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Authors: Raven McAllan

Tags: #Erotic Romance Fiction

Hong Kong Heat (11 page)

What is it with him and wee side trails?

“Shut your eyes.”


He grinned. “Shut your eyes, please, love, and trust me.”

When he put it like that, Debra couldn’t even think of refusing him.

She closed her eyes and felt him lead her forward. There was a rustling noise. “Stand still a sec.” He let her go.

Debra kept her eyes shut and strained to hear anything. What if it was a cruel joke and he left her? What if…? She didn’t get onto any worse a scenario before Braam took hold of her around her waist. Even with her eyes shut, she knew it was him. Strange how she’d gotten to know his touch and recognized his scent.

“Okay, now let me help you sit down.” His arm pressed her down, and Debra put her arms out to help. She felt a soft blanket or some such thing under her hands and let herself be seated.

“Now open your eyes.”

Debra did as he’d bid and gasped. Spread out in front of them was a vista even better than the one from his childhood picnic beach. The little clearing amongst the bushes was perhaps a hundred feet above the waves. And totally secluded. As far as she could tell, no one walking down the track could see them.

“Private and you have to know it’s here and how to find it.” It seemed Braam was reading her mind once more.

“How do you do that?” Debra leaned back on her arms and watched a couple of sailing dinghies and several container ships cross from one side of the view to the other.

“Do what?” Braam sat down next to her and undid his backpack.”

“Read my mind.”

He chuckled and intoned in a deep, sepulchral voice, “It is a gift given solely to a chosen few.”

“Well, one of the chosen few. What am I thinking now?”

“You need to pee and then eat. If you go behind those bushes, it’s private and you’ll not be in danger of falling down the cliff.”

She blushed.
Damn him, he was right.

“Thank you.” Debra headed for the indicated bushes. She hoped they were far enough away from where Braam waited for her not to have to whistle. She cleared her throat and tried an off-key trill of
New York, New York

A few minutes later she brushed past the last bush and re-entered the clearing. Braam looked up from the rug. Behind it, he’d set out a tablecloth, plastic wine glasses and a Thermos.

“All better?”

“Ssh, it’s embarrassing.” Debra sat down on the blanket and watched him rummage in his backpack.

“Not at all. I went thataway.” Braam pointed behind him. “And I whistled.” He poured two glasses of wine and set them on a handy flat stone. It made a perfect table.

“What did you whistle?” Debra asked. “I did
New York, New York

“Oh, classy lady. I was much more mundane. I tried
Bring Me Sunshine
.” The thought of the both of them whistling away to cover the sound of them peeing in the bushes made Debra giggle. Braam stared and his shoulders heaved as he cracked up.

“What a pair.”

Debra nodded. “It was a bit, er, delicate, I guess. Still it’s one way to get to know each other better. We, er, know each other’s taste in music for moments.” She burst out laughing again.

Braam raised his eyebrows. “We know each other’s tastes in more than that.” He rolled sideways across the blanket and tugged Debra by the ankle until she was stretched out flat on her back. Then Braam pulled her on top of him. “I know,” he said softly as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Like I know you make such sexy little purrs when I kiss you here.” He kissed the soft skin beneath her ear. “And here makes you wriggle and moan.” This time it was the nape of her neck. “Ohh and here makes you wet and needy and hot, hot, hot.” He rolled them over so she was beneath him and ran his fingers over her cheek, across her chest and dipped it into the valley between her breasts. His grin was wicked as he slid his hand under the lacy cup of her bras and nipped her nipple. “And you groan, yes, like that. Groan for me, love, sigh your arousal. Show me what I do to you. Close your eyes, let go and enjoy my touch. Please, love.”

He whispered his words in her ear. Her eyelids closed and she was cocooned in a world of words and touch and warmth. His voice caressed her. Soft, low, arousing and full of desire. “Let me touch you here.” He moved the hand he wasn’t using to send a sharp stab of sweet excitement from her nipple to her clit and unsnapped the button at the waistband of her cut-offs.

Debra couldn’t have formed a coherent thought if her life depended on it. His scent filled her senses, his touch sent her body into a spiraling vortex of light and heat and her super-sensitive skin sang with each touch he gave her.

When he put two fingers into her wet vagina, she screamed.

Braam swallowed it with a kiss. His fingers teased and caressed her channel and his thumb pressed on her clit. Rainbows danced across the inside of her eyelids. Every fiber of her soul concentrated on Braam and his words and actions.

“Come for me, love.” His hand moved faster, in and out of her pussy, swirling around her clit, as he nipped, rubbed and teased her. Then he kissed her throat. “Fly for us.” He whispered the words in her ear. It was the ‘us’ that did it. Debra turned her head into his chest and flew.

Chapter Six




To see Debra splinter and come apart in his arms was more satisfying than Braam had ever imagined. Each time she put her trust in him and let herself feel, Braam sank further under her spell.

Her breath came in tiny hitching sobs and her pulse raced so fast it was a perfect beat for a workout. With her face buried against his chest, even through his T-shirt her breath touched his skin with a warmth and caress solely for him. More content than he’d been for months, Braam held Debra in his arms, stroked her hair and whispered nonsense to her. Eventually she gave something between a shiver and a shudder and sniffed.

Braam took out a tissue from his pocket. “Blow.”

Debra gave a watery laugh. “Bully.” She took the tissue. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Blow.”

The silly conversation was the beginning of a chatty, companionable half hour. Debra accepted a glass of wine and snuck a glance or three in the direction of Braam’s groin. He glanced down to where she looked. The hard ridge of his cock was clearly outlined under the cargo shorts he wore and he grinned ruefully.

“Seems to be a usual state of affairs when I get close to you. It’s somewhat unusual for me and I’m all over thrilled. Except when I’m in a meeting and even thinking of us gets me like this. Then I’m glad of a table to sit at or a large file to put in my lap.”

“Aw, poor thing.” Debra rested on one elbow and smiled at him. The scents and perfumes of the shrubs and flowers filled the air and vied with her subtle scent.

He resolved there and then he would never forget this place and this moment in time. Stretched out in the sunshine opposite Debra and simply enjoying it. No timetable, no lists, got to do, watch the clock, hurry up. Just there that moment. “I can’t do anything in a meeting, but I think I have a solution for the here and now.”

Debra moved to settle in a position the mirror of his own. “Oh, do you? What’s that then?”

“Well…” Braam wriggled closer. “You see… Oh, bugger.”

“Oh, shit.”

Big fat raindrops fell out of the sky and rapidly increased in frequency. Braam stood up and pulled Debra to her feet. Even though the rain was warm, Debra shivered. Braam stamped down on his own chill. Talk about cooling your ardor.

“Quick, grab the tablecloth and put it on the ground between those two bushes. This rug has a waterproof cover and I’ll flip it to make a makeshift cover. We don’t have time to get anywhere undercover. It’s only a shower and will soon pass, but it’ll be heavy.”


She could vouchsafe for that. As Debra lifted the tablecloth from the grass, her top was already damp. Much longer and she’d be soaked. She walked across the now slippery surface to the place Braam had indicated. By some quirk of nature the bushes had almost closed the gap between then, but left a space beneath, practically big enough for two people as long as they were friendly.

Under their branches the ground was still fairly dry. She spread the tablecloth over the grass and wriggled backwards to help Braam.

“Stay there, there’s no point in us both getting soaked.” Braam maneuvered the blanket onto the top of the shrubs and somehow fastened it. Inside the tiny shelter, the air seemed warmer and the atmosphere intimate. Braam thrust his T-shirt at Debra and went back to their picnic spot to gather the wine and glasses, her holdall and his backpack. He passed her everything he’d picked up and backed into the shelter.

Raindrops glistened in his hair and water ran down his chest. The sea was hidden behind clouds and Debra judged the temperature had dropped a good few degrees.

“Brr, damned storms. At least it’ll soon pass over and we can head for the village.” Braam shook his head and water flew everywhere. Debra gasped and shivered as the cold liquid sprinkled over her. “Oh, shit, sorry. Hold on, let me get my jumper out of my pack for you to put on.”

She shook her head. “No need, I’ve got a fleece in mine. You need yours anyway.” Debra touched his shoulder. “Hell’s bells, Braam, you’re freezing. Get dry and warm. I wish we had coffee, but seriously I never even thought about that. Not here at this time of the year.”

Braam picked up his T-shirt and pulled it on. “This’ll help. And so will this.” He rummaged in his backpack and took out a dark gray sweatshirt. “Shove over a sec.”

Debra watched as he spread the sweatshirt where she’d sat. With a grin, she turned and knelt over her holdall and pulled out one almost identical. “Snap. Shove over a sec.” She pushed him, so he did as she’d asked and set her own sweatshirt next to his. “What next? Ah I know.” Debra opened the tiny zipped pocket in lining and took out a foil packet. “This. I bet we could warm each other somehow. Especially if we use everything we have available to us.”

Braam lay back and put his hands under his head and kept his legs bent at the knees. It didn’t look that comfortable. “I do like a lady who thinks of everything. I think I’ll leave it up to you to decide what happens next.” He seemed totally at ease with his decision.

Debra knelt backward onto her ankles and tilted her head to one side. “Maybe if you took your shorts off you could use them as a pillow instead of your hands,” she said. “Because I have a much better job for your hands later.”

He looked at her, considering. “You do it.”

It wasn’t a suggestion. Debra took it to mean either she did as he said or nothing else would happen. She didn’t want that.

The space they were in was tiny. If Braam stretched out properly, he’d be lucky to keep his feet dry. The rain still came down and splattered off the branches and blanket, creating soft sounds of life-giving water. Debra took a deep breath to take in the scents of damp earth and damp man. Different but both oh so good.

The intimate area was going to create some interesting strategies. Debra kicked off her shoes. The last thing she wanted was to accidentally kick him, but at least if her feet were bare it shouldn’t hurt as much. She didn’t tell him how clumsy she was reckoned to be. She shuffled on her knees until she was a hair’s breadth away from Braam and undid the belt that presumably held his shorts up. He moved one hand and stroked her neck. It seemed to be a favorite thing of his to do, to touch her like that. Debra realized it was fast becoming one of her favorites as well.

“If you do that, you’ll distract me and I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be doing,” she said.

“No you won’t. It’ll concentrate your mind.”


“No, I won’t.” She repeated his words. “It will concentrate my mind. See? Concentrated.” She tugged the zip until it was wide open. “Lift your arse so I can complete my task.”

Braam laughed and grunted as he lifted his rear. “This is not easy without any leverage.”

“Ah, well, practice makes perfect.” Debra pulled the shorts over Braam’s legs and folded them carefully. “Here you are. Your pillow, m’lord.”

He bent his head in a parody of a bow. “Well, thank you kindly. May I ask what next?”

“This.” Debra hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband of his boxers and pulled them downward. As they snagged on his erect cock, she paused. “Oh, my, what now. I seem to have a problem.” She let her hands brush the sides of his dick and slowly slid them up and down.

“I’m sure you are incredibly good at problem solving.” His cock swayed within her touch

Debra used one thumb and forefinger to circle it.

“Ah, oh, yes, that sure is a great start.”

Braam sat up suddenly. “Now I think I’ll help us along.” He lifted her hands out of his boxers, shucked them himself, and pulled his T-shirt off so swiftly Debra hardly had time to blink. Then Braam lifted her top over her shoulders and put her into the space he’d so recently occupied. Her top had a built-in bra and his soft, triumphant laugh was music to her ears.

The tablecloth was warm under her back, as Braam lifted her head and gave her the makeshift pillow to rest on.

The kiss to her nipple was short, sharp and oh so sweet. That part of her skin rapidly became hotter than the rest of her. The state of affairs changed within seconds as Braam took off her cut-offs and pressed a heated kiss over the lace that covered her pussy.

“Such a sexy, teasing arousing sight. That beautiful pussy hidden in such an enticing way.”

The whispered words made every penny she’d spent in the exclusive lingerie boutique worthwhile. The way he drew the lacy undies over her pussy and ass and down her legs, was almost reverential and the tiny kisses he followed in the path of the lace both tickled and made her squirm in arousal. Her pussy was damp and her vagina muscles were practicing their ‘let me hold you, let me play with you, come into me’ routine.

Braam spread her legs and settled between them. If it were still raining, he’d have a wet lower half.

When he lowered his head and licked and sucked her clit and pussy, Debra was damned sure she was wet as well.

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