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Authors: Lisette Ashton

Neighbourhood Watch (10 page)

Denise’s tongue slipped against her cleft.

They had left number eight dressed only in heels and matching macs. Beneath the clothes they were both naked. Jane’s cool body basked in the pleasure of Denise’s warm mouth touching her sex. There was none of the lingering foreplay that usually preceded their lovemaking. Instead of placing gentle kisses on her upper thighs and teasing her to a fury of anticipation, Denise applied herself to satisfying Jane’s need. Her tongue was pressed flat against Jane’s labia. She nuzzled Jane’s clitoris and then plunged her tongue between the pouting pussy lips.

Jane groaned.

The sound echoed loudly through the empty house. She wondered if the inadvertent moan might be
to disturb John from his slumber and make him come into the hall and see what was happening. The idea of being caught in such a compromising position and knowing she would be able to triumph from the situation sent another bolt of pleasure through her body.

‘You’re wet,’ Denise giggled. She slurped her tongue hungrily against Jane’s sex as proof. Jane stiffened, feeling the flow of raw arousal course through her. When John did find her – and she intended to gasp so loudly that he was certain to make a curious inspection of the hall – Jane wondered how she should treat him. She supposed it would be polite to let Denise go back home, or on to the party, and avoid the upset of witnessing a major confrontation. But a devilish part of her wanted to insist that Denise remain and finish what she had started, while John was banished to the front step with one of his lousy cigars. The idea of dismissing him so cruelly, making him stand outside while his wife and her female lover moaned and screamed through multiple orgasms, was so twisted and diabolical she couldn’t shake it from her thoughts. When John found them, that was how she would react. The decision sent another dark pulse through her clitoris.

Denise continued to suckle the bead of flesh, filling Jane with so many marvellous urges that the prospect of climax drew wonderfully close. She wished there were more lights in the hall, so she could see the pretty woman between her thighs and appreciate the smile she knew Denise would be wearing as the climax inched closer. She also wished there was enough light for her to see John when he eventually appeared and stared at them both in slack-jawed amazement.

‘Fuck! Yes!’ Jane gasped.

‘Jesus, Janey,’ Denise murmured. ‘You’re going to wake your hubby.’

‘Fuck him,’ Jane grunted. ‘Fuck him right up the arse.’

She giggled at the idea of using her husband the way she had suggested. The thought was sufficiently exciting to spark another thrill in her loins. When Denise’s tongue pressed more forcefully against her hole, slipping between the moist lips and teasing the muscles inside, her giggles turned to a throaty groan.

‘Do you want him to catch you?’ Denise whispered.

‘I don’t fucking care.’

And, as the pleasure began to build, she told herself those words were fairly close to the truth. She writhed on the stairs, pushing her sex against Denise’s face and wallowing in the delight of having her labia and clitoris properly pleasured by her lover’s mouth. Her sex felt wet and warm and she craved the release of orgasm.

Dancing for Tom had been exciting. The hour she had spent earlier with Denise had been good. But she now needed to exorcise the maddening knot of arousal from the pit of her stomach, and she knew it would be dispersed only if she did something outrageously different from anything she had done before. Humiliating her husband and revealing the secret of her relationship with Denise might create that extra rush her body needed. The only other way she could imagine achieving satisfaction was going with Denise to Ted and Linda’s party.

Denise’s fingers stroked her upper thighs, then her hips, before moving onwards and upwards to her breasts. Jane’s nipples were caught between teasing fingernails, gripped, tugged, rolled and teased. She squirmed against the stairs, wishing her body would give in and release a flood of satisfying sensations. Her heart hammered at a quickening pace and for a moment she thought the climactic urge within her was going to peak. Not bothering to mute her voice, not
if she made a sound that was loud enough to draw the attention of her husband, she urged Denise to kiss her. ‘Harder! Deeper! Get your tongue all the way in there. Drink my pussy dry.’

Dutifully, Denise obeyed. She pressed her mouth hard against Jane’s sex and thrust her tongue between the sopping folds of flesh. Jane gasped with growing pleasure and squirmed as Denise took her close to the brink of orgasm. Jane’s cries were no longer instructions but wordless sighs of approval. She put extra effort into making sure John heard that she was back in the house and enjoying an excessive degree of sexual stimulation.

But still it wasn’t enough.

Opening her eyes, Jane stared up the empty stairway and realised she and Denise were still alone. She groaned with frustration and pulled herself away.

‘Bastard,’ she hissed, starting up the stairs.

Denise stared after her. She blinked when Jane switched on the lights. Her eyes were wide open when Jane came out of the bedroom.

She had changed into black stockings, heels, a lacy thong and a matching bra. In one hand she clutched a black sequined eye-mask. Her scowl was a picture of unconcealed fury.

‘What’s wrong, Janey?’

‘The bastard’s not here.’

To confirm the statement, Jane disappeared into the spare bedroom and reappeared looking even more ferocious. She glowered down the stairs at Denise and then marched into the house’s third bedroom. When she returned she slammed the door angrily closed.

‘The bastard’s definitely not here.’

‘Where do you think he is?’

Jane thundered down the stairs. ‘Don’t know. Don’t care.’ She pushed past Denise and turned on the
light. Walking to the front door, grinding her teeth, she motioned to Denise to hurry up and come with her.

‘You’re not going to leave him a note?’ Denise asked.

Jane shook her head. ‘Fuck him,’ she hissed. ‘I’m going to go with you to Ted and Linda’s party this evening. I’m going to do whatever the hell I please while I’m there. And when I do get home and I find John curled up in bed, I’m going to wake the fucker up and tell him everything I’ve done tonight.’

Denise laughed. ‘Excellent. If that’s the case, you only need one more thing to make your outfit complete.’

Puzzled, Jane glanced at her. She held up the eye-mask and said, ‘I got this. What else do I need?’

Denise took her hand and urged her towards the door. ‘It’s back at my house,’ she said. ‘Come with me. It will only take two minutes and then we can go to Ted and Linda’s.’


5 Cedar View

number five, glancing over the road to number four and waving to Max. She didn’t know if he was at the window of his cellar, watching and making sure she did as he had asked, but it didn’t hurt to let him see that she was earning her rent-free week. Knowing Joanne was out and not bothering with the pretence of knocking, she slipped her key into the lock and stepped inside. Megan still hadn’t come out of number seven and Tanya didn’t think she would be appearing any time soon. Knowing she had all the time she wanted, she headed straight for Joanne’s fridge and found herself a lager. She popped the tin, downed a satisfying mouthful, stepped through to the lounge and went straight to the drawers behind the door, which Joanne would always remind her were off limits.

‘The content of those drawers doesn’t concern you,’ she would say with a sniff. Her haughty tone made Tanya cringe. Standing alone in the empty house, Tanya could almost hear that superior voice sniping at her. ‘While you polish the surface of those drawers, I’ll be in the room watching to make sure you don’t look inside.’

Tanya had never had any desire to look inside the drawers. She cared nothing for Joanne or her property.
, having been repeatedly told not to look into them, and having been punished twice because she had been polishing the drawers’ handles while Joanne was out of the room, Tanya realised this was the perfect opportunity to find out what it was that Joanne didn’t want her to see.

She took another swig at her lager, then opened the top drawer. A clutter of photographs stared back at her. Tanya could see pictures of men and women – most of them naked, some of them vaguely familiar – caught in embarrassing and revealing poses. She rummaged through the pictures, her eyes growing wide. She recognised John Smith from number three, and Max and Megan and Megan’s sister Aliceon. The pictures showed bare backsides, mostly lined with stripes. There were some Polaroids that revealed objects penetrating anuses or pussies.

And then Tanya saw the pictures of herself. She didn’t know when Joanne had taken them. Perhaps every time Joanne punished her for a mistake with the cleaning? Appalled that the photographs existed, and determined that Joanne wasn’t going to get away with holding on to such incriminating evidence of her servility, Tanya began to snatch the pictures from the drawer. She had to put her lager down, leaving a ring on the perfectly polished top of the drawers, but that didn’t concern her as she filled her pockets with the entire collection.


7 Cedar View

the offer,’ Charlie repeated.

Rhona shifted forwards in her seat. Her smile was broad and predatory.

Megan fumbled with her tobacco pouch and tried to steady her nerves by rolling another cigarette. Her hands shook but she paid no attention to the signs of her unease and tilted her head arrogantly to regard Charlie and Rhona. ‘Was that wrong of me?’

‘Hell! No!’ Charlie laughed.

‘How much would you have made us pay?’ Rhona asked eagerly.

Megan squirmed uncomfortably on her seat.

Her hostility towards the Graftons had disappeared when she realised she had misjudged them. The letter she had received had not been intended as a proposition and, as the three of them laughed at her silliness, she had found it easy to like the couple and feel relaxed in their company. Admittedly Rhona was more tactile than Megan was used to in her women friends. Her reassuring fingers continually touched Megan’s hand, arm or shoulder. Charlie, too, had been studying her with an obvious sexual interest, but he was a handsome and authoritative man and three glasses of wine had made it easier to endure his attention.

Yet now, with them both eager to know the answer to this question, Megan could feel the atmosphere in the room changing again. Whereas before it had been cool and relaxed, now the air vibrated with the hum of sexual tension. She was aware that both Rhona and Charlie desired her and, riding high on the suggestion of their lust, she could feel her own arousal growing. After what seemed like an age, Megan found her voice.

‘Yeah. I was thinking about it.’

‘I bet you’d have priced yourself beyond what we could afford,’ Charlie said with a grin. Without asking he replenished her glass. If she hadn’t been rolling a cigarette Megan would have placed a protective hand over her drink and prevented him. But by the time she was able to say, ‘No more, thank you,’ a fourth glass of the potent white wine was waiting for her.

‘Don’t be so parsimonious,’ Rhona chastised her husband. She placed a reassuring hand on Megan’s arm and said, ‘He can be a cheap shit at times. You’re a very attractive girl. I bet you’d have named a price that
wouldn’t think was too high.’

Megan finished rolling her cigarette and tucked it in the corner of her mouth. The shape was bizarre: her hands had been too unsteady to form a proper tube and the result looked like a lollipop stick designed by Salvador Dali. She hesitated before lighting it, sure most of it would incinerate as soon as she touched a flame to its end.

‘How much would you have asked?’ Charlie enquired.

‘Does it matter? Isn’t it a moot point now?’

‘It’s a moot point,’ Rhona agreed. ‘But it would be interesting to know.’

Taking a deep breath, Megan wondered whether she should admit her plan. Deciding it would be rude to deny them the information, she laughed nervously and
, ‘I’d come here with the idea of haggling. I was going to wait to hear how much you offered, and then insist I wanted double the amount. I came here prepared to screw you physically

Rhona chuckled enthusiastically and clutched Megan’s arm. ‘You are so much a girl after my own heart.’

‘You don’t have a heart,’ Charlie grunted.

‘I might not have a heart,’ Rhona agreed, ‘but I’m not a cheap shit and I can post letters through the right doors.’

Charlie turned his attention away from his wife and studied Megan. ‘So,’ he began slowly, ‘if I’d offered you five hundred pounds to play with Rhona and me for the night, you’d have demanded a grand? Is that what you’re saying?’

Megan considered this and nodded. ‘Yeah. I might have settled on a grand.’

‘A grand,’ Rhona reflected. The hand on Megan’s arm gripped tight. ‘What would you have done for a grand?’

Megan blushed. She was about to explain that she hadn’t given much thought to what she was likely to do, but that wasn’t entirely true. Before she could wave the question away, or try to divert the subject to something less embarrassing, Rhona was pressing her face close to Megan’s cheek and whispering in her ear.

‘What would you have done?’ she breathed.

The question, caressing the lower lobe of her ear and kissing the side of her neck, fired a sultry warmth in Megan’s loins. Deciding honesty was probably the best way to respond, Megan turned her face to Rhona’s. They were so close their lips almost touched. She scanned Rhona’s picture-perfect beauty at such close range that she could just see the tiny imperfections left by her cosmetic surgery: a nearly imperceptible pair of
dots at the corners of her eyes, a hair-thin scar that followed the angle of her kissable jaw, tiny puncture marks along the line of her lips. Megan marvelled at the perfect thickness and distribution of Rhona’s lashes. The woman’s large sapphire eyes appraised her with frank eagerness. Her skilfully sculpted cheeks were high with colour.

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