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A KeyHolder's Handbook


A KeyHolder's Handbook

A Woman's Guide To Male Chastity


by Georgia Ivey Green



Copyright 2013 by Georgia Ivey Green


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This book is dedicated to all those individuals who enjoy male chastity. From the man who has tried to convince his wife or girlfriend to give it a try, to the KeyHolder's who have asked me to for help in learning how to sexually tease their partner. They have all inspired me to keep writing and to provide the very best information available.

Thank you all!





What is a “KeyHolder” and why would I want to be one? These are questions you are probably asking yourself right now. Chances are, you didn't buy this book for yourself. Your husband, boyfriend, lover, or whatever, bought it for you in hopes that you would read it and then lock him in a chastity device and tease the hell out of him.

The truth is, women have been using sex to control men for ages. What they didn't know was that their partners secretly loved it. Yes, many men love being controlled and coerced with sex. If they didn't, why would it be so easy for a woman to convince a man to do just about anything she wants when she uses sex as an incentive?

I understand why many men need a release from their everyday lives. They are pressured every day to be in charge, to be strong, to lead, even if their personalities are not the alpha type. They are expected to take charge of certain aspects of their own lives. Society puts this pressure on them. Whether they want it or not. Men have been brought up through the generations to provide for their families, work hard and be the “King of the castle.”

Women have a fought a long, hard, uphill battle to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with any man. It took years and years of struggle to be accepted for who we are and to be considered equal to men, especially in the work place. But what about the men of the world who don't fit society's view of what a man should be? What if they don't want to be in charge, to control everything all the time?

There are many men out there who openly want to be controlled by a woman. If his wife won't do it, he may seek someone else to fill the position. For many years, men of means have secretly turned to a professional Dominatrix when the pressure of everyday life (or even just work) got to be too much for them. Maybe they tried having an affair and discovered that it just wasn't enough. But with todays more openly sexual atmosphere and liberal attitudes, men are coming out of their shells and begging their partners to take control of the them, sexually at least.

The problem is, their wives or girlfriends, have not been properly prepared by society to know what to do. Mom didn't teach them how to handle a man who wanted to be submissive. After all, Mom didn't know what to do either. So both men and women are becoming frustrated when a man wants his partner to take charge. Especially in the bedroom.

I have received many letters and emails from men and women alike asking for a more in-depth book explaining what they can do to tease their men sexually. So I decided to write this book. In it you will find specific things you can do to tease and control your partner sexually. You know that is what he wants or you would not be reading this. But just because he may have requested you read this and/or take control of him and his orgasms, doesn't mean that you should look upon this as a chore. In fact, I recommend that you look at it as a chance to get more enjoyment out of the sexual side of your life and not something you have to do in order to keep your partner happy.

Don't think that you need to run out and spend a large sum of money on a chastity device either. In fact, you may not need one at all. Many couples enjoy a chastity lifestyle without using a chastity device. So whether you choose to use a device or not, you can still benefit greatly from applying the basic principles, and techniques I will teach you in this book. All I ask is that you use the information to improve your own sexual satisfaction and stop looking at it as a chore. Think of it more as a game. If you enjoy playing games, this will surely be one of your favorites.

Georgia Ivey Green
(Mistress Ivey)


Table of Contents


The Game

Basic Orgasms

How to Play

Orgasm Control

Physical Teasing

Audio/Visual Aids

Web Teasing

Psychological Teasing

Discipline & Rewards

Humiliation Teasing

Anal Play & Milking

Advanced Teasing

Useful Phrases

Toys And More

Handling Separation

KeyHolder's Checklist

About the Author



Chapter 1 – The Game


Go ahead and close the lock for me baby.
I promise to keep you locked up
for a really, really long time.”


So you want to know what all this fuss is about? You, or your husband, lover, boyfriend, or whoever, has asked you to read this or to be his Mistress, Queen, Goddess, or just plain KeyHolder. You are reading this to see if it is something you are willing to do. It is not unusual that a woman in today's society does not know how to handle a man who wants to be locked in chastity. Well, let me make it easy for you. Do you like games? What about sexually oriented games? If you do, then you will have no problem playing this one. Male chastity is nothing more than a game. And you get to set the rules.

The goals of each player differ, but are very easy to understand. His goal in playing the chastity game is simple; He must convince his KeyHolder to release him and allow him to have a full orgasm. That's it. Simple. Your goal, as his KeyHolder, is to make him go as long as you think he can stand it between orgasms. Again, simple.

There are many different ways to play the game, however. You are in charge of the game and how it is played. What you, as a KeyHolder, choose to do is entirely up to you. You may choose to merely hold the keys as requested, or you may get much more involved and have a great deal more fun. Again, it is your choice to decide how you want to play the game.

What is “Key-Holding” all about, anyway? Put simply, it is about control. It is about controlling him sexually. It is about controlling his ejaculations (or orgasms). It is about maintaining a state of arousal in your man longer than he ever could without your help. It is about erotic, sensual play. Whether you actually use a chastity device of some kind or not, it is about learning how to enjoy a sexual relationship that is more equitable, more enjoyable, and just plain more fun for the both of you, than you have probably ever known before.

Please don't pay much attention to what you read on the Internet about male chastity. It is very different than the way it is so often portrayed. Most of what you will find on the Internet is designed to spur men's fantasies. And it does an excellent job of it. Even though his fantasies are important, the fantasies he gets from the Internet are exaggerated and idealistic. We have to deal with reality and realistic goals and expectations.

It is not like anything you have ever done before. But it is not what most people think it is. It is a means of bringing a couple closer to together in a new and exciting way. Being a KeyHolder is a huge responsibility. Being a KeyHolder is what you make of it. If you are willing to put a little time and effort into it, and use a little imagination, you can achieve a sexual relationship with your “significant other” (partner, husband, boyfriend, lover, or whatever you chose to call him) that you never dreamed was possible. You can bring back all the sexual excitement you felt when you first got together. You can take your sexual enjoyment to new heights, far beyond what you have ever experienced before.


The Two Aspects of Male Chastity

Now that I have your attention, let me explain the two aspects of male chastity and how they differ. The first is orgasm control. It is the simplest of the two aspects. It involves the KeyHolder simply deciding when the chaste male is permitted to have an orgasm. Nothing more. In other words, you will be in charge of the keys to his chastity device. Since it is practically impossible for him to have any kind of orgasm while wearing a properly fitting chastity device, you must release him from his chastity in order for him to get any sort of satisfaction, sexually speaking.

Simply being a KeyHolder does not obligate you to do anything other than decide when he may have an orgasm. However, you may very well want to get more involved than that, especially when you read about all the other fun things that you can do in this game.

The second aspect of the male chastity game is called “tease and denial.” This is the really fun aspect of the game. This is what your partner was thinking about most when he asked you to be his KeyHolder. He wants you to do everything you can think of to sexually tease him and still deny him an orgasm. But exactly how much you choose to do, or not to do, is still your choice.

Tease and denial can be a very time consuming thing. It all depends on how much of it, and what type, you choose to do. We will get into all the things you can do in later chapters, but for now, understand that you can do as much or as little tease and denial as you like.

What if I am wrong and you are the one who wants to play this game, and you are reading this to find out exactly what you have to do? Does your partner need to be “on board” with your plan to use chastity (or tease and denial) as a means of improving your sex lives? No, not really. Chances are, he will once you explain it to him. He has probably had fantasies of being controlled by a beautiful woman before, at one time or another. Even if he hasn't, he will enjoy it. I guarantee that.



His motivations for wanting to participate in a male chastity relationship are pretty simple and straight forward. First of all, if he asked you to do it, he has already had fantasies about it. In his mind, you will be the perfect mistress (KeyHolder) for him. You will want to play the control game and the tease and denial game. He may not like all the the things you do, but, again, that doesn't really matter because
you are in charge

He wants you to keep his penis locked up. He also wants you to make him work for his orgasms. You want him to do things to please you. You can always have him give you oral sex or use a vibrator or a dildo on you until you have had all the orgasms you can handle. He will love doing it, especially if you don't let him ejaculate. It is a mind game. He wants you to be “mean” to him. By that he means that he wants you to make him wait, beg, plead, for an orgasm. Then he wants you to deny that orgasm and tease him some more. I know it sounds contradictory, but once you understand it, you will wonder why you didn't do this years ago.

Another reason, or motivation, he may have is that he is feeling submissive and wants you to tell him what to do. This type of man wants to be ordered around. That is, he wants to serve someone, hopefully you. He feels a need to be told what to do. He wants to do the household chores, give you massages, and feel the sting and bite of your paddle when he fails to please you. He also wants you to make him attend to all your needs and desires. Of course, he is hoping that you will want to get heavily involved in the tease and denial aspect we already talked about.

If he was not the one to bring it up as a part of your relationship, then he may need a little convincing. That part is up to you. Ask him to look up “tease and denial” on the Internet and see what he thinks of it. Of course, you can always use your feminine wiles to convince him to give it a try.

Your motivation for wanting to get involved with male chastity might be any of a number of things. Because he asked you to is the most common. However, maybe it is because you think (or know) that he masturbates more than you would like. Or you think he has had and affair and you want to make sure it never happens again. Or maybe, just maybe, you have done a little research and decided it would be fun. Whatever your motives are, you need to be armed with the best information available. And that, my friend, is exactly what this particular handbook is all about.

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