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They teased each other with their lips and kissed over and over again.
Kenya was dripping wet and Joel could feel the moist heat stirring between her legs. She shifted slightly. In an instant his erection rose and met with the tip of her excited clitoris. Joel had forgotten to bring a condom out to the living room. Their body heat was amazing. The sexy gaze that they shared was absolutely hypnotic. Joel couldn't bear to interrupt the magical moment. His dick was raring to go and Kenya's pussy was aching to be penetrated. Kenya started a slow sexy grind. And before they knew it Joel's dick was inside of her. She was getting it raw and loved the feeling.
Kenya had reached another first with Joel. This was a first that Erin hadn't even experienced. She continued to straddle him and grind until she found the perfect spot—a notch between the base of his dick and pelvic bone. It provided the perfect coital alignment, stimulating her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Now she rocked back and forth until she and Joel were on the verge of coming. Kenya tightened her vaginal muscles around Joel's hardness and together they controlled the pace and intensity. They decreased the intensity a little and then gradually turned it up again. They played with the sexual energy for a couple of hours, until it got so intense that they couldn't do anything but let it go. Joel came inside of Kenya and she didn't even attempt to stop him. She loved the way it felt when he exploded and filled her up with his warm juices. This was an experience that they planned to keep hidden from Erin—a secret they planned on taking to their graves.
Chapter 26
oel dreamed that he was naked and alone on a deserted island. In a way his dream seemed to have overflowed into reality, because the next morning he woke up naked and alone in bed. He imagined hearing his alarm clock go off and that was what woke him. In reality his alarm clock wasn't even set. His circadian rhythm was out of whack. He was getting used to staying up almost all night and then waking up closer and closer to noon.
Each morning his ear seemed to focus on the strangest sounds. He heard the distinct sound of a single bird singing a lonely song outside of his window. This was unusual. He wasn't as concerned about what was happening outside as he was about what was happening inside. He was alone in bed and wanted to know what was up with that. He heard the shower running and assumed that one of the girls was in there and the other must be out in the kitchen preparing coffee. But he didn't smell the refreshing and invigorating aroma of coffee.
It's funny how drastically things can change within a twenty-four-hour period. For the first time in weeks Joel felt alone. His deserted island dream had instilled in him a feeling of abandonment. He wasn't alone too long because guilt lay next to him in bed and made him worry that he may have done something to upset the balance of his relationship with Erin and Kenya.
The shower stopped and he listened as the shower curtain opened. The hooks slid across the metal pole. Joel lay in bed waiting to see which one of the girls would step out of the bathroom. Guilt was gone, and now Joel lay in bed with his new companion called mounting anticipation. Within minutes the door opened and Erin walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a plush beige towel and a smile on her face.
Joel sighed silently and smiled.
There wasn't a window in the bathroom and Joel thought that Erin had forgotten to turn off the light, but she hadn't. Kenya was right on Erin's heels, wrapped in a matching plush beige towel with a smile on her face that matched Erin's. She turned off the light just as she exited the bathroom.
Right away curiosity had stepped into the picture and it was killing Joel. He felt left out, not knowing what had just happened behind that closed door. His overactive imagination began to run through all of the sexual acts the girls could have possibly executed in his absence. His thoughts were vivid and amazing, but he knew that his imagination paled in comparison to seeing Erin and Kenya live in action. He felt cheated because he knew that he had missed out on one of the finest aspects of being in a female-male-female threesome—the amazingly beautiful girl-on-girl action. The passion that women share has intrigued men for ages.
Erin and Kenya smiled at Joel and said good morning.
He was kind of upset, but instead of voicing his complaints he just swallowed his words along with a portion of his male pride. His silence was far more dramatic than words.
It was obvious that the three had too much idle time on their hands. There wasn't much to do besides have fun and immerse themselves deeper into a smorgasbord of hedonistic behavior. That's pretty much what happens when three insatiable lovers attempt to live a reality based on fantasy and curiosity. Everything they did seemed to revolve around one main theme—sex. They began to make subtle mistakes that seemed to have become acceptable or seemed to become the norm.
Jealousy tried to make its way into the picture, but Joel wouldn't allow it inside. The three had reached a point where they had begun to experience moments of feeling left out, as interpersonal relationships developed within the threesome. Erin and Kenya had a warm and loving relationship established long before they met Joel. He began to wonder whether the girls had used the threesome concept as an excuse to explore their sexuality. Things were starting to get somewhat complex. Any relationship as eccentric as theirs was without a doubt susceptible to some degree of complication.
Joel tried to act unaffected. He looked at Erin and Kenya and said, “Good morning. What got y'all up so early?”
Erin casually removed her towel and began to dry off. “I don't know. I slept really good last night.”
Kenya helped dry Erin's back and said, “So did I. And you obviously slept well because you slept right through the two of us moving around and talking.”
Joel sat up in bed and asked, “What do y'all have planned for today?”
Erin said, “I dunno. Let's go to the mall.”
Joel asked, “The mall? I know you're not a big shopper. So, what are you in the mood for ... some socializing?”
“No, I'm in the mood for some shopping. I need something to make me look as good as I feel.”
Joel raised an eyebrow and asked, “Did I miss something?”
Erin replied, “No. What do you mean?”
“You know ... the action in the shower ... you and Kenya.”
Kenya removed her towel and began to dry herself off. “If you consider us showering together and washing each other's backs action, then you missed it.”
Erin looked at Kenya and said, “Sounds like he's complaining to me.”
Kenya said, “Sounds like that to me, too.”
The girls giggled.
Joel said, “Maybe I am. What's so funny?”
Kenya said, “Nothing.”
As Erin slipped into her underwear she said, “Well, you didn't hear me complaining last night when you went venturing off into the living room with Kenya.”
Joel said, “But I'm sure you wanted to.”
Erin twisted her lips and shrugged her right shoulder. “I dunno ... maybe I should have complained.”
Kenya made a strange face and said, “Since we're putting it all out there, Erin, I need to complain about all of the times you basically forced me into the backseat whenever we've ridden in Joel's truck.”
Erin looked shocked and then confused. “Do I do that?”
Kenya replied quickly, “Yeah.”
Joel nodded his head and said, “Yeah, you do.”
Erin laughed. “Dag, listen to us ... complaining.”
Kenya put on her panties and said, “It looks like we need to make a few minor adjustments to help work out the kinks.”
Erin said, “Things don't have to be complicated. We have a relationship with different modes of expression that offers a wide range of feelings and experiences. As a threesome, I don't think we should be preprogrammed or restricted to one mode like traditional relationships. We're better than that. If we need alone time with someone within the threesome, then it should happen. As long as we come back together and share, then everything should be okay.”
Kenya and Joel looked at each other with an expression that said they needed to bury their secret even deeper. They quickly refocused their attention on Erin.
Joel said, “I agree.”
Kenya took a deep breath and said, “So do I.”
The telephone rang and Joel picked up the receiver and said, “Hello.”
“Hi, Joel,” his mother said.
“Hey, Ma. How are you?”
“Fine, and you?”
“I'm all right. What's going on?”
“Nothing. Just calling to remind you about my procedure in the morning.”
“I haven't forgotten.”
Mrs. Davis paused for a moment, then asked, “I already know the answer, but I'll ask anyway. You wanna join me at church this morning?”
Joel looked at his alarm clock and said, “It's ten thirty-eight and there's no way I can make it to church by eleven.”
“We've got service going all day. Anytime you arrive for church is on time. God cares about your presence and not your lateness. He'll help you work on your timing once you put forth the effort. Our eleven o'clock service doesn't end until two. You can show up later this afternoon and stick around for our three-thirty service if you want.”
Erin whispered something in Kenya's ear. They started acting silly, trying to make Joel laugh. When that didn't work they tried their best to distract him by dancing and shaking their butts like the video girls he loved to watch.
They had an obvious effect on him. He looked distracted and said, “Whew ... I don't know. Ah ... Ma ... let me see now. Umm ... shoot. What was I saying?”
Mrs. Davis said, “That's a shame. I remember when you wouldn't go a Sunday without going to church. Now everything else seems to come first. I hear that girl laughing in the background. Is that more than one I hear? Who is that?”
“Yes, ma'am. Those are my neighbors from across the hall.”
“Isn't it kind of early for them to be in your apartment, don't you think?”
“Not really. We were just about to have breakfast.”
“Yeah right, tell me anything. Are y'all in the kitchen or in the bedroom?”
Joel cleared his throat, but couldn't really clear his lie. “We're in the kitchen, of course.”
“I pray to God you don't have them in your bedroom. Are you still fornicating?”
“C'mon, Ma. What kind of question is that? You know I am. I'm not married and I can't deprive myself of certain pleasures.”
Erin and Kenya stopped acting silly and looked at each other, then at Joel, wondering exactly what the heck he and his mother were talking about.
Mrs. Davis said the same line she had been feeding Joel for years. “You need to learn how to find pleasure in other things besides sex.”
“Please don't lecture me.”
“All right, I'll stop. Since you can't make it to church, why don't you come here this evening for dinner? I'd be glad to have you. I won't stay for our three-thirty service. Instead I'll make you a good old-fashioned Sunday dinner. Does that sound okay to you?”
“Yeah, that sounds good. Can I bring my friends?”
“Sure, the more the merrier. Are they Christians?”
“Yes, ma'am.”
“Good. That's a start. I gotta go. I've got a pot of greens cooking now and I'll fry the chicken as soon as I get back from church. Tell your friends I said hi.”
Joel looked at Erin and Kenya and said, “My mother said hi.”
Erin and Kenya sang out at the same time, “
Hi, Mom
.” Joel asked, “Did you hear them?”
“Yes, I heard them. Okay Joel, let me go now. You be good and I'll see y'all later.”
“All right. Enjoy church and we'll see you this evening.”
Joel hung up the phone. He looked at Erin and Kenya. With laughter in his voice he said, “Y'all are soooo ignorant.”
Erin looked at Kenya and asked, “Did you just hear him call us ignorant?”
Kenya replied, “Yeah, but I think it went beyond ignorant. He said we were soooo ignorant.”
Erin said, “I think we're gonna have to kick some butt.”
Kenya said, “C'mon, let's get him.”
Erin and Kenya were full of childlike energy. They dove on the bed and attacked Joel. He loved to play-fight and welcomed their kinky playful challenge. They were topless, wearing nothing but panties. The girls tried to grab hold of Joel to get him in a headlock, but they couldn't. He was way too strong, swift and agile for them to handle. He ended up tossing them around on the bed and roughing them up a bit—all in the name of fun. He piled them on top of each other, spanked their butts for a minute, and then began to tickle them half to death. He eventually gave in to the girls and let them pin him on the bed. Erin and Kenya celebrated their fake victory and then crashed on the bed on opposite sides of Joel.
Trying to regain her breath Erin said, “That was so much fun.”
Kenya responded, “Next time we need to rough him up a little more.”
Joel laughed and said, “That was fun. I think all three of us just had some type of fetish fulfilled.”
Kenya said, “Especially you, with all of the tickling and spanking. We'll have to do some role playing some time.”
Joel said, “That's fine with me. We can play sex slave, dirty cop busting two first-time prostitutes, or horny wife catching her cheating husband with his mistress, and so on and so on.”
Erin smiled and said, “Mmmm ... we can have so much fun together. The possibilities are endless.”
With a mischievous grin Kenya said, “I know. I can't wait.”
They lay in bed for a while watching television. A show about celebrity dream homes located in Miami caught their attention. Joel showered alone while the girls finished daydreaming. They all got dressed and headed to the Owings Mills Town Center.
BOOK: For Lovers Only
9.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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