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Authors: Alex Hairston

For Lovers Only (23 page)

Chapter 22
rin and Kenya made their way over to the bed. Joel lay them down on the bed one by one, starting with Erin. He tried to seduce them, but they turned the attention around on him. They wanted him to offer up some eye candy by removing some of his clothes. Kenya had already fallen in love with his muscular arms and legs and desired to see a whole lot more. Joel took off his shirt, and within seconds he felt the pleasure of two sets of soft hands all over his chest and abs. Kenya and Erin removed Joel's shorts and had him lying on the bed wearing nothing but his white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Their hands explored the rest of his body and their lips delivered little kisses at the same time—making love to his flesh.
Joel was so hard that he was barely able to stay inside his underwear. Erin and Kenya didn't rush to remove his boxers. Kenya's eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the size of Joel's erection. At first she acted like she was afraid to touch him down there, like she was petting a snake for the first time. She wasn't accustomed to being with a man so well endowed. She played with his thing through his underwear and began to love the length, girth and rigidity of Joel's fully erect dick.
Joel couldn't believe how turned-on he was or how good Erin and Kenya's hands felt. The next thing he knew the beast had been unleashed. Erin had pulled his thing through the opening of his boxers and began to please him with her mouth. She wanted to show Kenya how comfortable she was with Joel, and how good she was at giving head.
When Kenya saw Joel exposed she said, “My God, you're incredible.” Her eyes scanned up and down his body. “Joel, you have such a beautiful body.”
Joel and Kenya kissed, and then she made her way down below to join Erin. The girls moaned and groaned as they feasted on Joel's manhood at the same time. They turned their heads to the side in order to lick and nibble on his dick in perfect unison. Joel called this position the double down.
Erin and Kenya had their asses in the air, pointed directly at Joel. He managed to reach down to remove Erin's panties and then Kenya's. He played with their clits and then began to finger them. He motioned for Erin to come up top and straddle his face. As they moved into a sixty-nine, Kenya continued to satisfy him with her mouth and he continued to stimulate her with his index and middle fingers. She completely lost it when Joel found her G-spot. She hadn't been penetrated in a long time, and was almost too tight and delicate to handle his thick fingers. When she recovered she switched places with Erin and was quickly introduced to Joel's tongue thrusts.
After that they changed positions every few minutes. Their passion was so intense that they conjured erotic images from the past. In the vast ages of time nothing is old or new. Threesomes have been around since the beginning of recorded history. This was their version of the living Kama Sutra. It was all about three pleasing each other equally—that's how passionate and unselfish they were.
Soon the lines became blurred. Their flesh and spirits were closer and tighter than stitched seams. There was no way to tell where one body began or where the other ended. She, he and she—the three were now one. Pleasure was abundant and continuously reciprocated. In no time they all had multiple orgasms from their prolonged foreplay. This was a deeply satisfying sensual experience and a sexual awakening for all three.
Being with Erin and Kenya was like a dream come true for Joel. There was nothing cheap, crude or tasteless about what they shared. Erin may have been right when she said that love was dead, because what the three experienced felt like the rebirth of love. They threw caution to the winds and did whatever felt natural.
Joel felt good about his decision to sleep with Erin and Kenya. He felt he had seized the moment—taken hold of his youth and maximized a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The three of them had never felt more desired, attractive or self-assured. Their bottled-up spirits had been shaken up, uncorked and suddenly their unstoppable free spirits exploded all over the place.
Joel and Kenya wanted to pleasure Erin at the same time. They had her lie on her back while the two of them kissed and touched her all over. It was as if Kenya mimicked Joel's movements. As he caressed and sucked Erin's right breast, Kenya did the same to her left breast. Pleasing Erin the way they did was nourishment for their souls.
Joel ventured lower, around Erin's belly button, and Kenya eventually joined him. A few minutes later he found himself kissing Erin's inner thighs, and in no time he was slowly and deliberately stimulating Erin's sensitive clitoris with his warm, moist tongue. Kenya moved down the left side of Erin's body. Joel sensed her there. He looked into Kenya's soulful eyes and could tell that she wanted to join him. Erin appeared breathless, and fidgeted out of control. As if that wasn't enough, Joel wanted to take her to another level. He penetrated her with his middle and index fingers and moved them back and forth toward her pelvic bone in a come hither motion.
Erin wanted to feel Kenya down there and Joel knew it. He eventually moved his head over a little to make room for Kenya to join him. They both ended up licking Erin's pussy at the same time, and she looked like she was about to explode. She grabbed them by the backs of their heads to help guide their dueling tongues. Intense sensations rose and fell as new ones were constantly created. Once Joel and Kenya had zeroed in on the right spots Erin let go and clenched the bottom sheet. She looked like she was completely breathless, letting out silent screams. She couldn't hold back any longer. She moaned loudly and then oozed with a silky smooth wetness that made Joel stop what he was doing so he could fuck her. He slid a condom on and Kenya grabbed hold of his fully erect dick and inserted it inside Erin.
Kenya was feeling really kinky. She felt like she was in the middle of her favorite porno movie, but this was real life. She was an active participant and that turned her on even more. She played with Erin's clit while Joel tried his best to wear Erin's ass out.
Joel's intent was to bring Erin to another orgasm and then he would get to Kenya. The more he looked at Kenya the more he wanted to be inside her. Within a few minutes Erin rolled right into another orgasm.
When Kenya's turn came she seemed more willing to provide pleasure than to receive it. Erin and Joel turned their attention on Kenya. She lay on her back with her legs slightly spread. Joel positioned himself between her legs and penetrated her for the first time. She screamed when she felt the pressure of Joel's huge erection.
Erin laughed and said, “You can do it. Go 'head and take all of that dick.”
It hurt at first, but Kenya was able to adapt to the pleasure and pain. Joel was concerned and adjusted his rhythm. Kenya noticed the change right away. She was really getting into it and suddenly feared that he was about to stop.
She yelled, “Don't stop. I can take it. Give it to me. I need it. Fuck me, Joel. Fuck me hard.” He went back to his normal rhythm and then she cried out, “Faster ... faster! Yes ... yes ... yes! That's it!”
Erin held Kenya's legs in the air for a while and became more of a voyeur. A few minutes later she began to lick Kenya's erect nipples and played with her clit while Joel fucked the living shit out of her.
Kenya was very flexible. Joel watched as she pointed her toes like a dancer and then they started to curl. The next thing Joel knew Kenya's feet were up by her ears and then bent behind her head. The fact that she was so flexible turned him on even more and made him pound her harder. She clawed his back with her nails as her hands moved down to his ass.
Kenya went through an array of pre-orgasmic facial expressions and yelled, “Oh my God ... ooh ... aw yeah, Joel ... I'm about to come!”
“That's it. Let it go,” Erin coached Kenya, and touched her clitoris ever so gently, with just the right amount of alternating pressure.
Kenya's eye rolled back in her head. She tilted her head, arched her back and ascended to heaven.
Joel wasn't done. Fucking Kenya in front of Erin was exciting and made him want more. A few minutes later, when Kenya was ready and willing to continue, they changed positions so Kenya could see how it would feel to get fucked from behind. She got on her knees and lowered her head. Joel penetrated her from behind and she loved the animalistic appeal. He drove his hardness deep into her tight wetness. She oohed and aahed like a virgin and then out of nowhere she began to let out some deep moans. Then she came again—quick and hard. She collapsed on the bed and her entire body shuddered. Erin and Joel wrapped themselves around her. When they looked into Kenya's eyes they could see that she was in ecstasy.
An hour later the three started all over again. This time they changed the pace and made love to each other slower and softer. For the first time they were able to experience spirituality through sex. They grew spiritually and developed a higher consciousness—an extreme love high. It went beyond lovemaking because they combined their individual energies, and created a bold new energy and were able to control it. Together they rode waves of pleasure that lasted all night.
Chapter 23
he next morning the three slept in peace. They lay in bed naked, with their arms and legs intertwined like an erotic sculpture. The peace was slightly interrupted when Joel was awakened by an overwhelming urge to reposition himself. His neck and right shoulder were stiff as hell, and his arms and legs were asleep. His discomfort was just a part of the reality of sleeping with three in a bed—even a king-sized.
When he opened his eyes he saw Erin on his right and Kenya on his left. They were a beautiful sight to behold. Then he noticed that his bed was a mangled mess and so was the rest of his bedroom. Clothes, underwear and shoes covered the floor, but Erin and Kenya were his main focus.
He looked out his window and saw traces of morning dew. Birds flew high in the treetops and he listened carefully as they sang outside of his window. He heard the sound of the steady breeze as it flowed and resonated through the leaves of the trees. He was in a good mood. Besides some minor stiffness everything seemed perfect. The bold sky was so blue it appeared artificial. The clouds looked like shredded cotton balls. Love was in the air and to Joel, God smiled down upon him and the girls in the form of sunlight.
Joel stepped outside of himself for a moment and carefully studied the way he and the girls were positioned in bed. It seemed as if he was an artist or photographer, capturing a breathtaking image. He loved the way they looked together—naked and carefree with their brown skin shining in the morning sunlight. Joel saw them as a spectacular work of art that he titled, LUV4-3.
An acute case of stiffness along with numbness and tingling reminded Joel that he needed to reposition himself. He shifted to his left side where he was greeted by unlimited contact and access to Kenya's warm, sexy body. He smiled and automatically began to tease her skin with his lips. He was sure she could feel his warm moist breath, and then the cool gentle sensation of him blowing against her skin.
Within seconds Kenya was awake. She looked at Joel and smiled with her expressive eyes. Her eyes said,
Good morning ... last night was absolutely wonderful. You did your thing. Woo!
They kissed and then stared deeply into each other's eyes. Joel saw an unfamiliar look in Kenya's eyes—one that spoke of a budding obsession and a need to get closer to him. He had a funny feeling. In a way he knew it was a warning—maybe a sign of an impending heartbreak, but he chose to ignore it. He concentrated on the more familiar of the two expressions—brewing love. Kenya definitely had that look in her eyes. It temporarily took Joel's breath away and made him want to fall in love with her. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. There he was again, falling hard and fast.
Joel kissed Kenya again. Then he turned toward Erin and used his mouth to create the same tantalizing sensations he used to wake Kenya.
The three lay in bed caressing and talking about what they experienced the night before. They showered each other with compliments. Their conversation was hot, and tempted them to start up something sexual again, but they didn't. They discussed their fantasies, favorite positions and how good their orgasms felt.
An hour later they got out of bed and headed to the bathroom. They seemed very comfortable being naked in front of each other. They showered together, and then the three of them stood in front of Joel's bathroom mirror to brush their teeth.
Erin and Kenya played around, making a combination of cute, silly and ugly faces in front of the mirror as Joel tried to be serious while shaving. They then took turns kissing him. He began to lighten up a bit and had fun smearing shaving cream on the girls. Everybody was a frothy white mess. When Joel was finished shaving he laid some kisses on Erin and Kenya that felt really good, and the girls got serious—serious about the art of kissing.
Erin and Joel exchanged deep passionate kisses.
Joel turned toward Kenya and gave her a long slow kiss.
As the three went back and forth kissing, they peeked at themselves in the mirror. They had never paid much attention before to how sexy or passionate they looked while kissing. They used a wide array of techniques, ranging from lips only, tongues only, sucking, biting, down to plain ole wet and sloppy.
The kissing continued for a while, until Erin looked at herself closely and then at Kenya and Joel. She saw the beauty in their new relationship, but somehow she knew that some, mostly religious and self-righteous people, would judge, condemn or read a whole lot more into what they saw when they looked at the three of them together.
The threesome's actions and undeniable attraction to each other did make them noticeably different. They had shed their protective layers and now Erin feared that the outside world would see them through tainted lenses instead of seeing them for the people they truly were—honest, open and realistic.
Joel looked at Erin and asked, “What is it?”
Erin quickly replied, “Nothing.”
He knew that she was holding back and said, “No, tell me.”
Kenya looked concerned. “What's wrong?”
Erin said, “Nothing's really wrong, but I'm just a little concerned about what people might think when they see the three of us together ... I mean, after last night I don't think we'll be able to act like regular friends. It's obvious that we're much more than friends.”
Kenya understood Erin's feelings. She knew that people were going to look at them differently. “I don't care. Forget what people think.”
Joel said, “I'm happy, and I don't give a damn what people think or say about us.”
Erin said, “You're both right. I don't think we have anything to worry about.” She paused, then asked, “Do we?”
Joel and Kenya laughed and continued to kiss while Erin stared at her reflection in the mirror.
Later that morning the three went to the New Town Diner for breakfast. When they arrived there was a short wait. They were taken in by the wonderful aromas and the diner's retro appeal. The click-clank sounds of plates, glasses and silverware echoed in the background along with the rustling sound of newspapers. There was a steady buzz of conversation with an occasional outburst of laughter. The mood was light and cheerful.
The staff tried to keep everybody happy while keeping the customers flowing nice and steady, without feeling rushed. After about ten minutes the server escorted the three to their table. Just as they were about to sit down Joel looked over his shoulder and noticed a frightening but familiar face. His heart skipped a beat. He had to look again because he couldn't believe his eyes. He needed confirmation from someone to prove that he wasn't half crazy or hallucinating.
Joel asked, “Can y'all see that lady over there wearing the black and white outfit?” Erin and Kenya looked confused until he pointed and said, “The one with the big brown curly hairdo. I think it's a dried-out leisure curl or something.”
Kenya laughed and said, “Oh, yeah, I see her.”
Erin said, “I see her too. Who is that?”
“I think it's my ex's mother.”
Just as Joel said that, the lady turned around and looked directly at him.
Kenya said, “She must have felt you pointing. Didn't your mother tell you that it was rude to point?”
Still in shock he said, “Uh-huh.”
Within seconds Joel saw Renee's sister, Cheryl, exit the ladies' room and join her mother at their table. Sure enough, it was Renee's supposedly dead mother sitting at a table eating a hearty breakfast. She waved at Joel and he waved back.
Without any explanation Joel said, “That's Renee's mother. Excuse me, I'll be right back.”
As Joel walked away, Kenya asked Erin, “What's going on?”
With a giggle in her voice she replied, “He said that's Renee's mother.”
“I thought she was dead.”
“So did I. Renee is crazy as shit. I would never sink that low just to get a man's sympathy or to get back into his life.”
Kenya shook her head and said, “Tell me about it. That's sad and pathetic.”
Joel walked up to Renee's mother and said, “Hi, Mrs. Rhodes. Is this really you?”
She stuffed a piece of sausage in her mouth and gave him a peculiar stare. As she chewed she said, “Yes it's me, Joel. Who else would I be?”
Her daughter, Cheryl, cleared her throat and gave Joel the same peculiar stare.
Joel turned toward Cheryl and said, “I'm sorry. Hi, Cheryl. How are you?”
Cheryl maintained her peculiar stare. She frowned and with plenty of attitude said, “I'm fine.”
Joel said, “Be careful 'cause your face might get stuck like that.”
She worked her neck, rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. “What?”
He smiled. “Aw, nothing. I heard you were in the hospital recently. Is that true?”
“Yeah. And?”
“And nothing. I was just trying to be nice ... making sure you were okay.” Joel was turned off by their expressions and asked, “Did I do something to piss y'all off or something?”
Cheryl said, “My sister is a wreck, and if you had been doing what you were supposed to have been doing all along, she wouldn't be the way she is now.”
Joel took a step back and said, “Oh, so it's my fault that she cheated? Plus, she walked out on me.”
Out of Joel's sight, Renee exited the ladies' room looking numb, as if she didn't have a clue or care in the world.
Erin and Kenya watched everything unfold from their table.
Erin said, “Oh my God. Kenya, look, that's Renee coming out of the ladies' room.”
Kenya did a double take and said, “Damn, she looks just like Beyoncé.”
Erin said, “Shut up. C'mon, let's go over there. It's about to get real ignorant up in here.”
Mrs. Rhodes saw Renee walking toward them and said, “Oh good, here comes Renee right now.”
Renee didn't notice Joel right away, but when she did she stopped dead in her tracks. She covered her mouth with her right hand. Not even her hand could hide her reaction. Renee's jaw dropped so low that her bottom lip almost touched the ground. She looked like she wanted to run and hide. Instead she chose to face the consequences. She walked toward them slowly, like a four-year-old who had just gotten caught doing something awfully wrong.
Erin and Kenya walked up and stood next to Joel.
Cheryl overflowed with ignorance when she asked, “Who they supposed to be?”
Joel proudly responded, “These are my girlfriends, Erin and Kenya.”
Cheryl repeated, “Girlfriends? What that supposed to mean?”
Erin knew Joel was about to expose their unique relationship. With caution in her eyes and in her voice she said, “Joel, no. Don't.”
He smiled confidently at Cheryl and said, “Just what I said ... my girlfriends ... with an S. C'mon, you're a grown woman. You know what that means.” Joel turned around toward Renee, knowing she overheard what he had just said. “Hey Renee, I was just about to ask about your mother's funeral arrangements.”
Mrs. Rhodes almost choked and quickly asked, “My what?”
Renee was speechless and incredibly embarrassed. Her eyes held a familiar troubled expression, but this time it was more intense than ever.
Everybody braced themselves because they didn't know what was about to happen.
Renee started off with a subtle grin that turned into a giggle. The giggle quickly turned into an outburst of exaggerated laughter, and then out of nowhere came hysterical crying. A lot of the background noises ceased. Everybody in the diner stopped what they were doing and looked at Renee. She felt every set of eyes in the diner focused on her.
Renee's embarrassment magnified times ten. She stood her ground for a few seconds, looking trapped and helpless. She trembled.
Joel tried to help. “Renee, are you okay?”
Her mother said, “Honey, have a seat and take a sip of cold water.”
Renee looked around and then fled out of the diner like she was running for her life.
Cheryl jumped out of her seat and headed out after her yelling, “Renee, hold up. Wait for me.”
Things didn't turn out nearly as dramatic as they could have. The people at the diner lost interest in the drama as soon as Renee stormed out of the place. Most of the patrons shrugged and quickly turned their attention back to their food and conversations. They seemed to have had I-don't-give-a-damn or so-what-life-goes-on types of attitudes. This was a perfect example of how much society has been desensitized to other people's problems and despair. The breakout success of trashy talk shows, court shows and reality shows had completely changed people's views on the world. In order to get reactions out of most people nowadays there had to be a raw display of physical violence leading to bloodshed or death.

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