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Authors: Anna J. Evans

Ink Me (7 page)

“Aidan, you should have gotten one just in case. What if you
wake up tomorrow and feel like crap?” Summer ran her long red nails through her
hair, giving him a look that clearly said she thought he was taking the tough
guy act a little too far. He just grinned back at her.

She still looked psychotically hot, even though the nails
and loose hair were all that remained of Lady Tigerlily since she’d changed
into her work jeans and a t-shirt before driving him to the hospital. They’d
made it there in record time thanks to the police escort and Officer Chavez’
decision that their official statements could wait until tomorrow. The police
already had a full confession from Kelly and the paramedic’s assurance that old
Jake was going to survive his chest wound so Aidan and Summer’s testimony wasn’t
as necessary as it could have been.

“You ready to go, babe?”

“Yeah, but let’s head out through the front. I think I heard
you-know-who screaming in agony from the other direction and it would be cool
with me if I never saw her face again,” Summer said, helping him back into his

“She never would have made it through her whole tattoo,
probably would have wimped out before you finished ‘property’,” Aidan teased,
trying not to wince as Summer helped guide his bum arm through the appropriate
hole in his t-shirt.

He was getting stiff and sore, but not sore enough for
painkillers. Those things never did anything for him that a handful of Motrin
couldn’t accomplish and they wreaked havoc with his right mind. After the night
they’d had already, he knew Summer didn’t need to spend the next several hours
convincing him that there weren’t really spiders crawling up the walls of their

“I don’t know, I think she would have suffered anything for
her true love.” Summer rolled her eyes. “But good for her she wasn’t as
completely stupid as she looked. At least she’ll have both thumbs when she gets
sent to jail.”

In a surprising turn of events, Kelly had been the one to
call the police from
Ink Me
to turn herself, and Jake, in to the
authorities. Evidently she’d been rather attached to the rest of her thumb, not
to mention jealous of Jake’s attention to Summer. She’d told the arresting
officers that she would rather they both go to jail than have to watch him fuck
any more women in front of her. Thanks to her confession, Jake was now a
suspect in four unsolved rape cases, one count of homicide and they were both
going to be tried for a string of robberies in Reno.

Aidan felt the smile drop from his face as he thought about
that bastard and what he’d planned to do to Summer. Thank god they’d been able
to stop him, and that she’d shot the man in the chest. If she hadn’t gone for
the weapon, if he’d stayed tied and helpless and been forced to watch someone
rape the woman he loved more than—

“Aidan, you’ve got that look on your face again,” Summer
said, picking up her purse and looping her hand through the elbow of his good
arm as they headed out to the cashier’s desk.

“I can’t help it, I can’t stop thinking about that son of a
bitch. I felt so fucking helpless.”

“But that’s my fault, Aidan.”

“Your fault? Are you insane?”

“No, it
my fault. If I hadn’t wanted to tie you
up, to play that stupid—”

“I’m glad you wanted to play and it wasn’t stupid. I loved
it. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant at first because of what happened when I
was working Vice, but—”

“Oh my god.” Summer stopped dead in the middle of the hall
and clasped a hand over her open mouth. Aidan pulled her to the side as a
gurney rushed past. “I didn’t even think of that. Shit. I’m such an asshole. I
mean, how could I forget something like—”

“Because I don’t mention it that often. It’s not a big deal.
I promise. I would have asked you to let me go if I hadn’t been able to handle

“Shit, babe, I’m so sorry. I’m such a stupid—”

“Stop it,” Aidan said, bringing the pad of his thumb to her
lips to stop her before she could beat herself up any further. “Tonight would
have been nothing but pleasurable memories if those two hadn’t broken in. The
next time, we’ll just make sure we play in the privacy of our own home with the
burglar alarm armed.”

“You’re kidding me,” she said, looking up to catch his eye. “You’d
really want to do something like that again?”

“Sure, as long as I get to learn a few of your tricks,” he
said with a smile that he hoped left nothing to her imagination. He couldn’t
wait to get his hands on those ropes, to see what her breasts would look like
bound on either side by the thick hemp. It might take a little time for him to
be comfortable being restrained again, but he knew he would have no trouble
getting into tying up Summer and pleasuring her until she couldn’t remember her
own name. “Once your mom’s not sleeping right next door, of course.”

“Oh god, my mom. She’s probably flipping out wondering where
we are,” Summer said with a sigh as she began to forage in her purse,
presumably looking for her checkbook.

They had insurance, but it didn’t cover emergency room
charges, a fact that suddenly made Aidan even more frustrated. If Kelly and
Jake hadn’t shown up, they wouldn’t be getting ready to plop down all the money
he would have spent on a fabulous steak dinner on a bill for a gunshot wound.
And they most certainly wouldn’t be arguing over whether or not he’d enjoyed
Summer taking the lead in the bedroom. She would have remembered nothing except
how passionately they’d loved each other, how they’d both come more times in a
few hours than they had in an entire month in recent years.

Aidan felt something clench in his chest as he realized that
last thought might not be entirely true. When they’d first started making love
tonight, he’d sensed how hurt Summer was by what she saw as his growing lack of
interest in her sexually. He’d really fucked up. Sure, they’d both been really
busy lately, but that was no excuse for not making it a priority to show his
wife how deeply he desired her, how she could still make him hard with just the
touch of her hand.

“Wakayama-Tate?” the woman at the reception asked as they
approached the desk.

They’d hyphenated their names when they got married five
years ago from this very night. Aidan wondered what old Jake would have thought
about that? Not only was he faggot enough to let his wife tie him up, but he’d
taken her name as well.

“Let me get it, Summer.”

“Don’t be silly. Your arm’s all messed up, I’ll write the
check,” Summer said, already half way through signing her name. “Besides, it’s
all our money anyway. We’ll just have to put off getting a new mattress for the
futon, which I’m sure is going to make my mom really happy.”

Talking about futons, writing out five hundred dollar checks
for gunshot wounds and watching Summer get that weary, pinched look on her
face. Damn. This was not the way he’d expected their evening to end.

But then, maybe it didn’t have to end, not just yet…

“Your mom wasn’t expecting us home until late, right?”

“No, I told her not to wait up, but you know how she is. She
says that she won’t wait up, but she’s probably on her fifth pot of green tea,
sitting watch at the kitchen table with the—”

“So we’ll tell her to sleep in tomorrow, that we’re both
staying home from work so she doesn’t have to get crazy about getting up and
making breakfast.”

“Geez, I don’t know why she does that anyway. Does she think
we don’t know how to make our own breakfast? I mean, we did eat before she came
to visit and— Wait a minute. You don’t mean that you want to stay out, do you?”

Damn, she was giving him
look, the one that made
him feel like the out of control little brother she never had. How someone
three years younger and over a foot shorter could make him feel like a
delinquent teen he would never know, but he had learned how to deal with that
look over the years. Quickly, he changed tactics.

“No way. I’m exhausted. But we never did get to eat
anything. I think we deserve a little treat after the night we’ve had.”

“I don’t know, babe. I really feel like getting home, I just
want to—”

“I know. We won’t go anywhere big. How about a drive-in for
some burgers and shakes?”

“Chocolate shakes?” she asked, the small smile on her face
letting him know he’d captured her interest.

“Of course, what else?” he said with an answering grin. The
woman had two weaknesses, one was chocolate, the other one he’d already
exploited two or three times tonight.

Damn. Just the thought of eating her pussy, of the way she’d
tasted after he’d worked the strawberry from her cunt with his tongue was
enough to make him hard. As they walked out the automatic doors and into the
balmy night, he dropped a casual arm in front of his cock, hoping Summer wouldn’t
notice the raging erection straining the front of his jeans. He was going to
make sure she knew, once and for all, how much he desired her, but he wasn’t a

He’d get the chocolate shake in her first, then let her know
he was up for one last round before calling it quits. If there’s one thing he’d
learned in five years of marriage, it was not to come between Summer and
anything containing cocoa.

“Do you want to drive?” she asked, half-heartedly holding
out the keys.

Scratch that, make it two things he’d learned. Don’t touch
her chocolate and pretend he was fine with the maniacal way she drove.

“No, I’m fine with you driving,” he said, smiling innocently
as she shot a slightly suspicious look his way. “Maybe I’ll drive after we get
the food so you can eat. If my arm isn’t too stiff.”

That seemed to appease her and in seconds they were in the
car and headed toward the nearest Sonic. Then they would find a nice out of the
way spot to have a little talk, a talk that would hopefully end up with his
cock buried in her pussy and his wife knowing she was the sexiest woman in the
world. At least to one man.

Chapter Seven


Chocolate malted ice-cream blended with milk, topped with
whipped cream and three cherries. God. Damn. Who knew something so simple could
taste so amazing, especially after the night they’d had?

“You’re moaning again,” Aidan said from the driver’s seat.

“I’m having an M.O.”

“A mouth orgasm? It’s really that good?”

“Oh yeah, it’s really that good.”

“Are you going to save me a bite?”

“No way. If you’d wanted chocolate, you should have ordered
your own.”

“Fine, but you’re not getting a drink of my cherry slush.”

“Fine, I don’t want a drink of your cherry slush.”

“What a selfish bitch you are.”

Summer laughed, took another slurp of her shake and wiggled
the bare toes she’d hung out the window. Aidan had wanted to take the long way
home, which was fine with her. For some reason, she wasn’t as tired anymore.
Whether it was the caffeine in the chocolate, or just the knowledge that she
and Aidan were really safe and on their way home she couldn’t say. But she was
glad he’d suggested the food and the drive. It was nice to have a few more
peaceful moments together.

“What are you thinking?” he asked, his voice soft.

“Nothing, just that this was a good idea.”

“Good, I’m glad,” he said, shooting her a grin that made her
heart flip over. This was, no doubt, their weirdest anniversary on record, but
she was still grateful for the night. It had been a while since she’d felt her
stomach drop or her heart flip just from seeing her husband smile. It was nice.
Hell, it was more than nice, it was what she’d been praying for, and maybe that’s
why she felt strangely, wonderfully content at the moment.

Aidan was even doing that “driving with one arm out the
window” thing that usually drove her crazy, but for some reason it didn’t right
now. He looked sexy with the wind blowing through his hair, and she was
suddenly reminded of the long drives into the desert they took when they were
first dating. They’d both loved to get away from the lights of the strip, out
into the darkness where you could get a view of the stars like nothing she’d
ever seen.

And a view of each other in the back of his van.

She missed that van. They’d had a lot of fun in there once
they’d removed a couple rows of seats and flopped a futon mattress in the back,
but it eventually had to go. They’d needed a more reliable car and it didn’t
make sense to keep paying insurance on the Love Van when they so rarely got to
use it.

“Aidan, I think you missed the turn,” Summer said. One
problem with this particular road—it was pitch black and the streetlights didn’t
start until you were about half a mile away from their development. It was easy
to get lost if you weren’t paying close attention to where you were headed.

“I didn’t miss the turn. We’re just taking a different
route,” he said, not taking his eyes off the road in front of them.

“There is no different route.”

“Yes there is.”

“No there isn’t. We’ve lived there three years, I think I
should know—”

“One of us has the entire street system of the greater Las
Vegas metropolitan area memorized, and one of us got lost driving from her
parents’ house to where she went to high school,” he said.

“I hadn’t been back to visit in four years, things had
changed. Anyone could have gotten lost.”


“Smug bastard,” she muttered under her breath, but relaxed
back into the seat anyway. If he said he knew where they were going, he
probably did. Even if they were lost, who really cared? She had half a shake
left to finish and the night was beautiful, cool enough to enjoy the wind in
her hair, but not cold enough for a jacket.

“Speaking of bastards, we might as well talk as we drive,”
Aidan said, something in his tone making her nervous. Aidan was a talker, no
doubt, but he wasn’t a
. She was always the one who had to
instigate serious communication of any kind. The fact that he looked and
sounded ready to launch into a
made her nervous.

“Oh god, what’s wrong? Were you lying when you said you had
fun tonight? I mean, before all the stuff that obviously wasn’t fun.”

“No, of course I wasn’t, but this is part of what I wanted
to talk about. I’ve been a bastard, Summer, but I swear to you I didn’t realize
it until earlier tonight.”

“What do you mean?”

“You made it pretty clear you haven’t been feeling good
about our sex life and I wanted to apologize for anything I did to cause that.
I swear to you, you still get sexier to me everyday.”

This wasn’t at all the kind of talk she’d been expecting.
She hadn’t made it that obvious had she? She’d felt so confidant after playing
Oni Yuri that she’d almost forgotten how uncertain she’d been, but now all
those uncertainties came sweeping back, accompanied by a new concern. What if
he were just saying what he was saying because he felt bad? He was a sweet man
and he loved her. He wouldn’t want her to feel undesirable. But she didn’t want
his pity, didn’t want him to say what she wanted to hear if he didn’t genuinely
feel it.

“Aidan, you don’t have to say that. I know we don’t have as
much time as we used to, I know I don’t look the way I did when we were first
married and—”

“Stop it, I don’t want to hear you say anything like that
again. You’re hotter than when we were first married. I love the way you look,
the way you feel, the way you fuck even more than I did five years ago.” Aidan
turned off the main road and started up a winding dirt road. The rumble of
gravel competed with his words, but Summer could still hear the passion in his

But how could he sound so passionate when his actions lately
had been anything but? Before tonight, he’d virtually stopped initiating sex
completely and had actually turned her down twice when she’d tried to initiate
it herself. That wasn’t the man she used to know and sure as hell didn’t seem
like the behavior of a man who found his wife hotter and sexier than he did
when they were first married and fucking like bunnies.

“Then why don’t you seem like it? Aidan, you actually turned
me down twice. When we were first together you never would have—”

“I turned you down because I thought you were just offering
sex because you thought I wanted it. Summer, you’d been up half the night the
night before and you had dark circles under your eyes. I figured it would be
best for you to sleep, not screw.”

“Why don’t you let me decide what’s best for me? I’m a big
girl and sometimes I need to screw more than I need to sleep.”

“Okay, fine.” He turned on another, smaller road, and after
one more turn they emerged on top of one of the foothills surrounding Vegas.

“Wow,” Summer breathed as Aidan turned off the car. The view
was unbelievable. The air was so clear you could see the lights stretching out
across the entire basin.

“I found this place a few weeks ago. I was waiting to bring
you up here tonight so we could pretend we were teenagers and make-out in the
car. Does that sound like a man who isn’t interested?”

“No,” Summer said, turning to look at him and noticing the
decidedly predatory look in his eye. She was almost convinced, but one last
thing plagued her mind. “There’s only one thing I don’t understand.”

“What’s that?”

“This didn’t happen after Kelsey was born, so why this time

“Kelsey slept through the night at six weeks. Carter’s
almost five months old and he’s let us get a full six hours what? Once or
twice? And even it he did sleep, now we’ve got two in diapers, not one—”

“Kelsey’s almost potty-trained.”

“She is, and she’s a great big sister for a not quite
three-year-old, but she’s still a not quite three-year-old and she does her
share to wear us both out.”

“That’s why my mom came to help out for awhile.”

“Which creates its own set of problems. I love your mom,
Summer, but it doesn’t help me get into the mood for a wild no-holds-barred
fuck session knowing she’s right next door.”

“Well shit, Aidan, what do you want me to do? Send her home?
You know how Dad’s been lately. It breaks her heart to be in New York right now
and she loves getting to be with her grandkids every day.”


“Not to mention that, if she goes, we’re going to have to
try to hire a nanny to watch Kelsey and Carter when we’re not home in the
evenings because there’s no way I’m sending them to one of those all hours
daycares where the strippers’ kids go. Nothing against strippers, but really, I’m
just not going to do it. And I can’t stop working nights completely for at
least a few more years and—’

“Stop, babe, just stop.” He took her milkshake from her and
took a drink before setting it down in the cup holder and taking her hands. “I’m
not criticizing you or the kids or your mom, and I’m not asking for anything to
change. I love our life together. I just want you to know that no matter what
kind of obstacles we might have, I still love you more and want to fuck you
more every single day. I may not always get the chance to show it, but I feel

“Yeah?” Summer asked, her throat getting strangely tight.

“Yeah. You’re the only woman who’s ever made me feel so
alive and I feel so god damn lucky to get to share my life with you. I couldn’t
ask for a better partner, a better friend, a better mom for our kids or a
better lover. You practically made my heart stop tonight, you were so
beautiful, the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

That did it. Summer didn’t even try to stop the tears that
filled her eyes from spilling down her face. Instead, she crawled over the seat
and into Aidan’s lap, her crying turning to laugh-crying as she felt how hard
he already was.

“You dirty old man.”

“The dirtiest. I drove you up here to fuck you again, you
know. All that talking shit was just a distraction,” he said, hitting the
switch on the side of his seat that sent it moving backward. Once they had a bit
more room, he wasted no time in pulling her t-shirt over her head and reaching
around to unhook her bra.

“Right, I think it was just a way to sneak a drink of my
milkshake. I saw that, you know, and don’t think I won’t make you pay.” Summer
met his lips with hers even as she reached for the belt of his jeans, more than
ready to have all barriers between them removed.

“I’ll count on it, Omi Yami. Now get those jeans off so I
can fuck you.”

“That’s Oni Yuri, you ass hat.” She giggled, turning around
to sit in this lap as she struggled to get out of her jeans. She hadn’t quite
lost all her baby weight so it wasn’t necessarily easy, especially not with
Aidan rolling her nipples in his hands, making her squirm as the heat between
her legs began to reach the burning point.

Finally she made it out of her jeans and reached for the
waistband of her panties, but Aidan didn’t give her the chance. He simply
pulled the thong to one side, baring her pussy, and then stuffed himself into
her from behind. Summer moaned at the friction as he worked his cock deep
inside her. She was wet, but not that wet, and it hurt a little, maybe even
more than a little, but it also felt mind-numbingly good.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groaned into her neck, his
fingers pinching her nipples as he thrust up inside her, finally filling her

“Oh, god,” Summer moaned, a rush of wet heat flowing between
her legs as Aidan moved one hand to massage her clit in slow, teasing circles
and bit down on the sensitive skin at the base of her throat.

“How can you be this tight after two kids?” He reclined the
seat and pulled her back to lay on top of him and began to thrust slowly,
deeply, in and out of her body.

“I have no idea, especially with Carter having your enormous
skull.” Summer gasped and squeezed her eyes shut as Aidan suddenly spread her
knees even wider. One knee hit the window, but she didn’t care. It felt so
right to be spread open, with his cock filling her from behind and his fingers
working her clit. His other hand played up and down the front of her body,
toying with her nipples, brushing up the length of her neck, tracing the
outline of her lips.

She sucked two of his fingers into her mouth and bit down,
drawing a hiss from his lips and a quicker rhythm from his cock. She was close,
so close. With each time they’d come together tonight, it had been easier and
easier to reach the precipice and each tumble over the edge into pleasure had
been just a little wilder, just a little more intense. Even now, after all they’d
been through and a couple hours spent in the emergency room, she was still so
erotically charged, so primed for pleasure.

“Summer, babe, are you about to come, are you about to come
on my cock?” he asked, his breath hot in her ear, the way he said the word “cock”
almost enough to make her lose it right then.

“Almost. I’m almost there,” she panted, tilting her hips to
take even more of him inside her, meeting his thrusts with little bounces of
her ass.

“Good, then let’s take this outside.”

Summer gasped as Aidan opened the door and the cool desert
air met her bare skin. She’d thought it a warm night earlier, but after the way
they’d steamed up the car and each other, it felt chilly. Her arms immediately
broke out in goose bumps and her nipples puckered into tight points that
tingled and stung.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she asked as he moved his
legs out onto the ground and stood up, all while holding her tight in his arms,
still impaled on his cock.

“Fucking you on the top of this mountain.” He slammed the
door behind them and then turned and laid her down, belly first, on the hood of
the car.

“Aidan, stop it. Someone could drive up, someone could see,”
Summer protested, even as she braced herself against the warm metal of the
hood. The dichotomy of the cool air and the engine-warmed surface beneath her
felt strangely exciting, not to mention Aidan had more freedom to move now that
they weren’t crammed together in the front seat. That felt pretty fucking good
too, good enough for her to spread her legs and wiggle back to the edge of the
hood, determined to get even more of his cock inside her.

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