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Authors: Rachael Hayden

SHAFTED: an erotic thriller (3 page)

“I’ll make all the arrangements and I’ll have a team here starting on Saturday.”

“I’ll miss you tomorrow, then.”

His fingers gently traced my bare shoulders. It was a comforting gesture and I relaxed. I loved that he was taking charge like this. Having always been the one in control of my life, even when other men were around, it was wonderful having someone else look after me for a change.

“So I’ll see you on Saturday… unless…” I traced my hand down his flat belly and grabbed his dick. It jumped and started filling immediately.

“We’ll, technically, I was supposed to clock off at four, which means I’m currently in overtime.”

“You can bill me later.”

“Actually, I was thinking you could pay me now.”

So, I slid down his belly, took his dick in my mouth and paid him well.


Dan did as promised. On Saturday, eight tradespeople were at the old manor and they worked hard all day. The old house was alive with banging, clanging, sawing and all manner of noises and I loved seeing my home on its way to comi
ng back to life. The tradesmen didn’t come on Sunday but by Monday afternoon, the kitchen and bathrooms all had running water. Four men were working on Bedroom 1 and by Thursday, the room had four large, functioning windows, new polish on the floorboards and paint on the walls to replace the peeling, dated wallpaper.

Dan had remained
physically distant, but he sent me winks and would grab my ass when no one was looking. So I’d do the same, purposely bending over in front of him, wearing my shirt slightly undone, brushing my breasts across his back… it was pure torment to have him so close and not to satisfy my cravings for him.

the story slightly to the Friday before, I spent the day dreaming about Dan while looking at room decor on the inn’s only computer. I found one room which I loved; a design that looked straight out of a Moulin Rouge boudoir. It was full of gaudy purples and reds, a love seat, an armoire and a make-up table. But it was the bed that first caught my eye. It was a wrought iron four-poster king-sized bed with drapery falling lightly from the top frame. I immediately imagined Dan taking me majestically on that bed, ramming me from behind whilst I held onto the pole, my pussy hot with pleasure and I would come with ecstatic abandon… I logged out of the computer, hurried upstairs and jumped on Mr BOB. It took all of a minute before the orgasm got me and I flopped onto the bed, my whole body tingling, but only partially sated.

I walked demurely back downstairs and ordered the bed, a mattress,
linen, side tables and a matching chaise, paying for express delivery. I wanted it in that room as soon as possible.

The other thing I did that Friday was drive to
town and got a copy of the front door key made up. I figured that if Dan was going to be hanging around, I may as well make his arrivals easier.

And so, back to the following Thursday and just as Bedroom 1 was completed, a small truck appeared at the gates and my bed arrived. I set to work immediately on putting it together, assisted by Dan. Within an hour, just on 4pm, we finished.

“Oh, I forgot to give you this.” I handed him the key from my pocket. “This is so you can come any time you want.” He winked at me and he put it into his trouser pockets.

“I’d prefer to come with you.” He raised an eyebrow sexily in my direction and my body reacted
favorably. We were stripping the clothes off each other even before the last work van trundled from the cobbled driveway.

Within three minutes, we were 69-ing on the bed with him on his back and me straddling his face. We were sucking each other desperately, fiercely, rapidly
making-up for the week of chastity. He alternated between tugging on my clit and tongue fucking me and I was hanging onto his hips and responding to my body’s euphoria by cock teasing him with my tongue. He was huge in my mouth and I was about to come when he slid from under my mouth and quickly tugged a condom on. He resumed position and I reverse-cowgirled him, his cock pressing against my front wall. I held my hand firmly on my abdomen and I could feel the head of his dick through my belly, moving in and out.

I was covered in sweat and loving every thrust, every moment of this. I leant forward on his legs and rocked on his crotch so he could see his cock moving in and out of my pussy. Dan groaned in appreciation.

"God, that’s so sexy.”

He was holding my hips and guiding me. I threw back my head, my hair
tickling my sweaty, sensitive skin right down to the middle of my back. He was so deep, the pleasure was intense and I started playing with my clit, rubbing hard while shifting where his hands led me.

“Baby, I’m coming!” I yelled and so I did. Dan lifted me off him and a burst of fluid squirted from my vagina. I was crunched over his legs, letting my body do its thing, the shuddering overtaking and I could do nothing but ride it.

I was still groggy when Dan pushed me back onto the pillows and straddling my chest, he took the condom off and pushed his dick into my mouth. At first, he was gentle and I sucked his hard shaft, tasting my juices. Then, he grabbed my head and pushed hard into my mouth.

I wasn’t ready and gagged at the intrusion. I’d never been great at deep throating and having it forced upon me was frightening. I tried to push him back but he held my head firm.

“That’s it, baby, take it.”

I was panicking. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move. All I could feel was his enormous penis rammed down my throat. I gurgled and slapped his hips and he withdrew for long enough for me to take a breath before pushing back in. He was so strong and for that moment, I was afraid of him. That feeling of danger I’d momentarily felt when he stepped from the foliage that first day was no
w real. My eyes were wide open and I gazed with horror at the line of hairs that ran from his bellybutton to his crotch as the line came closer and moved away with his actions.

Seconds later, he stiffened, cried out and came in the back of my throat, his semen disappearing down my
gullet. He shuddered and jerked, jarring my open, aching mouth before sinking down onto the mattress next to me.

I took a huge breath, swallowed and gagged a bit.

“What the hell, Dan?”

“Sorry, babe.
I got a bit carried away.”

“A bit?

“Hey, settle down.” He gathered me up and cradled my head, stroking my hair and shoulders; a guaranteed way to soothe me.

I didn’t know what to say, how’d it all go so bad? I was up for some bedroom aerobatics, sure, but always consensual. I lay silently and stiffly in his embrace.

“I’m sorry, Alex. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Are you okay?”

Was I?

He sounded so sincere and genuinely apologetic.

I studied the contours of room’s dimensions while thinking about what had happened. He’d forced the act on me and no one treated me like an empty vessel. I might not have been a particularly assertive person but I did not put up with that. That’s what I’d always told myself, but now it’d happened to me, I wasn’t so sure.

I just wished he would stop caressing my shoulders and playing with my hair because it was really distracting my thoughts of retribution. It was so damn soothing and comforting. I especially liked it when he ran his fingers around my ears.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Sorry I got so freaked out.”

Shit. I’m such a coward. What was it with me and men?

He hugged me and held me, confident he’d got away with it. Stupid, stupid Dan.

And so I forgave him.
Stupid, stupid Alex.



It was the following day and Dan was late. I’d moved on from the incident of the night before and was dreaming about my man again and the wonderful things we would do in my new bedroom.

The loud banging on the front door echoed easily into the kitchen where I was knocking 80-year-old grey tiles from the stone walls. I was enjoying the demolition, despite the filth and dust, and pictured Grims’ face when I needed an extra heave of energy. I was daydreaming about how great it’d feel to take this large, metal scraper to his forehead when the knock roused me from my happy musings.

My visitor
was a woman about my age, shorter and who had the most amazing curves. She had a tiny waist, flat tummy, a buxom bust that was barely restrained in a low-cut navy blouse and full bottom which was encased in fitted light-blue jeans. Snazzy black heels graced her tiny feet. Brunette hair swept her shoulders and forehead with an effortless wave and she had soft-looking pink skin, blue eyes and full lips.

She was very, very pretty.

“Hi, I’m Candice,” she said. “And you’ve been fucking my husband.”

I don’t think I can put into words effectively what my reaction was after that line was delivered. I’m sure I first resembled a ghost and even shook for authenticity. Then I turned
a tomato red when the embarrassment crashed in.

“But… but…”

She was remarkably calm. “He didn’t tell you he was married, did he?”

I shook my head.

“Can I come in?”

Finally my voice caught back up with me. “Okay.
As long as you’re sure.”

I want to talk to you.”

I showed her into the formal lounge, decorated with milk crates, tools and enormous amounts of dust.

“Sorry about the mess.”

Candice didn’t respond. She just sat on a milk crate, dust and all
, and stared up at me. I had no idea what to say.

I’d never slept with a married man before. I believed in monogamy and had been faithful to all my boyfriends. This time I was the ‘other’ woman and felt close to vomiting.

Candice pulled another crate towards her and patted it. “Please, sit. I won’t bite.”

“I would if I were you.” But nevertheless, I sat down anyway.

“My husband and I have an unusual marriage,” Candice began. “We both love sex and have an agreement that we can go outside our marriage but with conditions.”

I felt a bit relieved to hear that.

“What conditions?”

“It couldn’t be in our local area. Strike one.”


“It couldn’t be with a client. Strike two.”

“Shit. There’s a strike three?”

“No, not yet.
But there may be unless you listen.”


“You see, Alex, my husband has told me about you. He says you’re excellent in the sack and has been very explicit about your activities.”

“He actually told you what we did?”

“Of course. We’re very open like that. Naturally, I was jealous.”


“And so, I’ve come to see for myself. To see if he was telling the truth or just trying to mess with me. He does that sometimes.”


“Looking at you right now, I’d say he was telling the truth.”


“And what I haven’t told you yet, is that we often share.”

“Share what?”

“The women he sleeps with.”


“Because I like women and so does he.”

“You’re a lesbian?”

“I’m bisexual, my dear and I just love sex. I don’t care who with.”

“Wait… you want to have sex with me?”


“I’ve only just met you and I’m not gay.”

“Every woman is gay, Alex.”

“No, pretty sure I’m not.”

“I can convince you otherwise.” She placed a well-manicured hand on my leg. I jumped to my feet and moved away from her.

“I think you should go. I’m sorry I slept with your husband and I promise I won’t do it anymore.”

Candice stood and assessed me from across the room. She was standing with her legs slightly apart and her hands on her hips.

“Fair enough.
I’m sorry to have bothered you, Alex.”

Candice left the house and I watched her walk down the driveway, slipping a little on the cobbles.

“That was freakin’ weird,” I mumbled.


My heart ached for the rest of the day. My shoulders were around my ears with the stress and guilt of what had happened.

I will confess, I had occasionally… okay, often… pictured Dan moving into my rambling old manor where we lived happily ever after. I was a closet sucker for romance. This revelation Candice’s existence had shot those dreams between the eyes.

But what hurt more was that he’d lied to me. The
man who’d effortlessly obtained multiple orgasms from me, had lied, even though by omission.

But then, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t asked. Yet, would he have told me? “Yes, I’m married but I’m in an open arrangement and my wife and I regularly swap women?” I would have run the other direction.

Problem was, I’d now had a taste of what really great sex is and my traitorous body wanted more. And more. Dammit, I still wanted him. Even with the wife, even with my values on relationship monogamy.

I climbed into my gorgeous bed early that night, disappointed and aroused.
Stupid me. But, I didn’t want to grab Mr BOB. I just wanted Dan again. Stupid Dan.

The book I was trying to read was beside me; I’d read one page but was too distracted to concentrate.
So I turned off the light and went to sleep.


In my dreams, I was being kissed by a dark-haired stranger. I felt protected, loved and it was amazing. The stranger ran his tongue over my lips and I quivered and reached out. His hair felt so real, his lips so familiar… and then the dream ended.

For a moment, the drowsiness lingered and I wondered what had awakened me when those lips pressed against mine again. I squeaked and he covered my mouth with his own. I tried
to push away but his masterful touch took a second to weaken me and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He lifted the covers and slid under them with me, already naked and hard. I grabbed his dick, now so familiar, and he drew in a breath while reaching under my cami and fingering my breasts.

Our tongues were dancing together and we rolled around on the bed feeling up each other. He pushed the covers back, now not needed from the heat we were generating, and he lapped at my breasts while pushing my underwear down my legs. His fingers slid into my vagina and he pleasured me briefly while biting my breasts. He came up to kiss me again while his fingers softly massaged my clit. I was moaning, it felt amazing and I was already getting close to orgasm. It surprised me just how wet and soft his fingers were…

But one hand was on my belly, the other on the pillow beside my head…

I broke off the kiss and looked down my body to see the silhouette of a head between my legs, a head with wavy brown hair. Candice.

I jerked away from her but Dan held me still.

“Wait, I don’t-”

“Relax, Alex. Relax and enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with this. Candice is amazing at giving head.”

“But I’m not ga-”

Dan was kissing me again, rubbing my breasts and using his skills to keep me in place. Candice hadn’t stopped during his comments and the pleasure from my clit was working its way through my head and reservations. Dan was licking my mouth while Candice continued licking my folds and it was probably the darkness, the fact I was still drowsy, but I listened to him. I relaxed.

Immediately, intense pleasure shot through my body. Candice was applying just the right amount of pressure, her tongue and mouth moving in dizzying patterns. She pushed two fingers into me and started rubbing my g-spot. The reaction was immediate. I lifted my back off the bed and despite my
diminishing aversion to what was happening, I grabbed her head. Candice moaned happily.

“That’s it, baby,” Dan said into my mouth. “See how good she is? She loves muff diving, it’s her
favorite thing. She loves the way a woman tastes.” Candice grunted in affirmation and increased the force. My head was whirling. She was better than Dan, which made her a master.

Dan ran his lips over my breasts again, my neck, my ears, my mouth and I just lay there,
paralyzed, all thought gone. Candice knew exactly what I needed; she read me perfectly and somehow, could tell when I was getting close because she changed her tongue movements and within seconds, the lightening shot through my body and I rode an incredible orgasm to heaven.

“Oh, God, Dan.
I’m so hot, I need you,” said Candice. Dan obediently lay on his back beside my slack body and Candice dropped straight onto his dick. I watched them.

I should have been turned off, seeing my lover with his wife. Instead, I lay on my side, still shivering slightly from my mega climax, and like a sad voyeur observed them. Candice was arching her back, her gorgeous
ass molded to her husband’s legs, her bare breasts lifted to the ceiling. Dan was fingering her clit and she was rocking faster on him. “Alex. Suck her tits.”


“Do it. Suck her tits.”

I must have lost my senses because I submitted. Pushing to my knees, I leant forward and f
or the first time in my life, tasted another woman’s breasts.

They were softer than I expected. They smelt beautiful and delicate and not as foreign as I predicted. Her areola had a slight rubbery texture and her nipples hard, yet pliable. I remembered what I liked and performed it on Candice. She was
moaning sexily and encouraged, I licked her with more confidence, taking her breast in my mouth and suckling her.

Dan’s spare hand moved between my legs and he rubbed us bot
h. “You’re both so damned hot.”

I was getting aroused again and Candice started to command me.

“Bite, gently. Oh… that’s good.”

I was starting to enjoy what I was doing to Candice and her
consequent reactions. My hands trailed her body and her breasts, my mouth following her movements. Then, Candice sat straight, sinking deep onto Dan and she grabbed my face and French kissed me.

I froze and pulled back.

Kissing to me had always been special and intimate; more intimate than sex in many ways. I chose my kissing partners more discerningly than my sexual partners and having to forcibly kiss a woman had hit my ‘too far’ radar. Candice stopped and examined my face in the near darkness, although she continued rocking her pelvis gently on her husband.

“I want you to kiss me, Alex.”

“But, I don’t want to kiss you.”

“Why? Am I unattractive?”

Dan was watching the exchange silently. He sped up his movement on my clit. I wanted him to stop so I could think clearly, but I couldn’t move away from those amazing digits.

“Kissing is special to me. I don’t kiss just anyone.”

“You kissed my husband.”

, I did.” Dan’s fingers pushed into my vagina and I automatically spread my knees and took a deep breath. I couldn’t formulate an adequate response.

“So, why can’t you kiss me?”

I couldn’t concentrate, everything, including my tongue, was getting heavy. I wanted Dan to stop, I wanted to move from the bed but he put two fingers into me and all I could do was kneel on the bed and let him arouse me.

“Alex. Why won’t you kiss me?”


Candice leant closer, her hips still rotating on Dan’s crotch, somehow multitasking
while I had turned mute. She was millimeters away from my mouth, her breath tickling my lips.

“Kiss me, Alex. I want to taste your mouth.”

She brushed her lips across mine so gently, I barely felt it.

“Kiss me,” she whispered. Dan continued to thrust his fingers into me and was using this thumb on my clit. Fluid poured over his hand. I was automatically tipping my head to the side in anticipation of her kissing me. I was going to let her do it. I couldn’t believe it.

So, I took control. I fell forward onto her lips and ravaged her. I lifted my hands to cup her head and slanting my face, I punished her for disarming me; for breaking through my limits. I sucked on her tongue, her lips, licked her teeth, hoping to hurt her and make her regret forcing me to do this. But, it didn’t. Candice groaned happily, her hip trusting speeding up again and shortly after, she orgasmed, crying into my mouth. Dan followed soon after.

We all collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of naked, sweaty bodies, breathing heavily. Dan pulled the covers over us and with me in the middle, we lay replete.

Then, despite being practically strangers, entwined in the darkness with warm, naked skin pressed close and fingers exploring, we started to talk.

Dan spoke of his business, Candice how she managed a small travel agency and assisted Dan with his books and project management occasionally. That got me started on my job. I told them about Ross Grims and how much I hated working for him. I told them how I inherited the house but I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it yet.

“Why don’t you turn it into a trendy hotel?” Candice suggested, her fingers teasing back my hair. I loved people playing with my hair and was lulled into a sense of trust.

“I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I think it’d go well. It’s close enough to London to catch the weekenders and the place is so charming. You’d need to install en suites in each bedroom and each room could have a theme.”

Candice was warming up to her ideas.

“It’d be easy to convert the big kitchen into a commercial one and the barn is large enough to fit the cars under cover…”

a great idea.

“I’ve never planned anything that big before.”

“Well, we can help. Dan can look after the building, I can do the project managing and you handle the admin side.”

“And what do you want out of it?”

“Well, you could pay us a flat rate, or we could go in as partners.”

I was silent for a moment and let the quietness of the room and the
ir gentle breath wash over me. I had my arm across Candice’s belly and Dan was stroking my fingers.

“Let me think about it.”

“Or I’ve got a better idea,” said Candice. “How about we don’t think at all.” And she sat up and simultaneously rammed her fingers into me and sucked on my breast.

This time, I just let it happen.
This time, I orgasmed twice.

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