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Authors: Desiree Holt,Allie Standifer

Tags: #Romance

Singed (4 page)

Sex was sex and she just kept it that way. Then, when they took off, she was ready for it.

Prepared. “No emotional involvement” that was her mantra. So why was she letting River Brody into her place when she knew it was a mistake?

Damn her cousins anyway. She’d plan something particularly wicked for them in return.

In the meantime she had to do something about the butterflies doing the tarantella in her stomach and the liquid that had pooled instantly between her thighs. She was unprepared for the wave of lust that had swept over her at the sight of River on her doorstep, or the hot pulse that threatened to beat its way out of her body.

“You have to leave,” she told him, backing away from him.

“Leave?” His crooked grin had such an endearing quality she wanted to shut her eyes against its effect.

“Yes, leave. If Kasey gave you my name and number I might have to sock her a big one.” She had run out of space to back into so she just glared at him.

“Why?” River advanced on her, his hands warm on her arms. “Why can’t I know who you are? And why did you feel you had to leave, anyway? Is there some weird problem I don’t know about?”

She wet her lips and tried to pull her frazzled thoughts together, but River’s touch seemed to short-circuit her brain.

“It’s what everyone does. Have sex and leave. Lots of fun, on to the next one.”



Now he was so close she could feel his warm breath on her face.

“If that’s how you feel then you’ve been having sex with the wrong people.” His grin disappeared. “And I don’t like being lumped in with people I don’t know.”

“You’re a man, aren’t you?” she snarked. “Same plumbing, same selfish brain, same asshole attitude.”

His hands tightened on her arms. “Now I’m
getting pissed off. Condemned before I even commit a crime. That’s not very fair.”

“Oh?” She tried to hold herself motionless. “Then what’s fair?”

“This is.” His hands cupped her face and his mouth brushed against hers, just a whisper at first, then harder and harder until the kiss began to blossom.

Kendra reached up to grab his wrists and tug his hands away but she seemed to have lost all will to act. River’s tongue stroked over her bottom lip, back and forth like a feathery pendulum. She was melting, damn it, and without any ability to stop herself.

When his tongue slipped inside, her own thrust forward to meet it, engaging in a sinful dance that made her bones turn liquid.

River adjusted his mouth to give him better access, his tongue tasting every inch of her inner surface. Again her tongue met his in a sexual ballet that sent heat straight to her nipples and her cunt. The folds of her pussy lips quivered and the inner walls flexed in hungry need. Just that easily her resolve disappeared.

She sighed into the kiss, opening her mouth wider for River’s onslaught and he took full advantage. He fucked her mouth with his tongue, thrusting it in and out, now slow, now fast, until all she wanted was for him to rip off her robe and run his mouth over her naked body.

“Where’s the bedroom?” he asked, his lips still touching hers.

“W-What?” She raised her eyelids a fraction of an inch.

“The bedroom. You know. The room with a bed in it.”

“T-There.” She pointed to a short hallway off the kitchen. “Second door.”


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

He swung her up into his arms his mouth still fused to hers, and strode the few steps to the bedroom door. Nudging it open, he carried her inside. The towel had long since fallen from her head, and as he walked River deftly flicked open the narrow belt of her robe. Sitting down on the bed, he placed her on his lap and cupped one breast.

His hand felt hot against her skin, her nipples so sensitive to the slow back and forth motion of his thumb that she could almost feel every ridge and whorl. Her breast ached and she pressed it harder against his touch.

River was still kissing her, still plundering her mouth, still using his tongue like a torch to ignite the inside of that hot cavern. She moaned again and his hand tightened on her breast. Beneath her buttocks she felt the swell of his cock through the fabric of his slacks, thick and hard and long. Oh, god, she remembered how it had felt inside her, stroking in and out then hammering her to a level of paradise she hadn’t known existed.

“Please.” She tried to form the word but the pressure of his mouth on hers made it come out garbled.

But River understood. “Please, what? Kendra? What is it you want?”

“Mmm.” It was the only sound she could manage as his hand left her breast and drifted down low over her tummy.

Clever fingers drifted through the muff of fur covering her mound and the tip of one just barely brushed her clit. She squirmed on his lap, trying to hitch her hips to his touch, force him to drag his finger through her wet slit, but as easily as he touched her, that quickly the finger moved away.

River chuckled, a thick sound that betrayed his own rising lust, and whispered his finger over that swollen knot again.

“You’re wet.” His voice was a low rasp. “I knew you would be. You can’t tell me I don’t make you hot, Kendra. Or that we don’t react to each other. Feel my cock beneath you? It’s about to push through my slacks. I’m so hard I could pound nails.”

“No talking.” Talking was bad. Emotions got involved. “No more talking.”



His hands tightened on her and for an instant his body tensed. Then he relaxed and nudged her thighs apart with his fingers. Kendra clung to his neck as he massaged her labia and delved into her wet folds. His fingers tap danced the length of her slit, rubbing the slick surfaces, pausing each time he reached it to tantalize her clit.

Kendra wriggled and tried to push herself onto his fingers, but he seemed determined to tease her out of her mind. And he was doing it so very successfully. Her body was humming with need, the walls of her pussy flexing and her nipples hard almost to the point of bursting. When he finally slipped two fingers inside her wet heat she clamped down on them, trapping them inside her.

One hand was still molded around a breast, the thumb still abrading the nipple. A flood of sensations consumed her, sending sparks to every nerve in her body. She wanted to ride his hand but the way he had her on his lap she didn’t have much flexibility to do it. She bit her lip in frustration as the thread of desire grew and grew until her body was poised on the very edge of that wonderful chasm.

And then he pressed his thumb hard against her clit, pinched her nipple and she flooded his hand, her cunt quivering around his fingers as tremor after tremor rocked her. She buried her face in River’s neck, little whimpers of fulfillment low in her throat, hands clutching at him as she rode his fingers and rode them and rode them.

She was still in the grip of aftershocks when he rose, placed her carefully on the bed and stripped off his clothes. Through a haze of lust she saw him frantically digging in his wallet and extracting a lone condom, then tossing it onto the bed before he climbed up and knelt between her thighs.

“Inside me,” she whispered. She wanted to feel his thick cock invading her and lose herself in the riptide of a climax.
she told herself.
Lose yourself in the sex. While you
can. Before he’s gone.

“Not yet.” His voice was guttural.

Straddling her body he leaned forward until his swollen cock rested in the valley between her breasts.


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

“Open your mouth,” he commanded, hoarsely. When she did he wrapped his hand around his erection and eased it onto her lips. “Suck me, Kendra. Let me feel those sweet, sweet lips around my dick.”

Obediently she closed her mouth over him and he slid forward into her greedy mouth. He captured both wrists in one hand and held them on the pillow over her head while the other hand kept his cock in place. Very gently he rocked himself in and out of the clasp of her lips, his balls rubbing against her skin with each movement.

Between her thighs the cream from her ravenous pussy seeped onto her thighs and the combined scent of their musk filled the room. Kendra tilted her head back slightly to take River deeper into her mouth, rubbing her tongue against the underside of his shaft and teasing the thick, ropy vein pulsing with his racing blood. The velvety softness of the broad, flat head was smooth on the surface of her tongue and the drops of pre-cum spilling from the slit were salty-sweet to her taste buds.

Closing her eyes, Kendra lost herself in the rhythm of his movements, the fullness of her mouth with his swollen cock, the taste of him that seemed to fill every crevice of her body. Wrapped in an erotic haze, thoughts of “what comes after” were blanked from her mind. She was enjoying the moment, and what a great moment it was.

She was startled when River moved back on her body. There was a soft
when his cock slipped from the tight grasp of her lips and her eyes flew open.

“I want to come inside you,” he growled. “I’ll come in your mouth later.”


But then her mind shut off again. River expertly rolled on the latex and then lifted her legs so they rested on his shoulders. She watched his eyes widen with hunger as they took in her fully exposed pussy, wide open to him. Then he wrapped one hand around his cock, pressed the head to her opening and began the slow glide inside her warmth.

Just as the night before, he was so thick her inner walls had to stretch to accommodate him, but she was still so fresh from the orgasm he’d given her, her cunt 30


still aching for something more, that this time it was much easier. When she felt the head of his cock bump up against the mouth of her womb her eyes flew open and she drew in a breath at the look on his face. In his eyes.






Yes, something more than the usual
I want to fuck you right now
she was used to in the eyes of her few lovers. Usually followed by
Great. You’re hot. Call you sometime.

Kendra blinked, forcing her inner brain to shut off and giving herself over to pure sensation. That’s what she wanted.
she wanted. And oh god, was she getting it.

The ride took her to the top of the mountain, River driving in and out while his thumb manipulated her clit and his eyes ate her up. Oh, oh, oh, it was so good. She clutched at him, hanging on for dear life as the heat in her belly blossomed into a raging inferno, spreading out to ignite every part of her body.

River tensed, every muscle in his body tight as he hammered into her.

When the orgasm crested and exploded she was flung into space upside down, cartwheeling into a freefall. She shook and shuddered, River crying out her name as he pulsed into her. The thin latex couldn’t conceal the hot thickness of his semen as it jetted from his cock.

She had no idea when all the spasms finally subsided, only that River collapsed forward, his hot skin welded to hers, his breath dusting her like a desert wind. Their hearts were beating so loudly she wasn’t sure where hers left off and his began.

After a long time, he rose up on his arms and very slowly pulled from the clasp of her cunt. She felt the tremors still racing over his body as he lifted his body away from hers and slid off the bed to dispose of the condom.


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

I have to put a stop to this now. Before I start to hope again.

She was sitting up in bed, the sheet pulled up to cover her breasts when he came back into the room.

His eyes widened. “Protecting yourself from something?”

Kendra wet her lips. “Not at all. I thought I’d make us some more coffee before you leave.”

He stared at her. “Leave? Why do I want to leave?”

She sighed. “River. I had a reason for not telling you my last name. We had stupendous sex last night but that’s all it was, right?”

“All it was?” he parroted.

Kendra nodded. “And okay, we had more stupendous sex this morning. But that’s all, right? Isn’t that the way the game is played? Especially with women like me?”

Ohmigod. Had she actually said that out loud? Let those words escape from her mouth?

River stood there like an immovable mountain still staring at her for a long minute.

Kendra clutched the top of the sheet, wishing he’d just say something so they could get this over with. His hands curled into fists.

“Women like you?” he repeated. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

She gave him her practiced, artificial laugh. “I know the drill. I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m an…anomaly. Men like to find out what it’s like to feel all that flesh beneath the clothing. Then, when they’re satisfied, they go right back to Barbie and life goes on.”

Again River didn’t say anything, just stared at her as if she’d been speaking a foreign language.

“So,” he said at last. “You’ve stuck me in the same category with the other assholes you’ve apparently hooked up with and decide to kick me to the curb before I could walk. Did I get that right?”



She gripped the sheet harder to keep her hands from trembling. “I think that’s the sensible thing to do, don’t you?” She forced a smile that felt like a grimace. “I’ll be happy to make you a cup of coffee to celebrate the…the…”

“Off-the-charts sex we just had?” he ground out.

“Why, yes. A perfect way to put it.”

“Perfect, my ass,” he spat, and yanked on his clothes. “Forget the coffee. I can get my own.”

He stormed out of the bedroom, shirt unbuttoned, shoes in his hand, jacket over his arm. She flinched when she heard the door slam hard enough to rattle the pictures on the walls.

Okay, then. That certainly went well.

She wanted him gone, right? Didn’t want to give him the chance to destroy her the way Sean had? So why, if that was what she wanted, did she feel so empty and sick?

Feel as if she’d just made the biggest mistake of her life?

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