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Authors: Alex Hairston

For Lovers Only (10 page)

Chapter 10
oel was very attentive and it was absolutely astounding the way he used his slow, gentle but masculine touch to seduce Erin. He received great pleasure from pleasing her. He was so caring and patient that he made Erin feel like they had all the time in the world and she was the only thing that truly mattered. Before tonight Erin had only been with two other men sexually. She definitely had never been with a man so in tune to her body, or a man so blessed with the natural talent and ability to possibly fulfill all of her sexual wants and needs.
Joel's tender tongue slathered Erin's clitoris and labia with warmth and affection. He gently penetrated her with his right middle finger and then doubled the pleasure by inserting his index finger. Joel's fingers explored, located and delightfully stimulated Erin's G-spot. At the same time his left hand tended to her excited breasts.
Erin felt so much pleasure that it made her feel lightheaded. Her muscles tensed and contracted. Her toes curled, eyes rolled back in her head, she called God's name a few times and then in an instant she sensed an orgasm mounting like she had never felt before. She felt a powerful release and then completely relaxed. Intense climactic sensations pulsated between her legs. Within seconds the same wonderful sensations radiated throughout Erin's body and created a breathtaking and mind-blowing full body orgasm.
Joel looked up in amazement and enjoyed the beautiful sight that his labor of love had produced. He gave Erin a passionate kiss. After all that attention, she was still hot and bothered. Erin saw a hefty bulge in Joel's shorts and now she felt a strong urge to please him sexually. She touched him and then helped Joel take off his shorts. Erin had a desire of her own and pretty much begged to feel Joel's dick inside of her. All of that goodness and wholesomeness that Joel saw in her had been put on pause.
Erin stroked Joel's hardness for a moment and watched him slip on a condom. She lay on her back with her legs spread, eagerly waiting to receive Joel's love.
Joel's dick was fully erect. He held it by the base to make sure it stayed completely engorged as he moved in closer to Erin. She closed her eyes when she felt the head of his penis penetrate her tight wet opening, which stretched nicely to accommodate his girth. Joel was instantly greeted by her soft supple tightness, surrounded by a very inviting and deeply soothing internal warmth. Erin opened her eyes and gave Joel a long, beautiful, enchanted gaze. She felt that no man had ever deserved her body more. Joel scooted his hands under Erin's ass, giving her pelvis the right tilt. She braced herself, then he plunged every inch of his love deep inside of her. She gasped for air.
The glow of shimmering candlelight from different angles caused Erin and Joel's hot lustful bodies to cast shadowy images of their passion-filled lovemaking on the walls. Their mahogany flesh slowly combined as they melted deeper into each other. In an instant two bodies became one. Joel devoured Erin with kisses as her heart took off, began to soar, and never wanted to come down from the high she felt.
Out of nowhere Erin's cell phone began to ring. It was Kenya checking in on her friends again.
Maxwell's CD provided a continuous mellow musical vibe that filled the room.
The storm raged on, but Erin and Joel were inseparable and totally oblivious to whatever was going on around them.
They remained in a zone as they moved through a variety of different sexual positions. Attemping to be a tantric lover, Joel purposely delayed reaching his climax before Erin reached hers. His goal was for her to come before he did or for them to achieve simultaneous orgasms. He used a combination of concentration methods and rhythmic techniques to help prolong his and Erin's arousal periods, which helped make their lovemaking more intense and enjoyable.
Joel sensed that Erin was on the verge of another orgasm. He began to concentrate more of his attention on the localized pleasure he felt with his penis.
Erin was lying on her stomach receiving Joel's love from behind. She noticed a change in his rhythm and rigidity. She sensed that he was about to come. Joel slowly slid both hands under her and applied direct pressure to her clitoris. His motion became faster and more precise. Erin loved the new sensations she felt, internally and externally. She moaned and gradually moved her hands down to meet Joel's between her legs.
Erin cried out, “Oh, yes! That's it, Joel. Fuck me good. Fuck me gooood!”
“I love the way ... you feel ... so good ... to me. I want you ... all of you. I wanna make you mine ... all mine. Can you come ... for me?”
“Yes! Yessssss!”
Joel's actions and words summoned the release of deep sensations and buried emotions that had been lost within Erin for a long time. Joel felt a release of emotions within himself as well. Together their emotions peaked into simultaneous orgasms.
Joel lay down and Erin eased her way on top of him, resting her head on his chest. Joel wrapped Erin up in his strong affectionate arms and held her tight. The warmth and closeness that they both felt was amazing. Erin sensed a powerful and blissful surge flow through her body. Her heart felt light, began to flutter, and filled with delightful emotions. She looked at Joel and saw love, nothing but love. She closed her eyes because what she saw frightened her. She wondered why she was falling for this man so fast. She wasn't quite ready for love. But even with her eyes closed she still saw love. It was as if Joel had worked some kind of magic on her.
It was becoming quite obvious that Erin was basically the female version of Joel. They both were intelligent, indecisive introverts, which made them strangely perfect for each other. Deep down, Erin knew what she needed, but never really knew what she wanted. Falling for Joel so fast wasn't part of her plan at all. She was physically and emotionally confused. This sexual thing with Joel was supposed to have been strictly physical. Her initial plan was to meet a new guy, have fun and possibly move on, like guys do. Either she was backward as hell or it was just that being a slut wasn't in her nature. The first guy she happened to hook up with lived in her new apartment building, just happened to be someone really fascinating, compatible and someone she instantly had feelings for—feelings she wished she could ignore.
Erin's other issue was that she didn't want Joel to think of her as being quick and easy. She really wasn't that type of woman at all. This was the first time she ever had to deal with an issue like this. She considered this bad timing. She had planned to experiment for a little while and then meet a nice guy like Joel and eventually settle down. She wasn't ready for Joel at this point in her life.
Slightly winded, Joel said, “Erin, you're incredible. Feels like you just allowed me to go to the softest place on earth. Thank you.”
Erin looked at Joel and manufactured a soft smile. “You're the one who's incredible. So incredible that you got my whole body singing,
ooh la-la-la
Joel stroked Erin's hair and face. “I wanna keep you singing and eventually make you love me. You know that?”
Erin hid her face the same way she wanted to hide her emotions. She wasn't trying to hear anything about
because at that exact moment she was too focused on the pleasures of great sex. To her, mentioning love and sex in the same sentence was like trying to mix oil and water. She had to think of something that sounded agreeable because she definitely didn't want to spoil the mood. With her eyes closed she said, “Keep doing what you're doing and you might be right.” She sighed as she began to refocus on how good Joel made her feel. “Am I dreaming? I feel so lightheaded that I must be dreaming.”
Joel stroked Erin's nakedness and said, “I feel the same way. All of this is kind of unreal, like a mixture of fantasy and reality. Everything happened so fast. I remember seeing you at my front door. We carried some boxes, had dinner, there was a storm and then we completely got lost in each other. You made me feel something that I can't even explain. I can't thank you enough for sharing your body and so many intense emotions. That means a lot to me.”
“I don't know what to say. You're so different, Joel. You're making me feel so much so fast.”
Joel sat up, bringing Erin right along with him. “Is that okay?”
“Yeah, it's fine. But it's scary.”
Erin explained, “Because we just met.”
Joel laughed. “I know that, but something about you just feels right to me. So what if we haven't known each other for a long time. There's no need to be afraid or apprehensive about anything because you're safe with me.”
“I believe you. Thank you. You don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that. This is new to me, that's all. With all this happening so fast, doesn't it scare you a little?”
Joel shook his head. “No.”
Most women do a thorough assessment of their self-worth after having sex with a new partner, regardless of how long they made the guy wait. Joel was smart enough to know that this was what she might be worried about, and the last thing he wanted was for her to feel cheap. He decided to open up and tell her exactly how he felt about her because he sensed that she may have been regretting sleeping with him so fast.
He said, “Erin, you just don't know how I feel. I've known for a long time that I wanted someone like you, someone who complemented me in every way. I've always wanted a natural, effortless beauty like my mother. That's what I see when I look at you. I've always wanted someone who was nurturing, with an affectionate touch like yours.”
Taken aback and blushing, Erin asked, “You see all that in me?”
Without hesitation Joel answered, “Yeah. I see all that in you.” He smiled and grabbed her. They lay down again. Erin put her head back on his muscular chest.
She was silent. She still felt confused. Her eyes watered slightly because Joel's words were so touching. He saw qualities in her that she didn't even see in herself. Joel compared her to his mother, and that was what really touched her. That was something she had never experienced. Even though Erin felt close to Joel and was without a doubt falling for him, she wasn't ready to get serious or make a commitment. Although her heart was healing, it was still scarred from her previous relationship. Erin didn't know exactly how to express her true feelings to Joel.
Joel said, “You're so quiet. What are you thinking?” Before Erin spoke, a single tear ran down her cheek. She tried to wipe her face, but Joel felt her tear make contact with his skin before she could move. “Are you crying?”
“No. I'm okay. It's just the way that I'm laying.”
“I don't believe that. What is it?”
“It's just that you're so sweet. You compared me to your mother and that's deep. I'm not sure if my heart and mind are ready for someone like you right now.”
Joel's eye's widened. “What? You must be kidding. I don't understand what you mean.”
“Don't get offended. I didn't mean that in a bad way. I was told that you were a good catch, but damn. You're like instant marrying material. I'm not used to that. It's crazy that we just met and I can already see all that in you.”
“I can see all of that in you, too. So, what are you saying? Don't act like this is a bad thing.”
“I'm not. I honestly didn't plan on getting into a relationship so fast. It's only been like two months since I broke up with my last boyfriend.”
“We're pretty much in the same boat. It's been about the same amount of time since I broke up with my old girlfriend. Do you still have feelings for him or something?”
“No. I was over him before we even broke up. Do you still have feelings for your ex?”
Joel frowned and said, “No, not at all.”
Erin laughed. “What's her name?”
Joel paused for a second because he felt weird saying her name. “Renee, but I don't want to talk about her and I refuse to say her name anymore. From this day on I'll only refer to her as blah ... blah ... blah because she means nothing to me.”
Erin burst out laughing. “You are so silly. That's funny, because I feel the same way about my ex, Zack. He's just blah ... blah ... blah to me, too.”
“Glad I made you laugh. You feel better now?”
“I'm all right. I just need to make sure my heart is ready for you, that's all.”
“I'm sorry if I make you feel like I'm rushing. It's not like I'm forcing love or marriage down your throat already. It's just that a man knows when he meets the right woman. You're the one and I know you are. I saw everything I've been waiting for when I opened my door and looked into your eyes. It was more than a nosey old lady and an incompetent mailman who brought us together. You're like an extension of me. You're my future. I think we make a really nice couple. Look, I'm into monogamy. Being in a stable relationship is important to me. I wanna get to know you better and learn about all of the intricate details of life. I want us to spend so much time together that people begin to mention our names in the same sentence. I remember you saying that you wanted someone who was patient. I'm down for whatever you want. If you want me, then you can have all of me—I'm yours.” That made Erin smile. Joel continued, “Whatever you want or need, I can be that.”

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