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“Umm, you make that sound so good. But what if what you're feeling passes by tomorrow—then what?”
Joel laughed. “What do you think I'm gonna do, walk away from you and act like we didn't just share something special? What the heck were you expecting, a one-night stand—for me to hit it and quit it—a wham bam, thank you, ma'am? Do you think you made a mistake by having sex with me?”
Erin said, “No. I don't have any regrets. I just have to think, what if things don't work out between us? I'll be right across the hall, forced to see you every day. I can't even imagine watching you bring other women in here after all that we've done tonight.”
“That's why I'm offering you the chance to fill this vacancy. I need a woman in my life and I'm not scared or ashamed to admit it. Eventually I do want a girlfriend or a wife, but for now I'd just like someone to cuddle up with whenever.” Joel held Erin a little tighter. “Someone I can talk to about anything and everything. Someone to laugh at my jokes and share little inside jokes—someone to eat and sleep with—someone to watch a good movie with—someone I could eventually love and who could eventually love me. All I know is that you seem real lovable and you're definitely a breath of fresh air to me. In time I could see myself falling deeply in love with you. Plus, I can't see myself doing half of the things I've done to you tonight to anybody else. The way I went down on you, I can't just go around doing that to every woman I meet.”
Joel had a way with words. He made Erin feel a lot more reassured. At that moment she seemed to have gotten the validation she was looking for.
She blushed and said, “I hope you don't go down on every woman you meet. On the other hand, it's a shame because every woman should know the pleasures of a tongue like yours. Oh God! Woo! I'm having a flashback right now. I really like you, Joel. You seem to know me so well. You touched me as if you knew exactly how and where I needed to be touched.”
Joel smiled and asked, “Really?”
“Stop trying to act like you didn't notice the effect you had on me.”
“I may have noticed a little something, like the way I took your breath away, made your body quiver, and how many times you called out for God.”
Erin gave Joel a playful punch to his abs. “Don't make fun of me.”
Joel laughed. “I'm not making fun of you. I enjoyed you so much tonight that I feel like you could have saved yourself a bunch of money and just moved your butt right in here with me. It's still not too late. I can talk to the lady down at the leasing office.”
“And what am I supposed to do with Kenya?”
“Kenya is a grown-ass woman. She'll be all right.”
Erin laughed. “You are so wrong. I can't turn my back on her. She's been my best friend since freshman year at Coppin.”
“I would say that she could move in here too, but there ain't enough room for her. And I know you've heard that old saying, two's company and three's a crowd.”
“Yeah right, you're saying that now. Just wait till you get to see Kenya face-to-face, I bet you'll be sweatin' her like all the other guys in Baltimore. She has a really cool and down-to-earth personality.”
“You crack me up. I could tell by your pictures that Kenya is fine and all, but the only person I plan on sweatin' is you.”
“We'll see.”
“When I was doing it to you earlier, I heard your cell phone ringing, but I ignored the shit out of it because I knew it was your girl, Kenya.”
Erin laughed. “I knew it was her, too. You're crazy. I can't believe you just said,
when you were doing it to me.

“What? You don't like that?” Joel lifted his pelvis off the floor. He started acting silly, gyrating and pumping his hips like a freaky R&B singer. He sang, “
I was doing it to you, baaaaby
And I wanna do it to you again and again and again
Erin bit her bottom lip and blushed. “I didn't know you could sing. I like when you sing it to me like that.”
Joel laughed. “Next time I'll say something like when we were making love, or when we were
Erin laughed out loud and said, “I like that last part even better.”
“Oh, now I see. You like
With a cute smile Erin said, “Yup.”
“Well, I call what we did earlier making love. And I want you to know that I held back a lot when we did it. But next time, we're gonna
and I'm gonna give you all I got ... do it till you drop. Make you scream my name. Usually, I'm really aggressive. That was just a sample of my gentler side.”
Erin's eyes widened as she looked at Joel. “You said you held back. You're playing, right?”
“No. Why?”
“You're making me curious. Making me like you even more. Variety is something that I love about life. I hate anything that's humdrum or run-of-the-mill. You're making me want you again and again and again.”
It should have been kind of obvious to Joel that Erin was mainly interested in having a good time instead of getting serious so quickly. She wasn't in the mood for all of the expectations, disappointments or the pressures and strains of a committed relationship. She had already experienced all that in her previous relationship. This was her time to have fun and be free.
Joel decided to play it cool and just go with the flow. “Let's take a shower together and head to my bed and see what we can get started in there.”
Chapter 11
he wind was still an irritable swirling menace, but the rain had been reduced to a steady drizzle. The power was restored before Erin and Joel moved from their cozy spot on the living room floor. The lights came on, but the TV screen remained blank since the cable was still out of service.
Joel picked Erin up, blew out the candles, closed the patio door and carried her to the master bathroom. As soon as they made it to the bathroom Erin started acting silly. She was so cute that Joel couldn't help but follow her lead. They stood in front of the bathroom sink's vanity mirror completely nude—brown skin on brown skin—posing seductively, pretending to be photographed for
Joel turned on the hot water. Steam formed quickly and filled the bathroom like a sauna.
In the shower, Erin and Joel kissed, touched and washed all over each other's sizzling hot and insatiable bodies. All of the nakedness, groping and steamy water, along with all of the soapy slippery smooth body-to-body contact made things escalate to the next level. It felt like Erin and Joel were in the middle of a dream. What was supposed to have been a quick shower soon turned into a long, hot steamy sexual encounter. Erin and Joel both had put aside that little talk about
because they were still in the mood for making love. Erin beckoned and Joel gladly obliged. He grabbed a condom from his medicine cabinet and quickly began to satisfy her request.
Their encounter moved to the bedroom. Erin and Joel were wrapped in matching plush navy blue towels. Joel headed straight to his window. He closed the mini-blinds, turned on both of his bedside lamps, and turned down the bed.
With a dreamy expression Erin asked, “What are you gonna do to me now?”
“Whatever you want done. Do you want something sexual or something sensual?”
Erin smiled and sang out, “

“Your eyes are so expressive. What are you thinking about right now?”
“You. You're all I can think about. All I want is you. Can't stop thinking about touching you, kissing you and having sex with you.” She smiled. “You look so good standing there.”
“So do you.” Joel moved closer, kissed Erin and then said, “I got something special for you. I'll be right back.”
Joel went out to the kitchen, grabbed a few ice cubes and placed them in a bowl. He grabbed a plastic fork from a drawer. He reached into another drawer and pulled a feather from an unused feather duster.
When he returned to his bedroom Erin was sitting on his bed watching Joel's wall-mounted 37-inch LCD TV.
“I see the cable is back, but I got all the entertainment you need right here,” Joel said as he turned off the TV.
Erin looked excited. “You think so?”
“Lay back and let me show you.”
Erin lay down on Joel's bed. He climbed on the bed and opened her towel, exposing her body. He began running his hands and fingertips all over Erin's body, familiarizing himself with every detail of her figure. His lips, mustache and goatee lightly grazed up and down her skin. He angled the teeth of the plastic fork and moved it methodically, creating sensations that Erin never knew she could feel. After gently raking her skin and lightly prodding her soft fleshy areas, Joel introduced the feather to Erin's oh-so-sensitive skin. He slowly teased and tickled with the feather, creating a very different kind of soothing effect. Next he surprised her already excited nipples with an ice cube.
As soon as the ice cube made contact with her left nipple, Erin raised her chest, hissed like a snake and said, “Awwww. Cold.”
Joel made tiny circular motions around her breast and then blew on her nipple. Before making contact with Erin's right nipple he said, “Don't worry, I can warm it.” He comforted her cold skin with his mouth and then did the same thing to her right breast. He took another ice cube, ran it around her lips and allowed her to suck on it along with his fingers. He held the ice cube high, dripped cold drops of water all over Erin and then dried her with his tongue.
Erin said, “Ooh, I like that.”
Joel warmed Erin by cuddling up with her between the sheets. He said, “You haven't seen nothing yet.”
Erin sighed. “You've got so much energy. Let's just lay here for a while. Your bed is nice and warm. The sheets are so soft. They smell fresher than linen that air dried in a gentle spring breeze.”
Joel smiled. “Glad you like my bed so much.”
With a puzzled expression Erin asked, “I like your bed and all, but why white sheets?”
“White sheets can be fun, but I can show you better than I can explain. Relax and let me take you away. Just lay here and play along, all right?”
Joel had made love to Erin for hours, and now it was time for more afterplay. He pulled the sheet over their heads, then lifted the sheet with his body, creating a tent-like atmosphere. He moved Erin deeper into the middle of his huge king-sized bed. They seemed to move in slow motion under Joel's flowing white sheets. The softness of his pillowtop mattress added to the effect. When Erin looked around she could see why Joel liked the white sheets so much. The soft light from the lamps made the white sheets appear even brighter and gave her an instant feeling of serenity. It felt like Joel had taken her away to another world or they were lost in the middle of a soft white cloud.
Erin blushed and said, “It feels like we've gone off somewhere else.”
“We have.”
Erin playfully asked, “Where are we?”
Lying on his side, Joel whispered, “Lost inside my love. Relax your mind and body, let my love caress you and draw you in deeper. Close your eyes and concentrate on my voice.” Erin followed Joel's instructions. “Are you relaxed?”
With her eyes closed Erin answered, “Yeah.”
In the same soft tone, Joel said, “Let your body relax completely. This is all about total relaxation. Take slow deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Each breath is cleansing your soul.”
Erin took slow deep breaths just as Joel asked. She felt subtle changes with each breath. Her perception of time and space seemed to be altered. Joel was using a relaxation technique called guided imagery.
He whispered, “Your spirit is becoming lighter and lighter. You're completely weightless. You're floating ... higher and higher. There is no limit to how high you can go. Move your arms and legs, slowly and gently. Remember to breathe slow deep cleansing breaths. Free your mind and allow yourself to feel the softness and subtle sensations flow throughout your entire body.”
Erin moved her arms and legs in a slow fluid motion. She felt sensations in the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. She seemed to be absorbed into the softness and texture of Joel's bed. Waves of pleasure moved through her head and she felt she had never felt more peaceful or relaxed in her life.
Joel continued, “You're gradually coming back down ... slowly and softly. No need to rush. Slowly ... slowly ... that's it. You're about to land on a bed of white flowers ... orchids, roses, carnations and lilies. You're there. Now, inhale deeply. Can you smell the flowers and feel the petals against your skin?”
The scent and texture of Joel's bed reminded Erin of a peaceful warm spring day.
“Yeah,” Erin said as she smiled and took a soul-cleansing deep breath.
“Open your eyes. How do you feel?”
“Like heaven ... so relaxed. That was nice. You're really creative. Thank you.”
They kissed.
“You really know how to make me feel special. I swear I'm tingling all over.”
“You did that. All I did was tap into your mind a little and elevate your sensuality to another level.”
“You're trying to make me fall in love with you, aren't you?”
“No. I can't make you fall in love with me, can I?” Joel asked with a curious look on his face.
“It's possible. Falling in love is the easy part. Staying in love is the hard part.”
“True, but once I get you there—I'll keep you there.”
“I believe you. Can I do something creative with you now?”
“Sure. What are you gonna do?”
“Just listen and play along.” Erin paused for a brief moment. “We're underwater and you can't breathe. You desperately need to get to the surface for air.”
“What about you?”
“Pretend that I'm not here or you lost track of me and I'm gonna catch up to you. Hurry up and get to the surface. You need to breathe.”
“No, not without you ... I can't breathe without you.”
Erin laughed. “Yes, you can. It's okay to leave me. I'll be okay. Swim to the surface.”
Joel kissed Erin and moved to the head of the bed. He took a deep breath when he reached the top. He said, “Come up and get some air.”
Erin replied, “It's okay. I found a breathing tube.”
Joel had no idea what Erin was about to do until she touched him in the right spot. Her touch made his eyes widen and then they slowly settled down. She teased, titillated and tantalized Joel with her mouth, from the tip of his penis, all of the way down the shaft to his scrotum. This was Joel's sample of heaven. Erin licked him like she loved him. She eventually took him inside her mouth deeper and deeper. Joel reached under the sheets and started playing in Erin's hair. A minute later he pulled the top sheet back just enough to see her in action. He couldn't believe his eyes.
He continued playing in her hair, and he said, “Erin! Yeah! Oh, yeah! That feels so good.”
He wanted this to last forever, but Erin was in control. She controlled the intensity and she turned it up so high that she knew that Joel wouldn't last much longer. She reached for her towel and positioned it next to Joel. He wanted to slow her down, but he didn't do anything to resist or impede his orgasm.
Joel's body tensed and upon his release he cried out, “Ah yeah! Mmmmmmm.”
Erin resurfaced. She kissed Joel on the lips and they wrapped each other in a sweet caress.
BOOK: For Lovers Only
6.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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