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Authors: Lisette Ashton

Neighbourhood Watch (19 page)

‘We could take this up to the bedroom,’ Charlie suggested.

Megan shook her head. She had one hand against the side of his cock and was licking along his shaft and
to the glans. His foreskin had peeled back to reveal the swollen purple end. His pre-come coated her tongue as she lapped at him.

‘Bedrooms are for sleeping in,’ she said, dismissing the suggestion. ‘And I don’t think any of us are feeling sleepy. Kitchens are where you enjoy eating things. I’m happy here. I’m happy eating things.’

‘I’m rather content too,’ Rhona giggled. Her laughter made Megan’s buttocks tremble.

‘Lick my pussy,’ Megan suggested. She spoke over her shoulder. ‘You can taste how wet I’m getting at the thought of having this cock fill me up.’

Charlie sighed.

Obligingly, Rhona shifted her tongue to the moist folds of Megan’s labia. The sensation of the warm, wet muscle was a velvet caress upon her flesh. A thrill of arousal spread through Megan’s loins. She marvelled again that the couple could inspire such conflicting responses. She still thought they were hateful, but her body craved the satisfaction that she knew they could deliver.

Tilting her head to look at Charlie’s face, she asked coyly, ‘Do you think you can fit all this cock inside me?’

Charlie grinned down at her.

Rhona lapped sublime circles of bliss in the warmth of Megan’s pussy. The sensations she evoked were delicious but distracting. Megan wanted to simply give into the pleasure but she didn’t dare risk losing her focus on the evening’s ultimate outcome. Determinedly, she refused to let her body be swayed by her excitement.

‘I’m looking forward to trying,’ Charlie admitted.

Megan gave the end of his shaft a final kiss and then stood up. Smiling down at him, glancing at Rhona so her grin included both Graftons, she said, ‘I want you
do me on the kitchen table. I want to be fucked across the kitchen table before we do anything else. Can we do that?’

Rhona’s eyes widened. ‘Fucking across a kitchen table! How delightfully working class! Should I wear clogs or buy myself a whippet?’

Megan laughed at the woman’s enthusiastic snobbery. She was still giggling as Charlie helped her on to the table. She lay with her back against the cool linen cloth and her legs hanging over the table’s edge. Rhona helped maintain the arousal of the moment, kissing Megan’s lips and teasing her breasts while Charlie shrugged off his clothes and shoes. Naked, his body looked surprisingly athletic for a man in his early fifties and Megan braced herself for a vigorous bout of passion.

‘There’s condoms in my coat pocket,’ she remembered.

Glancing towards the empty kitchen chair where she had left her coat, Megan realised the long leather was no longer in sight. Her brows furrowed. She knew, if she concentrated on the missing coat any longer, her arousal would be smothered by suspicion and distrust. She shunned the thoughts, fearful her enjoyment of the moment might disappear altogether. As much as she was determined to fuck the Graftons and then screw them, Megan knew she wouldn’t be able to take full pleasure in the experience if she was harbouring resentment for the couple.

‘I’ve got one here,’ Charlie said, rolling a sheath of rubber over his erection.

Megan nodded. With a concentrated effort she surrendered herself again to Rhona’s kisses. The woman was gifted at exciting arousal and, each time her lips stole over Megan’s mouth, throat and breasts, Megan could feel the prospect of an orgasm inching
. She watched with interest as Rhona reached for Charlie’s cock. The eroticism of the moment grew more intense when Megan realised Rhona was guiding Charlie’s erection towards her pussy.

It was the sort of intimacy Megan wanted to share with Max. On those occasions when they had played sex games with others there had been a chasm between her and Max that Megan had never been able to bridge. Even when he was pushing his length into her, whether he was penetrating her mouth, pussy or anus, she didn’t feel close to him while they were fucking with other people. She didn’t like the Graftons – they were duplicitous and manipulative – but she envied them the fact that they could share their intimacy so easily in the presence of others.

Charlie grinned affectionately at his wife as she led his cock to the brink of Megan’s sex. The rubber-sheathed tip slipped easily into the soft, yielding slit of Megan’s labia. Rhona’s fingers slid down his shaft, cupping his balls, while her grip around his length remained tight. As Charlie began to slide inside Megan, she realised that she was being fucked by both of the Graftons. It was Charlie’s cock and Rhona’s rhythm.

A tremor tore through her body. The pleasure was tainted by a headrush of jealousy but she refused to let the negative emotions triumph. Giving into the enjoyment, Megan groaned loudly.

Her cry was enough to stop Charlie and Rhona from staring misty-eyed at each other. They both gave their full attention to Megan. Charlie hesitated in his penetration and then Rhona pushed him deeper. In the same instant the woman shifted her fingers so she was both holding her husband and teasing Megan’s clitoris. Charlie lowered his face to Megan’s left breast while Rhona suckled her right. Hands and fingers slipped
the sweat-slick surface of her flesh, brushing hair from her forehead, stroking the sensitive length of her throat, touching her bare stomach. Every caress inspired excitement and thrilled her with the knowledge that she was the centre of their attention. Between her legs, Charlie’s cock and Rhona’s hand continued to spark bright flashes of blissful pleasure. The table beneath her rocked gently as Rhona urged Charlie to slide back and forth.

Megan could feel the orgasm swelling in her loins, but she resisted the urge to just let the climax tear through her body. Regardless of how much she disliked Charlie and Rhona, she had to concede that the pair knew how to pleasure a woman and she wasn’t going to miss a single marvellous second of satisfaction. Relaxing, she concentrated on the playful teasing of Rhona’s lips against her breasts and the more forceful pressure of Charlie nibbling at her nipples. His cock was so broad that under other circumstances it would have been uncomfortable, but, buoyed by the arousal of having them both trying to satisfy her, and encouraged by Rhona’s playful teasing at her clit, Megan happily stretched to accommodate him.

She knew the experience would have been more fulfilling if there had been no thoughts of Max in her mind. But her worry that he would consider himself wronged nagged at her conscience. If it turned out that he was unhappy with her infidelity she knew the issue would be dealt with later. But she was convinced she hadn’t broken any of the rules of their vaguely open relationship. Aliceon had been left with Max, so he had the opportunity to get laid. And Megan certainly wasn’t doing anything to violate the sanctuary of their home. But, although those conditions were met, she still wasn’t sure that would be enough to satisfy her husband and Master.

Rather than dwell on what Max might be thinking, she found it easier to direct her thoughts to the sensations of Charlie’s thick cock sliding between her legs, Rhona’s fingers teasing at her clitoris and toying with the folds of her pussy lips, and the orgasm that swelled in her loins. She needed to concentrate on Charlie and Rhona if she wanted to finish the evening to her own satisfaction.

‘Straddle my face, Ronnie,’ Megan begged.

Rhona gave her a curious look.

‘I want to eat your pussy while your husband’s fucking me.’ Megan gasped the words in an adrenalin-fuelled rush. ‘Get up here on the table with me. Squat over my face while he’s riding me. Let me eat you while he’s fucking me.’

Rhona responded with a haste that was almost embarrassing. ‘Thank God we didn’t buy the table from Ikea,’ she giggled. She slipped out of her clothes to reveal a salon-kissed suntan and a surgically sculpted form.

Another surge of arousal flooded over Megan as she realised the woman’s picture-perfect physique was hers to enjoy. She admired the modified breasts, the flat, flawless stomach and the smooth, freshly Brazilianed cleft. Her excitement continued to swell with each thrust of Charlie’s cock, and it grew to an irresistible urge when Rhona climbed on to the table and lowered her slick, smooth sex over Megan’s face. The scent of her musk was intoxicating.

Megan could see that Rhona’s body was regularly pampered. Her skin had the smooth appearance that could only come from a lifetime of exfoliation and neurotically obsessive moisturising. The inner lips of her pussy barely protruded from the glistening slit of her sex. The little Megan could see was a gash of blood-red flesh with sweetly slender lips and she
. It was the most delectable specimen of a pussy she had ever faced, a credit to Charlie’s investment funds and Rhona’s surgeon.

But it was Rhona’s musk that exacerbated her need for the woman. The scent of her sex was rich and tangy but so delicately fragranced that she could have worn it as a perfume. Megan wondered if Rhona had undergone some cosmetic procedure to make her pussy smell so sweet. Hungrily, she lifted her face to meet the approaching sex and then plunged her tongue neatly inside.

Rhona groaned. Charlie sighed. Megan buried her tongue deeper. Rhona’s tight pussy clenched around the prize of Megan’s tongue. The wetness of her arousal flooded Megan’s lips and throat. She could feel the pulse of Rhona’s mounting excitement and was thrilled to think she was contributing to such a moment of bliss. And then all rational thoughts were snatched from her mind when Rhona’s lips kissed Megan’s pussy.

Charlie continued to slide his thick length deep into Megan’s sex. Megan willed herself to continue licking and lapping at Rhona. And somehow – Megan couldn’t work out how Rhona was managing the position – Rhona had slipped her tongue against the over-stretched folds of Megan’s hole.

The three of them climaxed in unison.

If there had been a way to slow down time and list the order of their climaxes, Megan thought, Rhona would have been shown to have orgasmed first. Her juices squirted freely over Megan’s face, bubbling up her nostrils and almost choking her as they streamed into Megan’s mouth and down to the back of her throat.

The thrill of that explosion pushed Megan beyond the brink of resistance. She gave into the ecstasy that
through her body and was immediately swathed in sweat, both hot and cold, as the climax convulsed her body. The inner muscles of her sex clenched tight around the mammoth grip of Charlie’s cock and the power of her orgasm wrenched the climax from his shaft.

The couple pulled away while Megan was still trembling through the thrill of her orgasm. Her mouth was sticky with Rhona’s wetness. Her sex felt sore, gaping and empty now that Charlie had withdrawn his huge shaft. The ache in her stomach – a dull pain borne from too much pleasure coming with far too much intensity – made her feel weak and light-headed.

‘I knew you’d be good,’ Rhona said with a laugh, and kissed Megan’s cheek.

‘You weren’t so bad yourself,’ Megan replied, climbing unsteadily from the table. She expected one of the couple to help her but they were busy embracing each other. Rhona gently removed Charlie’s condom while Charlie put an affectionate arm around his wife’s shoulder and bestowed occasional kisses. When Megan finally eased herself from the table and stood on trembling legs, the pair were embracing each other and staring expectantly at her.

‘How was that?’ Rhona asked.

‘That was good,’ Megan answered honestly. She hesitated for a second, wondering if she should still try to exact her revenge on the pair. The orgasm had been satisfying and the sex had been more than mere fun – it had been illuminating. Admittedly they had lured her there under false pretences and had shown themselves to be devious and manipulative. But the shared climax had released a lot of her animosity, the revelation of how they could be intimate with someone was something she was determined to try with Max,
Megan couldn’t find the enthusiasm to harbour resentment or grudges. Then she glanced at the empty kitchen chair where her coat had been draped. Common sense told her that she should show them no mercy.

‘That was
good,’ she added with forced sincerity. She laughed self-consciously and said, ‘It’s just a shame you two …’ Her voice trailed off. She shook her head as though dismissing the matter and reached for her glass of wine. The liquid was cool and welcome after the sweaty passion she had just enjoyed and it soothed her hot thirst. She took her time sipping from the glass, knowing that her uncompleted comment would be fuelling Charlie and Rhona’s curiosity.

‘There was something wrong with that?’ Charlie sounded as though he was struggling to hide his incredulity.

‘There was nothing wrong with that,’ Rhona insisted. She glanced from Charlie, to Megan and then back to Charlie and then placed a reassuring hand on his chest. ‘Honestly, darling. There was nothing wrong with that.’ She switched her gaze back to Megan and said, ‘You didn’t really think there was something wrong with that, did you?’

Megan kept her features composed, delighted she had so easily found the couple’s weakness. From the expression of disbelief on Rhona’s face it was apparent that she thought, like Charlie, that the sex had been phenomenal – that she and her husband were exemplary lovers with abilities that were beyond reproof.

But the dismay was more obvious on Charlie’s face. ‘What could have possibly been wrong with that?’ he asked. The pitch of his voice suggested he was ready to argue.

Megan shook her head. She placed a hand on his arm to reassure him. ‘There was nothing
. It really was good.
good. It’s just, you two were so busy working as a team I don’t think you got as much pleasure from the experience as you could have had.’

Charlie looked set to disagree but Rhona shushed him. ‘What would you have done differently?’

Megan took another sip from her wine glass. ‘It really was fantastic,’ she began. ‘It was great for me. But it would have been better for you two if you’d allowed me to take the lead. You two are so busy working together as a couple, I’ll bet you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have individual fun. The next time you find yourselves alone with a lucky woman like me, you should let her take control of what’s happening. You’d get a lot more out of sex if you weren’t constantly looking out for each other. I’m sure it would be better.’

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