Madison's First Time: A Lesbian Romance Novella (Erotica) (Lesbian Romance Erotica Book 1)








Chapter 1


Emma and Madison were sitting out by the pool out back of Emma's house. Emma had short blonde hair that came to her shoulders. Her blue eyes were hidden by a pair of mirrored sunglasses as she looked up at the sky and felt the sun kiss her skin. She had already put suntan lotion on, so as hot as she was she wanted to go swimming but knew that the suntan lotion would wipe off. She was wearing a light blue bikini, both of them listening to the radio that was between the lounging chairs.

              “This is a great way to spend a summer's day.” Madison sighed, closing her eyes and enjoying the sun. Her black hair was thick, though it was up in a bun she still felt herself sweating. Her one piece blue swim suit was already getting wet from sweat.

              Madison had just turned twenty it was her birthday and she was sleeping over Emma's house. It was hard living at her parents house where she had to abide by the rules. Emma didn't have any rules and was allowed to do whatever she wanted. The house she had was given to her in a will when her grandfather passed away so she didn't have to worry about money or parents.

              Emma glanced over at Madison wondering why she hadn't picked out a bikini to wear out of her closet in the bedroom. Emma was twenty-four and knew that Madison's parents didn't really want her doing much of anything. Emma felt special that Madison's parents liked her and that most of Madison's free time was spent at her house.

              Emma checked out Madison's chest without her knowing. Seeing that her tits were big and noticing the cleavage at the top of her bathing suit she thought she looked cute, though Madison wasn't that way she knew that Madison didn't have many boyfriends, wondering if Madison even had sex before. Emma felt her pussy getting wet just thinking about it, her eyes going lower as she checked out Madison's long legs she was starting to get hot for her. Emma was a lesbian and it was something that she didn't hide from Madison, knowing that she could tell Madison anything and she wouldn't judge her.

              “It certainly is a great day.” Emma cleared her throat, having to say something to fill the silence. Wondering if Madison could ever fall for her, wondering if Madison ever thought of her in a sexual manner.

              “So what are the plans for tonight? I feel like I want to do something reckless you know, I mean my parents hardly let me go anywhere.” Madison giggled, thinking about having a party.

              “I don't know. I think that basking in the sun is what I'm going to be doing today. Tonight I might have a couple of drinks if you are up for it.” Emma told her, grabbing the bottled water beside her chair and taking a sip.

              Madison looked at Emma and nodded her head, giving her a smile. Madison couldn't help but check Emma out. She looked cute in her bikini, seeing that her tits looked like they were going to pop out of the top of her bikini, lowering her eyes she looked hard at Emma's flat stomach. There had been times she wanted to kiss the flatness of her stomach and tease Emma's blue belly button ring but she didn't know how Emma felt about her. They were close friends but she was sure that was as far as it went between them. Though it was a turn on when Emma told her about the girls she had been with and what they were like. Looking at the bottom of Emma's bikini she saw that it was small and tight, hugging her pussy and keeping it enclosed. Madison noticed that Emma's long legs were getting tanned already from being out just an hour in the sun.

              “What are you thinking about?” Emma asked, seeing that Madison wasn't very talkative. Emma gave her a smile hoping that she would tell her what was going on in that pretty little mind of hers.

              “I wish my parents would let me get my belly button pierced.” Madison moaned, coming up with something quick to say. Even though she was nineteen there was no way her parents would let her get anything but her ears pierced while living under their roof.

              “So do it? What are they going to do throw you out?” Emma asked with a laugh, shaking her head and thinking that Madison was too much of a goody-goody.

              “They probably would.” Madison giggled, shaking her head and looking out over the pool. They were inches from the pool with their lounge chairs and she could see the sun sparkling off the clean water. Last week she had helped Emma clean it and they were still waiting to go swimming in it.

              “So what, if they kick you out you could always come here and stay with me. I have plenty of rooms you could just pick one.” Emma shrugged her shoulders as if it was as easy as that. She had at least seven bedrooms in the house that looked more like a mansion to everyone else that came to visit. She was far from having a lot of money but along with the house that had been left to her she had money from her grandfather's will as well that he had left her. Enough to not have to worry about being broke for a very long time.

              “Right, not everything is as easy as you make it sound. They kick me out it will take a long time to have them talk to me.” Madison told her softly, the last thing she wanted to do was leave the house on bad terms.

              “Then if you aren't scared next week you could tell them that you are ready to move out on your own. There's no way they can make you stay there and you know it. Would you rather tell them that you want to move out or have them kick you out? They will get mad either way but this way they will get over it quicker.” Emma explained, pointing a finger at her. The more she thought about it the more she wanted to have Madison live with her.

              “I will think about it.” Madison sighed and shrugged her shoulders. She was there to have a good time not stress over her parents.

              “I know what that means. I am going to have to push you to say something.” Emma laughed.

              “Right, well lets not think about that right now. I'm here to have a good time.” Madison grinned at her, looking over the backyard. She liked the fact that Emma loved having her privacy. A month ago she had a tall wooden fence put up all around the backyard. No gate to get in through the front so in order to be let into the back yard people had to walk through the house and out the sliding doors onto the amazing large deck she had.

              “Okay to change the subject do you want to know what I had done after you left last week?” Emma asked her, feeling her heart racing. She hadn't shown anyone or told anyone what she had professionally done.

              “I don't know if I dare say yes.” Madison laughed, glad that Emma didn't get offended easily and that she had  quickly changed the subject.

              “I got my clit pierced.” Emma covered her mouth and giggled when she saw Madison's eyes grow wide.

              “You didn't!” Madison shrieked with laughter.

              “I most certainly did, would you like to see?” Emma asked her, being serious with her and raising her eyebrows. Hoping that Madison would say yes so that she could show off her shaved pussy. Knowing that neither of them had shown each other their body parts before.



Chapter 2


Madison didn't know what to say, feeling her face growing warm as she felt her own pussy getting wet inside her swim suit. She had never seen Emma's pussy and as much as she had thought that one day she might want to she didn't think it would be right then and there that Emma wanted to show off her piercing.

              “I don't know.” Madison laughed at her, shaking her head back and forth.

              “Look no one is going to see you looking at it. Whose around to laugh?” Emma teased her, licking her lips and beginning to wonder how it would feel with Madison's tongue teasing her clit. Knowing that it was still sensitive from having it pierced. She had looked at it that morning and it was swollen but the shop owner had told her that it could be swollen for up to two weeks because it was a sensitive spot and as long as she kept it clean she would be fine.

              Madison watched as Emma sat up on the chair and lifted her sunglasses to put them on top of her head.

              “Come on, I haven't shown anyone.” Emma whined at her, pouting, she really wanted to show Madison and see what she thought about it.

              “Fine.” Madison sighed and sat up on her chair. Letting the sun hit her back.

Emma smiled at her and stood up from the chair, feeling the soft grass tickling the bottoms of her feet as she brought her hands to the waistband of her bikini bottom.

              Madison kept her eyes fixed on Emma's bottoms as she lowered her bikini bottoms. She felt her heart beating fast as she watched her pussy come into view. Biting down on her lip and wanting to know what it felt like to bring her mouth to it.

              “Do you like what you see?” Emma whispered to her in a teasing voice.

Madison looked up into her eyes and blushed even more. She could feel her face turning beat red and if she could feel it she knew that Emma could see it.

              “Its okay if you do.” Emma continued as she sat back down on the chair after stepping out of her bikini bottoms.

              “Did it hurt?” Madison asked her, clearing her throat. She didn't want to give Emma an answer as much as she wanted to know what it felt like to be with a girl she was a little worried that she wouldn't be able to please a girl and that would be more embarrassing then showing her naked body to Emma.

              “It hurt for a little bit but within the hour it was numb.” Emma shrugged her shoulders as she brought her fingers to her pussy lips and spread them wide for Madison to see.

              Madison's eyes darted between her pussy lips and moaned as she saw the pink stud that was attached tightly to Emma's pussy. Seeing her clit, she thought that it hurt a lot.

              “Are you sure it doesn't hurt? I mean I can't help but notice that your clit is fat.” Madison began stumbling over her words. What a conversation to have with her best friend she thought as she shook her head.

              “The guy who did it said it was going to swell a little. You should have seen him when I started taking off my panties. He was cute but when he found out that I wasn't into guys he knew he didn't have a chance. He did his job and that was it. I probably would have gotten a discount or something if I had led him on but I don't do that.” Emma explained how her visit had gone and they laughed about it together.

              “You can touch it if you want to. Trust me it doesn't hurt at all.” Emma assured her softly.

              “I don't know if I should.” Madison shook her head, but kept her eyes on Emma's pussy.

              “Come on. You don't think you should or you don't want to?” Emma asked her softly, not smiling this time. She wanted an answer out of Madison.

              Madison didn't know what to say so she didn't say anything at all. Watching as Emma took her fingers away from her pussy lips she thought that she would cover herself. Instead Emma reached out and took her by the wrist gently, slowly bringing it towards her pussy.

              “Emma I don't-” Madison tried to tell her that she didn't think it was a good idea but when she felt one of her fingers dip between Emma's pussy lips she let out a soft moan.

              “Its not all that bad now is it?” Emma whimpered as she felt her pussy getting wetter, surprised even at herself that she had taken Madison's hand. She wanted Madison, there was no way around it she had to have her.

              Madison touched the stud attached to Emma's pussy and slowly ran her finger up and down Emma's clit.

              “That feels really good.” Emma grunted, reaching out with her other hand and grabbed one of Madison's tits.

              Madison brought her hand away from Emma's  pussy and got up from the chair quickly. Walking towards the deck and going into the house through the open sliding door she disappeared out of sight.

              “Way to go Emma.” Emma mumbled to herself, sighing and picking up her bikini bottom putting it on slowly. Giving Madison time to calm down and herself most of all before she went in after her.

              It had been fifteen minutes before Emma went into the house wondering if Madison had left. Though Emma had been the one to pick her up Madison only lived around the corner from her house. She could walk home if she wanted to.

              Surprised to see Madison in the kitchen getting a glass of orange juice and sitting on the counter beside the double sink she gave her a smile.

              “I thought you had left.” Emma told her softly, wondering if she got a few drinks into Madison maybe she would loosen up a little.

              “No, I wouldn't leave. One we are best friends and two I really don't want to spend my birthday with my parents.” Madison smiled at her, trying to act like nothing happened between them.

              “How about I go get us a few drinks at the store and we can start to have fun early tonight. We will play cards or something?” Emma asked her softly, looking at the time on the microwave on the other side of Madison.

              “That sounds good.” Madison nodded her head, glad that Emma had put her bikini bottoms back on. Wondering if Emma thought she was a baby for walking away.

              “Look about what happened outside....” Emma trailed off, she really didn't know what to say but she didn't want have an awkward night either.

              “Its fine, I'm sorry that I reacted the way I did when you reached out for me.” Madison blushed a little, taking a drink from her glass.

              “Did you like it even just a little Madison?” Emma whispered to her, not wanting to push her luck but she wanted to know how Madison felt about it.

              “If I say yes then that means I'm into girls.” Madison rolled her eyes.

              “It doesn't mean that at all. You could be interested in guys and girls. You don't know unless you try.” Emma pointed out to her.

              “I liked it, yes. I just never had a know.” Madison shrugged her shoulders, looking down at her glass that was almost empty.

              “I'm not just any girl though, we are best friends. We have been since the start of second grade. Lets not have something like this ruin our friendship okay?” Emma asked her softly, going over to her and giving Madison a hug.

              Madison nodded her head and gave her a hug back, feeling her pussy react again. She knew it was stupid to run off on Emma like that. She could have known what it was like to be with a girl if she had just stayed right there.

              “How long do you think it will take you at the store?” Madison asked her, having her own plans while Emma was gone. There was only one way to please her aching pussy.

              “I don't know, I'm going to drive out to the supermarket and get some hard stuff. Maybe an hour if that. You want to go with me?” Emma asked her

              “No, I'll stay here. If we are in the same line they are going to card us both. You go get the drinks and I will find the cards.” Madison told her with a smile on her face when Emma moved away from her.

              “Okay.” Emma nodded her head, reaching for her jean shorts that she had left on the round table in the middle of the kitchen floor. It took up most of the kitchen and she didn't really like the color black but it matched the tiled flooring and she couldn't get rid of it, wanting to leave her grandfather's things right where he had left them.



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