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Ink Me (8 page)

“No one’s going to see. It’s nearly three in the morning.”

“But someone might, someone could—oh, god.” She moaned as he
slid out to the very tip of his cock and then rammed back inside of her,
completely filling every inch of her pussy and banishing the last of her
protests. How could she concentrate on the slight chance of discovery when she
was being fucked so hard her breath came in desperate little grunts, and the
sound of skin slapping against skin was louder than the calls of the killdeer
flying through the night sky around them?

Aidan fucked her mercilessly, holding nothing back, giving
her all of him, abandoning himself completely to the pleasure they found
together. Summer managed to hold off her own orgasm for a few more thrusts,
struggling to draw out the moment, but he knew her body too well. He knew how
much she loved feeling him take her, not make love to her or anything so
politically correct, but
her, make her is own, make her feel
possessed, loved and so desired that he himself couldn’t manage to maintain

“I’m going to come, Summer, I’m going to come in my pussy.”

She cried out as her orgasm hit just as Aidan shot himself
inside of her. His cries and groans and muttered words of adoration filled the
air just behind hers and Summer had to smile. What was it about hearing him
claim her pussy as his own that did it for her? She had no idea, but it did,
and he knew it did, and she loved that he knew.

Hell, she just loved

“I love you,” she whispered as he leaned over her, bracing
his arms on the hood on either side of her as he regained his breath.

“I love you too.” He laughed and dropped a soft kiss on her
cheek that turned into a tender tangling of tongues when she moved to catch his

“You ready to go home and face the third degree from my mom?”
she finally asked, though she made no move to stand up or separate their

“Hell yeah. Carter should be gearing up for his four a.m.
wailing session pretty soon so the timing will be perfect. I can’t wait to hold
him and Kelsey. Nights like tonight make you want to give your kids a hug,” he
said, then added with a small thrust of his hips, “and fuck your wife.”

“I think you got that last part covered.”

“For tonight at least, but we’ll see about tomorrow.”

“Easy, killer, your pussy might have to recover for a night
or two.”

“I don’t know, she’s pretty resilient,” he said as they
finally separated and he helped her back into her t-shirt and jeans, leaving the
bra on the floor of the front seat.

Oh well, her mother would be having such a fit once she
learned what had happened to them tonight she probably wouldn’t even notice
that her eldest daughter wasn’t wearing a bra. Besides, she was thirty years
old and if she wanted to go without a bra in her own home, she damn well could.

“Maybe we should look into building a little house in the
backyard for Mom,” Summer said. “Just so she feels like she has her own place.”

“And so we can start fucking like animals again?”

“So maybe she’ll stop cooking breakfast.”

“And so we can start fucking like ani—”

“Yes, that too.” Summer laughed and hopped back into the
passenger’s seat of the car. “At least until the kids get old enough to
understand what they’re hearing.”

“Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” He
smiled and started the car, and Summer knew as she looked at the man across
from her that they would.

They would deal with any hardship, any challenge and they
would do it together. She and Aidan were a matched set, their love as permanent
as anything she ever put in ink on the canvas of someone’s skin.


About the Author


Anna J. Evans came back to her true love of writing fiction
after working Off-off-off-Broadway and in a few Hollywood C-movies. She quit
the biz to become a stay at home Mom-Writer and she’s loving every minute of

Anna lives in Arkansas with her Air Force husband, her
real-life romantic hero, their three kids and all the stories still making
their way from her imagination to the page.

Anna has been awarded multiple Recommended Reads for her
paranormal and fantasy erotic adventures, but her favorite feedback always
comes from fans. So feel free to drop her a line or join her newsletter,


Anna welcomes comments from readers. You can find her
website and email address on her author bio page at





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