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Authors: Beverly Leahy

Micah's Mate (Dark Sky) (9 page)

Katlyn looked over at him, “We sleep through it?”

Micah moved out of the seat, “Yes, in a kind of cryo-sleep. It slows our bodies so that we do not age during the process.”

“So by the time you return home the people there will have waited six years for you to return?” How horrible for them to not know if he had a chance of survival, to not know if the ones sent would return.

“Yes.” He felt her concern and frowned laying a hand on her shoulder, “It’s okay; my people know that it was the only way.”

“But, you have parents, a family right?” Katlyn couldn’t begin to understand what they had to be going through. They must have been desperate to let go of their son the way that they had.

Micah moved to the back of the ship and began checking buttons and levers. “Yes, I have parents and a couple of brothers and sisters.” He smiled over at her and felt her concern for his family, “They will be happy to meet you.”

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that, I have to meet the folks.” Glancing over to him she grimaced, “Can we skip that part?”

Micah chuckled, “No, They will love you.”

How in the world were they going to take having her as part of his life? What if they were against this? What were their thoughts about him finding someone from another world? It was such a strange idea to get used to.

“They underst
ood the necessity of this trip; it is the one hope for our planet. They were very supportive of me looking for a mate and they will be happy that I found you, they don’t care were you are from.” Micah came over to her and lifted her chin for a quick kiss. “Trust me.”

Shaking off the worry she felt
about meeting his family Katlyn thought of something else, “I would like to watch as we leave, is that possible?” Katlyn hoped that she would be able to see the planets as they passed through. What a sight that would be.

Micah came back to the front seat and leaned down to take her mouth with his again, “Of course, it’s a site you will always remember.”

Moving back to his seat he looked at her one more time, “Ready?”

“As ready as I am going to be.” Katlyn felt her stomach drop as the vehicle rose into the air. It seemed almost surreal to be in this moment with him, to be leaving with him. The going was rough and bumpy until they cleared the atmosphere then it was smooth. Katlyn looked out as they passed the moon and surrounding planets.

“Micah, this is amazing.” She whispered with her face almost pressed to the window.

              “It is beautiful out here, just us and the stars. I will never tire of looking at it myself; I can imagine your thoughts, seeing it for the first time.” He chuckled at her amazement remembering his first time in a ship. 

Once they exited her solar system there was nothing but darkness and stars. “Are you ready to sleep sweet Katlyn? It will be awhile before there is anything else to look at.”

“Not yet. Can I ask you something?” Katlyn swiveled the chair to face him.

“What would you like to know?” Micah knew she had questions. So many things had happened to her over the course of a couple of days, how could she not.

“This thing that you did with your hands; what was that?” Katlyn leaned forward resting her chin on her hand.

“It is energy. A very focused energy that is released, it can be very useful.” Micah hit a couple of buttons before turning toward her.

“Can everyone on your planet do this?” She was going to feel pretty inadequate if the women there had all of these abilities that she did not.

“No. Only the soldiers are given this power.” Micah reached out and took her hand stroking the palm. “And our soldiers are all male. There will be no females with this ability.” He could almost see the wheels turning in her mind.

“You said they were given this power. How?” Katlyn wondered how you gave a person the ability to shoot energy from their hands. She had always believed that that type of ability was something that you were born with not given.

“You don’t miss much do you?” Micah chuckled, “I told you we were on a break through in technology and weapons. This was one of our weapons. We devised a way that a person could take the energy from their minds and manifest it into a weapon. By doing this we thought there would be no way to disable them in a time of war. We effectively found the connection between conscious thought and mental energy.” Micah smiled at her look of wonder.

“It was a huge leap in our technology; once this connection was made there was no stopping what we could do. But, we always asked could we do it, not should we do it. We have lost so much because of our greed to get ahead. Sometimes I wonder what is next.”
Micah sighed deeply and traced her fingers with his.

There are times I wish we could go back, live simpler lives. But, as a society we continue to strive to achieve bigger and brighter things.” Micah shook his head, “You would think after all that we have lost we would learn.”

“Micah, is there anyone that has this ability without being in the military?” Katlyn was now thinking of self protection, this would be a very handy ability to have. She would love to have it especially in her circumstance.

“Not that I know of, why?” Micah saw the look in her eye and knew what she was thinking. “You do not have any worries. You will be taken care of, by everyone.”

Katlyn wove her fingers through his, “I can’t depend on someone else to take care of me Micah. I have to be able to do it on my own.”

Micah understood her hesitance to leave her fate in someone else’s hands. He would not like it either, but she was female.

“Katlyn, on my world the women have not made the leap yours have toward feminism. They leave defense to the males, no questions.” Micah chuckled at her annoyed look, it was going to take sometime for her to get used to this.

“Also, you will be one of the sacred ones; you will be one of six that is able to bare a child. No one would try to harm that.”

Katlyn sighed, “That is my point, right there. If I am one of the only six that are able to have children then there will be women that hate me for the ability, there will be men that want me because I am rare and it will give them power. I need to be able to take care of myself. Micah, you said your world was much like ours, this is what would happen in our world.”

Micah looked at her earnest face and realized that she did have a point. “You would be the only female with these skills. The people on my world would not understand why you have these capabilities.”

Katlyn chuckled thinking of the other women that would be returning, “I will be one of six. If you think the others that come back will not think of this then you are sorely mistaken. Women of my world are brought up to take care of themselves, not to depend on a man for their well being; you men are in for a shock. So tell me, how is it done?”

Micah sighed, she was stubborn, but she was also right. And by doing this he would not have to worry about her constantly.

“It is in a subliminal disc that we have created
. It opens the mind to many possibilities including this one. We can play it as we travel home and you will be equipped by the time we get there; on one condition. You have to practice with me once we get there. You will need to learn to control it.”

Katlyn jumped over and straddled his lap, “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Laughing he caught her wrapping his arms around her pulling her close. “You’re welcome.”

“You do realize that your world is never going to be the same again don’t you?” Katlyn leaned closer and brushed his lips with hers.

“I’m counting on it.” Micah whispered capturing her mouth with his. Raising his hand he cupped her jaw and slowly deepened the kiss. Sliding his tongue against hers he felt her breath quicken and merge with his. She was so sensual, so sexy.

Pulling Micah’s shirt up Katlyn ran her hands over his chest raking her nails lightly down his chest. She needed to touch him, needed to feel him against her.

“Micah, I need to touch you.” Katlyn sighed in pleasure as he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor.

“Then touch me
Niflet.” Micah growled softly.

Katlyn took advantage of his bare skin, running
her fingers up his chest to his collar bone then up to his neck feeling need roll over her body and pool between her legs. “Micah.” She moaned against his lips.

“I know baby.” Micah rose from the chair carrying her with him and walked to the back of the ship. Laying her on the bed he moved in next to her and pulled her to him. Now he could touch her. No interruptions, no intrusions, just them together.

Katlyn kicked off her boots and rose up to take off her shirt and bikini top. “I want to feel you against me.” Lying back against the pillows, she laced her fingers through his pulling him over her.

Micah moved her hand over her head and leaned in to take her soft lips with his. She felt so good against him moaning his name. It was a sound he was never going to get tired of.

Pulling back from her lips he m
oved lower running his tongue over her hardened red nipple and bit gently then more roughly as she moaned in need.

Katlyn arched against his mouth tightening her grasp on his hand. Pleasure rolled through her as he suckled. The pull of his mouth flowed through her body intensifying as Micah’s need blended with hers.

“Harder.” Katlyn arched against him as he bit her nipple causing a brief sharp pain radiate through her body, “Yes.”

Gasping she felt him do it again as wetness flowed between her legs.

Micah ran
his hand down her stomach to the button of her jeans and unbuttoned them with a flick of his finger.

“I need to touch you, to taste you.”

Looking into his eyes Katlyn felt his overwhelming need hit her like a brick wall. The ache in her stomach intensified causing wet heat to flow between her legs. Moaning she grasped his hand tightly, “Then why don’t you?” she whispered panting.

Micah sat up and pulled her jeans from her hips in one smooth motion. Once they were gone he ran his hand up her leg to her hip. “You are so beautiful.”

Katlyn rolled him to his back, “My turn.” She leaned over him and ran her tongue down his neck nipping at him as she went. Every stroke, every bite and she felt a burst of pure need and pleasure cover her from him. “Micah?”

Micah held perfectly still allowing her to do as she wanted with his body. The women of his world were not this open about their participation; he did not want to break the spell she was casting over him, “Yes?”

“I am curious about something.” Katlyn whispered running her tongue over his chest and bit at his nipple as he had done to her. She felt the slight pain as if it had been her own.

“What are you curious about baby?” Micah moaned softly as her lips moved to his stomach.

“I am curious as to how it would feel to taste you.” Katlyn kissed his stomach lightly waiting on his answer.

Too distracted to understand her question Micah threaded his fingers through her hair lightly; “You have already done that baby.”

Katlyn undid the closure on his shorts releasing him to her. Slowly, she ran her hand over his smooth soft skin and immediately felt his pleasure as if it were her own.

Micah realized what she had asked and tightened his fingers in her hair. She wouldn’t do that. It was unheard of for the women of his world to pleasure a man in that way; it was also sexy as hell. The idea of her mouth wrapped around him; of feeling her tongue run across him. It was unheard of on his world; taboo. But he found the mere idea of it made him rock hard in seconds.

“Katlyn, what….” The breath emptied from his lungs as she ran her tongue across the sensitive crest of his cock slowly; as if she were tasting him. He shuddered barely able to breath, hoping she wouldn’t stop. The feeling of her rough tongue moving over him sent shivers up his body that he could not control.

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