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Authors: Alex Hairston

For Lovers Only (9 page)

Chapter 9
ith a surprised, love-struck expression, Erin said, “Oh my God, did that just happen?”
Joel played it cool. He had completed the first stage of corrupting his good girl. “It happened. Did I offend you?”
Erin's panties were so wet. Joel could look at her and see that she was getting hot, but he just played along, acting like he didn't notice a thing.
Erin shook her head and said, “No, you didn't offend me. That kiss was soooo nice. Trust me, the last thing I am right now is offended.”
Joel smiled and said, “Good. 'Cause I wasn't about to apologize for kissing you. I think we both wanted that.”
In a seductive tone Erin said, “Mmmm ... you're right. No need to apologize.”
“I didn't really think you were offended. That was a nice kiss. Your lips are so soft.”
“Your lips are soft, too. I love the way you kiss. You really know how to work that tongue of yours.”
“I felt yours working, too. You haven't seen nothing yet. I'm definitely interested in sharing some more intimate experiences with you.”
With a little apprehension in her voice Erin asked, “Tonight?”
Joel heard the apprehension in Erin's voice and saw it on her face. “It's okay. Tonight is all about us getting to know each other better.”
Erin sighed. “All right. I just don't want to lose your respect. I'm not the type to give it up on the first night, you know?”
“I figured that. I can tell that you're the nice wholesome type ... exactly what I'm looking for. I'm not just out for sex. If it happens, fine. If it doesn't, fine. Either way, I'm really enjoying your company.”
Erin didn't want to spoil the mood or disappoint Joel. She sipped her wine and then gave him a quick peck on his lips. “You're so sweet. Do you think you'd respect me if I gave you some tonight?”
Joel's eyes widened. “Without a doubt. Why don't we just let things happen naturally?”
“Sounds good to me.”
Erin had a quick flashback of her ex. She could still hear him complaining about her not being freaky enough for him. He constantly complained and criticized her. She blocked out her thoughts and focused on Joel and the unlimited possibilities of their new friendship. Erin needed a fresh start and a sexy new approach. She ignored the consequences and got caught up in the excitement of the moment—the here and now. It's strange how experiences from the past can dictate actions and reactions in new relationships. Erin hoped to get the sexual validation from Joel that her ex never gave her.
The next thing Erin knew she had moved her empty wine glass aside and straddled Joel.
They kissed again. Their tongues danced to a different rhythm. This time Joel's tongue followed the graceful choreography of Erin's tongue. Her kiss was welcoming and comforting, and gave Joel an intense feeling of closeness and acceptance. Erin had a deep longing for a nice fulfilling sexual episode and so did Joel, but he also yearned for love and commitment. Erin wanted to be free like the wind and remained commitment-shy.
Joel stroked her hair and face. “Look at you, so beautiful. I want you so bad.”
“Shhh. I know ... I feel the same way. Kiss me. No need for words.”
Within seconds something amazing happened. Their lips spoke in a warm wet way. Through that kiss Joel was able to express himself without words and that same kiss allowed Erin the chance to feel and comprehend exactly what he meant. In return, Erin kissed Joel so deeply that he could taste her thoughts. Every kiss was more sensual and more arousing than the previous.
So many thoughts flowed through Joel's mind. He thought,
I wanna make love to you. Erin, you feel so good to me. Help fill this void. I wanna make you mine.
Erin thought,
Heal these wounds. Satisfy my soul. Help me find intimacy. Validate me. Make me feel good!
The steady downpour continued. Along with the wine they drank, the rain had a lulling and spellbinding effect. At the same time the sound of the falling rain was naturally stimulating and added something special to the ambiance, heightening Joel and Erin's attraction.
Joel tilted Erin's head back. The sensation of his lips as they delivered wet kisses to her neck made Erin hot. The tip of his tongue made her even hotter. Joel slowly moved his attention down to Erin's breasts. He lifted her pink, formfitting T-shirt and exposed her pink lace bra and ample cleavage. Joel began to squeeze her breasts and play with her perky nipples through her bra. Everything felt so good to Erin that she eventually took her T-shirt off. Within a few minutes Joel found himself reaching around and unfastening her bra.
Joel's moist tongue slowly circled Erin's areola and then he teased her erect nipples with the tip of his tongue. He began to feast on her breasts, sucking her mounds like an overgrown baby boy. Joel gently nibbled with his teeth and pulled her eraser-sized nipples with his lips.
Erin unbuttoned Joel's shirt, revealing his perfectly sculpted body. She massaged his muscular chest and tight abs. She teased and tantalized every inch of his exposed skin with her fingertips and fingernails. She kissed him and brought her hands up to Joel's mouth to play with his soft, luscious, full lips. He sucked her fingers. They kissed again, but this time Erin's fingers were between their lips, slipping inside of both of their mouths. Erin pulled away slowly, sucking Joel's bottom lip. She quickly moved in again to kiss his eyelids, cheeks and chin.
Erin even kissed and nibbled on Joel's ears. She continued to straddle him with a slow grinding motion. Erin whispered in his ear, “I can feel how big and hard your dick is.”
“Let me feel how wet you are.”
In an airy tone Erin whispered, “Not yet.”
She drove Joel crazy, kissing the most sensitive part of his neck. She moved back a little and began to lick his chest and suck his nipples. Joel was turned on more than ever. He was more than ready to come out of his shorts.
Joel looked into Erin's eyes and felt the urge to kiss her again. This time he led their tongues to a passionate slow dance. At this point they completely ignored the raging storm and music video playing in the background. After a few minutes, Erin's eyes were fixed, and overflowed with a beautiful expression of sensuality and an openness that told Joel that she was ready and willing to fully surrender her body to him. He silently thanked God.
The whistling winds had gained a lot more momentum. Fierce gale-force winds roared like a runaway freight train. Lightning flashed, followed by rolling waves of loud and violent thunder. All of that commotion eventually stole Erin and Joel's attention. Their faces expressed the same look of shock and concern. Within seconds the TV screen went blank and the indoor and outdoor lights shut off, turning the room nearly pitch black. They were sitting in darkness listening to a raging storm, but not even a blackout could reduce the heat or smother the flames of passion that burned between them.
Joel said, “Give me a second and I'll be right back.”
“What are you doing?”
“We need light.”
Erin shook her head and said, “No, we don't need
light to do what I wanna do.”
Although Joel liked what he heard, he looked at Erin and sounded really sincere when he said, “I want and need to see you ... every inch of you. This is our first time together and I don't wanna miss a thing. I'll be right back, okay?”
Erin smiled and said, “Okay.”
Joel jumped to his feet. He grabbed his flashlight, a book of matches and blanket. Then he lit six candles that were already situated around his living room, one of which was a huge apple-melon scented candle. Within seconds the darkness was made beautiful by the shimmering illumination of candlelight. Joel looked over at Erin and could see a glow in her eyes. She smiled at him with desire in her eyes and he returned the same type of smile.
Joel asked, “Better?”
Erin replied with her soft voice, “Yeah. Much better.”
“I'm not finished yet.”
Joel spread out the blanket in front of Erin. She eased her way into the center. He went to the kitchen and returned with his little battery-powered boom box. He pressed Play, and out of nowhere Maxwell began singing a sweet love song. Since the power to the air conditioner was off, Joel decided to crack the patio door slightly. Instantly, a refreshing breeze rushed inside, carrying the distinct scent of falling rain. Now everything was perfect to continue their night of soulful passion.
Erin stood up and walked toward Joel.
As they embraced she said, “This is really nice.”
“I know. You need more wine?”
“No, I'm fine. My little buzz came and went already. Now all I need is you.”
Joel caressed Erin's face with both hands and gave her a deep passionate kiss. He controlled her head movement the entire time they kissed. That kiss brought back that sweet look of surrender in Erin's eyes.
She said, “Joel, I want you so bad.”
“I want you, too,” he whispered. “Can I taste you?”
Erin looked surprised, showed a little smirk and asked, “Huh?”
“You know exactly what I mean.”
Erin felt the rush of a warm tingling sensation between her legs. She smiled and stepped back in a slow, seductive manner. She maintained her sensual eye contact with Joel as she began to slide her denim shorts down, revealing pink lace low-rise panties.
Joel said, “I like that. Turn around, so I can really see what you look like in your panties.” Erin turned around and he said, “Your ass looks so good. Look at your little phat booty, girl. Make it bounce.” He stepped in closer from behind and pressed his hard dick against Erin. He cupped her firm bare breasts with his hands while her erect nipples poked out between the index and middle fingers of both hands. He whispered in her ear, “Bend over.”
Joel stepped back a bit. He palmed, stroked and then spanked Erin's firm but still soft enough to wiggle and jiggle ass. Joel liked what he saw so much that he had to kiss it. He gave Erin a spine-tingling experience, kissing and licking her up and down her back.
Joel lowered Erin down so she was lying on the blanket. He licked around Erin's navel, skipped over her panties and introduced his mouth to her inner thighs. He made his way down Erin's legs to her feet, and sucked her toes. He had a foot fetish going on. Erin felt her heart pounding faster and faster, preparing for takeoff. Joel made his way up her legs and teased around her bikini line with his tongue.
Passion and anticipation mounted.
Pleasure moved in waves.
Joel's tongue moved in straight lines and then small circles.
Erin's cell phone rang. She knew that it was Kenya calling and so did Joel.
Joel said, “Phone's ringing.”
Erin was damn near breathless. She sighed, “Uh-huh.” “Answer it.”
“It's okay. Answer it.”
Erin reluctantly picked up her cell phone and said, “Hello.”
Kenya automatically started running her mouth.
Joel's whole intention was to tease Erin while she talked. He slid her panties over to the side and brought his tongue closer—zeroing in on her erogenous zone. He moved her panties down slowly, revealing a neatly shaven strip of pubic hair. Erin held her phone in one hand and covered her eyes with the other. She bent her knees and spread her legs, exposing just about everything she was made of. Joel decided to give Erin a little sample of what she had been dying for.
Joel massaged Erin with his hands. He moved his fingertips slowly up and down and between her moist labia and gently touched her clitoris. Her juices began to trickle a little more and glistened in the candlelight. Erin shuddered when he introduced his tongue down there, following the same path as his fingers.
All types of heavenly sensation flowed throughout Erin's body as she peeked down between her legs and caught a glimpse of Joel pleasing her with his tongue. All Erin could manage to say as Kenya spoke to her was, “Mmm-hmm. Um-hmm.” Her senses seemed to heighten with every touch and stroke of Joel's tongue. Erin tried to compose herself as much as possible.
Kenya bombarded Erin with questions about her and Joel. “Am I interrupting? How was dinner? Where are you right now? Is Joel right there? What are y'all doing? Let me speak to Joel.”
Joel continued to work his tongue. This time when Erin tried to speak, she was forced to take a deep breath between every single word. Her voice quivered, “Call ... me ... back ... girl ... I ... gotta ... go ... bye.” She pressed the End button and dropped her phone on the floor.
Erin moaned, then screamed, “Oh my God! Joel! Kiss me ... lick me ... love me with your tongue. That's it baby, make me come!”

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