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Sensual Stranger (27 page)

Toni’s arms tightened around his shoulders. She shook her
head. “You don’t have to do that. I’d planned to tell you I was going to get my
own apartment so I wouldn’t crowd you.”

“Uh-huh. No fucking way,” he said. “You’re staying here.”
Before she could argue, he captured her mouth, his kiss deep, impassioned.

A faint moan rose from the back of her throat. Greedily, she
suckled his tongue, her hands moving to his face, keeping him close. When at
last he finished, Zach eased away from her. “Don’t move.” He went to the “For
Sale” sign, pulling it off the hooks, flinging it onto the grass.

Returning to her, he said, “We’ve got a lot to talk about. I’ll
call the shop and let Angel know we’re not coming in for the rest of the day.
Go on, get inside.”

Toni’s eyes lifted to his. Intensified by her weeping, their
blue-green tint was the most dazzling color Zach had ever seen, the love in
them unguarded.

Silently thanking whatever god had sent her his way, Zach
planted his hands on his lean hips and cocked one brow, deliberately teasing.
“You’re still out here. I said inside. Now.”

Despite her puffy lids and the tears still rolling down her
cheeks, her expression changed. It became all mischief, just as he liked,
playing the game they both loved, the one that had first brought them together,
leading them to this moment.

In a throaty voice—aroused, ballsy, pure Toni—she murmured,
“Make me.”

About the Author


Tina Donahue is a multi–published novelist in contemporary
and historical romance.
Publisher’s Weekly
have praised her work; she has reached finals and/or placed in
numerous RWA-sponsored contests. She was the editor of an award-winning
Midwestern newspaper, worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production
company and is currently the Managing Editor for a global business document


Tina welcomes comments from readers. You can find her
website and email address on her
author bio page





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