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Authors: Anna J. Evans

Ink Me (3 page)

Summer’s pussy was by far the sweetest place his mouth had
ever ventured and the temptation swiftly proved too much for Aidan to resist.

“Wait, stop,” Summer said, her nails digging into the skin
at the back of his neck as he pulled aside the scrap of fabric covering her sex
and let his tongue lap her slit, just once.

But once was all it took. He could taste her heat, feel how
wet she was, how firm and swollen her clit had become. She was ripe and ready
for him and he couldn’t wait another second to have her pussy completely at his

With a growl, he lifted her in his arms and pushed her back
onto the futon. He stripped her of her panties in seconds and fell between her
legs, spreading her thighs wide with his hands behind her knees. The damn boots
she still had on only made it harder to slow his pace as he lowered his mouth
to her sex.

Who knew a pair of shoes could work such magic on a man?

She had, evidently. Summer had clearly known this outfit
would drive him to the brink and Aidan vowed to show her how much he
appreciated her effort.

“God damn.” He moaned as he captured her buttocks in his hands
and lifted, exposing her even more fully to his inspection. He’d always loved
the strangely soft black hair that surrounded her sex, would never have asked
her to shave, but he couldn’t deny that seeing her completely bare was
shockingly erotic.

The lips of her pussy were dark pink, swollen and plump like
some exotic fruit past ready for the plucking. Her cunt was already dripping,
the evidence of her desire running down her thighs. Her well was filled with
clear, milky fluid and Aidan couldn’t resist dipping his tongue inside, tasting
the most intimate flavor of this woman who had always affected him unlike any

“Aidan, stop. God, I hate to say it, but you’ve got to stop.”
She pushed at his hands, and wriggled her hips free of his grip.

Her struggles only made him hold her tighter. There was no
way she was going to convince him to stop now, not when the bud of her clit
strained toward his mouth, practically begging him to lick, suckle and bite. He
was going to make her come—hard, screaming and digging her nails into his skin.

Then they could talk about what she wanted to happen next.

“Aidan, I mean it.”

“Stop moving,” he ordered, then he opened his mouth and
captured her clit. Immediately he began to suck her, pulling with deep, firm
suction even as his tongue stabbed in and out of her entry. She cried out and
churned her legs on either side of his head, but he subdued her easily, forcing
her legs to open even wider as he pinned her knees to the bed.

“If you make me come like this, you’re going to have to pay
the price,” she panted, still twisting beneath him, though he could feel her
resolve starting to weaken. She wasn’t fighting nearly as hard and had even
started to buck into his mouth with shallow little thrusts of her hips.

“Whatever you say, Omi Yami,” he said, intensifying his

“Oni Yuri,” she said, arching her back with such force that
her kimono gaped open.

Aidan rolled his eyes up to see her tight, dusky nipples
reaching toward the ceiling, see her hands fisted in the red fabric at her
sides, and knew it wouldn’t be much longer. He moaned his appreciation for her
abandon against her clit, increased the speed of his thrusts into her cunt, and
let one finger slide up to tease the puckered ring of her ass. She cried out as
he breached her rear entry with his middle finger, but he barely had time to
thrust once, twice, inside her before she was coming—with indescribable

“Yes, baby, yes,” Aidan mumbled against her pussy, lapping
at the cream that flowed from her body. He could actually see her inner petals
trembling as she found release, feel the violent contraction of her inner walls
against the finger buried deep inside her.

“Aidan, god,” she moaned, blood red nails raking down his
shoulders with enough force to draw real blood.

Aidan groaned as the stinging grooves filled with warm
fluid, shocked to find that the pain turned him on even more. After being this
close to her, tasting her, watching her come, he was already a wreck. He couldn’t
ever remember being this hard. Every inch of him ached to be inside her with a
ferocity that almost scared him. Add the strange eroticism of her scratch marks
on his shoulders and he was done for.

He ripped at the close of his pants, fumbling with the
button fly as he struggled to free his cock. He needed to be inside her ten
minutes ago and his hands actually trembled as he pulled himself through the
opening in his boxer briefs and prepared to guide his aching length into the
sweet heat of her pussy. She was still coming down from her first orgasm and he
knew once he was inside her, he could easily take her to those same heights

“I want to feel you come again, on my cock,” he mumbled
against her lips as he lengthened over her, already parting her slick folds and
positioning the head of his erection at her entrance.

“Not so fast, my friend,” she panted against his lips as her
fingers reached down and captured his cock with a force that wasn’t exactly

But it wasn’t exactly painful either and that’s why Aidan
hesitated, why he made the mistake of holding off on thrusting forward until he
saw exactly what she had in mind.

“Now you have to pay the price, remember?” Faster than he
could say “blue balls”, she was out from under him, rolling to her feet and
tightening the belt on her robe. He sat up and reached for her, but she stopped
him with a size six stiletto boot in the center of his chest.

“Shit,” he grunted, stopping his forward movement. The damn
thing hurt like a son of a bitch.

Still, with her leg raised like that, he had a killer view
of her bare pussy, still swollen and glistening from the force of her release.
For a second Aidan warred with himself. Maybe being impaled on Summer’s shoe
would be worth it if he could just get his hands on her, could just convince
her to slide all that slick heat down over his aching cock.

“Now we play my way.” She pushed with her foot until he was
forced to lay back on the bed or learn exactly what it would feel like to have
the sharp heel of her shoe poke through a few of his ribs. “Oni Yuri’s way.”

Aidan looked up at the woman who stood at the end of the
bed, looking like a very dangerous wet dream, and suddenly wondered what the
hell he’d gotten himself into.

Chapter Three


“Okay, fine, whatever you want just—”

“No talking. You’re going to have to earn the right to talk,”
Summer said, strutting over to the sound system and punching a few buttons. Her
body still hummed from the force of her orgasm and she felt wildly,
fantastically alive. Time for something a little more hardcore than sitar
classics. “Now get undressed.”

She didn’t even look over her shoulder to make sure he was
doing as she commanded, she could already hear the slight rustling of his
clothes. Even if she couldn’t, she was suddenly very, very sure of herself. She’d
seen how desperate he was to fuck her. His cock was insanely hard. The man was
practically purple, several shades darker than the gray boxer briefs he was

Summer had to suppress a grin at the thought. Poor Aidan, he
had no idea what he’d gotten himself into. She just hoped she would be able to
dance the line with him as well as he had always danced it with her. She was
going to have to be careful to only tease, not torment. Considering how
rampantly ready he was, she might even have to speed up the pace of her plans a

After all, she loved the man and only wanted to drive him
mad with lust, not truly push the limits of his sanity.

“Are you laughing?”

“Are you talking without permission? I think that earns you
a punishment.” Summer slipped in a new CD and forced away the last of her

This was never going to work if she was giggling like an
idiot. Oni Yuri didn’t giggle. She didn’t find her work funny in the slightest.
She found domination seductive, erotically intoxicating. It gave her a rush to be
in a position of power, of ultimate control. If Aidan would allow her to have
that rush, she would reward him beyond his wildest imaginings.

If he couldn’t play by the rules, however, there were
punishments to be passed out as well…

As the pulsing beat of her new music began to fill the air,
Summer walked over to the large wicker basket in the corner of the room. Most
days of the year, this very same basket served to hold her and Aidan’s dirty
laundry—dirty whites specifically since she had a larger one for the darks. But
that was the function it served for Summer, a woman who presorted her laundry
and other such mundane daily activities.

For Oni Yuri, this basket was where she kept the instruments
of her greatest pleasure, the restraints that would enable her lover to achieve
the ultimate freedom of pure, orgasmic bliss.

“Is that what I think it is?” Aidan asked, his voice still
husky with need, but edged with a hint of caution.

“You’re talking again, my love. Let me assure you that you
only delay your satisfaction every time you disobey Lady Tigerlily,” Summer
said, her voice sounding almost foreign to her ears.

Her pretend name didn’t sound silly anymore, it didn’t make
her feel shy or embarrassed, it made her feel nothing but pure, magical
excitement. She was coming into her role, enough for it to feel completely
natural to pull one length of hemp rope from the basket with slow sensuous
movements. Keeping eye contact with Aidan, she twined the rope around her own
shoulders and down between her breasts. The portion that hung past her waist
she tucked between her legs. Then she squeezed her thighs, letting it show on
her face how very nice it felt to have the rope rubbing against her engorged

“God.” Aidan swallowed hard as his eyes darted from her face
to her crotch and back again. “You want me to tie you up?”

“Not quite,” Summer said with a slow smile, deciding to let
him get away with talking for the time being.

Aidan was one of the chattiest men she’d ever met, a far
stretch from the strong, silent type. It was one of the things she loved about
him and probably one of the reasons she’d decided he should remain silent
during the actual tying of the Takate Kote. She knew it was going to be hard as
hell for him to obey that rule and would give her all the excuse she needed to
draw out his climb to ecstasy.

“That’s a very wicked grin on your face, Lady Tigerlily,” he
said, the name not sounding strange on his lips anymore either.

He was really ready to play, to abandon himself to the
experience. She could see it in every eager line of his body. His eyes still
held a hint of wariness, but that was to be expected and even added to the
game. Oni Yuri enjoyed breaking in a new lover, showing them the joy to be
found in abandoning control to the one who would tie them, restrain them, force
them to expose every inch of their body and soul to a kind of raw pleasure they
had never known before. There was nothing like that first time, nothing like
the anticipation of leading another into the erotic unknown.

“First we will have a lesson. If you show you are willing to
learn the lesson, willing to obey your Lady, then you will have a reward,” she
said, slowly approaching the bed. As she walked, she untied her kimono and let
it fall to the floor until she stood before him naked but for her boots and the
rope around her shoulders.

“Okay,” Aidan nodded, his hands fisted at his sides,
obviously making an effort to keep them to himself.

He sat completely nude on the side of the bed and it was
harder than Summer had thought it would be for her to resist closing the
distance between them. He was magnificent, every inch of his body strong and
lean and perfectly proportioned with the rest. She’d never thought she’d fall
for the big and brawny type, but the sexual charge between her and Aidan had
burned hot and fierce since the moment they met. He’d come into the shop
researching gang tattoos for a case he was working and left with her phone

They’d been naked, in bed, fucking like there wasn’t going
to be a tomorrow less than four hours later.

“How do you feel? Here?” she asked, lifting her foot between
his legs and giving his swollen balls a gentle nudge with the toe of her boot.

“I’ve been better.” He groaned and actually winced. God, she
didn’t know if he was going to make it at this rate, especially considering she
was far from an expert in Shibari.

She’d been studying the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage
for a few months, but most everything she’d learned had been from reading books
and alternative websites. Sure, she’d practiced tying the Takate Kote, the
traditional box tie, on one of the pose-able mannequins her friend Kara had at
her clothing store, but that wasn’t like the real thing. Hell, she didn’t even
know if she’d cut her hemp rope to the right length. The books said seven
meters, but to try eight meters if you were tying a Westerner because of their
larger body types. But then, most of the people being tied were women, not six-foot-two,
nearly three-hundred-pound men.

Summer had ended up cutting the ropes into eleven-meter
strips, figuring it would be better to have too much rather than too little.
The practice runs had gone very smoothly, but she wasn’t certain that she would
be able to get the ropes positioned correctly if she were in a rush. Better to
let Aidan take a little of the edge off before she got started.

“You may kneel on the floor,” Summer said, the perfect
erotic “lesson” arising in her mind.

“May I use a pillow, Oni Yuri?” he asked, already climbing
off the bed and onto the floor. The man was eager, crazy eager, and it made
things low in Summer’s body clench with excitement and her heart practically
leap out of her chest.

To think she’d been worried that he wasn’t as interested in
her sexually as he’d once been. It had obviously been her own insecurities
playing tricks on her if his reaction tonight were anything to judge by. The
wild enthusiasm with which he’d devoured her pussy had left her breathless, and
the way he looked at her right now, with such raw desire, was enough to make
her want to forget ropes and just wrestle him onto the bed and ride his cock
into the wee hours of the morning. He loved her, he desired her and he was
willing to do whatever it took to get his cock in her pussy, even call her Lady
Tigerlily and obey her slightest command.

But would he really let her tie him, let her guide their
lovemaking completely until he found release at her leisure? A part of her was
dying to know and it was that part that answered Aidan.

“You may use a pillow under your knees,” she said. He had an
old knee injury and she didn’t want him to be uncomfortable, at least not
kind of uncomfortable. “But you may not touch me with any part of your body
other than those that I expressly allow and you must be prepared to stop or
start at my command.”

“Okay. Stop or start what?” he asked, swallowing hard as she
knelt in front of him, close enough that she could feel the heat of his body
against her chest. Her nipples tightened into twin aching points and she
indulged the urge to slide the rough rope slowly back and forth across her
breasts. Desire zinged down between her legs with each stroke, tightening the
knot fisting in her womb and making her pussy as wet as it had been before
Aidan had devoured her a few minutes before.

Aidan watched her lazy movements for a few seconds before
closing his eyes, taking a deep breath and swallowing hard before opening his
eyes again. Summer watched as sweat broke out across his upper lip and forehead
and the pulse in his neck began to beat triple time. He was hurting, big time,
but she was getting ready to help take the hurt away…at least some of it.

She smiled as she turned around and dropped leisurely onto
all fours, presenting him with her ass.

“Stop or start fucking me,” she finally answered, tossing
the words over her shoulder as she spread her thighs a little wider and arched
her ass into the air, the age old invitation of a female ready to be mounted.

“Thank god.” He let out a relieved sigh and reached for her
but she stopped him with a word.

“Wait. Only with your cock, nothing else. You can touch me
with your cock, fuck me with your cock, but if you use your hands you fail the
test. If you don’t stop when I order you to, you will fail the test. And
believe me, you don’t want to fail, Aidan.”

“And why is that?”

“Because the reward for good behavior is very,

“I won’t fail, Oni Yuri,” he said, his eyes dark as he
positioned his cock at her entry. He used his hands to guide his swollen shaft
inside her, to help push through the hint of resistance as the lips of her
pussy pressed against him, but he didn’t touch her with anything except his
pulsing erection. Still, it took only a few seconds for him to shove his full
length deep inside her channel.

Summer moaned and wiggled her ass as he buried himself inside
her. Her vaginal walls pulsed around his thickness, gripping his length of
their own accord. Her breath came faster and her clit throbbed between her
legs. God, how she wanted him to touch her, to pinch her clit between his
fingers as he rammed all that hot, male need in and out of her pussy. She knew
she would come again, fast, and probably hard enough to make her forget her own
name, let alone how to tie an elaborate series of bondage knots.

Why had she wanted to play this game again? For the life of
her, at the moment, she couldn’t remember.

“But I do want to know one thing,” Aidan said as he thrust
slowly in and out of where she ached for him.

At the end of each thrust he rolled his hips and clenched
those muscles low in his body that made the head of his cock lap against the
sweet spot deep inside her. She moaned and rocked back against him. She hadn’t
believed the g-spot existed until she and Aidan became lovers. Thank god she’d
met him right after her twenty-second birthday. It would have been a shame to
waste many more years without knowing an orgasm could be such a savagely
abandoned thing, that she could allow herself to be so completely, wildly,
almost frighteningly out of control.

The first time she’d come like that she’d been half afraid
she was going to lose control of something a lot less sexy than her pussy. But
Aidan said he wouldn’t give a shit if she did, that nothing would turn him off
except knowing that she was holding back, afraid to lose herself completely to
the passion between them.

“What do you want to know?” she asked, closing her eyes and
rocking back a little harder until the flesh of her ass smacked against the
front of Aidan’s body, sending little tremors down to where her clit pulsed

“What happens if you don’t tell me to stop?” He followed the
words with a series of sharp thrusts that made Summer cry out. She’d been sure
he was giving her all of him before, but evidently he’d been holding back. His
cock suddenly seemed to reach places deep inside her where even he had never
been before. Was it possible for a man’s cock to grow longer simply from pure

She had no idea, but she was suddenly reminded of why she
wanted to tie him up in a few knots.

“Oh, I’ll tell you to stop,” she panted, still bucking back
against him with as much enthusiasm as before. Two could play that game.

“What if I come before you give the order? What if I come
and fill up this pussy with my—”

“You won’t come before I do, you never do. You’re too
obsessed with making me orgasm,” Summer said with a satisfied smile that she
was glad he couldn’t see. No need to rub salt in the wound. He knew she was

Aidan found it physically impossible to get off unless he
knew she had gotten off at least once first. It was a mental glitch of his, one
Summer was appropriately grateful for. Sure the man might also need to arrange
his jeans in order from dark to light as they hung in their closet, but she
could put up with that anal retentiveness as long as he was so delightfully
compulsive when it came to her pleasure.

“You’re awfully sure of yourself for a woman whose pussy is
about to squeeze my dick in half. You’re close, so fucking close. Come for me,
baby, put your fingers on your clit and come for me, Summer.”

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