's exactly what I wanted for dinner. The romantic part had nothing to do with the food. It was the rain, the music, the atmosphere and
. Mmmm. The feeling was so right. Like I said, no regrets. Wait till you see him face-to-face. He's fine as hell. And he's so smooth.”
Kenya burst out laughing again. “Obviously. He's so smooth he made your panties slip right off.”
“I don't care what you say. I like Joel. He and I have a lot in common. We're both teachers and we look damn good together. Joel is the right height for me. I know you saw a picture of him, but you'll get a better appreciation once you see him in person. He's probably just a tad under six feet tall, with an athletic build. He's real clean-cut with short black wavy hair, a nice little mustache and goatee. His mouth is amazing and I love his voice. You should see his lips and his smile up close. I wanna tell you about his tongue, but I can't.”
Kenya begged, “Yes, you can.”
“No, I can't.”
“You can. I insist.”
“Can't. All I can say is that he is the type of guy that we always talked about attracting. He knew things about me that I didn't even know about myself. Joel is the type of guy that knows exactly what a woman needs and how to fully satisfy. Being with him was something like going to the beauty salon and just sitting in the chair without saying a word about how you want your hair done and having your beautician hook your do up better than you ever imagined, and then you walk out looking and feeling brand new. The way that he made love to me was ...
“You make me sick. I wanna feel like that too,” Kenya whined.
“You will ... one day. When your Joel comes along,” Erin said smugly.
“Sounds like he pumped your head way the hell up.”
“Don't be
,” Erin said, sounding real ghetto-fabulous.
“He must have put it on you real good because it sounds like you're catching feelings already. I thought you weren't looking for love.”
“Girl please, I'm not, and don't mention that word to me. I seriously don't know what to do with him. Hopefully, I'll have all summer to figure something out. I'm just kind of going with the flow.”
“And what about him?”
“He's ready for a committed relationship already.” Erin sighed. “He's so different.”
“Uh-huh, see how different he is in the morning. I just wanna know one thing. How was the dick?”
Erin couldn't wait to tell her how good it was, but pretending to sound shocked, she said, “Girl, what's wrong with you asking me something like that?”
“You know exactly what's wrong with me. I haven't had none in a long time ... that's what's wrong with me.”
“Let's just say that his thing was so good that I'm still speechless.”
“Did he go deep?”
“Deep enough,” Erin replied quickly.
“Shit, how deep is deep enough?”
“He went deep enough to plant his flagpole in unchartered territory. He was so long that I could feel him in my abdomen.”
Kenya gasped for air. “That sounds deep ... and painful.”
“Depends on what you like. A little pain in your life once in a while can be a good thing.”
“I wouldn't know, but I wanna know. Okay, I want more details. He's long, but is he thick too?”
“Yeah, he's very well endowed. He's so thick that he filled me up on the inside. I could feel the exact shape of his dick and I can still feel him now.”
Kenya slipped up and whined, “Ooh, I want some of that. You need to share.”
With attitude Erin said, “What? I should be highly offended by you even thinking about something like that. The fact that you said it out loud is insane. I've never shared a man and don't plan on it either.”
Kenya fired back, “Hmm, the fact that you're
highly offended tells me that you might be interested in sharing.”
Erin blushed. “Why do you think you know me so well?”
“Because I do. You know damn well we said that there are so few good men out here that once one of us found a good one we'd share. So, what's up with the threesome now, huh?”
Erin laughed. “All right. I might have said something like that in the past, but I was joking.”
“Well, I'm not laughing now. I'm serious.”
“I'll admit, Joel is the type of guy that kind of makes me wanna share, but no. Absolutely not. He's too good to share.”
“I'm not trying to steal your good thing. I just want us to try something new and this sounds like the perfect opportunity.”
Erin's mind started going a mile a minute. She was thinking one thing, but her mouth was saying something else. “I can't. Anyway, Joel seems like a one woman man, and it's not up to me.”
Kenya laughed. “What man wouldn't want to be with two attractive women at the same time? Your good thing can be our good thing. Can't I just have a sample? You're being selfish.”
“Maybe I am. But can you blame me? I've been running on empty for too long and he fills me up in so many ways. I can't get enough.”
“I know exactly what you're saying,” Kenya said. “I need to experience that same feeling. I'm so stressed right now with this training and all that I feel half-dead. I need something to help me regain consciousness—make me feel alive again. I wish I could have been there with y'all tonight. The three of us would have had so much fun together. I would have turned it into the most passionate ménage à trois ever. Imagine us, you, me and him ... together. Doesn't that sound stimulating, fun and exciting?”
Erotic images of three bodies engrossed in different sexual positions flashed through Erin's mind. With a hint of indecisiveness in her voice she said, “I dunno.”
“See, you know it sounds good. I would love for the three of us to experience something like that together. Run it past Joel and see what he thinks. If you can't make it happen, then I bet I know how to entice him.”
Without thinking Erin said, “We'd probably have to entice him together.”
“Oh, that's not a problem at all. Do you think he has enough stamina to satisfy both of us?”
“Oh yeah. He's very athletic.”
“Do me a big favor.”
“Can you go in Joel's bedroom right now and take a few quick pictures of him while he's sleeping?”
“Why? You already saw a picture of him.”
“I want to see more of him—a lot more. The pictures can be as mild or as provocative as you'd like.”
“You're crazy. I can't take pictures of him. That would be so wrong. I'm not really down with this.”
“All right. Then forget about it. But I don't see why this is any different than everything else we've shared. We've shared food, drinks, clothes, the same bed, an apartment and the list goes on and on. We almost showered together.”
“Where the hell did that come from? Don't even go there. You kill me with your little bisexual innuendos.”
“What did I say? That's your freaky mind jumping to conclusions.”
“No. I know exactly where you were going. The only reason I even considered jumping into the shower with you was because we were running out of hot water.”
With a giggle Kenya said, “Okay, if that's what you think.”
“You can't compare sharing a man to the stuff you just mentioned. Find your own man. Shoot, as far as I'm concerned God gave us the same basic body parts, so use what you got to get what you want—just not from my man.”
Kenya laughed in Erin's ear. “Well, I guess you told me. But you even said that Joel was the type of man that
always talked about attracting. You know how hard it is trying to find a decent man. I was just thinking that all of us could be happy together ... sorry. I'm glad you're happy, but you're changing.”
“Change is good.”
“Not from my perspective.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Joel has your full attention and soon you'll forget all about me. I bet you won't even have time for me when I get back, now that he's in the picture. The last thing I want is for our friendship to be affected and I definitely don't want it to end. If we all hook up like I want, then I guarantee you that things will change for the better.”
BOOK: For Lovers Only
8.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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