Madison's First Time: A Lesbian Romance Novella (Erotica) (Lesbian Romance Erotica Book 1) (3 page)

              “God no, I would tell you if you were hurting me.” Emma told her quickly, begging Madison with her eyes to continue pleasing her.

              Madison looked down at Emma's pussy and quickly brought her mouth back down on it. Slowly flicking her tongue back and forth over her swollen clit.

              “That makes my clit feel so much better, your wet tongue moving over my clit like that. Much better then what I thought it would.” Emma whispered to her.

              Emma was surprised when Madison slowly brought her tongue down her clit and kept moving down towards her pussy.

              “You are making me so fucking hot Madison. I think after this I'm going to have jump in the pool just to cool myself off from your touch.” Emma giggled a little, though the cool water would feel good on her hot body.

              Madison moaned softly as she dipped the tip of her tongue into Emma's pussy, the taste on her tongue was sweet as she pushed her tongue in a little further.

              “Oh yeah, shove that hot tongue of yours deep inside my pussy!” Emma screamed out to her, jumping Madison and making her take her tongue out of her pussy.

              Madison looked up at Emma, making eye contact with each other they both laughed at the same time. It eased Madison's mind a little and gave her more confidence knowing that Emma was having a good time with her.

              “See, you are doing just fine baby. I can't wait to lick at your pussy.” Emma whispered to her, knowing that pretty soon she was going to have her turn.

              Madison felt her pussy pulse a little when Emma told her that. Licking at the outside of Emma's pussy hole slowly.

              “Things like that are going to make me cum quick. It turns me on that its your first time ever licking a pussy and that its mine.” Madison wanted to let her know just how much it meant to her that she was pleasing her.

              Madison felt with her tongue just how wet Emma was at her pussy hole. Wanting to know how it felt to have Emma's pussy juice inside her mouth. Wanting to know everything all in one day.

              “If I cum for you are you going to let me cum in your mouth?” Emma whispered to her, seeing that Madison was learning to look up into her eyes without stopping what she was doing.

              Madison nodded her head slowly, feeling her heart racing fast knowing it was in the back of her own mind. She wanted to please Emma anyway that she could.

              “Good answer. I was so hoping you were going to say that.” Emma moaned, closing her eyes and relaxing as Madison licked and lapped at her pussy hole and then finally pushed her wet tongue back into her pussy.

              “I'm going to cum Madison, god I'm going to cum for you!” Emma cried out when her pussy was getting close to cumming.

              Madison could hear Emma's breathing change from light to hard. Felt her tightening her pussy around her tongue. Madison was surprised when Emma grabbed a hold of her head and began grinding her pussy against her tongue. Feeling her tongue go further into Emma's pussy as she cried and moaned for her.

              Madison was about to pull her head back and take her tongue out of Emma's pussy when  she felt the first warm liquid of her pussy juice hit her tongue. To her it tasted like pure sugar, teasing her tongue and her mouth. Madison licked faster and faster at her pussy, wanting to make Emma cum harder for her.

              “Yes.....oh yes Madison you are doing such a good job pleasing me!” Emma shouted out to her, grinding her pussy harder and faster against Madison's mouth.



Chapter 5


Madison loved the rush of pussy juice on her tongue, though she got to swallow some of it she felt most of it dribble out of her mouth and down her chin. Making a mess of herself.

              “You will get better at keeping it all in your mouth the more you do it.” Emma laughed at her, not a bit mad at her. She was glad that Madison was eager to please her and want to drink down her pussy juice.

              When Madison didn't feel anymore juices coming out of Emma she brought her mouth up and wiped it with the back of her hand.

              “You have no idea how good it felt do you?” Emma smiled at her, watching as Madison was making her way up the bed towards her.

              “I've had sex before Emma, only with a guy.” Madison told her, letting her know it wasn't her first time ever.

              “That's what I meant.” Emma rolled her eyes, bringing her hand down between Madison's legs that were lightly closed.

              Madison whimpered softly as she spread her legs slightly, feeling Emma press her hand harder against her pussy.

              “Do you want me to lick your pussy Madison? Do you want me to suck on your pussy lips?” Emma moaned to her staring at Madison and licking her lips.

              “Yes...yes I need you to.” Madison begged her. She felt her heart racing again as she thought about Emma licking at her pussy. She was nervous letting Emma tease her pussy.

              “Lay back for me and just relax.” Emma looked into her eyes and saw that Madison wasn't too sure about it.

              Madison did as she was told and watched as Emma sprung into action. Spreading Madison's legs for her as wide as she dared to spread them. Keeping her eyes on Madison and seeing that she was just as curious as she was nervous.

              “You don't have to do a thing baby, not this time. I want to do it all for you.” Emma told her softly, nodding her head as she slowly brought down the bottom of Madison's bikini.

              Emma kept her eyes on Madison's pussy and was surprised to see that she shaved. She hadn't thought that Madison was the type to shave her pussy down to nothing.

              “Your pussy looks very yummy Madison.”  She moaned as she brought her nose down to her pussy lips and spread them slowly. Hearing Madison moan for her.

              “I am going to have you screaming by the time your pussy gets ready to cum. You are going to love my tongue shoved inside your pussy and this is just the beginning. You are going to see how much I want to please you as time goes on.” Emma explained to her softly. She wanted Madison to know that it was the first time but it wasn't going to be the last time she was going to have her.

              Madison didn't know what to say to that so she just nodded her head. Thinking more seriously about moving in with her.

              “Does the offer still stand on moving in here and being with you?” Madison asked her softly, clearing her throat.

              “Of course it does, even more so now that you are letting me have you.” Emma smiled at her, glad that she was thinking about moving in.

              Emma closed her eyes and brought her tongue down to Madison's pussy hole and then slowly made a trail up to her clit, running her tongue back and forth she could feel Madison tense a little.

              “Just relax Madison. I want you to really enjoy what is happening.” Emma told her softly, feeling Madison slowly relax her legs and heard her whimper as she teased the outside of her pussy with the tip of her tongue.

              Watching as Madison closed her eyes and moaned softly for her she pushed her tongue inside of Madison's pussy and watched her eyes open quick and wide.

              “Emma push your tongue in more, please push your tongue in more.” Madison whimpered to her, bringing her ass up off the bed and trying to push her pussy against Emma's mouth.

              Emma brought her hands up to her hips and pushed Madison back down on the bed. Keeping her hands firmly on Madison's hips. No matter how many times she told Madison to relax and let her do everything Madison was determined to quicken the pace.

              When Madison stopped thrusting her hips, seeing she was getting nowhere Emma took one of her hands off of her and slowly brought it down to her ass. Playing with her asshole and wanting to push her finger deep inside of her.

              “Fuck, no one has every done anything like this to me before!” Madison cried out, feeling just the tip of Emma's finger go inside her ass.

              Emma licked faster and hard at Madison's pussy. She had so much that she wanted to show her, so much she wanted to teach her and just thinking about it was making her horny all over again. She wanted to forget the pool, wanted to forget about everyone that was on the outside of the house and just focus on Madison at that moment.

              “Push your finger inside my ass all the way!” Madison begged her loudly, grabbing a hold of her own tits and squeezing  them hard. Feeling Emma's finger go all the way into her ass she squealed from the pleasure it was bringing to her.

              “I didn't think you'd like something like this. You are a trooper.” Emma whispered, taking her mouth away from her pussy.

              “I want to cum for you Emma!” Madison screamed out to her, throwing her head  back against the pillows. She knew she was going to cum soon and she wanted to have Emma's mouth down at her pussy and to have her drink down her pussy juice the way she had done for her but Emma had different plans.

              “Are you sure you are almost there?” Emma asked, sliding her finger in and out of Madison's ass and seeing a smile come to her face as she nodded her head slightly at her.

              Emma took her finger out of her ass and quickly got on top of her. Pressing her pussy down against Madison's she began grinding her pussy until she opened Madison's pussy lips. When she felt her stud slide against Madison's clit she heard Madison moan for her.

              “Does that hurt?” Emma asked, looking at her with concern in her eyes. She really didn't want to hurt Madison at least not the first time being together.

              “No, that feels so good. I can feel your swollen clit along with your stud against my clit. It feels so wonderful.” Madison cooed to her, closing her eyes she knew that this wasn't going to be the time that Emma licked her pussy until she came.

              “I want to rub my pussy against yours until you cum all over me Madison.” Emma told her, bringing her mouth down to her tit, nibbling on her hard nipple quickly she felt Madison's arms go around the back of her neck and felt her tit push against her face.

              “That feels so fucking good Madison. God, I don't know why I was so nervous about wanting to have sex with you.” Madison whimpered in her ear.

              “We are going to have a lot of good times this weekend. Its your birthday weekend and I want to have as much fun as I can with you.” Emma grunted, opening her mouth and laying her cheek between Madison's tits as she slid her pussy up and down Madison's as quickly as she could.

              “You are going to make me cum Emma, you are going to make me fucking cum!” Madison screamed in her ear, for a minute Emma felt like she was deaf but there was a big smile on her face. She thought about all the things she wanted to do to Madison.

              “Cum for me Madison, fucking cum for me please. I want to feel that wet pussy juice hit me, I want to have your pussy squirt all over me.” Emma whined at her, licking her lips and closing her eyes as she felt her clit getting sore from rubbing it all over Madison's with the stud in.

              Madison whimpered and whined for her, murmuring how much fun she was having with Emma as her pussy broke loose and finally gushed all over Emma's. Emma slid her pussy up and down faster, it was easier now with Madison's wet pussy juice so slick and wet Emma didn't have to do too much work in order to keep her pussy moving up and down on Madison's.

              “Don't stop Emma, please don't stop!” Madison cried out to her as she felt her pussy cumming more and more for her. She wanted to keep cumming the rest of the day for Emma now that she was getting into it. She couldn't wait to see what Emma had in store for her, the way she was talking about all weekend she knew that she had something up her sleeve and she was just dying to know what it was.

              When her pussy finally stopped cumming for Emma Madison thought that was it until later on when they were both in the mood again. Once again Emma surprised her by moving down quickly to her pussy hole and covering it with her mouth Emma began sucking hard at her pussy wanting to have more juices come out of her. This made Madison smile as she watched Emma, making eye contact Emma was begging for her pussy to give just a little more.

              “I don’t' think that you are going to get anymore of my pussy until later tonight. I'm sorry Emma.” Madison bit down on her lip and felt ashamed that her pussy was giving Emma what she wanted now.

              “Don't be sorry. I have something that you are going to like later on tonight. First I want to have a few drinks. I didn't go to the store just to let it sit downstairs now did I?” Emma brought herself up from Madison's pussy and began walking out of the room, disappearing into the hallway.

              “Hey wait for me!” Madison called out to her. She thought that Emma would at least hold her after her first time of having sex with a girl but she saw that Emma was more into grabbing some drinks and relaxing instead.





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