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Authors: Lisette Ashton

Neighbourhood Watch (7 page)

‘Christ! Linda! That looks sensational.’

She grinned, not surprised that Ted had lost his usual sangfroid.

Phil gaped. His eyes were wide. His jaw hung open.

Ted stared at her with an expression of approving bewilderment. His gaze repeatedly flicked from her face to the bulbous, bulging explosion of her sex lips.

‘Do they hurt?’

‘They’re sensitive,’ she answered carefully. Hurt was not the right word to describe the way her pussy currently felt, but she had to say something about its heightened responsiveness. The gentlest movement of air was like a skilled lover’s tongue kissing and probing deeply. ‘But that’s the whole point of pumping them up big, isn’t it? I wanted to make them more sensitive.’

Phil’s fingers moved towards her.

She didn’t flinch at the prospect of his touch but she was pleased when he remembered his manners and refrained from caressing her without permission. Even though they’d known each other for the best part of a year, even though Phil and Ted were brothers, even though Phil regularly attended Ted and Linda’s parties and sometimes organised private get-togethers of his own, there were still protocols that needed to be observed.

‘Sorry,’ Phil mumbled, withdrawing his hand. He flashed a sheepish grin and said, ‘They just look so damned irresistible.’

‘He’s right,’ Ted agreed, putting down his wine glass and stepping closer to Linda. He lightly touched the top of her inner thigh, adding fuel to the smouldering heat of her arousal. ‘I can understand Phil wanting to touch those puffed-up lips of yours. I’m aching to get at them myself.’

She pressed a hand against his chest, dizzied by the rush of adrenalin. Her heart pounded. The tingling in her sex felt more acute than normal. During the first few parties they had organised, Linda had felt similar thrills as she looked forward to the evening and anticipated all the fun that was likely to be had. In the hours beforehand she had felt this same poignant rush – almost like a drug high, only natural – and she had savoured the pleasure it always gave. But the parties themselves had been disappointing, and that anticipatory
had waned and then disappeared. Now, revelling in the honest approval of her partner and his brother, Linda realised she was reliving that glorious natural high. Her body trembled with a surge of sudden excitement. ‘I’ve got no objection to Phil touching,’ she said. Laughing at the idea, she added, ‘The whole point of doing this was to make myself look irresistible. So I’ve got no objection to anyone touching.’

Both men moved in on her.

Phil pressed a kiss against her mouth, one hand going behind her back, the other sliding up the inside of her left thigh. Ted approached from the right; he stroked her breast through the flimsy top of her dress while his other hand stole to her right thigh. Simultaneously, both men reached the swollen flesh of her labia.

Linda gasped. As the shiver of pleasure struck her body she arched her back.

When she admitted her labia were sensitive it hadn’t been a lie, but it hadn’t been the whole truth either. Her honest response should have been to admit that the swelling was fantastically tender. The slightest caress inspired a rush of stimulation that left her breathless and gasping. Even a change in the temperature could provide so much sensory overload that she was pushed close to the point of climax. The sensation of fingers against her flesh was almost instantaneously orgasmic.

‘Are you sure we’ve got time for this?’ Ted asked. ‘The party’s due to start any minute. The first guests will be here soon.’

‘No one’s here yet,’ Linda replied. Giving him her sultriest pout she added, ‘From what I can see, the three of us are alone right now.’ She could have gone on to say that none of the guests would be upset to find their hosts fucking as they arrived.

Ted nodded with a seriousness that matched her own lustful need. ‘You want us here?’ he asked. ‘In the kitchen?’

‘Of course not,’ she panted. Although her need for satisfaction was intense, it wasn’t so severe that she was going to get down and dirty in the kitchen. Aching with frustration and desire, she rocked her hips back and forth, and with the movement her labia rubbed against their fingers and knuckles. She chewed on her lower lip as the waves of pleasure rolled over her.

‘The pool?’ Phil suggested.

His hand was upon her thigh, holding her firmly, so tightly that her skin dimpled beneath his touch. Ted had her in a similar grip, with one hand pressed against her back. The knowledge that two strong men held her, both of them wanting her and preparing to have her, added an extra frisson to Linda’s excitement.

‘The hall,’ she hissed. ‘Take me in the hall.’

They carried her swiftly out of the kitchen and into the ornate charm of the hall. For once Linda paid no attention to the classical features of the décor or the architecture. In the mirror that faced the porch she caught a brief glimpse of her scantily clad body being carried by two men, a redhead trapped between two burly brothers, an image that made her think of fantasy heroines being kidnapped by romantic heroes. It was enough to add a fresh surge of desire to her need.

And then she was laid on the floor, her dress pulled over her shoulders in one easy sweep, and she was left naked and ready for them.

There was no need for conversation. Linda had played with Ted and Phil often enough to know how they would want to work together and she wasn’t going to argue with a winning formula. As Phil knelt between her legs, lowering his head to her pussy and
his mouth close to the engorged flesh of her sex, Ted unzipped his trousers and brandished his erection in her face. He knelt above her head, grinning down at her naked figure and watching his brother prepare to lick her hole.

She reached for the length with one hand and hungrily guided it towards her mouth. He was thick, hard and slick with pre-come. The flavour was the delicious aphrodisiac she most appreciated as an aperitif before a party. Something about the taste of cock in her mouth always quickened her pulse and made her sex clench. Taking him into her mouth, growing giddy on the cloying taste of his shaft, Linda sucked and licked as though devouring his flesh.

Phil stroked his tongue against her hole.

The shock of pleasure was enormous. The light pressure of their fingers had been incredible, but as soon as Phil’s tongue touched her bulging lips Linda was transformed into a seething mass of feeling that demanded satisfaction. Everything else was forgotten: the forthcoming party, the imminent guests, Ted, even the politeness of protocols and permission. All of those considerations were pushed from her thoughts as the urgent need in her loins became a furious demand.

Her hands went from Ted’s erection and grabbed hold of Phil’s head. Pulling him hard against her sex, she thrust her pelvis up to meet him. She sensed the briefest hesitation as he stiffened. She was vaguely aware that she was ignoring her husband. But she forgot all that as soon as she felt her sex being squashed against Phil’s mouth.

Ordinarily Linda was used to the pleasure of an orgasm building slowly through her body. As she became more aroused she usually enjoyed a rush of anticipation and the thrill of knowing that the pleasure was about to burst through her body.

This was nothing like those previous experiences.

Her body exploded as soon as Phil’s tongue slipped between her flushed lips. The waves of pleasure continued to batter her flesh as she rocked her pelvis and slid her sex against his face. His fingers bruised her thighs, pushing them apart as he struggled to get his head closer to her wetness. His tongue repeatedly lapped, probed, kissed and caressed. Linda groaned and tried to urge him on with guttural instructions but the words made no sense. There was nothing Phil could have done to make her satisfaction more complete. There was no instruction she could have given that would direct him to do anything better.

‘They feel as good as they look?’ Ted said with a laugh.

Through a haze, she smiled for him, and then urged her pelvis back up to meet Phil’s tongue. Another surge of pleasure rippled through her body.

She believed the need inside her clenching pussy should have been sated by the first orgasm. The pleasure was long, full of marvellous peaks. But she needed to know how her sex would feel with a cock buried between the bulging pussy lips. She yearned to feel a thick shaft, or maybe two, plunging between her overblown labia. The idea of being penetrated by both cocks was exciting enough to encourage another explosion to burst from her loins. She pulled Phil closer as she prepared to tell him that she wanted to be fucked.

Instead, a different word came from her mouth. ‘Party,’ she gasped. Reality came back in trickles. She was supposed to be having fun this evening. But she was also supposed to be a good hostess. As much as she craved her own satisfaction, Linda had to make sure that her guests were catered for and enjoying themselves. The whim of ‘testing’ her swollen labia was
out of her system and she needed to think about the others who would soon be arriving. ‘The party’s due to start any minute,’ she panted. Pushing Phil’s face away from her sex, sorry to be denying herself the glorious pleasure of his tongue against her lips, she said, ‘The first guests will be here soon.’

‘Wise words,’ Ted muttered, stuffing his stiff cock back inside his pants and standing up. ‘Why didn’t I think to say that earlier?’

Phil gallantly helped Linda to her feet and then both men were touching her and treating her to a light, tender embrace.

Linda slipped from their arms and rushed to the mirror. Her body was swathed with perspiration. Her hair was dishevelled and her smile broad with satisfaction. ‘I think I should put something on,’ she decided. ‘I want to look my best for the party. I want to look

Ted joined her and pressed a hand against her flat stomach, one finger pointing downwards towards the flushed and bulging slit of her pussy lips. He planted a kiss upon her throat and said, ‘I can’t imagine anyone at the party is going to be more distinctive than you.’


He grinned and shook his head. ‘What could anyone possibly do tonight that would make them stand out more than you and your pumped-up pussy?’

Linda considered this and realised he was probably right. She was about to kiss him with renewed gratitude when a voice behind her cut into the exchange.

‘Are we the first to arrive?’

Joanne stood in the open front doorway dressed like a model for leatherwear. Her black leather boots were complemented by a leather basque that cinched her waist and made her breasts look large and inviting.
her blonde hair tied back and a riding crop in her hand she would have looked formidable. But the fact that she held the leash of a pathetically anonymous gimp kneeling by her feet made Linda sure that the woman would be the most commanding presence at the party.

She glanced at Ted but his interest was already caught by the dominatrix in the doorway. And when she remembered his question (‘What could anyone possibly do tonight that would make them stand out more than your pumped-up pussy?’) she realised she only needed to nod in Joanne’s direction to provide an answer.

Adopting her most diplomatic smile, reminding herself the party was for everyone’s pleasure and not just to show off her own attributes as a hostess, Linda greeted Joanne with a warm kiss and asked Phil to show her round the house. She struggled to hide her disappointment when Joanne and her gimp stepped quietly past her. Wearing her most tactful expression she asked, ‘Are Charlie and Rhona coming?’

Ted shrugged. ‘They said they’d be here tonight. Ronnie mentioned something about trying to get her hands on the McMurray girl, and we all know they’ve both got designs on her, but I can’t imagine that would be happening tonight.’

Linda sucked her teeth. ‘I hope you’re wrong. I don’t think it would be wise for them to do anything with Megan McMurray.’


‘The McMurray girl?’ She shook her head, suddenly solemn. The thrill of her stretched pussy lips and the nuisance of Joanne’s appearance were forgotten. ‘Megan McMurray is a tempting package. But she’s tied to some pretty serious baggage.’ Instinctively her gaze went to the side of the house adjacent to number
. She believed, for an instant, she could see through the walls and glimpse the dark and sinister figure that resided there. ‘The McMurray girl is tied to some very serious baggage,’ she repeated. ‘I wouldn’t want to see Ronnie or Charlie get on the wrong side of Mr McMurray.’


4 Cedar View


The cellar was lit only by a scarlet bulb. The glow turned pale flesh bloody, and darkened the darkest recesses. The room should have been spacious but the lack of light made it claustrophobic, gloomy and foreboding. Strengthening beams had lowered the ceiling. Thick chains dangled from them like remnants of the world’s largest cobweb.

Caught in the spider web of chains was a near-naked woman. Her hands were tied behind her back, secured by leather cuffs. Her legs were bound at the ankles by thick black straps. Loops of leather, taut around her chest, made her modest breasts bulge in an explosion of trapped flesh. A tight-fitting mask hid the upper half of her face, while the lower half was distorted beyond recognition by a ball-gag that stretched her mouth open in a silent scream. A leather thong exposed her backside but kept her sex a thinly veiled secret. Chains beneath her shoulders and hips suspended her above the floor.

Max studied her without speaking. His brow was wrinkled by a solemn frown. The cane in his hand twitched as though he longed to use it but hadn’t yet decided how. He was tall, broad and powerfully
; his shaved head almost touched the lowest of the beams. Black tattoos, in Celtic and tribal designs, covered his muscular biceps. His jeans were tight and faded. His crisp white wife-beater, bloody in the crimson light, was stretched across a broad and manly chest.

He stood motionless, admiring her and her initiative at having prepared herself in this way for his return home. He doubted there were many wives so thoughtful as to make themselves available to their husbands in such a unique and exciting way.

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