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Singed (6 page)

The tension eased slightly when a slow smile curved her lips.

“Do they let you take the rest of the wine bottle with you?”

His heart finally started beating again and he knew he was grinning like an idiot.

He raised one hand to signal for the check. “They will this time.”

* * * * *

Kendra had taken two wineglasses from the cupboard, hands trembling, legs shaky, but she smiled when she held them out to River. He poured from the bottle into each of them, then touched the rim of his to hers.

“To us, Kendra. To our being together forever.”

“To us.” She gave him a tremulous smile. She still had a hard time believing all the things he’d said to her, but when she looked in his eyes she knew he was being honest with her.


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

They locked their gazes while they sipped the wine. Then River took both glasses, placed them on the counter and pulled her into his arms. “I don’t want to trample all over you, but is it too soon for us to take off our clothes?”

Kendra burst out laughing. “Are you in a big hurry?”

“Only to get you in the bedroom.” He kissed her lightly, a ghost of a touch, and traced the edge of her mouth with his tongue. “After that I plan to take my time.”

She wound her arms around his neck, pressing herself against him, feeling the hard wall of his chest against her throbbing nipples. River lifted her in his arms and carried her into the bedroom, standing her beside the bed and sweeping back the covers. She felt the trembling in his fingers as he untied the bow of the halter top dress and peeled the fabric down. His eyes darkened when her breasts sprang free, unhindered by a bra.

“Naked,” he whispered. “I love to see every part of you naked.”

He bent his head and almost reverently closed his mouth over one nipple and pulled it into his mouth. Fingers of pleasure streaked straight to her pussy, setting up tiny flutters in her inner walls. His very educated mouth sucked and pulled until her nipple was so hard she was sure it would burst. Then he turned his attention to the other one. Kendra forked her fingers through his hair, holding his head in place as she arched into his touch.

When he finally lifted his head she unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it from the waistband of his slacks and pushed it away so she could run her fingers through the lightly curled soft pelt on his chest. Her fingers found his flat nipples and she leaned forward to torment them with her mouth as he had done to her. River’s fingers tightened their grasp on her arms and a low moan vibrated in his throat.

Kendra smoothed her hands up and down his back, feeling the warm skin over rock-hard muscles and tracing the length of his spine. As she sucked on his nipples she inhaled the wonderful scent of him, breathing it in deeply. God, she loved the way he smelled, so earthy and masculine. Her cunt quivered and cream soaked the crotch of her thong.



River reached behind her to slide down the zipper below the bare back of the dress and in seconds the fabric whispered down her legs to the floor. She kicked it away along with her shoes and reached immediately for the button on River’s slacks. Popping it through the buttonhole, she slowly lowered the zipper. Her eyes widened when her hand encountered bare skin. Commando!

“Doing away with unnecessary items?” she teased.

“Yeah.” She heard the smile in his voice. “Like you did away with your bra.”

Kendra pushed his slacks past his hips and they dropped to the floor. Like her, he kicked them away along with his shoes and socks. Then they were both naked except for the tiny thong she still wore.

River stepped back, his hands still on her shoulders but his eyes taking in every inch of her. She shivered beneath his gaze. Not critical, the way Sean’s had often been.

Not cold, as Sean’s usually was. No, River’s eyes were hot with approval and desire and…something else. More emotion than she’d ever seen from anyone before.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. “Just beautiful. And all mine.”

He dropped to his knees and pressed his face to her mound, licking at her slit through the damp fabric of the silk. Then, impatiently, he tugged it away, yanking it down and lifting her feet to step out of it. Now his mouth was pressed to naked flesh, his tongue searching out the hot nub of her throbbing clit. His lips closed over it, pulling it from its protective little hood, his tongue flicking against it.

Kendra’s legs were so wobbly she had to brace herself on his shoulders. The silk of his hair tickled the insides of her thighs as he bent to his task. The lash of his tongue was a whisper of flame against her already heated skin, sending streaks of fire racing through her. He ate at her with a need that was almost desperate, as if he’d never quite get enough of her taste. When he lifted his head his lips were glossy with the sheen of her juices.

“I don’t know what I want more.” His voice was hoarse and thick. “To make you come in my mouth or to sink my cock into you so deep I may never get it out.”


Desiree Holt & Allie Standifer

“Do I get a choice?” She wanted him so badly she was afraid she’d self-combust if he didn’t fuck her soon.

“Always.” He rose and cupped her face between his warm hands. “Your pleasure is more important to me than anything else.”

Kendra reached between them to find his thick erection. She ran her thumb over the broad head, feeling the drop of pre-cum at the slit and spreading it over the velvety skin. He flexed in her hand and a groan rumbled in his chest.

She smiled, amazed at the power she had over this man. “Then I want you inside me. Right now. We have all night for everything else.”

River placed her on the bed as if she were a prize package, then reached for his slacks to dig a condom from his wallet. When he knelt between her thighs, Kendra took the foil from his shaking hands.

“Let me,” she said in a soft voice.

Ripping the packet open, she unrolled the latex over his hot penis, smoothing it with her hands that were only a little more steady than his. When he was fully sheathed, she lay back against the pillows and smiled at him.

“Take me, River.” She never thought she’d say that to a man. Ever again. But with him everything was suddenly so good. So right. So wonderful. “Make me yours.”

“You are mine, Kendra. All mine.”

He lifted her legs and bent them back, giving him full access to her well lubricated pussy. His eyes flared with desire before he took his cock in one hand and guided it to her entrance. The head nudged her opening, pressing against the sensitive skin. More.

Harder. Then, with a roll of his hips, he thrust into her completely, the head of his dick bumping up against the mouth of her womb.

He braced his hands on either side of her head, his eyes locked on hers. And in them she saw everything she ever wanted in life.

“Mine,” he whispered. “All mine. I love you, Kendra, woman of my dreams.”



“I love you, too,” she murmured, winding her legs around him and locking her heels at the base of his spine.

He held her gaze as he set up a tempo for their sensuous movements. His hips moved, slowly at first, then faster and faster, in and out. With each hard drive of his body the coil of need that was so tight inside her began to unwind. Pleasure rocketed through her body and the tight muscles of her cunt clamped down on his wonderful cock.

River moved one hand between them, found her clit and massaged it in rhythm with his strokes in and out of her body. Faster. Faster.

His body tensed and he held himself still for just a moment, watching her, reading her, his chest heaving. He pulled back until his cock was almost completely out, then with a whoosh of breath drove back into her and rode her up the slope of the roller coaster until they crested and crashed together. Time spun out as shudders gripped her body. River pulsed inside her, heavy spurts of his hot cum jetting into the latex, the walls of her cunt convulsing around him, milking every last drop from him.

The only sound in the room was the rasping of their labored breathing, although her heart was thudding so hard Kendra was sure it was booming into the still air.

River let out a long breath and slumped forward, careful not to let the full weight of his body fall onto her. He kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her lips, the hollow of her throat.

She rubbed her hands over the warm skin of his arms and shoulders and back, loving the feel of him.

Finally he looked into her eyes again and smiled.

“Mine,” he told her.

She smiled back and nodded. “Yours. Forever.”



About the Authors


Desiree Holt: I always wonder what readers really want to know when I write one

of these things. Getting to this point in my career has been an interesting journey. I’ve managed rock and roll bands and organized concerts. Been the only female on the sports staff of a university newspaper. Immersed myself in Nashville peddling a country singer. Lived in five different states. Married two very interesting but totally different men.

I think I must have lived in Texas in another life, because the minute I set foot on Texas soil I knew I was home. Living in Texas Hill Country gives me inspiration for more stories than I’ll probably ever be able to tell, what with all the sexy cowboys who surround me and the gorgeous scenery that provides a great setting.

Each day is a new adventure for me, as my characters come to life on the pages of my current work in progress. I’m absolutely compulsive about it when I’m writing and thank all the gods and goddesses that I have such a terrific husband who encourages my writing and puts up with my obsession. As a multi-published author, I love to hear from my readers. Their input keeps my mind fresh and always hunting for new ideas.


Allie Standifer
has lived in various places around the world. The gift of travel enables her to create the rhythm and feel of far-off places and feed an overactive imagination. Her life has been one of constant adventure, including growing up in Saudi Arabia, where her brother tried to sell her to Bedouins (for what amounts to less than $1.50). It’s been nonstop; she loves every minute of it.

Ideas, plots, characters and conversations keep her company inside her head and fuel her need to write. And no, they don’t tell her to start fires. :) Tired of everyday stories, Allie adds paranormal twists to her tales. They’re filled with past lives, chain-email-sending oracles, mythical creatures, magic, sexy gods, and heroines who know exactly what they want—and aren’t afraid to go get it.

Free time is spent spoiling two nieces and two nephews, pumping them up on sugar and caffeine and buying very loud toys then sending them back to their parents.

The perfect revenge for all the slights of being the youngest child. When not writing or contributing to the delinquency of minors, or trying to outsmart her psycho cat, she spends time with her wonderful and supportive family.


Desiree and Allie welcome comments from readers. You can find their websites and email addresses on their author bio pages at


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