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Authors: Anna J. Evans

Ink Me (4 page)

“Stop,” she said, the satisfaction of hearing him groan in
frustration almost making up for the wail of protest her own body sent up when
he did indeed stop thrusting in and out of her heat.

It was the use her real name that did it. If he had lost
touch with the game that much, it was past time to rein him back in. She might
not ever get the chance to be Oni Yuri again, but she had tonight and she was
going to make sure she made the most of every single second.

“Pull out.” The words were cool and her voice amazingly
under control considering how her racing pulse still pounded in her ears. Aidan
was right, she’d been seconds away from losing it and now she was suffering the
consequences. Her skin felt too tight, her lips were well on their way to being
numb, and her clit was starting to feel bruised.

“Please Omi— Oni— Lady Tigerlily, please let me fuck you.
Let me fuck your pussy. I wish you could see how wet you are, what it looks
like when my cock disappears inside you and comes out with—”

“Pull out now, and you’ll pass the test and be on your way
to pleasure. Continue to argue and you will have to be punished again,” Summer
said, closing her eyes and licking her lips as she imagined the sight he had
just described.

He knew she was as visually oriented as most men. She and
Aidan had four mirrors in their bedroom and they made the most of them. She
loved to watch him fucking her, see his cock working in and out of her body. He
knew that and was doing his best to use it against her. He was a naughty boy,
very naughty, but Lady Tigerlily had a sense of humor. After all, what was the
fun in subduing a man with no fight in him?

Still, he’d better get his cock out of her in the next ten
seconds or he would receive the threatened punishment. Even if it the
punishment would torture her as much as it would him.

But then, that was also part of the fun.

“Damn it,” Aidan cursed under his breath as he eased slowly
from her body. He hissed as his cock sprang back to full attention, his length
practically glued to his stomach and straining all the way up to his navel.

“That looks…uncomfortable.” Summer forced herself to conceal
her own discomfort as she turned and surveyed his cock. Thick veins now stood
out up and down his length and his engorged head leaked a single tear of fluid.

“It feels like my fucking cock has a fever,” Aidan said,
hands on his hips and abdominal muscles bunching delightfully as he stared down
at his member with distaste.

“Then I’ll have to cool it down,” Summer said, knowing she
had to put his mind back on pleasure, and quickly. It wouldn’t do for him to
lose his sense of humor and put an end to the fun before they’d even really
started. “After we tie the first knots.”

“Tie the first knots,” Aidan repeated, shooting her a wary
look. “We’re talking about tying
, right?”

talking about tying you. You won’t be
talking any more. You will show your obedience to your Lady with silence.”

“Okay, well—”

“Silence. Right now.”

His blue eyes met hers and she felt the challenge in them.
Was she serious? How far did she really mean to take this game? Could she
handle the responsibility of being in the sexual driver’s seat?

He wasn’t sure, she could read it in his face, and that made
Summer all the more determined. She willed her eyes to be as blank and
expressionless as Oni Yuri’s would be. She was a woman so confident that she
didn’t feel the need to put on a show of that confidence to anyone else. She
was calm, still, and unreadable and would reveal to her uke who was the master
in their relationship with her actions and her skill.

Aidan held her eyes for seconds that seemed to stretch on
forever as the music pulsed around them. His breath grew faster, while hers
slowed. He began to shift uncomfortably on his knees, while she stood as still
as the center of a storm. Finally he broke eye contact, his gaze darting to the
rope in her hands with a sigh that signaled his submission, at least for the

“You may kneel on the bed now.” Summer followed close behind
him, crawling onto the satin sheets and positioning herself at his back.

“Hands behind you, grasping your opposite elbows,” she
whispered against the salty skin of his neck, letting her tongue dart out to
caress his flesh. She sighed at the taste. It reminded her of a time early in
their relationship when they’d frequented the gym together, seeing how long
they could pump iron before they ran home to pump something else.

It had been far too long since she’d seen Aidan hot and
sweaty, fresh from a workout, and Summer made a silent vow to renew her
membership to the gym. After all, hadn’t she been thinking it was past time for
her to be getting back in shape?

“Let me attend to your wrists and then I’ll be sure to spend
some time attending to something else,” Summer said, reaching around Aidan’s
body to run a light, teasing hand up and down his length, just once, before she
began her work.

He groaned, but didn’t say a word, holding completely still
as she looped the rope around one wrist and secured it to his opposite elbow
before beginning on the other. He was behaving himself perfectly. Now it was up
to her to make sure he was appropriately rewarded. Summer smiled as she worked
and thanked god she’d installed a fountain drink station in the break room.
Otherwise she would have had a hell of a time finding ice on minute’s notice
and then how would she have managed to attend to her Luke’s fevered cock?

Chapter Four


It’s just a game, man, it’s just a game.

Aidan swallowed hard and tried to will away the anxiety that
threatened to rise within him. This was just a game, a little sexual
role-playing, and Summer would let him go any time he asked. Hell, he could
probably bust free of the ropes if he really wanted to. They didn’t feel that

“You’re being wonderfully obedient. I think you deserve a
reward,” Summer whispered into his ear before capturing his lobe in her teeth
and biting down hard enough to make his breath catch.

Then she was gone, disappearing behind him. Aidan fought the
urge to turn and look for her, to wriggle free of the ropes and go lift her
into his arms. Would Oni Yuri like it if the game changed, if her submissive
decided to turn the tables and take her up against the wall?

His cock throbbed hungrily at the thought.

Don’t do it
She’s put a hell of a lot of time
into this. Just relax and try to enjoy it.

Too bad that was easier said than done. There was a reason
he’d never asked Summer to turn the tables when it came to their bondage play.
He wasn’t one-fifth the control freak she was, but ropes, handcuffs, any kind
of restraint, brought back memories from his time on the Vice squad that he
would rather forget. He’d been undercover working a case at an illegal
prostitution ring early in his career when someone had ratted him out. He’d
been tied and beaten and left for dead in an abandoned warehouse. It had taken
two days for his superiors to find him. Two days sweating to death, unable to
wipe away the salty fluid dripping into his eyes or the flies who found him in
the first few hours of his captivity. It had nearly been enough to break his
mind and had certainly broken his body. He’d been so dehydrated, he’d nearly

Just thinking about those days made sweat break out on his
upper lip and trickle down toward his mouth. Aidan swallowed hard and took a
deep breath, willing his thoughts back to more enjoyable memories. He closed his
eyes and thought about his cock moving in and out of Summer as she knelt in
front of him. She had been so wet that his erection had gleamed, reflecting the
candlelight as he pumped in and out, getting completely coated in her juices.

A small groan burst from his chest against his will. Fuck,
those thoughts weren’t safe either. His cock already ached, burned with the
need to come, to ram away inside Summer’s softness until he exploded. If he let
his thoughts dwell too much on that need, he was going to go crazy.

He needed to think safe thoughts, quiet thoughts, cooling
thoughts. Like…contemplating the fact that Summer’s mother was still visiting
and would probably be waiting up for them no matter how late they arrived home.
He loved Machiko, but she’d done her share to put a damper on their sex life.
She hardly ever slept and insisted on taking the room right next to theirs
because it had better Feng Shui. He’d been pretty sure that was a Chinese
thing, not Japanese, but what the hell did he know? Machiko had been a little
off since Summer’s dad fell off the wagon last year and he did his best not to
ask too many questions.

A loud rattling sound pulled Aidan’s attention back to the
present, surprising him enough to draw his attention over his shoulders to where
Summer now stalked back toward him holding a paper cup.

A paper cup? What the fuck? Was she taking a time out for a
drink? Was she going to give him a drink as his “reward”? He didn’t want a
fucking drink, he wanted her pussy, his cock
her pussy specifically

“What a horrible expression you have on your face. If I didn’t
know better, I’d think that you were angry with your Lady.” Summer stopped a
few feet away from where he knelt on the bed and smiled as she dipped her hand
into the cup and pulled out a piece of ice. Slowly she began to tease the ice
across her lips, down the length of her neck and then further down to trace the
outline of her nipples. They were already erect, but tightened further as she
moved the swiftly melting ice across her skin. She moaned and closed her eyes
as she caressed herself and things low in his body clenched violently in

He’d never imagined he could be so insanely envious of a
piece of ice, but he was. He wanted that to be his mouth, his tongue licking at
her dark, rosy tips, preferably as his cock penetrated her cunt.

One track mind. You have a one track fucking mind.

He opened his mouth to speak, to beg her to please end this
torture, but she stopped him with a hard look.

“Don’t talk. If you talk, you won’t get your reward.” She
slipped the piece of ice into her mouth when she finished speaking and moved
closer to the bed.

Aidan held his breath as he watched her kneel before him,
her eyes dark with the promise of his pleasure. With a toss of her head, she
flipped her hair over one shoulder and angled her mouth so that he could watch
as she moved closer to his engorged cock.

Oh god, yes.

He cried out, a sound born half of pleasure and half of pain
as she parted her lips and slid just the plump head of his erection into her
cool, wet mouth. She teased him with her tongue and the sliver of ice, rolling
around the ridge of his cock, stimulating the most sensitive part of him until
he thought he’d go mad. Then, and only then, did she start to suckle him,
slowly taking more and more of his length inside her swiftly warming mouth.

Aidan struggled to resist the urge to thrust, not wanting to
do anything that might make her stop the magic she was working on his aching
shaft. But, god, it was so hard to control himself. He couldn’t ever remember
being this ready, this
ready, to come. He needed release, needed
her to suckle him just a little harder, just a little deeper and he would
finally be able to shoot himself between her lips and reclaim his vanishing

Summer moaned against his cock, pulling back far enough for
him to see that her lipstick had stained his shaft before she drew his length
back into her mouth again. It was the lipstick that did it, that took him over
the edge.

“Fuck this,” he said, pulling at the bonds that held him. He
was going to free himself and then he was going to fuck her, spread open her
legs and fuck her with all the mad lust that she’d built inside him.

“Oh no, you talked,” she said, pulling away from his cock
with a sad little look. In seconds she was standing again, her nude body only a
few feet away from him, taunting him as he struggled uselessly against her

“God, please. I couldn’t help it. Untie me and let me fuck
you. I’m going to lose my mind,” he begged, shocked to find that his voice
sounded near tears.

Aidan could count the times he’d cried as a grown man on one
hand and those had been extraordinary situations. He hadn’t cried when he’d
been tied up in that warehouse or either of the times he’d taken a bullet and he
wasn’t about to fall apart because of a frustrated hard-on. Using pure force of
will, he pulled himself together and got his mind, and his voice, under

“I’m sorry. Forgive me, Oni Yuri. I’ll take whatever
punishment you think I should suffer for breaking my silence,” he said, forcing
the words out through his tightened jaw.

“You’ve already had your punishment, you didn’t get to come
in my mouth,” she said, leaning over to press the softest of kisses against his
temple. The touch of her lips almost undid him again, but he only sucked in a
breath and held it, trying to think of cold winter snow, war torn countries,
dead puppies, whatever it took to keep his mind off of his rampaging lust.

“Now we will finish the Takate Kote.”

The what?

It wasn’t the first time she’d used the phrase, but for the
first time it made him nervous. Whatever it was, it didn’t sound natural or
pleasant. Summer had always been proud of her culture and he usually supported
her interests wholeheartedly. He was proud when she took college classes in
calligraphy and endured being left by his lonesome last spring while she
attended a three-week Japanese tattoo intensive in Okinawa. He was even a good
sport when she dragged him to eat sushi every other weekend.

But whatever this was, this “take it and coat it, or cut it”
or whatever it was, did
sound like his idea of a good time.

Still, he held his peace as she began to wrap a portion of
the rope around the top of his chest, looped something through his wrist
restraints, and then began repeating the wrapping on the bottom of his chest,
just above where his rib cage ended. He was not going to be accused of wimping
out in the middle of their game, but shit, she was going to owe him one. Owe
him a

The thought actually made him grin as he imagined getting
Summer to indulge his love for sex with a little danger of being discovered.
Maybe she would finally consent to let him sneak into the dressing room with
her and fuck her while other women tried on clothes all around them. Or join
him in the ocean when they went to San Diego next summer. God, he’d love to be
inside of her, slowly thrusting in and out, making her come while people swam
through the waves around them, completely unaware.

Summer had told him he was a sick fuck on more than one
occasion for wanting to get busy in public. But after this Lady Tigerlily
incident, his sick little cookie had absolutely no room to talk.

“There, you’re finished,” she said, standing back to survey
her work. Aidan felt a little like a hog-tied calf at the rodeo, but she’d done
an excellent job of tying the knots. They didn’t chafe or burn, only held him
firmly in the position she had chosen.

And though he hated to admit it, the position was more than
a little erotically stimulating. With his arms tied behind him and his chest
bound, he was suddenly even more hyper-aware of his body below the waist.
Whether it was the pressure of the bonds or simply the knowledge that he would
only be able to move certain parts of his body, he couldn’t’ say. But he could
say, without a doubt, that his cock had now reached some sort of breaking

The head of his dick wept, trailing clear fluid down the
side of his shaft. He’d never seen his body do anything like that, but then he’d
never wanted to come this badly or been brought to the edge so many times
without release.

“Now, let’s get you comfortable,” Summer said as she began
gathering a few of the larger pillows from the floor and piling them onto the
bed behind him.

Comfortable? Was she fucking kidding him?

He would never be comfortable until she let him come, no
matter how many pillows she arranged. Please, god, let her decide to put him
out of his misery soon. It was hell watching her move around him freely, naked,
with those boots reaching nearly up to her pussy and not being able to tackle
her and roll her beneath him. He could still smell her arousal in the air,
could sneak glimpses of her damp cunt as she bent over and gathered the
pillows. Combined with the bonds and the pulsing music filling the room, he was
pretty sure he would lose his mind in the next few minutes unless she decided
to offer him some much needed relief.

“Lay back,” she directed, pushing on his chest.

Aidan shifted his knees to one side and did as she asked,
settling back onto the pillows. He wasn’t up to resisting anymore, was willing
to do anything she said, be anything she needed him to be, if she would only
fuck him, grant him entrance to the paradise of her body.

“You’ve done so well, better than I expected,” she said as
she stood above him, boots planted on the bed at either side of his hips.

Her position afforded him a clear view of her pussy, her
lips still rosy and plump, engorged with her desire. A strangled sound burst
from his throat and he knew he was looking at her cunt like a man lost in the
desert whose first glass of water in days was being held just out of his reach.

For some reason he couldn’t begin to fathom, the sound
seemed to please her immensely, so immensely that tears came to her eyes.

“I love you so much, so fucking much,” she whispered as she
bent her knees and lowered her body on top of his. With infinite tenderness,
she took his throbbing, wounded cock in her soft little hands and guided him
into her pussy.

Then she braced her hands on his chest and started to ride
him, hard and fast, slamming down onto his cock with complete abandon. Animal
sounds filled the room as Aidan met her thrust for thrust, bucking up into her
tight sheath with nothing resembling gentleness. They were beyond that now,
fucking with a wild rhythm that had her breasts bouncing, hair flying wildly
around her body as she took the full force of his need between her legs.

Faster and faster, he pounded in and out of her slick heat
until he felt her squeeze him with her thighs. She threw her head back and
screamed, a flush staining her breasts as she started to come. Her pussy
gripped him like a fist and Aidan roared as his own orgasm crashed over him
with breath-stealing power.

“Summer!” He called her name and squeezed his eyes shut
against the horrible pleasure. His balls were still bruised-feeling, throbbing
and heavy between his legs, but god it felt so good, so fucking good to come
inside her. His cock jerked powerfully inside her sheath as cum pulsed from his
body in sharp jets.

He arched his back until his hips lifted off the mattress,
carrying Summer into the air as the final fierce waves of pleasure seemed to
wring his very soul from his body. Aidan’s vision blurred, the music faded into
the distance and he felt for a moment completely at peace, liberated by passion
in a way he had never in his wildest dreams thought possible.

Slowly, he felt his spirit settle back into his body, like
sand sifting down through water. He felt so warm and safe. Still a bit raw, but
incredibly content, profoundly sated, the level of satisfaction as intense as
his desire had been only minutes before.

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