Madison's First Time: A Lesbian Romance Novella (Erotica) (Lesbian Romance Erotica Book 1) (2 page)

Chapter 3


Madison waited ten minutes after Emma left to go upstairs and see what she could find in Emma's closet for something to wear other then the tight bathing suit she had on. Emma's room was beautiful. She loved the big king size bed she had in her room, the pink sheets that covered the mattress. There was no blanket because it was too hot to have a blanket. There was a hot tub in her room that was off, they had sat in it a few times just sitting and talking. She loved how the warm water surrounded her when they were sitting in it together. On the other side of the room there was a complete entertainment system. A large flat screen tv and a DVD player with movies stacked neatly on the shelves.

              Going to the walk in closet she opened both doors and saw nothing but skimpy clothing, Emma had always been one to show off what she had. It didn't matter if it were girls or guys looking at her as long as someone was looking at her. Taking a bathing suit off the rack and thinking they might go swimming when Emma got home she closed the closet doors. Looking at herself in the full, length, mirror that hung on one side of the closet door she slowly began taking off the bathing suit she was wearing.

              Madison looked at herself naked in the mirror. She had to admit that she had a hot body. Her tits bobbing up and down as she looked at herself. Looking over her own flat stomach she began thinking about Emma again, biting down on her lip she knew that she was beautiful, there had to be something about herself that Emma liked or else she wouldn't have touched her out by the pool earlier. Knowing she had more then enough time to play with her pussy she laid down on the soft, blue, carpeted floor and spread her legs. Checking out her pussy in the mirror she smiled at herself.

              Madison brought her fingers to her pussy and pushed two of them inside of her, watching her fingers go in and out of her pussy she imagined that Emma was touching her pussy. She wanted to know what it felt like to have Emma's fingers inside of her but she didn't know if Emma would come onto her again since she had fled from the back yard.

              “You have to show Emma that you are a little bit interested. You have told her in not so many words but you have to show her.” Madison whispered to herself, laying her head on the floor and bringing her free hand up to her tits. Rubbing one of them with the palm of her hand, rubbing her around on her nipple until it got hard.

              Closing her eyes Madison imagined Emma on top of her, suckling on her tits and rubbing her pussy against her own. Thinking of this Madison moaned out softly. Just as she was getting ready to let her pussy cum all over her fingers she heard the front door downstairs slam. Opening her eyes wide she couldn't believe that Emma was home already. It hadn't even been an hour, she didn't even think it had been a half an hour.

              Madison quickly took her fingers out of her pussy, her heart racing she didn't want Emma to catch her pleasing her own pussy. She reached for the pink bikini that she had tossed on the floor and quickly pulled the bottoms up over her pussy. She didn't care if Emma saw her tits, she was more concerned about her pussy.

              “I thought I might find you up here.” Emma giggled, standing in the doorway of her bedroom seeing Madison topless.

              “Sorry, I went through your closet and thought I might feel cooler wearing one of your bikini's.” Madison told her, looking over at her and blushing a little.

              “Its fine, I already told you that you could borrow my clothing anytime that you wanted. I think that I'm a little smaller then you up top.” Emma commented as she watched Madison fumbling around with the bikini top getting it on and looking at herself in the mirror she saw that Emma was right. Her hard nipples were almost sticking out of the top.

              “Looks like I'm going to have to find a different top.” Madison blushed.

              “Let me help you.” Emma laughed at her, walking into the room and bringing her hands to the top of the bikini, yanking the top up so that her nipples were where they were suppose to be.

              “You must be horny, your nipples are hard and I know that its not cold out.” Emma teased her softly, bringing her hands to Madison's hard nipples and rubbing them with the tip of her thumbs. Raising her eye brows when she saw that Madison wasn't pulling away from her this time.

              “What did you do speed to the store?” Madison laughed softly, sucking in her breath when she felt Emma squeeze her tits gently.

              “No, I realized I didn't have much gas left in the car so I just went to a small store a few blocks away.” Emma moaned to her as she brought her mouth to the side of Madison's neck. Loving how soft Madison's skin was.

              Madison felt her heart beating hard against her chest as she watched through the mirror. Emma had her eyes closed and teasing the side of her neck with her kisses and nibbles.

              “That feels good.” Madison heard herself whisper as her legs began to shake.

              “Yeah?” Emma asked, taking her mouth away from Madison's neck and searching her eyes to see if she was telling the truth or making it up.

              “The reason why I walked away from you outside is because I don't want to fail you. I am not sure I know how to please you the way you want me to.” Madison confessed to her, blushing again. She wished that she wasn't so easy to read.

              “Anything you want to do to me would please me Madison. I just don't want you walking around here and lying to yourself.” Emma shrugged her shoulders and walked over to her bed, taking her shorts off and laying down on the sheets in her bikini. It was already hot in her room and she knew she would have to go up to the attic to get some fans. She had seen some window fans in the attic when she first took a look around the house.

              “Lying to myself about what?” Madison asked her, feeling her mouth go dry as she licked her lips.

              “Wanting me. How long do you think you could walk around here if you moved in with me and pretend that you don't want me?” Emma asked her, staring into her eyes and smirking at her.

              “I don't know....” Madison looked down at her feet, she had hoped that they would go swimming when she got back but she could see that Emma had different plans. She didn't want to walk out of the room, didn't want to walk away from her a second time not knowing if there would be anymore chances after the second one.

              “Come over here Madison.” Emma whispered to her. Seeing that she was stuck between going out the door or going to the bed.

              Madison nodded her head and walked to the bed and sat down beside Emma. Emma moved and laid down on her back. Her head pressed against the pillows and just staring at Madison.

              “You have to know by now that I think you are very sexy Madison. You make my pussy wet every time we hang out with each other. I don't know how much longer I can keep my hands off of you when we hang out like almost all the time.” Emma confessed to her in a soft voice.

              “I don't know either.” Madison looked at her, looked over her body and knew that she wanted Emma. She had to stop fighting it and just go with it.

              “Do you want a drink first so that you can relax?” Emma asked her, she was willing to do anything that would make Madison more comfortable about the situation they had found themselves in.

              Madison shook her head back and forth, chewing on her lip as her eyes stayed glued to Emma's tits.

              “Would you like these Madison?” Emma asked her softly, taking her hands and pulling one of her tits out of her bikini top and giggling when Madison's eyes grew wide.

              “Yes.” Madison whispered to her, making her way up to Emma and laying beside her on the bed.

              “Well lets go slow first. Lets kiss and see how you like it.” Emma smiled at her, she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter knowing that she was going to have Madison for the night and no one could stop them.


     Chapter 4


When Madison reached her Emma brought her mouth to hers, just pecking at her lips to start with. Madison must have thought that Emma was going too slow because she took it upon herself to press her mouth against Emma's and slide her tongue slowly into Emma's mouth to connect with her own tongue.

              “Mm.” Emma moaned as she kissed her back, loving how their tongues touched and teased one another. She even nibbled on Madison's tongue gently and heard Madison sigh and moan softly for her.

              “See, that wasn't too bad was it?” Emma whispered, breaking the kiss. Wanting to know how Madison liked it.

              “It felt good, it turned me on.” Madison whispered, nodding her head and licking her lips. She felt her pussy getting really wet inside her bikini bottoms.

              “That's what I love to hear. I love to know that I can turn you on Madison.” Emma moaned to her, bringing her hand to Madison's flat stomach and rubbing it with the palm of her hand. Moving her hand slowly up to her rib cage and letting it sit there for a few seconds.

              “You are so hot Emma. I don't know why it took me so long to see what I wanted was right in front of me.” Madison moaned as she felt Emma's hand slide up under her bikini top. Feeling Emma's soft hands on one of her tits.

              “I don't know why it took so long either. It doesn't matter, what matters now is that we are finally where we want to be.” Emma pointed out the facts to her.

              Madison nodded her head and looked down at Emma's flat stomach. She moved slowly towards Emma's stomach and felt her bikini top lift up and over her tits because Emma refused to move her hand.

              “Many of times I have wanted to kiss your stomach, to feel the soft skin of yours touch my lips.” Madison confessed to her. Bringing her mouth down to Emma's stomach and licking it with the flatness of her tongue. Moving her tongue down slowly so that she could tease Emma's belly button.

              “God that feels so good. Your wet tongue on my skin.” Emma moaned to her, closing her eyes and smiling as she squeezed Madison's tit.

              Madison began nibbling on her belly button ring. Wanting to go further down her body but was scared, never having a pussy touch her mouth before she wasn't sure if she was going to like it. She stopped teasing Emma while she thought about it.

              “What's the matter? Why did you stop?” Emma opened her eyes and began whining at her, hoping that Madison wasn't going to just stop and think she had made a mistake. There was no way she could just stop and leave her the way she was. Hot and bothered and wanting Madison more then ever.

              “Nothing.” Madison looked up at her, shaking her head slightly.

              “I think I know what it is.” Emma grinned at her.

              “What?” Madison rolled her eyes thinking that Emma knew everything she wanted to know what Emma's guess was.

              “I think you want to lick my pussy but you don't know how to.” Emma told her in a sassy tone of voice.

              Madison didn't say anything but slowly began nodding her head at her. She wanted to know what it tasted like. Wanted to feel her tongue slide up and down Emma's clit.

              “You don't have to be afraid to want to try it out Madison. No matter what you do to me I'm going to like it.” Emma told her gently, wishing she wouldn't be so worried about how it would make her feel. Cutting her a little slack since it was Madison's first time she tried not to show her frustrations about Madison's fears.

              Madison felt Emma let go of her tit and she knew that it was time to go further. She wanted to push herself but not only that she knew that Emma was expecting it. There was no way she could let her fear stand in the way.

              Madison watched as Emma helped her out a little bit by slowly taking off her bikini bottoms, sliding them down her legs and then moving her feet around until she got them completely off of her and spread her legs slightly.

              “Now all you have to do is get between my legs. Its easier then what you think. You are going to love it.” Emma smiled at her, nodding her head as she watched Madison slowly bring herself between Emma's legs. Her tits hanging out of her bikini top bobbing slightly.

              Madison looked up into Emma's eyes and watched as she nodded her head again then looked down at Emma's pussy. Closing her eyes she brought her mouth to Emma's pussy lips and slowly stuck her tongue out. First licking and getting use to the outside of her pussy.

              “There you go. That feels good already and you haven't even gotten to the best part yet.” Emma whimpered softly for her. Watching Madison intensely. Wondering what it had been that kept her in the bedroom.

              “I've wanted to touch you for so long.” Madison moaned as she slid her tongue between Emma's pussy lips slowly. Finding her clit and the stud that was so tightly attached to it.

              “Fuck.” Emma whined, sucking her breath in and closing her eyes.

              “Am I hurting you?” Madison asked her quickly, bringing her tongue out from between her pussy lips.

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