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Authors: Lisette Ashton

Neighbourhood Watch (6 page)

‘He’s gone round to his mother’s. He never takes his car when he goes round there. He doesn’t trust the neighbourhood kids near hers not to run a coin down the side. I usually send him out of the house when I go round to Ted and Linda’s. It makes it easier for me to enjoy my night.’

Jane digested this and tried not to squirm on the black satin sheets. Denise and Derek had an unusual relationship. Denise’s sexual appetites were voracious
the extreme. Conversely, Derek’s sole interest in life seemed to be a pathological obsession with polishing his car. They each enjoyed their pastime. Yet they remained together as man and wife, as though there was nothing untoward in the way they conducted their social lives.

Jane wasn’t sure if Derek knew about Denise’s frequent and fantastic infidelities, but she sorely envied the woman her freedom to enjoy the fruits of an adventurous private life. The only drawback to this arrangement – the only drawback that Denise had ever mentioned – was that Derek seemed reluctant to give Denise the pregnancy that her body clock currently craved. It was a sensitive topic, a subject that invariably made Denise’s mood plummet, and because it didn’t really concern her, Jane didn’t want to broach the issue this evening.

‘You’re going to Ted and Linda’s?’

‘They’re having one of their parties.’

Denise always used the same expression when talking about Ted and Linda’s parties. It was never ‘a party’ or ‘the party’, it was always ‘one of their parties’, as though it differed from every other type of party in the world. And, while Jane had never been to ‘one of their parties’, she had heard enough from Denise to know that the events merited such a distinction.

Her evening had already been powerfully exciting. From the moment she decided to strip for the entertainment of Tom, through to turning up at Denise’s door and explaining she was horny and not completely satisfied, the gnawing, nagging remainder of an unspent orgasm had lingered in her loins like a tightly bound knot. There had been lots of sexual stimulation and a couple of enjoyable bursts of pleasure, but she hadn’t yet satisfied her need for a phenomenal climax.
an age of Denise’s tongue at her sex, as well as the delicious pleasure of having her friend’s fingers glide softly in and out of her hole, Jane still felt frustrated and in need of something more. But she also felt sure Ted and Linda’s party wasn’t the place where she would find that something more. Parties like the ones thrown by Ted and Linda weren’t for people like her. Parties like those were for sexual daredevils like Denise. Glumly, Jane climbed from the bed, reached for her coat and gave her friend an apologetic smile.

‘If John’s at home now, I’d better go back and talk to him.’

Denise stopped her putting on the coat and, with more force than Jane would have expected, pushed her back onto the bed. The silky satin sheets caressed her buttocks. Denise’s naked body pressed smoothly against hers. The swell of her breasts was only a light, rounded pressure but Jane could feel the thrust of stiff nipples against her ribs. Fresh tingles of arousal flurried through Jane’s sex.

‘I’ve had a lousy day so far today,’ Denise murmured. She pressed gentle kisses upon Jane’s body between each word. ‘I overslept. The office was a bitch. Traffic was a nightmare. I dropped my bike when I was putting it in the garage this evening. It fell against Derek’s car, and I’ve put a huge gash in the door panel. He’s going to go ballistic when he gets back from his mother’s and sees it. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. The only good thing to happen today has been you turning up naked and horny, so I’m not letting you go until we’re both satisfied that the crappiness of this day is finished.’

Denise continued to smother Jane with kisses, pressing them against her cheeks, jaw and lips. Her fingertips trailed over Jane’s nipples. Her breath was tinged with the scent of pussy.

‘If John’s sitting at home now,’ she continued, ‘if he’s there alone and worried, you should let him stew. I think you should do something for yourself this evening. I think you should do something that helps you let off some steam.’

Jane tried to remain rigid beneath her. The temptation was to caress the naked flesh that pressed against her. She could feel Denise sliding over her body, exciting urges that Jane seldom encountered at home. Not wanting to be so easily swayed, Jane kept her hands away from her, and allowed Denise’s kisses to remain unreciprocated. She told herself she could control her base desires and resist the temptation, so long as she didn’t touch Denise.

Sweat-slick fingers stroked her waist. Denise moved her caresses downwards, reaching for the slit of Jane’s sex. With a forceful thrust she pushed a thumb between the folds of her labia. The penetration was swift and easy. Jane’s inner muscles clenched treacherously around the warm intruder. She bit back a sigh and struggled to remain distant for a moment longer. Even when Denise curled her thumb upwards, pressing the tip against the spongy swelling of her G-spot, Jane clung to the belief that she could still show some resistance.

Denise lowered her mouth to Jane’s and delivered a slow, sultry kiss. Her tongue slipped between Jane’s lips as her thumb probed more deeply. When Denise’s knuckles rubbed over the ball of her clitoris, the rush of raw excitement banished the last of Jane’s willpower.

‘What do you want me to do?’

‘I think you should do something for yourself this evening.’

‘What are you suggesting?’

Denise moved her head until her mouth was poised over one stiff nipple. Jane watched as the woman
the stiff bud of flesh and then pulled her head back slightly, the nipple caught between her lightly clenched teeth. When Denise finally released her hold, Jane knew she was ready to go along with whatever her friend had planned.

‘What are you suggesting?’ she repeated.

Denise raised her head, looked towards the open bedroom window and tilted her head towards the ostentatious front garden of Ted and Linda’s. ‘I’m suggesting you should come with me. I’m going to Ted and Linda’s party tonight. I’m sure everyone there would make you feel welcome. And I’m sure you’d enjoy yourself sufficiently to forget all about John for the evening.’

As Jane considered the invitation, the tingling sensation in her sex lips suggested that her body had already made the decision.


6 Cedar View

sensation in her sex lips, Linda had one last chore to perform before the party was ready to begin. There was a garden seat at the rear of the house, standing on the decking and facing the brightly lit conservatory. On the table beside the seat she placed four tins of lager and a plate of cellophane-covered sandwiches. Next to the lager and sandwiches she added a small box of tissues. She thought the food and drink should have looked sad and pathetic as they sat on the garden table, but they caught enough of the day’s fading light to glimmer with expectant hope. Smiling tightly to herself, proud of her altruistic gift to those less fortunate, Linda stepped back into the warmth of the conservatory.

The lapping of the pool, accentuated by the hollow acoustics of the conservatory, was always a stark contrast after the tranquillity of the garden at dusk. The air smelled of chlorine and the light was unbearably bright. But it was her pool and, although it seemed large, empty and desolate, she knew that in less than an hour it would be the scene of laughter, passion and a dozen or more naked bodies writhing and jostling. She sniffed twice, trying to decide if the air was too chemical for guests to enjoy themselves, and then walked through to the adjacent kitchen.

‘Is anyone here yet?’

‘Only Phil. He’s been helping with the snacks.’

Linda nodded a polite greeting to Phil. In dark pants and a plain white shirt he looked understatedly dignified and attractive. Ted wore a similar outfit, making the two men look more than ever like brothers. The similarity was apparent in their rounded faces, full-lipped grins and the identical wrinkles that creased the corners of their eyes. The only difference between them was that Ted’s hands were as spotlessly clean as any hospital worker’s while Phil’s bore the ingrained grime of a lifelong mechanic.

Ted glanced at her and, before he spoke, Linda knew what he was going to say. It was part of an empathetic understanding she often encountered in long-term relationships. With Ted that telepathy seemed stronger than anything she had met before, and she didn’t know if that was because they shared something particularly special or because he was ten years older than her and therefore ten years wiser.

‘Have you been leaving beer for the garden gnomes?’ he asked.

Linda blushed softly at Ted’s question, as though embarrassed that he had discovered a guilty secret. ‘I’m just giving a little something back to the community,’ she explained. ‘Don’t you feel sorry for Peeping Tom? His life must be pretty empty if he can only get his thrills from watching other people. And, on a dry and passionless street like this one, don’t you think his viewing pleasure must be severely limited?’

Phil grinned and sipped his wine. Ted laughed and shook his head. ‘Dry and passionless? This street? You’re having a laugh, aren’t you? Denise lives next door and the Graftons are only over the road at number seven.’

Linda shrugged. She was content with her own sex life but aware it was more varied and colourful than
. Although Ted made a valid point in referring to Denise and the Graftons, she couldn’t imagine many of their other neighbours enjoying a passion for anything other than pristine properties, conservative cars and tasteless TV. Mention sex to any of them and Linda felt certain they would flush like the primmest of maiden aunts. Not wanting to disagree with Ted, especially with the party so close, she snatched his wine glass and took a quick sip. With the Bordeaux still dripping from her lips she pushed the glass back towards Ted and pressed a kiss upon Phil’s mouth.

His tongue slipped through the wine-flavoured moisture of her smile. She stroked the firm roundness of his biceps. He moved his hands over her hips, then one arm was around her waist, and his mouth devoured hers. His erection thrust against the front of her skirt.

‘Phil,’ she demurred, easing herself from his embrace. Her mouth tingled from the intrusion of his tongue. She wiped the back of her hand against her lips to dab away a droplet of wine. ‘You really shouldn’t do things like that in front of Ted. He can get very jealous.’

Ted, looking anything but jealous, continued to sip his wine as Linda and his brother exchanged smouldering stares. ‘That’s me,’ Ted agreed. ‘I’m Mr Jealousy.’

Linda gave him a wink then turned her smile back to Phil. ‘Although,’ she began, ‘I think you’re just the right person to give me some advice before the party begins. Would you mind?’

Phil sipped his drink as he studied her. ‘Advice?’

Linda reached for the hem of her dress and teased it coyly between her fingers. ‘I’ve been preparing my pussy,’ she explained. ‘In readiness for the party,’ she added quickly, scared he might think she was some sort of pervert. ‘Would you tell me if it looks OK?’
, she waited for his nod of approval. Ted continued to watch, his wine forgotten, his expression inscrutable.

Linda went to the breakfast bar, sat on the counter and placed one shoe on the seat of a stool. Appraising Phil coolly, absorbed in the part she was playing, she said, ‘Are you sure you don’t mind checking this out for me?’

‘Stop teasing the poor bastard,’ Ted grumbled.

Phil waved him silent. ‘I don’t mind checking you out,’ he assured Linda. ‘And if you want an honest opinion, I’ll be happy to give you one.’

All three struggled to suppress their smiles at his
double entendre
. The air between them was thickening with the expectation of sex. Linda could feel her body focusing on the need that throbbed between her legs. It was always exciting preparing for a party; the knowledge that her libido was about to enjoy a smorgasbord of potential pleasures never failed to set her pulse racing. But this was a different and more specific kind of anticipation, the kind she felt when she knew she was on the verge of doing something pleasurable that fulfilled a personal ambition. Savouring the moment, pausing for a beat to ensure both men were watching, she began to raise the hem of her dress.

Her legs were bare, smooth, shaved, shapely. She lifted the hem higher to reveal the milky flesh of her inner thighs. Ted gazed at her over the rim of his glass. Phil’s eyes grew wider. Linda parted her legs and pulled the dress so it no longer obliterated their view. She was delighted to hear both men gasp with awe.

‘Bloody hell,’ Phil marvelled.

Ted gave a soft laugh of appreciation. ‘I see you did it.’ His voice was rich with wonder and disbelief. ‘I wondered why you were so long getting ready. I can understand now. You went and did it.’

‘What the hell have you done?’ Phil asked.

Linda’s cheeks blushed with pride and accomplishment. She was thrilled by their approving gazes, delighted that her efforts had been able to provoke such enthusiastic responses.

‘Does it look OK?’

‘OK?’ Ted was shaking his head incredulously. ‘It looks beautiful.’

She beamed at him.

For the last two hours Linda had been playing with a pussy pump. The suction device cupped her vagina and, when she activated the pump, held her labia in a relentless vacuum. The edge of the cup had easily clung to the smooth, waxed flesh of her sex. The seal between her pussy and the mechanical device hadn’t been broken through the long glorious hours she’d spent in preparation. As the vacuum continued to suck against her labia, the lips of her pussy had stretched and swollen, until they were rounded, puffy and grossly engorged. Checking her appearance in the mirror before going into the back garden and leaving Tom his lager and sandwiches, Linda had thought her sex had never looked so full, flushed or painfully exotic. Now, seeing the reactions from Ted and Phil, she felt sure she had made the right decision in preparing her labia for the party in such a unique way. Her sex looked so obscenely engorged she knew she would be the centre of attention.

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