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Authors: Edward Laste

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The Submissive Sorority Girl

The Bondage University Series:

Volume #1

The Submissive Sorority Girl

© 2015, Edward Laste

All Rights Reserved

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Return to School

It was good to be back at school, and even
better to be returning debt free. Taking a year to pay off my debts
by becoming a bondage model and servant for a rich Master was well
worth it. Heck, I made more in the year working for him than I did
in the rest of my young life combined.

Some of my friends had finished school and
left to enter the workforce, but enough remained that I felt like
I’d never even left. I even got back into my sorority and was able
to claim my old room without any arguments.

Everything was pretty good, except for one
small problem; I found myself both extremely bored and extremely
horny. My last year had been a sexual eye opener for me. Hardly a
day went by when I didn’t have at least one orgasm, usually in
combination with some delightful bondage.

I found myself using the parting gifts from
my old Master and employer at every available chance. Those gifts
being some high quality restraints and some of the best vibrators
on the planet. I slept in self-bondage at least two or three nights
a week, absolutely hating it when I couldn’t for one reason or

One night I screwed up and took the wrong
keys to bed with me and was unable to free myself in the morning. I
thought I’d die out of embarrassment when I was discovered by my
sorority sisters, and teased that they might keep me like that for
a few days.

They freed me after taking a few pictures,
but rather than spreading word of my kinky hobby around campus,
they had something totally different in mind. It changed all of our
lives forever, and boredom ceased to exist.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with an
interest in bondage, and as a group, they wanted to learn all I
could teach them. I could hardly wait.


“So you really gave yourself over to a real
Master?” Darla asked, her face flushed and her eyes like saucers.
“What was it like?”

“It was pretty fucking weird at first,” I
admitted. “His other girls would wander around half naked most of
the time, and when they did wear something, it was usually designed
to keep them restrained.”

“Did he make you have sex with him?”

“No, at least not until I indicated I was
both willing and actually wanting it. After that he’d occasionally
play with me, but most of his attention was focused on his
‘special’ girls. They were the
submissives and would
instantly do anything he asked.”

“That kind of lifestyle sounds so damn hot,
I’m wet just imagining myself in your place.”

“Why settle for just imagining it? If you
want to
know, come to my room in five minutes, naked
and willing to submit to my control.”

She looked stunned and simply sat there as I
went up to my room. I thought it would be even odds if she had the
nerve to join me like I asked, but I hoped she would. I was more
than a little excited about trying to be on top for once; it might
even be better than my self-bondage sessions.

I didn’t have the range of supplies my old
Master did, but there was enough stuff I could make do with. I had
my set of leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, ball gag and ring
gag, two vibrators, two different sizes of butt plugs, and several
pieces of rope.

I also had some stuff I could jury-rig into
service, like my silk scarves or the belt from my bathrobe. I put
everything out on the bed so she’d have an idea of what she was
really getting into… if she showed up to go through with it.

I shouldn’t have doubted. She showed up near
the end of my five minute time limit, but she did show, and after
shucking her robe, stood there naked and flushed. I had her sit on
the bed while I described the items I’d be using, went over the
ground rules a sub needed to follow, and explained the use of a
safe word.

I gave her one last chance to back out, and
when she declined to leave I went into full Domme mode on her.

“On your knees,” I commanded.

To her credit she didn’t hesitate for more
than a second before complying.

“Not like that! Knees spread wide, hands
behind your back, chest out, and head straight forward.”

She fixed her posture bit by bit as I rattled
off what I expected of her, holding it nicely as I slowly walked
behind her. The first thing I grabbed off of the bed was the ball
gag. I held it in front of her lips and waited for her to open, but
she seemed reluctant.

I held it there with one hand while my other
one went down to her chest. I groped her right breast and massaged
it for a moment before taking her nipple in between my thumb and
forefinger. I gently rubbed it a few times and then gave it a
sudden twist.

The moment she gasped in surprise and pain, I
jammed the ball in her mouth and pulled the strap tight behind her
head. I buckled it an extra notch or two tighter as a ‘reward’ for
her reluctance. She didn’t seem happy about it, but she didn’t make
a move to fight it or call things off so I continued.

I put the cuffs on her wrists next, locking
them on and clipping them together, still behind her back. I always
got a chill down my spine whenever my hands were fastened behind my
back, and I hoped the helpless feeling felt as sexy for Darla as it
did for me.

I helped her to stand and then sit on the bed
so I could put the ankle cuffs on her. She sat as if mesmerized,
watching me closely but not moving a muscle as I slowly took away
her freedom. After I clipped the D-rings together I had her stand
up so she could test her mobility, which wasn’t much.

She could take either tiny little shuffle
steps, or hop like a bunny if she wanted to get anywhere. She was
quite the sight when she did the bunny-hop, and her bouncing boobs
were the star of the show.

I had her bounce her way back and forth
across the room several times so I could enjoy the view, but
regrettably had to stop when she almost lost her footing. Doing a
face-plant with your hands bound behind your back wouldn’t be

I pushed my supplies off to the side and had
her lie on the bed while I went to each corner and tied a rope to
the bedposts. I also carefully folded one of my scarves and tied it
over her eyes; anticipation and surprise would really heighten the
sensations she felt. I unclipped her wrists first since I knew it
was uncomfortable to lie on bound arms, but didn’t leave them free
for long.

I quickly tied them off to the ropes above
her head, not worried yet about stretching her tight. I kissed her
on the lips once before heading down her body with a steady trail
of gentle kisses. She moaned long and sensuously when I reached her
nipples and I couldn’t resist giving them a quick lick and suck
before I carried on. They were as hard as rocks from that brief bit
of attention.

I kissed my way down the middle of her
stomach on the way to her crotch, but deliberately skipped that
area for now. I could smell her arousal well before my nose got
close, but knew it would be better for both of us if I waited.

I gave each toe a little kiss while I
unclipped her ankle cuffs and spread her legs wide. As soon as I
had both of them firmly tied, I went back around and tightened up
all four ropes until she was held in a nice spread eagle; snug, yet
not uncomfortably so.

I’d kissed my way down her left leg, so now I
kissed my way up the right one. I paused as I reached her pussy and
held my face just out of range of her thrusting groin. She could
feel my hot breath on her moist folds, but I wasn’t ready yet. A
whimper made it past the gag when I moved away without giving her
any attention where she wanted it most.

I kissed my way back up to her breasts and
gave them some serious attention this time. I could tell she was
nearly mad with lust by this point, but to be fair, so was I. I
shed my clothes as fast as I could, amazed at how damp my panties
had become. In a fit of mischievousness, I pulled them over top of
her head and made sure the soaked crotch was located over her nose
and mouth.

I thought she might be embarrassed or even
disgusted, but instead I could see her draw extra deep breaths in
through her nose. That was the last straw for me; I dove for my
favorite vibrator and turned it onto high.

Just brushing it against my clit was almost
enough to make me cum on the spot, and it took a serious act of
will to pull it away so I could make sure Darla was just as ready
to rumble. I brushed it along top of her labia, but pulled it
slightly away when she raised her hips up to try and get better
contact with it.

I held it at the maximum range she could
reach when she thrust upwards, positioned so each effort gave her a
very brief and fleeting stimulation of her swollen clit. She was
very close now, and if I held it in place for more than a few
seconds she’d definitely blow.

I turned on my second vibe and held one each
hand, ready to see some fireworks. I pressed the new one hard
against her clit at the same moment I pressed the other one against
mine, and we both exploded almost instantly into orgasm.

It was definitely worth the wait. That was so
much more satisfying than one of my self-bondage orgasms that I was
glad I’d been caught now. I came back to Earth before she did, so I
held hers in place until it finished running its course.

I gave her a minute to catch her breath,
rubbing her tits with one hand and mine with the other. I was still
incredibly horny and hoped she was too, since I had no plans of
stopping now. I climbed on top of her and straddled her left leg,
making sure my knee was pressing against her pussy.

She actually tried humping my knee, and I
smiled; oh yeah, baby… she was up for more. After a slight position
change, I used my leg to hold her vibe over her pussy, and my vibe
next to mine using the top of her leg.

Now I could lie on top of her and suck her
nipples while rubbing mine across her stomach. I turned away just
long enough to turn both remotes onto a medium-low speed and give
us a nice, gradual climb to the peak.

We were both so hot and bothered it was near
as gradual as I thought it would be, but it didn’t matter; there
was no way I was going to slow it down now. She started cumming
before I did, but her moans and shudders were enough to send me to
the pinnacle of ecstasy a moment later.

As soon as my orgasm started subsiding I hit
full power on both remotes and pressed down on both as hard as I
could. She started off shaking her head and mumbling ‘no, no’
through the gag, but I was relentless and kept going. (She didn’t
use the safe word, so I didn’t feel guilty.)

We both had one more screaming climax before
I turned the buzzing monsters off and collapsed next to her. Holy
shit, that was absolutely incredible, and I couldn’t wait to do it
again; being a top might be somewhat addictive.


It didn’t take long for word of our little
session to spread through the house, mostly because I’d cum so
noisily, especially the last one. Darla may have been first, but
she was far from the last. I began to suspect the other girls
worked out a schedule for approaching me, since they came one by
one, but never more than one on any given night.

Some were more submissive than others and
earned better rewards, while others seemed let down when the
bondage and domination didn’t automatically send them over the
moon. Either way, I made sure I got mine and screw the ones who

Darla seemed especially subservient to me and
since she was my ‘first’, I had a special spot in my heart for her.
I decided to work with her more than any of the other girls and see
where it would lead.

I don’t mean a lifelong lesbian relationship
since I was definitely bisexual, and as a point of fact, had just
gotten back together with my old boyfriend Roger. Darla was
like-minded as well and you’d have to be blind to not see her
practically swoon every time Brad walked by.

No… I had plans for Darla, but those plans
included a pair of real nice meat monsters. I just hadn’t told
Darla about my plans, and didn’t think I would.

At least not until it was too late for her to
back out, anyway.

Public Domination

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