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Authors: Rachael Hayden

SHAFTED: an erotic thriller (4 page)


The morning sun burnt my eyelids and I groaned and rubbed them. I was stiff and sore inside and out but remarkably refreshed, even after only a few hours’ sleep. I rolled over in the big bed and Candice was sleeping beside me, laying on her back, one leg bent up,
one arm across her stomach. Dan wasn’t around so I took a moment to examine Candice.

She was incredibly pretty. Soft skin with cupid’s bow lips, thick, dark-brown hair that naturally dropped into trendy waves, large breasts with small brown areola that were currently exposed to the coolness of the bedroom, a flat belly just above the covers. I’d never have curves like that and felt a brief flair of jealousy.

Why had I let her screw me? A female! Curiosity? Loneliness? Hidden desires? All the above?

I’d always been curious about what sex with women would be like. I found it… nice.
More than nice. She was so supple and everything about her felt like silk, even her pubic hair. I lifted the covers and looked at her mound. She had dark brown hair, manicured into a runway similar to mine. I’d never seen another woman’s lady garden close up and I shifted over on the bed for a closer look.

I examined her shape, noticing it was a little different to mine yet still so similar and then I smelt a sweet, earthy scent from inside her. Checking to see Candice was still
asleep, I leant over her leg, dipped my face low and took a tentative lick of her folds.

The squishy skin tasted a little salty from our exertions last night
, but it wasn’t unpleasant. I licked again, my tongue quickly locating her clit. She moaned in her sleep. Shuffling across to lay between her legs, I started the dance, warming up to the strange activity I was engaged in. Candice’s hands moved through my hair as she slowly awoke, her hips lifting. I had no idea if I was doing it right, but I did know what I liked and Candice was responding.

I slid my finger into her and explored her core
, all while keeping my tongue in place. Now she was very awake and was grabbing her breasts while lifting her hips against me.

“Slower,” she commanded. She continued to verbally guide me and I got so engrossed in pleasuring my first woman that I hadn’t noticed Dan enter the room until his hands caressed my lifted
ass and without further ado, entered me. The three of us rocked and moved together as one entity.

I rolled onto my back and Candice sat on my face while Dan pumped into me missionary style while kissing his wife. I continued to follow Candice’s instructions until she burst onto me and I had my first taste of female ejaculation. Dan, getting off on seeing his wife cum on my face, soon followed. Then both of them worked on me until I came to a screaming climax and lay stunned and
paralyzed for a long time after.

No person or device had made me orgasm this often and this easily before (even
Mr BOB). I was ready to agree to anything just to experience this again.

After we’d calmed down, Candice again asked me about the hotel idea.

“Let’s do it. But there needs to be a five-month turn-around. Do you think it’s possible?”

Dan and Candice glanced at each other. I caught a hint of satisfaction pass between them and then Candice held out her hand which I shook.

“Definitely. You write the checks, we’ll make it happen.




The next few weeks were a blur of builders, mess, dust and sex. The only room unvisited by the hordes of tradespeople was Bedroom 1, our haven of erotic pleasure, where we’d spend hours each day seeking physical bliss. Sex was on tap and whenever one of us wanted satisfaction, we took it liberally. I’d even stopped wearing a bra
(not that I really needed one) for no other reason than ease of access as their hands would grope me in any room at any time. My underwear was in a constant state of wetness from all those endless hours or perpetual arousal. Mr BOB stayed in my bag; he was undergoing his longest stint of celibacy ever as the Baronets wandered in and out as they wished, day or night. Several times a week I’d wake up to one or both of them crawling into my bed and staying till morning.

was loving it. It was strange and freaky, yet I was energized like never before.

Part of the allure was the differences between Dan and Candice. It was like having sex with yin and yang. Dan was gentle, sweet and would make love to me; Candice would fuck me hard and commandingly. Dan would leave a flower on my pillow
and carry heavy things; Candice would demand I make her tea. Dan would steal sweet kisses in the hall way as we passed; Candice would push me against a wall, French kissing me. Both filled my yearning for love, companionship, physical release and confirmation of my attraction. I was addicted.

As for the house,
Candice had taken control of the project management like a pro. She ordered everyone around, ensuring things were done to schedule and specification. Dan was in almost every room, his tools on the go. I immersed myself taming the crazy gardens and hauled, clipped and raked with all the energy the sex was giving me. The landscape came together surprisingly fast and I loved getting my hands dirty and seeing such great outcomes.

other main jobs was to act as courier. I would drive to the closest building store 20-minutes away or sometimes even to London to order supplies and anything else they needed. The days were full, busy and went very fast.

It was on one of these trips that something strange happened.

I was driving back to the house and stopped in town to get food as the village only stocked basic supplies. I parked in a street of shops a block from the supermarket and wandered leisurely along the storefronts, peering in the glass, not really paying attention. I passed a solicitor’s office and through the glass, my eye caught a glimpse of a familiar figure talking just outside one of the partner’s offices.

I stopped; it was Candice. Just not the Candice I was used to seeing.

She was dressed in a plain grey, loose knee-length dress, flat black shoes and a heavy necklace which sat high against her throat. Her lustrous hair had been pulled back into a high pony tail and she wore no make-up. I wouldn’t have recognized her except that I knew her body and face as well as my own.

At that same time, she happened to glance towards the windows and we made eye contact. An expression of shock and guilt moved quickly across her
colorless face. She replaced it rapidly with a smile of greeting and waving to me, finished her conversation and met me at the door.

“Fancy seeing you here.”
Candice asked, kissing me platonically on the cheek. I wondered what the people passing us would have thought if they’d known this seemingly innocuous woman had only last night fucked me with a strap-on?

“Just getting some food.
Would you like anything?”

“Ah, no.
We’re all set.”

“Doing some business?” I gestured towards the solicitor’s office.

“Yes. Just finalizing a couple of Dan’s contracts.”

“I thought he was only working for me?”

Candice fidgeted, her discomfort apparent. I’d never seen her appear anything but overconfident and authoritative before.

“Oh, he does.
Just finishing up some paperwork.”

“Okay. That’s a unique necklace. Haven’t seen you wear that one before.” It appeared to be several strands of intricately linked chains
molded together in what looked to be a heavy piece of jewelry.

Candice placed her free hand on her throat. “Yes, just an old junky thing I wear every now and again.”

“Oh, okay. Will I see you back at the house today?”

“No, but first thing tomorrow, I’ll be there.” Candice smiled, her make-up free face not so pretty, her
demeanor strangely giving me the impression of… well… subservience. I was as awkward as she appeared and we both wanted to end this stilted conversation.

“Well, I’d better be going,” she said and with a wave and she crossed the road before I could say goodbye.




The next day, at 8
am, the Candice I knew marched into the house and immediately started commanding several tradesmen who’d barely had a chance to unpack their toolboxes. I was about to descend the stairs and she saw me and came up to meet me. Taking me into the bedroom, Candice kissed me hard and deep, grabbing my breasts as she did so. Predictably, I reacted and I wrapped my arms around her, returning the delicious kiss.

She pulled back. “I’m sorry for yesterday. I was not myself. Can we forget it?” Her fingers continued to tweak my right breast, sending little static shocks to my head.

“Of course. I haven’t thought about it since.”

“I’m glad to hear it.”

She smiled, kissed me once more and abruptly left the room and a moment later, I could hear her ordering the tradesmen around again. I shook my head and concluded I would never understand that woman.

The transformation of the house was disconcertingly fast. In fact, the renovations were
proceeding so smoothly, I couldn’t remember issuing many of the instructions; it just seemed to happen. If that period wasn’t so blurred, I certainly wouldn’t have allowed the burgundy and white color scheme in the formal lounge and dining room. I mean, it didn’t look terrible but I had a lighter color scheme in mind. A week later, when I saw dark green going onto the walls of the smoking room, I went to find Candice.

She was in Bedroom 4 overseeing a tradesman installing black tiles in the small
en suite which had been built in the far corner over one of the windows. Black? I didn’t okay that either.

“Candice, could I have a word?”


We went into
Bedroom 1 and I locked the door behind us.

“Did you
order the green in the smoking room?”

“Yes, isn’t it gorgeous?”

I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, “yes, it is, but I was wanting a light color scheme throughout the house, to let in more light and to be honest, I wish you’d asked me first.”

Candice sashayed towards me. When close enough, she pushed her hands up my stomach, my breasts and over my shoulders. She pressed her sweet body on me
, our breasts squashed alluringly together and she swayed gently so our nipples rubbed. Then, she kissed me.

“Don’t you trust me?” she asked.

“Of course I do, but please don’t take this the wrong way, this is my house…”

Candice kept her voice low and soothing. “But, if you want a successful hotel, you need to choose
colors and schemes which will entice guests. I know these colors will work, I’ve done all the research.” She looked up at me through thick lashes with her lips in a soft pout; that glance had all my bits tingling. My hands circled her tiny waist, drawing her close.

“Trust me,” she continued, “I’ll make this place so amazing,
people will come from all over the country.” Candice kissed me again, this time lingering while one hand dropped over my shoulder to rub my nipples, which were already swollen. God, she was hot.

She took me into a deep, passionate kiss, drawing my tongue into her mouth and sucking on it; I groaned and all annoyance flittered away. I had no power to fight them… I didn’t want to fight them.

She continued to kiss me, one hand on the back of my head to keep me in place, the other remaining on my boob. And then that hand was under my shirt, massaging my skin. I was hot all over, driven by a primitive desire for satisfaction. By now, even the slightest hesitation I once had about making love to a woman had moved into the other extreme where now, I couldn’t remember ever not wanting it.

Candice dragged me over to the bed and we stripped each other quickly, her mouth and fingers everywhere. She pushed me onto my back and after
a searing open-mouth kiss, moved down my body, licking and biting gently till I was moaning and weak. She lifted my knees to my chest so I was completely exposed and drove right in, sucking me while pushing two fingers into my pussy. I held onto my knees and with my eyes shut tight, I let the pleasure wash over me.

“Be back in a second,” Candice said and my eyes snapped open to watch her slide elegantly off the bed and walk to her bag, her curved bottom bouncing slightly. I noticed she had two delicious dimples on her right cheek and I dropped my legs down and continued to play with myself to keep the euphoria going.

Once at her bag, Candice pulled out an enormous vibrator. It was a transparent pink, the inner machinery visible through the soft silicon, and it had a finger shaped piece that emerged from the base for clit stimulation.

“Good God,” I said.

“I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use this on you. Dan would get jealous, which is why I’ve waited till I had you all to myself.” Candice climbed back on the bed and lay on one elbow next to me. “This one’s my favorite. Here, lick it.”

I obeyed
. Candice then pushed it into my mouth while I sucked on it. Her free hand went between her legs.

“Now, let’s see how well it fits.” She flicked the switch at the bottom and the vibrator buzzed to life. Trailing it down my body, she ran it over my breasts and they reacted to the hum of the tool. Candice lent forward and captured a nipple in her mouth and pushed the vibrator deep into me. It was almost too large and I squirmed.

“Relax, you can take more than you think.”

I let out a big breath
, relaxed the muscles in my abdomen and the apparatus filled me completely, it’s buzzing stirring me immediately. She pulled it out and slid it in again, before directing the clit stimulator onto my excited bud. My hips lifted involuntarily off the bed.

While her mouth bit and sucked on my breasts, the vibrator was plunged recklessly into my pussy. The irregular pulses on my clit were charging me heavily and while keeping her mouth on my skin, Candice started talking dirty.

“Take it, you naughty girl. I want you to come all over me, squirting your delicious juices on my body. You horny bitch, you deserve to come screaming.”

And I was going to. My head was swamped with arousal and I could feel the low tingle of an impending climax when Candice removed the vibrator from my clit, stopping the orgasm in its tracks. I whimpered in frustration.

“Do you want it?”

“Yes,” I said in a whispered voice.

The vibrator slid up my folds and I groaned as lightning radiated from that point. She pulled it away and in tiny movements, kept touching my sensitive skin until I was nearly dying from holding back the orgasm.

“Say you want it.”

“I want it.”

“How bad?”

“So bad,” I said.

“You can have it if you don’t question my choices on this house again.”

“What?” some of the arousal dropped and she slid the vibrator inside me, the clitoris massager landing directly on my most sensitive part. The pleasure was unbelievable. I may have yelled at this point.

“No more questions, Alex. I am in control of the restoration…” the dildo was moving in and out rapidly. “Say you understand.” The tiny logical part still functioning didn’t want this, it was my house and then Candice pushed the vibrator hard into me and leant down to suck my breast. I was on the brink of orgasm again and 30-seconds later would have agreed to
having my leg chopped off with a plastic knife to get the ending my body was craving.

“Okay,” I agreed in a breath, desperate for gratification.

“Good girl. And now, you can finish.” Candice pumped the dildo in and out of me while continuing to lap at my chest. It felt like only a moment later when the climax hit my head, almost knocking me out.

Even before I’d finished shaking, she climbed onto my face and ordered me to suck her. A few minutes later, she was backwards on all fours, her pussy just over my boobs and I was pumping the vibrator into her, watching in mute fascination as the skin enclosed the device and emerged wet. It took her three minutes and she ripped it out, rubbing her clit and squatting over me, ejaculated on my chest, the clear fluid emerging in spurts.

Candice collapsed out of breath.

“Good girl,” she whispered, kissing me deeply, her tongue swishing around mine. “Good girl.”

There was that ‘compliment’ again. Good girl? What was I, some doe-eyed teenager?

And then I remembered what I’d agreed to in return for the orgasm – no design input into my own house and all because I wanted them to fuck me again and again.

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