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Authors: Raven McAllan

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Hong Kong Heat (16 page)

She wriggled her butt and giggled. Oh, was she enjoying teasing him.

“But if I’m like this, how will you play with me?” She knew
was playing with fire. “Oh, that’s no good. I know.” She swung around until her back was on the ball and her legs were at ninety degrees from it, with her feet on the floor. She wriggled until she was sure she had her balance and used her hands to anchor the ball in place.

“I don’t know if this is enough suppleness?” She deliberately lowered her voice and was pleased with the result. Whoever would have guessed that listening to an old program about an ex UK prime minister and how she’d reinvented herself would bring off such a result?

“More than. Can you keep yourself like this?” Braam lifted the hem of her skirt and rubbed her clit. Debra mewled as her juices gathered and she pushed into his touch.

“Don’t fall off now.” He grinned, put his hands on the floor either side of her and bent his head. His tongue swirled around her clit then the tip entered her vagina far enough for her to arch her back and gasp. The feeling of his tongue pushing into her, the way his teeth grazed her skin and the gentle rocking of the ball, sent skitters of red-hot arousal through her. Her body was on fire, her climax building faster than a tidal wave hit the shore. She couldn’t thrash her head around as she wanted to. She panted and muttered incoherently as Braam continued his relentless pressure on her pussy.

The noise of foil tearing barely registered in her mind. The way he moved away from her did. She felt cold and lost and she must have made some noise of disapproval because Braam spoke near her ear.

“Give me a second, love. I haven’t left you, you’re not cold and I’m going to warm us both up even more. Hold on now, let’s go for a ride.”

All of a sudden her legs were lifted off the floor. Debra steadied herself with her hands and thanked every god in the world that they’d backed the ball to the wall. Although she might roll off sideways, she’d not fall front wise onto her ass. She had to hope she didn’t bang her head.

“Oh so ready for me.” Braam crooned the words. “My cock is oh so ready to fill you. Look, feel.” The tip of his cock teased the entrance to her channel and the length of it slid into her as if it was coming home.

In a way, Debra thought hazily, it was.

Then Braam moved. He set up a steady thrust where each push sent him a little farther into her. Debra matched him as she clenched and relaxed her muscles to help him and her.

The rock of the ball, the thrusting of Braam, his harsh breathing and the sensations that bombarded her sent Debra into a vortex she hadn’t known existed. Her body shuddered as her climax overtook her. Colored lights flashed under her eyelids and she dimly heard a voice screaming, “Yes… Mine…”

Then Braam shuddered and gave one long, hard thrust. Deb tightened her legs around him and held him deep inside her.

“Ah… Yes, mine.”

Oh and mine.

How long they stayed like that, Debra wasn’t certain. Neither did she care. The facts that her bottom half was naked, that Braam was still buried inside her and that some time soon the gym would maybe have people hammering on the door and demanding to be let in didn’t bother her one bit.

The air con switched on and cold air hit her butt. She shivered. She hadn’t registered whether it was on or off whilst she and Braam made love, but now? Now she wanted to throw something at the switch.

Braam stirred. “Hold on, we need to move. Or I do, or I’ll get all over excited again and I don’t think these condoms are two timers. Although in the coming in you sense, not the cheating on you sense, I reckon I could be.”

So did she. His cock hadn’t softened that much and Debra was of a mind that with a few judicious muscle clenches and wriggles they could go another round. However, the mention of condoms was a blast of cold reason.

She held her tongue and herself still, as Braam pulled out and swore. “Shit we need to move. Hell and damnation, love, I hadn’t realized how long I could last for.” He didn’t sound that perturbed. “I need to have that door open in twenty minutes max. Let me get rid of the condom and then help you up.”

It was nice of him to think of her, but Debra thought she’d better try to help herself a bit. She didn’t bother to open her eyes as she let her arms go loose and slid onto the floor. It was chilly and she shivered. Hot sex was fantastic—cold floors and air, not so much.

“Hey, I said I’d help. Come on, oops a daisy.”

Her world behind her eyelids tilted. Her nostrils filled with the earthy, all male scent of Braam. She inhaled deeply.
Debra opened one eye a millimeter and watched the walls of the gym move past her. She smiled to herself. That was a stupid thing to think.

“As much as I’d love to shower with you, I don’t think we’ve got time.” Braam set her onto her feet.

Debra swayed.

“Here, hold onto me.” Braam held her steady until she believed the walls weren’t moving and her legs would hold her.

“Okay now.” Debra wasn’t positive her voice was strong enough to confirm the truth behind her words.

“Sure?” It seemed Braam wasn’t certain either.

She nodded. “If I can wash my face and tidy myself, I think I’ll head back to my suite to shower. After all, nobody would believe I’ve done any exercise,
on the machines,”
she emphasized the words as Braam raised one eyebrow. “Dressed like this,” she finished.

“You have a point.” He’d put on some loose sweat pants over his shorts and a T-shirt over the vest he’d worn. Whatever state his cock was now in, the sweats hid it well.

He looked hot in all the best ways. Debra gave into impulse and wound her hands around his neck. “You make me feel young and sexy. May I say how good that is?”

“And back, love, and back. Though I’m glad I know what I know now and don’t have to rely on what I knew then.”

She could relate to that.

“Right, let’s get this door unlocked so if anyone does turn up on the dot, we’ll look all above board.” He did as he’d said, then turned to Debra with a wicked glint in his eye.

“So, Mrs. Scotburn, what do you think of the facilities and the equipment? Oh hello, Mr. Brinkman, how are you this morning?”

Debra swung round to face a closed door and nobody about.

“You sod.” She punched his shoulder and giggled. “I died a hundred deaths then. I suddenly realized that my skirt was ruched up and my arse was probably on show.” She tugged the offending garment down. “As for the equipment? Oh, in perfect condition. The facilities? Very interesting.”

The door opened and a tall middle-aged man entered the room and let the door swing closed behind him. Debra gulped and stifled a grin. “Thank you so much for showing me around, Mr. Van Meister. I’ll certainly think about using the gym.” She held out her hand as the newcomer walked past them and climbed on the cross trainer. Braam took her hand and scribed erotic circles over the back of it. Debra scowled as he grinned. That wasn’t going to help her get out of the room without stumbling.

“That’s good. As you can see there’s something for everyone.” His left eyelid closed so briefly that she wasn’t sure he had winked.

Debra bit her lip to hold back the laugh she so wanted to give.

Braam lowered his voice. “I’ll text you later.” He opened the door and held it ajar.

“That’s fine, I’ll remember.”

It was hard to walk sedately to the lift. Only the fact that she was mindful of the chance of other people appearing kept her feet firmly on the ground and her back straight. Skipping and showing her bits wouldn’t be a good idea.

Before she had a chance to press the button to call the lift, the doors opened and several people got out. One or two of them looked at her in astonishment. Well, okay, she wasn’t dressed appropriately for the gym—well not in the conventional way—but who was to say she hadn’t been using the laundry?

Debra got into the lift and pressed her floor button before anyone said anything. Her tummy rumbled and she pressed her hand over it. She was starving. There was something about an early morning workout that had that effect on her. So, breakfast first and in the restaurant for a change. All she had in her room was yoghurt and fruit and she needed more than that. Then she had a day to plan. Unless? She checked her phone. There was a notation against her texts.


Working until six on my own work. Hope you have a good day, see you later? P.s. that skirt needs to be preserved for posterity. That’s posterity, not posterior.


She did laugh out loud at that and startled the three people waiting to get in as she got out

Chapter Nine




Debra had a passion for lists. Her children howled and told her she was anal. Debra agreed with them amiably. So what? She liked to know what she had to do, what she wanted to do and also what she’d done.

The Hong Kong list was long and even though she’d managed to cross some things off and come to the conclusion some weren’t important, there were still a fair few ‘must dos’ left. Once she ate what people would call a hearty breakfast and she called too much but enjoyed every mouthful, Debra went back to her room to decide on her plan for the day.

In the end it was no contest. She wanted to go to see the largest outdoor sitting Budda in the world, but wanted to be able to take her time.

She mentally calculated how long she realistically had before Braam might be free. Not long enough to go to Lantau by ferry, catch the bus to the Monastery, take her time in exploring and enjoy the meal she knew she could get there. Especially as she intended to come back down the hill by cable car before taking the MTR back to the hotel. There was an outside chance Braam might get finished earlier and she wanted to be handy. Not in the hotel exactly, but close enough to be around for whatever time he suggested. It was so against everything she’d ever done that the thought made her drop her pencil and list onto the floor.

Deb acknowledged that she, Debra Scotburn, was in way over her head and couldn’t care less.

So, Sai Kung it was. Although the fishing village probably took nearly as long to get to, Debra had read enough to know she wouldn’t spend as long looking around there as she would at the Monastery.

Twenty minutes later, having noted down her route, Debra was out in the hot air and on her way to the MTR station.

Lena and Kevan would be impressed with her use of public transport once they’d got over their ‘oh good grief, is it safe’? worries. Role reversal but very reassuring—at times. Other times it made her want to scream. However, as Lena told her, now you know what it’s like, Mum.

The worst of the queues to go through the ticket machines had died down and Debra was soon sitting on the train, reading her eBook and more than half in love with a hot sexy hero, who was a devil in more ways than one. By the time she got off the train and stood outside ready to catch the mini bus to her destination, she almost wished she could have stopped on the train and finished the story.

When her phone beeped, she was glad she hadn’t. The text was from Braam. Debra felt like a silly teenager in the throes of her first romance. Don had made her heart beat faster, but this was so different. Not like a kid’s crush, but deeper, harder and a lot more scary. At her age, disappointment would hit worse and last longer.

Now why had she thought of that?

Gah, deep and dark and doom and gloom. At this rate you’ll have him married with a wife and six kids he’s keeping secret. Get over it already.
With that little pep talk given to herself, she looked at the text.


Hard at work, but with a grin on my face. About to have a video conference but wanted to say have a great day. Don’t eat too much, we’ll go out for dinner?


Debra got the gooey ‘in so deep’ sensation she had about Braam—when she stopped worrying.


Will do. See you later.


* * * *


Later, though, she wished someone was with her. It was a strange sensation. Usually she had no problems about being alone. In a lot of ways she preferred it. Selfish it might be, but Debra generally reveled in not having to consider anyone else when she made her plans.

She got off the bus and studied her map. Village was probably a misnomer—there was a lot of it and plenty was high density housing. However, she turned toward the water’s edge and stopped dead, before she grinned in happiness. All along the seafront wall, little fishing boats were tied up, with people of all sizes and ages gutting their fish before they sold them.

Debra grabbed her camera and took a series of photos and hoped she’d gotten the progress from inquiry to purchase. Had Braam been here and done that? She shook her head at her stupidity. He lived in Hong Kong. He must have.

Maybe he’d do it with her? One day…

Hell, no more. Don’t hatch your eggs and stuff. Wait and see.

People were hanging over the railings and shouting down their orders. Then the wrapped parcels were held up on poles in baskets and the money returned the same way. Every so often someone clambered up an iron ladder attached to the stone wall and shouted their wares. Well, Debra thought that was what was going on. In reality, she had no idea. They could be calling everyone tight fisted sods for all she knew. The sight was noisy, busy and colorful and she loved it. Her camera was used so much, it was a wonder it wasn’t red hot. She would have to ask Braam what the protocol was here with regards to bartering and buying the day’s catch.

One couple made her slow her steps and pause. Arm in arm, they were gesticulating at something in a boat moored below them and obviously had great bartering skills. The man pointed to something and shook his head. The woman gave a war cry and rolled her eyes.

“Go for it, Jack, show them how much you remember.” She had an Australian twang and the sun-kissed skin of someone used to the tropical sun who took care not to burn. She looked up from the water and saw Debra nearby.

“Men—have to be macho and never admit they can’t remember what they’ve learned. Ohh, woo hoo.” She turned back to the man next to her who held a plastic bag high in the air. “He’ll love you for that. Hell, I love you for it. Spot on.” She kissed the man on the cheek and smiled at Debra as they walked off hand in hand away from the busy boats and restaurants.

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