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Authors: Tina Donahue

Sensual Stranger (19 page)

Releasing his right testicle, she gave all of her love to
his left.

He groaned loudly. Uncrossing his legs, he pulled them up.
Water splashed. It poured down his calves to the concrete as he rested the
heels of his feet on the lip of the pool.

Toni ran her fingers up the seam of his ass.

A sound more animal than human poured from him. He cut it
off, struggling for air.

Relentlessly, she stole it, releasing his gland, taking his
cock into her mouth, driving it to the back of her throat, nearly as far as it
could go.

Obvious surprise ripped a gasp from him. Contentment
followed, producing a prolonged moan.

Enjoying the sound, loving it like nothing she’d heard
before, Toni swept her tongue down his length, easing him from her mouth. His
hand fell away from her head, dropping to the side.

In her peripheral vision, Toni saw Zach fisting his fingers.
Between her lips only his crown remained, a delicious mouthful. She flicked the
tip of her tongue over the tiny slit, tasting the salty fluid and his passion.

As though her lick galvanized him, Zach lifted his hips,
trying to force himself back into her mouth. Toni gave him what he wanted, what
she had to have, opening her throat, pulling him more deeply into her than
earlier. The tip of her nose touched his cocoa-colored curls. She smelled his
lust—primitive, erotic—identical to her own.

With all of her will, she tried to keep her pace steady and
slow, to draw this out. His crude growls defeated her. Flicking her tongue over
the uneven skin at the back of his crown, she worked this most sensitive part
of him, paying no heed to his heels slipping off the concrete, his legs
splashing back into the water, his back arching, his wild cries.

Hot, thick cum spurted into her mouth, the pulsations
mimicking his strangled gasps.

Sucking gently now, Toni swallowed the evidence of his
pleasure, proof to her she’d touched a part of him. For a moment in time, she
was a woman he wanted.

Once she left, would he remember her for at least a little

Not wanting to go there, she sighed, allowing his penis to
slip from her mouth. Unwilling to move away, still hungering for closeness, she
rested the side of his face on his groin, her fingers on his injured thigh.

He swallowed loudly, coughed, then rested his hand on the
side of her face. Her skin was still damp from the pool and hot, frustrated

“Thank you.” With his deep intake of air, the muscles in his
belly quivered against the top of her head. “That was awesome.”

Toni smiled so hard more tears spilled out. She made certain
to keep them from her voice, along with her feelings for him. “You think?”

He laughed wearily.

She snuggled closer, content to stay here forever.

Zach’s laughter wound down. In silence, they remained as
they were, minutes passing by. A soft, warm breeze brushed past. Leaves
rustled. Birds cried from somewhere in the distance.

Toni sighed.

At last, Zach asked, “Sleepy?”

She shook her head, the side of her face rubbing his body.

“Good.” His powerful baritone embraced the word and those
that followed. “No work tomorrow. You’re mine tonight and all of the next day.
Any way I want.”

Lifting her head at the surprising command in his voice,
Toni looked at him.

His fatigue of only a few minutes ago had left. Possessiveness
flared in his eyes. “Don’t even think of getting away,” he warned, “if you try,
I’ll tie you to the fucking bed again.”

Her pulse jumped and her heart sang while her mind warned he
was only playing a carnal game, the one they’d agreed on.

Dismissing sorrow, forcing herself to be content with the
moment, she asked, “After you punish me?”

His breathing picked up. “That can be arranged.” He pulled
his legs back out of the pool, propping his feet on the edge. “Now keep taking
care of me as you promised. You’re not through, not for a long time to come.”

Chapter Eleven


To his surprise, she didn’t enjoy him again orally.

Easing from between his legs, she left the pool. Head
turned, heart punching his ribs, Zach watched as she padded to his side. Rivulets
of water coursed down her taut flesh, some getting trapped in her dark bush or
skimming her pink vaginal lips, the rest dripping around her slender feet. With
an indecent smile, she offered him her hand.

He accepted it immediately, wrapping his fingers around
hers, but didn’t yet leave the concrete. “What do you have in mind?”


The back of his head tingled at her husky voice wrapped
around such a promising, shameless word.

On his feet, he drew her into him, warming her flesh chilled
slightly from the water. With his free hand, he eased damp hair from her cheek,
leaned down and pressed his lips to its exquisite softness.

Toni sagged into him, nipples crushed against his chest, her
breath catching, her throaty voice producing a soft mew.

“We staying back here?” he asked, his mouth to her ear. “Or
are we going inside?”

She ran her fingers down the seam of his ass. He started at
the unexpectedly pleasant sensation.

“Neither,” she murmured. Fingers tightening around his, she
stepped back. “Come on.”

He held back. She looked over, her blue-green eyes hooded,
her plush lips parted.

Like a good boy—or a hopelessly horny one—he followed her to
the cedar table where she retrieved Lucky and Belle’s picture. With the photo
safe in her hand, she continued down the path to the front of the house. Zach
flicked his gaze at his Ram, wondering if her plans included them fucking like
crazy on its flatbed.

She directed him away from it to the front steps of the
house, stopping on the porch next to her saddlebag. Releasing his hand, she
hunkered down and slipped the laminated photo inside, then looked up.

Desire danced in her eyes, along with a need so pure and
deep, it touched Zach’s soul.

With her saddlebag in hand, Toni stood and rested her
fingertips on his bristly cheek. “Wait here,” she murmured. “I’ll be right

He didn’t want her to leave him, not even for a second.
Grasping her wrist, he stopped her from reaching for the doorknob. Toni turned
to him, her expression questioning.

Zach made no effort to hide his paralyzing thirst for
everything she was. “Hurry.”

Her smile was all pleasure, the happiest he’d ever seen. “I
will.” In an even throatier voice, her manner all sass, she said, “Now, don’t
you wander off. Don’t make me come looking for you.”

He wondered if she would. If some day in the future, she’d
come riding by on her way to the circuit and might consider stopping at this
house or his garage just to say ‘hi’. Or if she’d be with another man at the
time, a guy who lived for one glance from her, a single touch.

Afraid to speak and betray the turmoil of his thoughts, Zach
shook his head, wordlessly telling her he wouldn’t budge. He’d wait for as long
as required just to see her again. To have her in his arms.

Slipping inside, she closed the front door behind herself.
Zach sank to the porch’s top step, his shoulder against the banister, his mind
picturing her roaming inside the house, going to her bedroom or maybe even his.

Eyes closed, head lifted to the sky, he imagined her
regarding the photo of Meg on his nightstand, the only picture of her he’d kept
in the house, not wanting potential buyers—strangers—gawking at his life, what
he’d lost.

Don’t go in there,
his thoughts whispered to Toni. He
didn’t want her to think he’d compare her in any way to his late wife. Zach
couldn’t. Toni was like no woman he’d ever met. A part of him wondered if he
would have chosen her in Phoenix if she’d been in his business class.

Swallowing hard, he waited for her return, counting the
minutes. One. Three. Five. Tension built, straining the muscles in his throat
and chest, stirring interest in his groin. Around him, the night no longer
seemed quiet. It bristled with life, expectation. Crickets chirped, getting an
early start on their concert. Birds flew past, their wings whapping the heated
air. Insects buzzed. The front door clicked.

All too eager, Zach lowered his head. His brows lifted at
the canvas grocery bag Toni carried. Given how it bulged, she’d stuffed a lot
of something into it. Their dinner? Maybe the potato salad from last night or
the makings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that he knew she liked.

Zach didn’t ask. His attention zeroed in on the red silk
scarf he’d bought for their first night together. She’d tied it in a bow around
her left thigh like a makeshift garter.

With a pleased grin, he glanced back at the bag. “What in
the hell do you have in there?”


Zach rolled his eyes at her continuing evasiveness, but
didn’t comment as she pulled several of the fattest and tallest candles from
the bag, seating them on saucers near one of the windows. Using a long match
from the fireplace, she lit each.

Protected from the soothing breeze, the flames bobbed
merrily, softening the shadows, inviting the night to cloak the areas
surrounding them.

Pushing the bag aside, Toni went to her feet and untied the
scarf. “Give me your hands.”

Zach regarded the scarlet silk swaying back and forth.
Captivated, he asked, “What?”

“You heard me.” She wiggled the scarf.

His gaze drifted to the bag, whatever else she’d put inside,
then to her cunt. “What do you have in mind?”

“Taking real good care of you.” Her tone turned cocky,
challenging. “Unless you’re too chicken to let me.”

Fear wasn’t what he felt at the moment. Curiosity and
anticipation whispered in his blood, roughening his voice. “You do know that I
could turn you over my knee in a second and make you regret that.”

“You will. Later.” She sank to her knees at his side, her
lips close to his, her voice seductive, coaxing. “Give me your hands. Let me do
whatever I want.”

Passion smoldered in her eyes and words. Weakened with lust,
Zach caught as much breath as he could and gave Toni what she required…what
they both did.

She wrapped the scarf around his wrists, knotting it once.
“Scoot over toward the rail.”

Head turned, he maneuvered his body to where she’d directed.
His lids sank to half mast at her palm on his chest, her fingers stroking his
left pec lightly, urging him to lie down. The moment he did, she drew his bound
wrists above his head, tying the ends of the scarf around the banister’s bottom

His cock thickened at the way she’d imprisoned and now
regarded him. Thoroughly, lazily, indulgently. Her gaze touched each part of
his body, at last settling on his stiffened rod.

She spoke in a solemn murmur. “You’re such an awesome man.”

Her praise, her wanting of him, touched Zach as few things
had. All teasing gone, he spoke with the greatest sincerity. “Thank you.”

Her gaze met his and lingered, it caressed, cleansing him of
sorrow, making him want her with a fervor both stunning and humbling.

His eyes closed as she leaned forward, brushing her lips
against his. He groaned, impatient for more. She met his request with the
tenderest of kisses, the kind that fill an empty heart and comfort a damaged

The moment she eased back, retreating from him, Zach
couldn’t stand it. “Come back here,” he growled.

“In a sec.” Turning, she reached for the bag.

On her knees and one hand, her ass lifted and facing him,
Zach saw her labia peeking out from her delicate curls and the tight ring of
her anus, a part of her body she’d given to him without a moment’s hesitation.

She shifted her weight. Her plush buttocks and adorable
tattoo jiggled slightly.

Sweet Jesus, she was killing him. He wanted her on him, all
over him, not rummaging in the fucking bag. “What are you looking for?”

“This.” Straightening, she turned on her knees, holding a
squirt bottle of Hector’s homemade chocolate syrup in one hand and his
ribbon-winning barbecue sauce in the other. She held out the barbecue sauce.
“Dinner.” Bringing it back, she next lifted the syrup. “And dessert.”

Zach laughed. “I like how you cook.”

“You haven’t a clue how I cook. But you will.” She placed
the chocolate syrup on the porch, then squirted barbecue sauce in a wavy line
from his collarbone to his pubic hair.

Zach gasped at the chill.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, concern in her voice. “Does
it sting?”

“No, it’s cold. From the refrigerator?”

“Oh.” She dropped the bottle on the porch. While it bounced,
she lowered her head to his torso and murmured, “I’ll warm you up.”

Zach’s toes curled, splayed and curled again at how she
lapped the sauce from his navel. When she drove the tip of her tongue inside
the small depression, he chuckled. As she followed the condiment’s trail to his
wiry curls, he stretched his legs, not caring about the pain it caused. Toni’s
touch, each caress, muted everything bad, delivering nothing except

With her hand on his cock, stroking it far too delicately,
she worked her way back up his body, cleaning the sauce from his flesh, pausing
only to swallow and fight for air. No different than him. At his collarbone,
she finished and pressed her face against his neck, sucking it.

Zach’s chest pumped hard at the glorious sensations
barreling through him, pulling his concentration in two directions—her fingers
on his shaft, her lips on his throat. His rod won, capturing Zach’s full
attention as she dragged her thumb over the slit in the crown, using his
pre-cum to lubricate it.

He groaned in delight. He ordered, “I want inside of you.”

She continued suckling and stroking as though he hadn’t

Frustrated and so damn aroused he couldn’t think straight,
Zach yanked on the silk scarf, cursing the fucking thing as it held fast. His
voice cracked with emotion. “Now, dammit.”

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