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Authors: Rachael Hayden

SHAFTED: an erotic thriller (5 page)

I got up and took a shower, confusion and erotic images passing my mind’s eye. I’d only been in there a few minutes when Dan stepped in and with caresses of loving affection began all over again.

By that point, I just let it happen. Rationality had fled, sex was my heartbeat.

I was their slave.


Two days later, I was the
en suite getting dressed after a shower. It was a Sunday and the one day no tradesmen turned up. As a bonus, Candice and Dan often stayed away as well.

I always enjoyed Sundays and looked forward to the peace and quiet. It was the only day in the week I felt like the house was mine and not the Baronet’s. When they were here, I was overwhelmed by
the full spectrum of emotional turmoil; it was exhausting.

I had nothing planned that day except for trying out the new internet connection which had just been installed and looked forward to some mindless surfing. I needed the peace and leisure activity to sort out my head
because things just weren’t going to plan.

Now, to be clear, I wasn’t so naïve to think that house renovations always did, but to lose complete control
like I had was ridiculous. While I was pleased at how well the house was coming together, I just wished it was me doing it. Everything that Candice wanted, she got, and the moment I questioned anything, no matter how innocuous, either her or Dan would be kissing me, dragging me up yet again for some body-blowing sex. There I would be reminded of my promise to not query anything in the house. Often my punishment was a withheld orgasm; I hated it when they did that. Made me want it more.

I was loving the sex, if I hadn’t made that clear, and as the Baronets were up for anything, experimenting was great fun. The only thing they didn’t do to me (but did to each other) was anal. I was in such a sexy mind frame, I expressed an interest in anal, but to my disappointment, they never went there. Besides, it kept my mind off my dwindling finances.

I’d been adding up all the
checks I’d been writing and £175,000 had been spent so far. The house wasn’t nearly completed and we still had to buy the furniture, decorations, food, staff to hire… all to come out of a measly £125,000.

My shoulders tightened at the thought. I’d have to talk to Candice again and ask her to rein it in.

Now fully clothed in an unattractively comfortable loose grey pants and a purple long-sleeved t-shirt, I went downstairs to the library where the internet router had been installed. I sat down at an old desk and chair which had been rescued from the attic then getting comfortable, I opened my organized-to-a-tee ‘House’ ring binder to find the month’s receipts.

As I flicked through the plastic sleeves, I noticed the entire sleeve containing the house deed and associated legal documents, was missing. I went back through the folder carefully and looked in the desk but it wasn’t there.
Must be in the bedroom
, I thought and decided to look for it later, figuring it was around somewhere.

Then, I logged into my laptop. It was awesome having internet in the house and I hadn’t
realized how much I’d missed it.

After an hour of reading news sites, Facebook, emailing and doing generally nothing much, I heard the front door lock click open. I pushed back in the chair to see through the entry hall and Dan and Candice marched in.

“Alex?” Candice called.

sighed, disappointed they couldn’t leave me alone even for a few hours, even though I was almost always pleased to see Dan. “In here!”

They entered the room.

“Wasn’t expecting you two on a Sunday.”

Candice, being the one who did the talking, said
, “we wanted to see you while the house was empty.”

“About what?”

“Nothing in particular.”

I took in a breath and decided to tackle the issue head-on. “Good because we need to talk about how much money is being spent. I don’t think there’ll be enough to fin…”

Dan quickly moved to my side, tipped my head upwards and started to kiss me. Their insatiability was unfathomable.

Dan ran the palm of his hand up my leg, stomach, over my breast and he cupped my head in his hands and continued to kiss me, asserting his control,
taking advantage of my weakness for him. Candice sat on the edge of the desk and watched us.

I pulled away. “I’m sorry guys, but I’m just not in the mood today.”

They glanced at each other and Candice’s immediate anger was palpable; it was the wrong thing to say. It appeared they expected me to always be in the mood.

Dan dropped his head and nuzzled my neck. By now, he’d learnt where all my best spots were and despite my best intentions, I reacted, just like I always did.

“Are you sure?” he said, his voice muffled against my skin. His fingers lightly trailed my arms and across my stomach, the weightless touch shooting little sparks through me.

I couldn’t
lie, my physical reaction was too obvious. “Okay… no.”

Dan pulled back and smiled. He pulled my chair out from the desk, knelt in front of me, hooked his fingers over the waist band of my comfy pants and with one sweep, stripped them and my underwear off. Dan tugged his own shirt over his head, knowing the sight of his bare chest drove me nuts. I ran my nails down his skin and fine chest hair, drawn to his masculinity. He shoved his shirt under his knees.

Dan then pulled on my hips, shuffling my bottom closer to the edge of the chair and buried his face between my legs which opened to accept him. He was soon sucking just the way I liked it. My head tipped back and I gripped the arms of the office chair.

I opened my eyes momentarily to see Candice observing with an unreadable smirk on her pretty face. It was at this point that Dan pushed his fingers into me and my eyes closed again. I lifted my legs over his shoulders and he sucked me harder. He was so clever and so sexy, his warm shoulder skin heating my legs, his fingers pumping in and out, his teeth and tongue teasing me so that a few moments later, I cried out as the climax ripped around my body.

“Holy shit,” I uttered, gripping the armrests, riding the wave.

Dan lifted his head and smiled at me before going back for more. That area was so sensitive that I squirmed but didn’t pull away.

“Alex, we’d like you to sign something for us.” Candice’s voice was low and melodic.


Dan’s fingers were inside me again, playing me masterfully.

“You offered us a partnership and it’s yet to be made official.”

“Ahhh,” God, that man had talent. Candice was better at cunnilingus but Dan wasn’t far behind. Despite the fact I’d climaxed only a minute previously, it was building again, although a lot slower this time. Dan, his movements unhurried, settled in for a long session.

“So, I have some documents here for you to acknowledge the work we’ve put into this house.”

“What type of documents?” I asked, not quite distracted enough to override years of working in the legal industry.

“Nothing too serious, just some basic contracts.
Nothing you need to worry about.”

Dan’s tongue was dancing across my clit, radiating glorious pleasure-pain.

I pushed back on his head and Dan stared at me from between my open legs, his mouth moist from my juices. I looked at Candice.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to sign anything until I’ve read it.”

A quick flick of evil crossed Candice’s face which I just caught before her expression broke into a measured smile. What was that about?

“Okay, sure, if that’s what you want. But, it’s not that important. How about we just have some fun instead?”

And so, for the next hour, we did, on every surface in that room. It was nice being out of the bedroom for a change and after we lay satiated on the floor, ignoring the boards beneath us, I was about to suggest regular Sunday ‘meets’ until Candice made a statement that cut fiercely through my euphoria.

“Dan and I have been talking and we agree this house would make a perfect exclusive
gentlemen’s club. It would earn you far more money and is perfect for a small manor like this.” It was said without question, as though the decision was in concrete.

I sat up.

“Now, I know this is not what you were expecting but you’ll see very quickly it’s the best option for this house.”

“Candice, I wanted a hotel.”

You just need time to warm up to the idea. Think of the possibilities!”

I looked fixedly at her, astounded into silence. I was so flabbergasted at her temerity I honestly couldn’t come up with anything to say.

Candice mistook my lack of response as a yes.

“Well, that’s sorted then.”

“Wait. No it’s not. Why wasn’t I part of this discussion?”

“You told me to turn this house into a hotel and I am. It will be a hotel with bonuses.”

“But a brothel?”

Gentlemen’s club, Alex. There’s a difference.” Her tone was reprimanding which I took straight to my heart, more so due to my nudity. I reached for my pants and began pulling them on.

“You can’t just drop these decisions on me. I want time to think about it.”

“Sure, you can have as much thinking time as you want.” She paused, sitting back on her hands and stretched her shapely legs out in front, nonplussed about her nudity. She faced me evenly and said, “I also want you to think about your punishment if you don’t agree and your reward if you do.”

Oh God.




Four weeks later, or three-and-a-half months into my hiatus, the house was about three-quarters completed
, exactly as Candice planned.

I was pathetic in my resignation.
They had me hook, line and clitoris and by this stage, I’d forgotten it was my house, my money and my life. Candice (and indirectly Dan) had surreptitiously woven invisible puppet strings into my mind, guiding almost all my decisions to the point I would consider asking Candice for toilet breaks and stop at the last minute. My heart would be lured in by Dan’s gentleness and my lust satisfied by Candice’s enthusiastic romps. I was so confused.

I still hadn’t decided what to do about
returning to work, which was scheduled for seven weeks away. However, being the cautious person I was (one of the few bits of consciousness that still functioned independently), I hadn’t resigned just in case. I didn’t want to return to the cruel Ross Grims and his rampaging misogyny, but I didn’t want to rely on the house either in case the adult club idea was a flop. The delirium I was existing in removed my decisiveness, too.

I was wearing out physically and mentally and yet I couldn’t
stop it.


Late one afternoon, after the tradespeople had left for the day, I wanted to assess where we were up to. So loaded up with my folder and notebook which I carried in pretense of some level of control, I followed the same route I’d taken that first day.

Despite t
he strong wind blowing and the old house creaked and rocked around me, it felt secure; reassuringly so for the first time since I moved in. As I walked slowly through each room examining the progress I was disappointed. It was the gentlemen’s club Candice wanted in every way; rich wood paneling, dark wall colors and sumptuous fittings. It was glossy, baroque and alluring. The bedrooms all had different international themes, the kitchen and pantry were complete and the gardens (the only part I could make claim to) were growing into gorgeous shapes.

It wasn’t terrible, just not at all what I’d envisaged. Admittedly, I’d never hav
e got this much done on my own as Candice was incredible with her contacts and management capabilities. But, what bothered me most was that it wasn’t mine. Aunt Bea had bequeathed me the house and the Baronets had taken over like it belonged to them. She would have been upset with my compliance, the thought of which made me feel even guiltier.

That thought depressed me because I knew my outgoing, independent, spinster aunt would have had a word or two to say. So, I entered t
he only room in the entire house I felt comfortable in; my bedroom. I still loved my bed and the Moulin Rouge theme and was glad Candice hadn’t muscled her interior design into this room. She would have had a fight on her hands otherwise.

Yeah, right.

I made a simple pasta dish for dinner, then had a long shower, climbed into my usual camisole and undies and turned off the lights to head to bed. It was unseasonably cold and the wind hadn’t abated. I listened to the mournful cry whisking around the house and the bed welcomed me into its comforting warmth.

About 30-seconds after I’d snuggled into the covers, I heard the front door open.

They’d returned.

I didn’t want them here anymore.


I stayed in bed
. I saw no point in getting out of the warm covers to greet them. I did, however, turn the bedside lamp on.

But strangely, I only heard one set of footsteps ascending the stairs. They were heavy footsteps, which could only have meant Dan.

Sure enough, a moment later, Dan walked into the bedroom. He was dressed in loose-fitting jeans, a t-shirt and a heavy jacket. His hair was mussed from the strong wind and he had a few days of growth on his strong jawline.

“Hi,” he said and he dropped his keys on the chest of drawers near the door and a bag on the floor.

“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you.”

“Where’s Candice?”

“With another one of her many lovers.”
Dan sat on the side of the bed, his tone neutral.

“God, that woman’s insatiable.”

“You’ve noticed?”

“Hard not to.
How do you not mind?”

“I can’t keep up with her. It was an agreement we came to even before marriage. It suits as both.” Dan swung one knee onto the bed and leant back on the end bed post. He
scrutinized me quietly.

“Surely there has to be some boundaries?”
I asked.

“Yes, no emotional attachment. If it’s just sex, we just say when we’re going out
, the approximate place in case of trouble and that’s it.” He raised his hands in an ‘I don’t care’ gesture.

“Candice said you’d told her about us.”

“Yes, but I left out most of the details.”

“So what did you tell her?”

“Only that you were… are, an amazing fuck.”

“Gee, thanks. I thi
nk. So what didn’t you tell her?”

“That I had an emotional attachment right from the moment I met you.”

My jaw must have hit the covers. It took me a moment to form the word, “Seriously?”

Dan looked me directly in the eye.

“Yes, seriously.”

“Ahh… wow.”

Dan moved up the bed and sat beside me. He reached out a rough finger and ran it down my cheek. It was a loving gesture and I fought the urge not to curl into it and purr. All my harbored dreams of marrying Dan again surged from my subconscious.

“May I stay the night?
With just you?”

I could only smile in affirmation.
Dan took of his boots, jacket, pants and shirt and dressed in very sexy jockey underwear that sculpted his muscled abdomen and butt, he slid in beside me. I cuddled up to him, resting my head on his shoulder and ran my fingers through his chest hair. Dan caressed my hair, his fingers threading through the entire length, and kissed my forehead.

We lay silently, listening to the wind. I felt so safe wrapped in Dan’s smooth, warm embrace
. Dan’s strong heartbeat thudded rhythmically under my ear and his gentle caresses melted me into the mattress and across his body.

I thought briefly of Candice and
realized I didn’t know much about Dan and Candice as a couple. The few conversations we’d had (between our epic sex sessions) just didn’t go there.

“How long have you been married?” I asked.

Dan was quiet. I could imagine he was thinking how much to tell me.

“Almost 14

“Wow, that long. You must have been young when you married.”

“Yes. Too young, probably, but it made sense at the time.”

“Did you know each other in school?”

“No. We met at a sex club, which probably won’t surprise you.”

“Nohh, really?

Dan tickled my neck gently in response to my teasing.

“I’d turned 21 and had just finished my builder’s apprenticeship. I thought I’d celebrate by going to a sex club I’d heard about through some friends. There, I met Candice.”

“How old was she?”

“Eighteen and already a favorite at the club. She was greedy for sex even then. We had sex that night in a private room with two others and I fell for her immediately. She moved in to my flat a week later and we were married four months after that. However, she’d only marry me if I agreed to an open arrangement. I was too addicted to her to disagree.”

“So, she’s always been… bossy?”

Dan’s rumbled laugh echoed through his chest.

“Oh, God, you’ve got no idea. I was young, fresh out of training and had just moved into my first place. Candice was pure energy and just took control and I wanted it to happen. Would you believe she’s calmed down, a lot?”

“No.” He laughed again.

“She was so intense back then and some days, I did want to leave.
She was eating me alive but damn, I loved her desperately.”

She’s still intense, now.
It was weird hearing almost my own story coming from Dan and it made me feel more for him. He was a victim of her, too.

“You do seem like very different people.”

“We are, but it works.”

“You know, it’s surreal that we’re lying here talking about your marriage and your wife. I’ve never been in a relationship like this before.”

“To tell you the truth, neither have I. I’ve been faithful to Candice for all these years.”

I lifted my head in shock.
“Really? But Candice said you had shared lovers before?”

Dan didn’t answer for a long moment; had I said something wrong?

“Please don’t tell her this, but I lied to her that I’d been sleeping with other woman.”


“To impress her, I guess; to keep up with her. I have kissed many women, sure, but had only had intercourse with Candice. Then, the moment I saw you, I knew I’d use our open marriage clause for the first time. I couldn’t wait to get you.”

“I’m… I… honestly don’t know what to say for once
and I won’t tell her.”

Dan shrugged his spare shoulder. “Don’t say anything.” So I didn’t.
I loved the fact there was a shared secret between us.

I moved my left hand in larger circles around his chest, exploring the shape of each muscle. His stomach was nicely defined into six small ridges and I counted each one before tracing his bellybutton and following the hair trail down his belly, towards his groin. I fluttered my hands across the top of his thighs and his dick lifted through the
underwear and bumped my palm in invitation. I obliged it by pushing them off his legs and taking the velvety length in my hand.

It thickened. I caressed his cock, shifting the skin up and down and pressing the head gently with my thumb. Dan’s breathing changed and I heard his heartbeat speed up where my head still rested on his shoulder. I increased the strength of my grip for a few more strokes then cupped his balls while simultaneously licking circles around the nipple closest to me. He moaned.

Dan turned us over and he lay his powerful, naked body between my legs. Resting on one elbow, he studied my face in the low lamp light. His dexterous fingers traced through my loose hair once more, swirled around my ear and followed the contours of my face; his eyes followed his fingers. In return, I watched his gorgeous face silently, a little in awe of having such a beautiful human between my legs.

“You’re so beautiful,” Dan whispered. I turned away slightly, embarrassed by his words. I caught his eyes again.

“And you look like James Purefoy.”


“The actor.”

“Don’t know him, but I’ll take your word for it.”

“It was the first thing I thought when I saw you. But that’s okay, because I’ve always had an enormous crush on him.”

“And I have a crush on you.”

“Me, too.”

Dan caught my mouth with his and kissed me with exquisite gentleness. I swear, my head whirled black and grey as he widened my lips and used his tongue to trace my teeth. I’d never been kissed so delicately and my arms flopped beside me onto the bed, stunned into paralysis. He pulled my camisole over my head and kneeled up between my legs, lifting them onto his shoulder where he kissed my toes, feet and ankles while slowly lifting my underwear along my legs.

He made love to me that night. There is no other way to explain what happened in my room. My former lovers paled in the bright light of what that man did to me. His hands were controlled yet subtle, his tongue clever yet calm, his thrusting both commanding and soft. He
held my eyes for so much of our time together, capturing my soul and I truly loved him for those few hours that we rolled over my bed. There was no teasing, no domination, just two people expressing deep feelings in the most physical way.

I came when sitting on him, his dick deep in me and his fingers stroking my clit. It was a long, sweet orgasm and I crunched forward as it hit me, my long
brown hair veiling him, fingers digging into his arms as spasms submersed me in primal pleasure. Dan flipped me onto my back and thrust for another minute, his teeth clenched, his eyes tightly closed. I lifted my hips and grabbed his ass, somehow pulling him in even deeper. When he climaxed, he vocalized his orgasm with several throaty “aaahs”. Then, he gathered me to him and we slept.

The next morning, I woke alone in the bed just after sunrise when the muted morning light was illuminating the
colorful room. I rubbed the sheets to find Dan’s side still warm and a moment later, the toilet flushed in the en suite. I snuggled under the covers waiting for him to return, anticipating a repeat of last night’s amazing sex. I even started to rub myself in preparation.

Dan walked naked from the bathroom in an unconscious strut, his long penis swinging with his gait. For a split second, I imagined watching him every morning, as my boyfriend. He would leave Candice and marry me and
I’d make this our forever home.

“Morning, sex god,” I said from the safety of my covers.

He turned and grinned in my direction. “Hello, my goddess.” I loved the sound of that and I continued to admire his fine bod as he grabbed his bag and brought it to the side of the bed.

He sat on the edge of the bed near
me and leant down to give me an engrossing kiss. Brushing back my hair, Dan said, “I want you to know that last night was the best.”

“It was. I loved it, too.”

He lay down on his side facing me and stroked my arms and hip, pushing back the covers to do so. He made eye contact.

“I’m really falling for you, Alex. Last night proved just how much you mean to me.”

I cupped his cheek and he kissed the palm of my hand.

“I’m falling for you, too.” He gave me a tender smile in response an
d my daydreaming heart fizzed.

“Although, I don’t know when we’ll be able to do this again, just the two of us overnight like this.”

“Why not?”

“I have to find the right time to tell Candice. I’ve broken our
agreement, I don’t want to push the envelope just yet.”

I was disappointed. “I understand but I don’t like it.”

“Neither do I.” He kissed me in a way which placated my regret and we snuggled for a minute.

“I’m sorry, Alex, but I need to bring up some business. I just remembered when I was on the loo that I have some more documents for you to sign.” He reached for his bag, pulling out a small pile of paper held together with a bulldog clip and a pen. He put the papers in front of me on the bed and held the pen out.

“Sign what?”

“It’s nothing more than some tiny contract amendments.”

“Like what?”

Dan hesitated for a fraction of a second and his brows narrowed, showing the barest hint of anger. Was he not expecting that response? Did I say something wrong again? I was confused.

“You’re angry?”

Then, my kind lover returned just as quickly, leaving me to wonder if I’d imagined it.

“Of course not. Honestly, luv, I don’t know what they’re for and just guessed. Candice asked me to drop them around.”

“Even so, I’d like to read it first.”

“It’s up to you but I’m sure it’s nothing major. After you’ve signed them, I can thank you by servicing you.” He winked.

I laughed at his
candor and took a swipe at the papers.

“Just let me have a look, ya rogue. It’ll only take a moment.”

He put the papers out of my reach and waved them, smiling.

Sign them and you get me. You have five seconds, wench.” He popped a pen in front of me. “One…. Two….”

I didn’t understand why he was pushing me. While I did want a repeat performance of last night, there was no way I was going to sign something without at least seeing it. I might have been sort-of in love, but there was no way I was signing something I hadn’t read.


“Three….. Four…..”

“Come on, just give me the papers.” I took another swipe.

Too bad. No papers, no Dan.”

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