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The Submissive Sorority Girl (3 page)

Holy shit, did it ever feel good. The
stretching hurt a little, but not in a bad way, and I wondered how
big his cock really was; I had nothing to compare it to. He tried
going slow, but I was having none of that. Each thrust he made was
joined with another bucking of my hips, driving him hard and deep
inside me.

I came a mere minute later, bucking and
thrashing harder than ever before. Vibrators were great, but there
was absolutely no comparison to the real thing, and I was seeing
stars before my eyes with the sheer power of this orgasm.

My orgasm sent him off as well, and I could
feel his penis pulsing inside me as he shot his load. I might’ve
screamed loud enough to be heard back at the sorority house, but I
no longer cared. I simply wanted this to last forever.

He collapsed on top of me after he finished
cumming, but not for long. He slowly crawled beside me and we began
necking again. He kept one hand between my legs and the second on
my chest as we played tonsil hockey until he felt ready to try

My last orgasm had exhausted me, so I let him
control the pace this time. Taking it nice and easy, we both lasted
much longer this time and it was definitely a nice change from the
pure, carnal lust of our first time.

I thought I was ready to cum again after only
a few minutes, but I exerted all of my self-control and held it
back. I wanted to cum at the exact same moment as him this time,
but it wasn’t easy. Every time I suppressed the urge it seemed to
put me onto a new plateau of lust, driving me further than I
imagined possible.

I felt him pick up the pace as he got close,
and it took everything I had to contain my passion now. I thought I
was about to burst when I felt his penis begin to throb inside me
as he came. My own dam instantly burst at that moment and I joined
him with an orgasm so intense I couldn’t even scream this time.

It was such a massive relief of pent up
energy that I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t even
feel anything other than the waves of electric ecstasy crashing
through every fiber of my body. I came so hard I briefly saw spots
dancing in front of my eyes in the moment before I blacked out.
Both figuratively and literally, I’d been fucked senseless, and if
I could do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself
wrapped in a blanket in his arms, just outside the parking lot
where he’d parked his car. He kept us out of sight until he was
sure the coast was clear, and then bolted for it. Through either
luck or foresight, he’d parked right next to the woods where we
came out, and we made it without being seen.

He almost dropped me trying to open the back
door, but he got me safely inside where he quickly joined me. My
clothes were waiting for us there in a plastic bag, and I awkwardly
redressed myself with a little help from him.

Once I managed to compose myself, I smiled
sheepishly at him, unsure of where to start. Luckily, he broke the
ice first.

“So… can I take you to see a movie sometimes,
or maybe buy you a cup of coffee?”

After what we’d just been through, it was
such an unexpected thing for him to say that I actually broke out
laughing and couldn’t stop for over five minutes. He looked vaguely
offended for a minute or two, but then saw the humor in his
innocuous question.

His laughter joined mine, and all was good
again. I’d definitely go out on a date with him, but I hoped he had
more than coffee in mind by the end of the night. I’d also have to
thank Barb for the best surprise anyone had ever given me; the gift
of breaking me free from my shell.


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