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Now, positioned between her legs on the bed, he wanted to devour every inch of her. Spreading the lips of her pussy, he stared at the glistening pink flesh, licking his lips to capture the taste of her that still lingered there. When he clamped his lips over her cunt again his cock hardened to a point where it was almost painful. God, he wanted to be inside her in the worst way but he couldn’t stop tasting her.

He licked the slickness of her, rolling the tip of his tongue around her clit and up and down the length of her slit. It was honey. No, it was strawberries. No, it was truly ambrosia, sweeter than anything he’d ever tasted before. He wanted her to come in his mouth before he fucked her with his cock. Pressing her silken thighs apart with his shoulders he licked and sucked until she was trembling in his grasp, little moans of pleasure vibrating through her body.



She was close, he could tell. Real close. His cock was demanding satisfaction but he was determined to do this first. Stiffening his tongue, he thrust it inside her and worked it in and out, rubbing her clit at the same time. The intensity of her trembling rose as the fluttering in her pussy grew to small spasms.

This was it! A little more, a little more. His own blood was racing as he worked her and worked her. The little scream bursting from her signaled the fall over the edge. The climax shook her, the walls of her vagina grasping at his tongue as she poured into his mouth. He continued to lick and suck until the spasms began to abate. Then he reached for the condom, quickly rolled it on and, lifting her to him plunged into her hot, wet channel until his balls slapped the curve of her ass.

Holy hell! River Brody knew his way around women but he’d never felt anything like this before. Sucking in a deep breath, he began the dance, pistoning his hips to thrust his cock in and out of the heavenly grasp. In seconds the dying flutters in her pussy roared to life, her walls tightening around him, pulling at him.

Gritting his teeth to hang onto his fraying control, River evened his thrusts as he waited for her to catch up to him again. When the clasping of her walls grew tighter and the tremors in her body more intense, he picked up speed and drove into her, hard and fast.

There! She was there! He could feel it in the hot pull of her flesh and the cream that bathed him. Again and again he drove into her. Now! Come now!

And she did, destroying his control so he came with ferocious spurts, his balls tight, jolts of lightning streaking up his back and down his thighs. They shuddered together, caught up in a climax of such proportions that he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything except shake and shudder and hope he survived.

And then it was done, all but the little aftershocks that reminded them of the cataclysmic joining. When he could move, River slid from the clasp of her body and took care of the condom. Flicking off the radio, he climbed into bed next to her and 19

Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

pulled the covers over them both. She settled sleepily against him as his arm banded around her and held her close.

“Don’t think we’re done, sugar,” he whispered against her flushed cheek. “And do
think you’re getting away from me after tonight. Oh, no. We’re just getting started.”

* * * * *

When her kitchen door closed firmly behind her Kendra let out the breath she’d been holding. Then a surprised giggle tumbled out of her lips.

She’d done it. Kendra Jacobs, living doormat, had walked away from a handsome, sexual god. Well, technically she’d snuck out while River was in the shower. Still, she felt pride in the past evening. Something Sean had systematically stolen away from her.

Sex without strings felt better than committed sex with a selfish asshole. Maybe her friends were right. She placed too high a value on meaningful sex. Ken needed to learn to keep her emotions out of the bedroom. If she could accomplish that, her world would be so much simpler.

From the corner of her eye she caught the red blinking light on the answering machine. Ken sighed, knowing her fantasy time was up. Real life knocked on her door and demanded she answer. Kicking off her shoes she punched the button to hear the messages. As the machine geared up, Kendra grabbed a can of Diet Coke, poured the liquid over vanilla and ice and waited to hear who had called and why.

“Ken, it’s me. Call me the minute you get back home. I want all the details.”

Her friend Madison, sounding way to eager to hear the details of a night that should have ended by 10 p.m. And calling at six in the morning to find out. Sheesh! Her friend needed to get a life.

“Okay, I know you were there last night. Halli and I both got our presents and may I say
WOW. You make me sick with the whole talent thing. Anyway, call me asap because I know
something weird is going on. River almost broke down our front door this morning demanding
to know who you were and where you lived. I, being the kind and generous cousin I am, sicced


him on you. He’s got your number and being a cop and sneaky, he’ll have your address in no
time. I want to know what you did, when and who was on top.”

Another call with the sun barely up. Didn’t anyone ever sleep?

And of course, nothing like having your cousin marrying into her one-night stand family.

What the hell did Kasey mean he’d have her address? That wasn’t part of the fling deal. Flings were supposed to end when the sun came up, both parties walked away with their legs wobbly and their libidos satisfied.

Before she could commit to really freaking out her machine beeped again.

Ken, what have you done?” h
er other cousin, Kira’s voice demanded. “
I’ve got Sky’s
nutso cousin trailing me around like a demented puppy all last night. Then I wake up to a very
pissed-off cop at my door this morning before I’ve even got my eyes open, demanding to know
where you are. I didn’t say anything, being the soul of discretion I am, but this will cost you. I’m
thinking something for my mantel. Something very large and expensive. Call me.”

Well shit. The man was stalking her through her relatives. This was not in the playbook of one-night stands. Hadn’t she grabbed her clothes and slipped out while River made the convenient excuse of taking a shower? If he hadn’t been done with her the man would have asked her to get wet with him. Since no hide-the-soap invitation came, Kendra did what any sensible woman in her position would do. She snatched her clothes and ran like hell as quietly as she could.

Now her cousin had an early morning visit from her supposed one-night stand.

Where were his manners? Didn’t he know the rules for these encounters? Surely there was a Mr. Manners book out there he could read.

“Kendra, pick up.
” River’s rough, dark voice dampened her thighs and had her nipples tightening. “
Damn it, at least tell me why you ran out on me. Come on, honey, you’re
killing me here. Call me, please. Let me know you got home safe. I want to take you to dinner or
breakfast or…shit, a cup of coffee. Just call me, please.”


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

The second “please” almost brought her to her knees. No man had wanted her enough to beg for anything, much less a few hours of her company. Now this gorgeous sex god wanted to take her to dinner. Just thinking about spending more time with River caused her pulse to spike and her traitorous hoochie to spasm in need.

Feeling like a fool, Kendra spoke to the juncture between her thighs. “You are not getting any more of him. He’s bad for us. We are wild, free, with ties to no one. We’ll take bankers, bikers and…billionaires to our bed. River was just a test run to see if we could put up with another man touching us. The test was passed with flying colors. So we’re done there.”

Straightening up, Ken yanked off her dress, briefly toyed with the idea of having it bronzed then tossed it into the dry cleaning basket. As much as she enjoyed last night, no way in hell would she risk her heart on a man who gave his so easily.

Stepping into the shower she enjoyed the blast of heat and the hard pressure of the various showerheads. Lost in the drumming of the water, Kendra didn’t hear the persistent ringing of her phone or the rapid knocking on her door. Pouring shampoo into her hand, she hummed along with the shower radio and contemplated a nap before getting some work done.

Kira hadn’t been kidding about the piece. Then again, Kendra planned to make her cousin something for Christmas, so she might as well make it now. Designs and colors ran through her mind as she continued to erase last night’s activities from her body.

If only she could wash away the memories so easily.


She’d left him. Snuck out while he’d been in the shower making plans for the day, the week and, hell, the next fifty years of their lives.

Too bad Kendra hadn’t stuck around to hear them. River had been sure she’d felt the same connection, the same awareness, the click of rightness. Instead the woman he’d fallen head over ass in love with ran out as soon as his back was turned.



He leaned his head wearily against her front door, wondering what to do next. He didn’t want to leave without seeing her. Hearing from her own lips why she’d run out on him. On them.

The one-story house looked plain and unassuming with its redbrick exterior. The enclosed garage hid any signs of her car. Maybe she hadn’t come straight home. Maybe she’d run to her family or a friend.

He’d thought about their conversation throughout the night and remembered Kendra saying Kasey and Kira were cousins. If anyone could help him find the answers Kasey would. So he’d been there, dragged the information out of Kasey about where to find his missing date, and now here he was.

Ready or not, here I come.

Frustration pouring through him, River beat on the door one last time. He turned to walk away when the solid oak door swung open to reveal his every fantasy come true.

Kendra stood there glowing, a pale green towel wrapped around her head, a silky blue robe highlighting all her glorious curves. His cock jumped to attention at the sight.

“River?” Her eyes widened in shock as her sweet pink lips parted in surprise.

“What are you doing here?”

Her question shot down his lust a notch or two. Not enough to keep his pants from tenting, but enough for his brain to resume a semi-normal thinking process.

“You walked out on me.” He pushed his way into the dark interior of the house, barely taking notice of the smooth wood floors beneath his feet or the warm golden tones of the walls. “I get out of the shower to find you gone. What the hell, Kendra?”

Looking resigned she closed the door. “Come on.” She gestured him down the hall.

“I can’t have an intelligent conversation without more caffeine in my system.”

He followed her silently, his nose picking up the light peppermint scent of her skin.

Damn, she smelled good and tasted even better. His mouth watered at the thought of pushing aside the flimsy material of her robe and eating her for breakfast.


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

Her kitchen was bright with swirls of blues, greens and reds, colorful like her personality. Warm, like her. It had outdated appliances, but a state of the art coffee maker.

She glanced over at him. “How do you like your coffee?”


He sat at the small two-seater table and wondered if it would be strong enough to hold their combined weight. He felt a desperate need to get back inside her. To get back to the woman he’d left smiling sweetly at him this morning before she’d dumped him.

“Coming right up.”

He watched as she flipped a switch and coffee poured steadily out of the drip. “You still haven’t told me why you left.”

“I still haven’t had another shot of caffeine yet, either.”

She responded in a smooth, even tone that had his nerves brisling. The woman in front on him acted like they hadn’t spent the better part of the past twelve hours glued together, bodies locked by sweat and desire. So he waited in silence as the coffee finally finished and she poured them each a cup.

Instead of taking the small seat next to him Kendra leaned against the kitchen counter. She looked at him over the top of her steaming mug. Her eyes wary and watchful.

“What’s this all about, River?” Her calm tone made him want to yell. To do something, anything to stir her up.

“It’s about common courtesy, Kendra.” He sipped from his own cup to give his brain more time to adjust to the woman standing in front on him. A woman he didn’t recognize. “You left…no you snuck out on me without a word. No note, no thanks it’s been fun. You just fucking left.”

She lifted one silky shoulder in a casual shrug. “I thought we were done. Isn’t that how these things work? Someone makes an excuse to leave the room and the other 24


person is obligated to do the same. I’ve been told it helps to avoid nasty morning after discussions, such as this one.”

“You thought we were done? Oh, honey, I’m so not done with you. It would take days, weeks, years for me to even get through half the things I’ve got planned for you.

In fact the shower was just an excuse to give you recovery time.” River made sure he kept his voice low and matter-of-fact. No sense in letting her see the depth of his hurt or anger.

“Years…” Her mouth opened and closed, but no other sound emerged. “That’s not possible.”

“Oh I assure you it is.” He stood now and closed the small distance between them.

“But that doesn’t make any sense.”

“Then let me remind you again of how good we are together.” With that said River set both their mugs on the counter behind her and covered her lips with his own, pouring all his needs, passion and desire for her into that one cock-throbbing kiss.


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

Chapter Three

His fill of her. Exactly what did that mean? Just because Kasey had found happily ever after with the oldest Brody brother, and the owner of Jolt had snared the middle one, didn’t mean that everyone got a happy ever after. Noooo, she knew all about that.

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