Madison's First Time: A Lesbian Romance Novella (Erotica) (Lesbian Romance Erotica Book 1) (4 page)

Chapter 6

When Madison went downstairs she saw that Emma was already pouring their drinks. Pepsi mixed with whiskey knowing that it was Madison's favorite drink to have.

              “You know me too well.” Madison laughed, walking into the kitchen naked. Looking over Emma's naked body she couldn't wait to tease her.

              “I thought it would be a great idea while we sit by the pool or swim for a little bit. The sun is slowly going down. I didn't think it was that late in the afternoon.” Emma looked at the clock on the microwave and saw that it was almost five in the evening.

              “Time flies when you're having fun right?” Madison giggled and gave her a wink as Emma handed her a glass.

              Emma nodded her head and watched as Madison drank down half of her glass before setting it down on the counter.

              “Wow I didn't think you would drink it down that fast.” Emma's eyes grew wide, thinking how easy it was going to be the next time around playing with Madison.

              “You know how much I like that stuff. Of course I would drink it down like water.” Madison told her, licking her lips and tasting the strong whiskey she had left behind.

              “You should be taking shots then.” Emma laughed at her, taking a sip or two of her own drink. She had made the drinks half and half.

              Emma put her glass down on the counter and walked over to Madison who had just hopped up on the counter to sit. Her ass feeling cool against the counter.

              “You look so sexy sitting up there completely naked.” Emma whispered to her, putting her hands on Madison's legs and spreading them slightly so she could take a look at her pussy.

              “So do you.” Madison moaned to her, putting her head back against the cupboards behind her as she felt Emmy slid a finger between her pussy lips and tease her clit.

              “Oh we are going to have so much fun tonight, you don't even know.” Emma murmured to her, licking her lips.

              “Can you give me a hint for what you have planned?” Madison opened her eyes and brought her hands down to Emma's tits as Emma moved between her legs.

              “No, gosh no I can't do that. It will ruin the surprise all together. There's one use favor that I want to ask of you though.” Emma told her softly.

              “I will do anything for you.” Madison nodded her head up and down. She wanted Emma to know that she was willing to try anything, she wanted to explore and have more fun.

              “Good, that's what I love to hear from you Madison. I want you to drink up because tonight you are going to have be completely relaxed for me in order for me to please you the way I want to.” Emma told her exactly what she had to do, taking Madison's drink off the counter and handing it to her as she took her hand away from Emma's tit.

              “Mm, that sounds kinky.” Madison laughed, bringing the glass cup to her lips and drinking down the rest of the glass.

              “Good girl Madison.” Emma nodded her head firmly as she showed her the empty glass. Emma took the glass from her hand and added some ice to it before mixing her another drink.

              “What about you, are you going to drink more too? You're not even done with your first glass.” Madison pointed out to her.

              “Don't you worry about me. Tonight isn't about me, its all about you.” Emma pointed out to her as she handed Madison another glass and took her own, drinking it down until it was at the half way point of her glass.

              “You make me feel so special Emma. I am so glad that we are friends.” Madison told her with a kind smile.

              “Me too and if we both play our cards right Madison we are going to be closer then ever.” Emma continued to think about how it would be with Madison living in her house with her. Wanting to have more fun with her and needing her more then ever. Wondering if Madison would still want to be with her after the night was over.

              “I want to thank you.” Madison told her softly, getting down from the counter. It felt natural walking around the house naked.

              “What are you thanking me for?” Emma laughed at her.

              “For pushing me, for not turning me away. I thought for sure that you wouldn't want anything to do with me sexually since I ran out of the backyard like a child.” Madison rolled her eyes and blushed a little.

              “Its scary the first time, it was for me. I had a much older woman though. You weren't being a child you just weren't sure what you wanted. Now that you know what it can be like how do you feel about women?” Emma had to ask her, needing to know if she was going to want to just be with women now that she found out how fun it could be.

              “You taught me that its fun having sex with a woman too. I think its even better then with a man because all of us women have emotional needs not just the sex part of it. We are more connected, I mean with you of course. We are best friends so of course I would feel that way.” Madison explained to her, taking just a sip of her drink this time and putting it on the table.

              “I felt an emotional tie to the woman that showed me that having sex with another girl was okay and a lot of fun. We dated off and on for about six months. Then I found out that she had another girl and I broke it off. It hurt like hell but I had to do the right thing.” Emma told her softly, she was still hurt over it and though she didn't tell Madison she had her come over from time to time when she was really missing her.

              “I'm sorry that she hurt you like that. If you let me I can love all that pain away.” Madison promised her.

              “I am more then willing to let you baby, after tonight we are going to be glued to the hip. I know we are....” Emma told her, looking out the sliding glass doors staring at the pool with a serious look on her face. Sexual thoughts running through her mind as Madison's voice grew quieter to her ears. Though Madison was still talking to her she could barely hear her over the loud thoughts going on in her head.



                                The End.





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