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Authors: Edward Laste

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The Submissive Sorority Girl (2 page)

Darla was coming along nicely as a true
submissive, and I tried to make at least a little time for her each
day. Crystal and Beth were also looking like they had a natural
inclination for the lifestyle, and even wanted to be bound each
night while they studied. I wonder how it affected their

The only one who seemed interested in topping
the other girls (other than for a quick romp in the sack) was
Donna. She still liked to be tied up once in a while, but she had
the soul of a Domme in her and I taught her enough so she could be
in charge of our ‘study group’.

It was perfect timing, since it freed me up
to work on my plan with Darla. To be blunt, she was completely
chicken shit around boys, and that was the first thing I had to
work on. I started off by taking her on walks around campus or in
the nearby park, and cuffing her hands and/or feet in an awkward,
but safe way.

My favorite way was with a light jacket on
the occasional chilly evenings when it wouldn’t look out of place.
I’d cut holes inside the pockets of her jacket so I could cuff her
hands together and nobody would notice once it was buttoned up.

She was so scared the first time I did it I
thought she might pee herself, but by the time we got back to the
house, she was so excited and horny that she practically jumped me
in the front hallway. It appeared that my favorite little
submissive had an exhibitionist streak in her.

Our evening strolls became a part of our
daily routine, and if she pleased me enough that day, I’d reward
her with some outdoor bondage. The park had enough natural cover
that I could tie her up without much risk of discovery, and some of
her wildest orgasms happened out there while tied to a tree or
staked out spread eagle on the ground.

If she displeased me I’d make her wear a
butterfly vibe under her skirt and I’d torment her with it at
random intervals. She’d promise to do anything if I even hinted I
might make her cum somewhere like in the middle of a crowded
lecture hall.

If she survived the morning without cumming
and made all the right promises, I’d turn it off for most of the
afternoon, but immediately take her to the football field so we
could watch the boys practice. Both Roger and Brad were on the
team, and when I cranked her toy up to full power as we sat in the
bleachers while watching the guy she had the hots for… well, let’s
just say she quickly learned how to keep her mouth shut when she

I doubt the boys actually figured out she’d
cum while watching them, but her flushed face, heaving chest, and
sultry look while she enjoyed her afterglow drew more than a few
eyes. Even if she had her eye on Brad, I was surprised she didn’t
at least take one of them up on their offers of a date.

Suspicious, I made sure she wore the
butterfly often and slowly wore her down. The breakthrough came one
day when I tormented her all morning without mercy and kept her on
the very edge until lunchtime, when I gave her a brief respite. I
made sure we sat down at the table next to where the football team
had congregated, and then turned it back on again at the first

“You seem to be unnaturally shy around boys,”
I began. “I have a suspicion why, but I want you to say it.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”

I turned it to the second speed before

“Every time we’re talking to some cute guys,
you turn red and clam up. You don’t do it if you’re talking to some
nerd about homework or something, only the ones you have the hots
for, like Brad. If you have the hots for someone, why not go on a
date or have a little fun with them?”

“I… umm… just don’t have time for boys right
now. Between you and my schoolwork, I’m constantly tied up… no pun

I turned the remote to the third speed.

“Try again,” I said, smiling as I saw her
face turning bright red from the powerful stimulation.”

“Please,” she begged. “Not here… I’d die if I
came here in front of them.”

I hit the fourth speed.

“Only one speed left to go, and then I pull
out the handcuffs,” I warned, giving my book bag a shake so she
could hear the cuffs rattle inside.

“Ok, please stop… I’ve never been with a boy.
There, I said it so please don’t make me cum here.”

I hit the last speed, but only for a moment
to mess with her. I turned it off and helped her to her shaky feet,
escorting her to the bathroom. I pushed her into one of the stalls
and cuffed her hands behind her back, put the ball gag in her
mouth, and turned the vibe back up to full power.

“I’ve got to have a word with Roger, but
don’t worry, I’ll be back before afternoon classes start. Feel free
to meet me at lecture hall number two if I forget.”

Her eyes were wide open when I said that, but
only for a moment. I saw them roll up in her head as her long
awaited orgasm ran over her like a freight train and she shook with
undisguised passion. I left her sitting in the stall with the toy
still driving her wild while I set up the next part of my plan with
Roger, but I made it as quick as I could.

Not only did I want to watch over her to make
sure nothing happened, but she wasn’t the only one who’d been
desperate for some relief. There were two girls cumming in that
bathroom for the remainder of lunchtime.

The First Time

When we took our next evening stroll, I
carried a much larger bag of supplies than usual. She assumed I’d
be giving her a nice reward after her lunchtime torment, but she
had no idea just how good it would be this time.

We went a little deeper in the woods than we
normally did, to the most secluded spot I could think of. For what
I had planned, I didn’t want to risk anyone finding us… or rather,
anyone unexpected. My spot was actually quite nice, but it was a
real pain in the ass to get to, and was perfect for what I had in

I undid her travel cuffs and had her strip
naked for me. I made her put the cuffs on each limb and lock them
in place, neglecting to mention that I’d left the keys back in my
room. There was a half-buried rock just outside the glade, and with
a blanket to provide some cushioning, it was just as comfortable as
any lounge chair.

Well, it would’ve been comfortable if I
hadn’t stretched her arms out and backwards until her muscles were
overextended by the strain. I gave her the butterfly vibe and
turned it on low to keep her in the proper frame of mind, and
pounded two stakes into the ground for her feet.

Once I was sure the stakes were nice and
solid in the ground, I tied ropes from them to her ankle cuffs and
stretched her legs wide open. I left her to stew like that while I
went back to the middle of the glade and put out a blanket for

I could barely see her in the shadows, and
that little bit was only because I knew where to look. I was in
full view of her, yet she was all but invisible. I unscrewed the
cap from a bottle of wine (yes, I drank the cheap shit) and took a
swig, waiting for Roger to show up.

Luckily it didn’t take long before he arrived
and joined me on the blanket where we shared the bottle and made
out for a while. We hadn’t had a chance to hook up for over two
weeks, so things progressed quickly and it wasn’t long before we
were both naked and getting into some serious foreplay.

As I rearranged myself for doing the deed, I
casually reached under the edge of the blanket where I’d stashed
the remote for Darla’s toy. I turned it on to full power and lay on
my back with my legs spread wide in invitation.

Being a typical guy, he was inside me within
seconds and thrusting away at a vigorous pace. I made a special
point of being very vocal during our sex tonight for Darla’s
benefit. I knew it would turn her on something fierce once I
started moaning as my pleasure grew.

I didn’t disappoint, and neither did Roger.
He brought me to a shuddering climax within a few minutes, and kept
pumping through my aftershocks, filling me with passion before he
filled me with his seed. It was definitely one of my top ten sexual
encounters, and I made sure they both knew it.

Once we’d both finished he rolled off me and
we kissed for a while again, his hands on my breasts and mine on
his balls. He was close to ready for round two when we heard Darla
cum rather noisily from her spot in the bushes. Oops… did I forget
to gag her? Hehe.

Fearing discovery, he lunged for his pants
but I stopped him by grabbing his arm and flashing him my biggest

“Don’t worry, dear,” I said. “Remember when I
said I had a little surprise tonight? Well, let’s go meet her.”

He seemed nervous about being naked, but
probably realized it was too late for shyness so he dropped his
pants and stood with me. Even though she’d just cum, seeing us
standing over her as she was bound and helpless on the ground was
too much for the exhibitionist side of her and she came again…
noisily and with unstoppable ecstasy.

Roger was mesmerized by the sight in front of
him and his rampant prick was showing me how much it turned him on.
I began gently stroking it, breaking him out of his daze and
reminding him who he was actually here with.

Once I had his attention again, I lay down
between Darla’s legs and pillowed my head on her tummy, giving
Roger my best come-hither look and beckoning with my finger. That
was all the invitation he needed, and he climbed between my
outstretched legs for the second time.

He went slower this time, his greatest
urgency already spent, and that made it absolutely wonderful for
me. I actually came twice before he did, and Darla had three
orgasms of her own! Not only that, but once I shifted positions so
I could see her, I could tell she had a hungry look in her

“Did that turn you on?” I asked.

I already knew the answer, but needed to hear
it from her own mouth. I also needed her to admit it for her own

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied in a sexy, throaty

“You wish it was you getting fucked, don’t

She hesitated, but admitted to that too. I
gave Roger a nod and practically saw the light of understanding
enter his eyes. He went back to the blanket and got his phone,
sending a quick text message before returning with a glint of
amusement in his eyes.

“You were more than a little cryptic when you
set up this tryst earlier, but it all makes sense now,” he said.
“So what happens now?”

“What happens now, is we go back to the
blanket and you put that talented tongue of yours to work. You owe
me big time for this, and you can start paying me back right

“Your wish is my command,” he said with a
chuckle, leading the way.

I heard the rustle of leaves coming from the
bushes and smiled, knowing Darla was about to get the surprise of
her life. Then Roger’s tongue found my clit and I stopped caring,
only briefly wondering what Darla was thinking of all this.


“Hello, Darla,” a voice said out of the

Even in my tight bondage, I jumped more than
a little at the unexpected greeting. It was Brad! What was he doing
here? How could Barb leave me vulnerable and exposed where he could
find me totally helpless like this, being forced to cum over and
over? Of course, the second I thought that I exploded into ecstasy
again, not coming down for the peak for probably close to a

“Wow,” he said, falling to his knees beside
me and leaning close. “A simple ‘hello’ would’ve sufficed.”

“H-hello Brad,” I stammered, not knowing what
else to say.

“When Barb told me there was something I
needed to see out here tonight, I thought the two of them were
playing some sort of prank on me. I’m glad to see I was wrong, and
even gladder that I’ll finally get a chance to talk to you where
you can’t scurry off the second I start saying something.

“It’s no secret that I’ve had a thing for you
for quite some time now,” he continued, looking me straight in the
eyes. “I was positive you weren’t interested in me, but Barb kept
insisting you were. I want a straight answer from you now… can I
give you a kiss?”

Can he give me a kiss? Was he fucking


“Yes please,” I answered after a moment to
make sure I could actually speak properly.

He bent over the last few inches and planted
his lips on mine. I thought I might explode again from that simple
contact, but managed to contain myself.

“Can I go past first base with you?” he asked
after a few minutes of kissing.

“Yes,” I hungrily replied.

He resumed kissing me, and gently groped my
heaving chest. When his fingertips brushed across my rock hard
nipples, I couldn’t contain myself any longer and curled my toes,
screaming into his mouth as I began cumming yet again. My whole
body was thrumming with the power of my release, and each new tweak
of my nipples sent an electric jolt down to my pussy, turning a
great orgasm into an amazing one.

He pulled away from my lips once I came down
to Earth, but before he could ask the next question, I blurted out
my reply.

“Please, Brad,” I panted. “I want you inside
me more than anything. I want you to be my first.”

His eyes went wide when the implications of
what I just said sank in. He looked a little uncertain for a
moment, but he was a guy and I was a naked girl who’d just had two
orgasms in front of him. His pants were down around his ankles
before I could blink twice.

Unfamiliar with the straps for the butterfly
vibe, he fumbled with it a bit more than necessary and the random
movements were making me hornier than ever. He finally figured it
out before I exploded again and tossed it to the ground outside my

He didn’t have any lube, but none was needed
tonight; the ground between my legs was practically soaked after
all my orgasms, and thrusting my hips up, my hungry pussy
practically sucked him inside the moment he was in position.

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