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Authors: Raven McAllan

Tags: #Erotic Romance Fiction

Hong Kong Heat (9 page)

Debra moaned and swayed backwards.
Ah shoot, like the heroine in whatever book he was talking about
. His cock pressed between the two round globes. Even through the lace that covered her, his pre-cum slicked her skin.

“These would be best off this time.” Braam pushed the sides of her undies down her legs and Debra did a tiny shimmy to help them on their way.

“Oh, I like that. The hip swivel, boob jiggle is definitely guaranteed to get my cock harder and ready for you.” The bite and suck on her neck created ripples of heat over her skin. “It won’t show, I promise, not unless you’re naked. Then it’s all for me.”

“Do I get to repay the favor?” Her voice was husky.

“Later. Much later.” Braam lifted his head and held her breasts in her hands as at the same time he rubbed her nipples in his fingers. “I think we’d be more comfy in bed.” He moved his hands to her hips and gave her a tiny shove. “Go on, honey, I’ll bring the wine and the condoms.”

Debra moved forward and couldn’t believe how cold she felt once they weren’t skin to skin.

The long, low whistle made her jump and she turned round.

“Your tattoo. It’s the same as mine.”

She nodded.

“And I reckon if I put my thigh next to your ass they’d be kissing tattoos.”

“Novel.” Debra climbed up on the bed. Similar to the one they’d spent time in the previous night, but somehow, here and surrounded by the knick-knacks she’d picked up on her travels, it seemed so much more intimate.

“No, tattoos.” Braam put the glasses plus the bottle in a cooler onto the table beside him. “So maybe we’d better be kissing before they do, eh?”

He rolled over and pushed her legs apart. His cock nudged her clit and with a jolt Debra registered that he’d put the condom on without her noticing.

Her pussy contracted as Braam slipped one then two fingers into her essence-filled channel. It wasn’t enough.

“Oh, so ready.” He crooned the words as he added a third finger and played with her clit with his thumb. “
you ready, love? I’m holding it together here by a thread and if you keep making those soft mewls and sexy moans, I’ll lose it.”

She hadn’t even known she
making any noise. She wriggled and lifted her ass from the bed. “Mmm, more.”

Braam grinned and leaned back on his ankles to put her legs over his shoulders.

Then he bent his head and licked her clit and pussy.

If he hadn’t held her tight, Debra would have arched off the bed and hit the ceiling. Even so, she pushed into him with her mound and his breath skittered over her hot skin.

He seemed to understand her unspoken entreaty and scraped his teeth over her clit. That tiny action was enough for Debra to fall into a deep, hard, fast and explosive climax that made her scream and sob. Her body shook and she saw stars. Tiny silver dots danced in front of her eyes.

Without really knowing what she was doing, Debra groped for Braam’s cock.

“In me, please. In me now.”

He lifted his mouth, just for a second. His laugh was soft and triumphant before he dipped his head again and sucked her clit into his mouth.

The pleasure-pain sped through her and the final judders of her first climax morphed into the first ones of her next. Before she had time to sort what was which, Braam moved and his cock nudged the entrance to her channel.

He clenched her ass with his hands and put it exactly where she assumed he wanted it. At the right height for him to move in and out with ease.

Debra closed her eyes to concentrate on all the emotions that swirled through her. Then she opened them because she didn’t want to miss seeing him as he loomed over her. Now he used his hands for balance. The muscles on his arms and in his neck stood out as Braam thrust into her and set up a steady rhythm of filling her and withdrawing almost to the tip of his dick. Then to repeat the process over and over again.

His eyes were closed and his breathing shallow as he pounded into her.

Debra reveled in the sense of rightness and clenched and unclenched her muscles to encourage him, to hold him and let him slide in and out.

Braam opened his eyes and focused on her face.

“Now.” He roared the word and moved one hand to pinch her clit. As his climax overwhelmed him, his body shook and his breath came in short harsh pants.

It was enough for Debra to join him.

Chapter Five




Watching the woman you were more than half in love with sleep was an eye opener. She slept like she made love. With abandonment. One leg was out of the covers, the other tucked between his with her knee rather too close to his cock for comfort. She was stretched out on her left side, facing him and with her head on his chest. Braam liked that. One of her hands rested on his chest, holding onto the short hair sprinkled over his skin, and the other hand was wrapped around his cock.

Braam considered his options. As much as he was loath to leave her, he had no option. He needed to go back to his room, change and get downstairs before anyone saw where he’d appeared from and put two and two together correctly.

It was hard to lift her arm from his cock and try to wriggle backwards. Debra muttered something incoherent and her fingers in his chest hair tightened. Braam winced. He was partial to the dark fuzz that covered him.

“Love, I need to go.” He tried to prize open Debra’s fingers.

“Eh?” She opened her eyes, but it was obvious she hadn’t woken up properly. “Wassup?”

“I have to go.” He kissed her nose and she scrunched it up. “I still work here and I can’t be seen to do the walk of shame. I need to check things before we go out.”

“Mmm, I could check things for you.” Debra slid down his body, let her knee stroke his balls, and kissed his cock.

“I think maybe you could.” All thoughts of an early getaway fled out of his head, as his half erect cock indicated it wanted to play. “Check away.”

There was a whirring noise as Debra flicked the switch to open the blinds a few inches and allowed the dim dawn light to illuminate the room.

“Well, let me see.” She leaned on her elbows. “Two nipples still there.” She kissed each in turn and let her teeth close around them very gently. Braam let his breath out in one long hiss. It was damned erotic.

“Oh, good,” he said weakly. “That’s a relief. Anything else to report?”

She lifted her head. “Shh, don’t interrupt or I’ll forget where I’ve got to and have to start again.”

“A, b, c, d, e, me, you, let us see,” he recited.

Debra moved her elbow back and dug into in his stomach.


“Now you’ve put me off,” she said and sniggered.

“Oh, I don’t think so.” Braam rolled over and took her with him. “But, in case, shall I take over?”

She blew over his chest. “Be my guest.”

“Oh, I intend to. Do you have room for a little one?” He pressed his not so little cock against her pussy.

Debra giggled. “Not for a little one, no. But for this one…” She wriggled so his cock rubbed over her slit.” Oh, yes.”


Being Debra’s guest took much longer than either of them had anticipated.

Braam did the walk of shame, or to be accurate the jog of shame, with one eye open for staff and the other for any guest who would wonder why he looked like he’d been pulled through a hedge backward.

He had gotten half-dressed before Deb had bet him double or quits. He’d lost.

So an hour and a half later than he meant to, he went into his room and had yet another cold shower. And couldn’t have cared less. He’d left her sated and rumpled in the middle of a bomb site laughingly known as a bed and elicited a promise that she’d be ready in an hour. That gave him little time to change, but, he reasoned, it also gave the in-house staff less time to panic and ask for help over things they were well able to cope with.

When he left the hotel, he checked his phone. The most welcome message was on it.


Ohh for a loser (lol) you pay your forfeits beautifully. See you next to the litter, cum, recyclables, collection bin (eeuk).


It was Braam’s turn to roll his eyes and snigger. The long metal bins for all the detritus of the streets were marked like that and the cum bit had made him snigger more than once.

As he approached the corner where they had arranged to meet, he saw Debra leaning on a lamp post. He walked up to her unnoticed and goosed her. She screeched like a banshee and swung round with her fingers straight and taut. Braam managed to evade the vicious jab by a millimeter. Her shriek and her “You fucking idiot” were so loud that several people turned to look at them. Braam had the unnerving suspicion that he was about to become a statistic in Hong Kong’s citizens’ arrests for this month when Debra flung her arms around him.

“You lug, you great big eejit. God, I love you, but you scared the bejeezus out of me.”

He grinned and swung her round in a circle, unheeding of the passers-by. “Always expect the unexpected. And I didn’t expect that. Any of it. Especially the love bit.”

Her eyes widened. “Put me down, Braam. We’re too old for this malarkey. And love is a…a generic word.”

“Hmm, if you say so.” He’d let it go for now, but he intended to quiz her when they were on their walk. When she couldn’t evade him. “Let’s go.” He hitched his backpack over his shoulder, went to take hers from her. The glint in her eye stopped him.

“Thank you.”

Those two words almost stopped him in his tracks. “What for, hon?”

She shrugged and slipped her hand into his. “Oh, I don’t know. Nothing. Everything. For not pushing anything.” She sniggered. “Well, not quite anything. I’m glad something got pushed.” She looked toward his cock and back up to his face. “And for being the gentleman and accepting I can carry my own bag.”

He pondered her words as they headed toward the MTR. Had he accepted everything? Well, no, not all of it, but he was prepared to bide his time and give her some leeway. But not in everything. He took two Oyster cards out of his pocket. The public transport prepaid tickets were a godsend and saved lots of queuing.

He handed one to Debra and waited for the argument. There wasn’t one. She took it with a smile and a murmured word of thanks and followed him down to the platform.


* * * *


“So, tell me a bit about yourself.” Braam stretched his legs out as best he could. The seats on the ferry might have a bit more padding than when he was a child, but he was sure that the legroom had shrunk. Of course, he was several feet taller than when his parents had brought him to walk the island all those years ago.

“Show and tell time?” Debra sat sideways on hers with her back to the window. The sun’s rays bounced off the waves of the harbor and created a halo around her head. Braam wasn’t sure that angelic was the label he’d put to her. Feisty, adventurous, sexy, hot as hell and his.

Where had
that come from? Nevertheless, he accepted he meant it.

“Well, I reckon we’ve done a fair bit of showing already,” Braam said and she punched his shoulder. He winced theatrically and rubbed where her fist had landed. It didn’t hurt. He’d have to show her how to make a proper fist.

“Below the belt, Van Meister.”

“Oh, yes, a lot of showing there.”

She chuckled. A deep-throated, sexy roar that made several people turn and stare at them. “Oh, how true. Okay, so do we toss for first dibs?”

Braam raised one eyebrow. Debra rolled her eyes.

“Give over with the double entendre making, or we’ll get thrown off for gross indecent thinking.” She swiveled to sit straight on the seat as the ferry shuddered and began to move. “Okay, well, Debra Anne Scotburn, nee Robinson. You know how old I am. Widowed five years ago. Born and brought up in Scotland, both parents Scottish. Left school and spent a year visiting friends and relatives all around the world. We didn’t call it a gap year then. Met Don in my first week of uni.”


Debra shook her head. “Nope, he was fixing the wiring in my halls of residence. There was this big redheaded hunk up a ladder and his ass was at eye level. I, er, tripped and had to grab the ladder so I didn’t fall over.” She winked.

“Good one. And?”

“We chatted, we fell in love and got married six months later. I took a year out when I found I was pregnant with my twins. The rest is history. We were a conventional normal family until Don was diagnosed with cancer and died within three months. I floundered until the kids said I needed to move on. And I thought, yeah, they’re right. Don, bless him, was a real home bird, so we didn’t travel. This was my chance. I don’t think it was quite what the kids had in mind.”

Braam made up his mind he was with the kids on that one. Sexist though it might be. She seemed too small and too innocent to roam the world alone. He allowed himself a mental smile. Maybe innocent wasn’t the right word.

“Your turn. Ohhh, look.” She pointed to the hillside they were passing. A tiny temple showed up between the thickly wooded slopes. “Isn’t it cute? Oh, I love Hong Kong.”

“Yep, my home. Okay.” He forestalled her next comment. “I know, my turn. Right, so Abraham Van Meister, aged thirty-two and a big bit.”

She chuckled, and he grinned. “Single because I’ve never met anyone I wanted to stay with.” He paused and took hold of Debra’s hand. “Until now.” He continued talking before she could comment. He didn’t want to hear her say he was talking crap or a bad risk or something. “I guess you could say I’m a mongrel. Grandparents, let me see. One Chinese, one Portuguese, one Dutch, one English. So my dad is Dutch English and Mum Chinese Portuguese. I was born in England, then we lived in Macau for a while when I was little. Moved to Hong Kong when I was ten and been here ever since. Apart from university in England and when I get sent to wherever my bosses need me. I was going to take you to see my home, but I reckoned we needed a good old touristy day. Home will keep. Look, that’s where we’re heading for.” He leaned toward Debra and pointed ahead. Her scent teased him once more.


The tiny fishing village was getting bigger as the ferry drew nearer. People gathered their belongings together as the boat commenced its maneuver into the dock. Braam hefted his backpack off the floor.

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