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Raven McAllan


Hotshot. Hot bod. Hot lover. What more could a woman want? Debra had never expected her stay in Hong Kong to create so much heat.

Debra Scotburn had never thought of herself as a cougar, until she fell in lust at first sight with a much younger man.

Braam—Abraham Van Meister, a hotshot and hot-bod troubleshooter—doesn’t do commitment. That is until an older, curvy, vivacious brunette robs him of his ability to control a certain body part.

Unable to keep their hands off each other, they embark on a passion-filled holiday fling.

Surely that is all it can ever be? Braam’s work takes him all around the world at a moment’s notice, and Debra is on the last leg of her middle-aged crisis induced gap year.

When misunderstandings tear them apart, can they both admit their love and find the trust needed to make this more than just a fling?







To Debra, who wanted a book with her name in it.
And to Maggie who made sure my memories of Hong Kong are true to life.




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Chapter One




And hey, Hong Kong is as great as I remember. I can’t wait to get out and explore. This hotel lives up to everything it boasts about. My suite is amazing and the bed is big enough for an orgy.


Debra considered the last sentence then deleted it. It might be a bit too much for her children to read.


Everyone is so helpful and friendly. And wow, you should have seen the hot-bod guy in the foyer. Pity he’d disappeared once I’d checked in. (Only kidding, I don’t cradle snatch, but my eyes are still 20/20.) Ah well, lots to do and see. Speak soon, love mum x


Debra checked that she’d copied the email to both of her adult children and pressed send. No doubt if Lena were there she would roll her eyes and mutter things about safe sex and growing old gracefully, then giggle and high five her mum. Kevan would worry and ask if she had a rape alarm, before issuing dire warnings about insurances and idiot old people who wandered all over the world. Such different attitudes.

Debra wasn’t
old—merely past the mid-life crisis age. Not that her children agreed with that description. To them it was a mid-life crisis that had gone on a bit too long.


Deb knew why she’d resolved to do her gap year at the ripe old age of forty-four. Her beloved husband Don had died five years earlier and she’d wallowed. Then floundered.

Until she’d read an article about gap year oldies and understood immediately that she needed to be one.

So here she was in Hong Kong, in an exclusive Channing Hotel and wondering just who the man she’d spotted was.

Too young for me is what he was. Ah well.
Debra checked that she’d gotten everything she might need in her bag, picked up her room key and sunglasses and plotted her route in her mind.

Hong Kong.

Somewhere she hadn’t been for years and one of her favorite cities in the world. It had been a conscious choice to leave it until she was on her way home. A final glorious ending to a year of wandering the world, before she headed back to Scotland. She had almost two weeks to relearn her way around and decide where on the islands was her favorite spot, and she wasn’t going to waste a second.

First, she was going to check out the rooftop terrace and swimming pool. It had been one of the things that had influenced her choice of hotels. That and the reputation of Channing Hotels.

The lift was speedy and within seconds it seemed that she was smiling at the pool attendant and wandering around a well-tended garden in the sky.

Debra walked amongst shrubs and flowers and admired the views. In one direction was the park she wanted to visit. Its trees looked like toys made out of plasticine and the people walking through it like ants. In the other she could see the harbor with one of the famous green Star Ferries crossing to TST, a junk picking up litter and a cruise liner in dock. She took in a deep breath. She loved it.

Considering that Hong Kong was a skyscraper paradise, this area was remarkably empty of multistoried buildings. The hotel was the tallest around even though it merely had twenty or so floors. That meant that the gardens, pool and a well thought out walking track were not overlooked. It was peaceful and private and, at that moment, unused. Debra made a note to use it all as soon as she could.

But not now. Now the streets and park beckoned. She made her way downstairs.

The foyer was empty except for two doormen, one who held the door open, and the other who bowed.

“Taxi, ma’am?”

Debra shook her head. “No thanks. I’m off for a wander around the park.”

The doorman smiled. “Enjoy your walk, ma’am. Best time of day for it, I reckon.”

“I think so. Thank you.” The exchange reminded her how pleasant most people were. She stood at the door and debated which way to go. It was still warm, very warm, although luckily without the humidity that would hit the city in a few weeks’ time.

The streets were busy. Businessmen and women, teens in school uniforms, toddlers and their carers. Some rushed, others sauntered or stood chatting.

It was time for the commuting nightmare that occurred every weekday at that time. People of all shapes and sizes were about. Nowhere could she see one specific tall-haired man in a sharp suit and crisp white shirt. Debra was surprised at the stab of annoyance and disappointment that hit her. After all, she’d merely glimpsed the guy as she’d followed the concierge and her luggage to reception. Why would he be in this crowded street?

But that glimpse made me want more. Grief, I’m getting old if one tiny sighting makes me go weak at the knees. Snap out of it.

Pleased with her self-lecture, Debra put on her sunglasses, thankful that she’d slathered herself in sun cream before she’d left her suite, and headed for Victoria Park. The last time she’d been there you couldn’t see the grass for the hundreds of au pairs, Amahs, Ayis and immigrant workers who spent their day off sitting in the park and chatting. The noise level would have won out over any pop concert. Today it was quieter, with a few children playing ball, a group of elderly ladies talking as they enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine and several people using the jogging track that circled part of the park.

She found an area of grass in the sunshine and settled down on it to read about her latest sex on legs hero and how he managed to convince his lady that he wanted her. Within minutes, Debra was engrossed. As a child she’d often been chastised for being oblivious to everything other than her book when she was reading.

Today was no exception. It wasn’t until the sun moved behind the trees and she was sitting in the shade that Debra realized how much time had passed.

The occupants of the park had changed. To one side, a tai chi lesson was in process and the jogging track was much busier. Debra checked her watch and groaned. She’d been oblivious for well over an hour and undoubtedly ought to move and think about getting ready for dinner.

Getting up wasn’t as easy as she’d hoped. Sitting in one position for so long had given her pins and needles and she winced at the pain.

I don’t mind nice stings and tingles, well I didn’t, but hey, it’s been so long, who knows? But this is bloody agony.
She rubbed her legs and wriggled her toes to get the circulation back to normal.

Debra collected her belongings and made her way across the grass toward the entrance to the park. To get there she had to cross the jogging track and dodge the joggers. Their numbers had increased considerably now and Debra waited to let a steady stream of people of all shapes and sizes go by. One guy, tall, fit and blond hair, caught her eye and her heart did a weird double pitter pat.

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