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ROMAN Copyright
© 2014 Kimber S. Dawn

Published by Kimber S. Dawn

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

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Published: Kimber S. Dawn: 2014 [email protected]

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*** This book contains explicit descriptions of violence and sex, obscene language, torture, rape, assault. This book is intended for MATURE AUDIENCE MEMBERS ONLY, and NOT intended for the weak at heart, nor persons with any triggers.***


To the readers who aren’t afraid of the dark…






























I danced with the devil last night.

He whispered lovingly in my ear memories I’d thought I’d buried long ago.

With his large hands cupping my face he used his words to give me back the pain I’d once erased.

He told me of my death, reminding me of the sad and miserable life which lay ahead.

with him here,  I follow his lead wrapped in his embrace and I feel dread unlike I’ve ever known.

I danced with the devil on the moon last night, my red gown sparkled as it swirled in the wind.

Cascaded around me as if the ocean had rose, making me fly higher and higher leaving dread and death behind.

His chuckle reverberated through me and I looked into the devils beautiful blue eyes.

“Your gown, my love, it’s turned a deep shade of blue, and your beauty would have me breathless, if it was not so unmistakably true.”

It has been said by many, time and time again, Satan is not cloaked in red scales with hideous horns and a pointed red tail.

I look upon the man whose arms I clench onto for life and I realize how right they were.

I danced with the devil across the stars last night, in the arms of the man whose beauty rivals Adonis.

His hair as dark as a raven’s wings, eyes the color of a sky in spring.

As long as he doesn’t speak, I allow myself to believe whatever I dream is possible.

I believed he loved me.

I believed he was unjustly cursed.

I believed he would not allow anyone to hurt me.

I believed I belonged to him and him alone.

It was when he spoke my doubt rose and surged, extinguishing my beliefs in him.

When he boasted and bragged my dreams turned to dust.

And when my doubt surfaced he was finished playing with my foolish little existence.

I danced with the devil last night and of course in the end, it was he who won.

For when he finished our dance, the ocean fell, the clouds thinned, and my bones broke as I fell and hit the earth, my blood spilled unseen beneath the ruby red gown that hope had once turned blue.

*** This book contains explicit descriptions of violence and sex, obscene language, torture, rape, assault. This book is intended for MATURE AUDIENCE MEMBERS ONLY, and NOT intended for the weak at heart, nor persons with any triggers.***






















Allow me to introduce myself…I am Roman Payne. I live my life the only way I have ever deemed necessary. You will not agree with the decisions I've made, and you will hate me for the ones I did not.
I do not ask anyone’s permission, nor do I ask for understanding. I am certain, as you trespass into my world like a voyeur looking into a window to watch a woman undress, you will detest my choices and actions, however, remember, I have not asked for your critique or your approval. My life is lived at my discretion and I seek neither forgiveness nor absolution from you…you people who walk the fringes of life timid and afraid of the most basic interaction.

Every sin I commit, each life I end, every soul I purchased to watch in gratifying amusement as it fades out. I have done with whole and complete intentions…of watching my sins and transgressions affect and alter the life of others.

My intentions are my own, and I own every single one.

Do not continue reading if you have illusions of my redemption or if you are entertaining the idea you will be the one to save me with your empathy and love.  You are forewarned, I will demolish the fantasies you harbor of finding the wounded man who only needs love and understanding to vanquish the rottenness that has settled into my soul. I will relish the metamorphous, I will smile as I watch the horror of what I truly am dawn on you. 

I am advising you to turn away from me now, but we both know you won’t, and this pleases me beyond words.
or your hatred and fear is my sustenance; filling the void which lives within my black soul.  If you insist on continuing, then let us begin.

Oh, and once we have finished our journey, and you begin your sniveling, whining, and moaning I promise you this:  I will stare deeply into your beautiful eyes and touch my lips ever so softly to yours and as you bend your head back opening yourself to me… I will smile as I slit your throat; I will thrill at the sensation of endorphins coursing through my body; I will breathlessly watch as the life drains from your eyes and revel as your last breath releases to my kiss.

My love, Always remember, I warned you.

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