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Authors: Elsa Silk

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Milked by her Alien Master


Milked by
her Alien Masters

By Elsa
Needs Women, Alien sex, Monster cock, breeding, f/f, m/f, m/f/f, breastfeeding
fetish, adult breastfeeding, lactation fetish, exam table sex, fisting, collar,
concubine, menage, orgy)


Today, I
could be picked to become an alien’s concubine. If I passed the test.

volunteers enter the exam tent listed on your card.” The mechanized voice over
the loud speaker did nothing to calm my nerves. I rubbed the chill bumps on my
arms and searched the large auditorium.

I was in a
domed football stadium, long abandoned and fallen to disrepair. Beneath my
feet, the old turf lay in patches. Kinda like everything in the Old City. All
around the field, tents were setup with large numbers on the door flaps. There
had to be around three hundred women here. They let us in a wave at a time,
each woman with a number. I’d heard they processed thousands on concubine
gathering days. But they only selected a handful, if any, every few months.

fourteen was about half the field away and I weaved through the chattering,
excited women. Most were beautiful, curvy, obviously educated and well cared
for. It figured. Even after the aliens came and took over the world, flattening
everything and enslaving everyone, the few remaining power families were the
ones who got it all.

My hands
shook and my mouth went dry. This had to work. But how did I stand a chance when
there were so many perfect women vying for so few slots?

I stopped
in front of the appointed tent and smoothed down my simple yellow dress. It was
the best I had, but I hadn’t been able to get the mud stain out of the hem that
fell to my ankles. Or to hide the scars on my legs. I didn’t know exactly how a
woman qualified to be an alien concubine, but the pay would get my family out
of the Eastern Seaboard slum and maybe into a farm tenancy. According to the
stories my parents had told me, the world didn’t used to be like this, with everyone
crammed together. The cities had turned into warzones of poverty and gangs. The
aliens wanted our land for crops and everything else could fester. Oh, they did
things like do food drops and forcibly control birth rates so we wouldn’t
completely die off. They thought they did us a favor, keeping us alive in
squalid poverty. Maybe in a few generations, humans would agree.

For me,
the only future that wouldn’t lead me to an early mass grave was to give myself
to an alien master. I needed to stop calling them aliens even in my own head. 
I whispered, “Neliousians.”

It was a
joke that they came from Mars because they’d originally created an outpost
there before conquering Earth. But nobody knew where the large purple aliens
came from.

The dark
green fabric covering of exam station fourteen fluttered and snapped.

“Come in.”

A tall,
scowling woman waved with impatience as if she’d been waiting on me or something.
I swallowed. Daydreaming could ruin my chances.

My entire
body shuddered with nerves by the time the flap closed behind me. An exam table
filled most of the immediate space. The human doctor motioned to me as I tried
to keep my knees from buckling. This was what I wanted. What my family needed.
I needed to find the courage I’d lacked all my life. I gripped the sides of my
dress and managed to remain upright.

Hurry it up.” She turned toward the table and rearranged some medical
instruments while three guards stood at attention. They looked bored and glassy

A squeal
made my skin jump and I couldn’t help but take a step backward. It came from
somewhere beyond the back, behind another set of tent flaps or even outside in
another exam area. The doctor gave me a frown. “If you’re that nervous about
it, you might as well leave. They only take willing women.”

“No. I’m
fine,” I croaked. I threw the dress off and stepped out of my ragged sandals.

Nude, the
air in the tent grew thick around me and I felt the stares of the guards who no
longer seemed so bored.

then, you are quite a specimen.” The doctor gave me a visual inspection from my
dirty feet, over my scarred legs, to my hair—the mass my mother had spent all
morning combing the knots out of. The doctor circled me, assessing me in a
clinical way that seemed edged with excitement. “I hope you took the criteria
seriously and really fit all the needs. You’d be amazed to learn that I
disqualify upward of ninety percent just at this initial exam. Most never enter
the inner room. But if you pass the exam, I know they will be pleased. It all depends
on if the serum works on you.”

My heart
hammered in my chest. Surely I’d never pass the physical with my blood pressure
rising through the roof. Nobody had ever mentioned a serum. I glanced at the
door and fisted my hands at my side.

still.” The doctor stood in front of me. Her hair was short, cut nearly to her
head. Like the guards, she was fully human. Not many of the aliens came down
from the space station. I’d never seen one in person.

She walked
toward me while viewing something on a board she held. Then she put aside the
board and picked up a large ring from the table. She put it around my neck. It
weighed nearly nothing and when she closed it, it let off a hum and a click. My
heart skittered inside my chest and my eyes stung. If they took me, would they
take this collar off?

I gasped
at the pressure of fear and hope clogging inside my chest. The doctor put a
hand on my shoulder and squeezed. I swayed toward her, but she kept me
immobile. “Tell me now. Your application said the scars are from a fire
accident during a raid on your house. Is that the truth? I will know if you lie
from your collar.”

“It is.”

“Good. If
the dead tissue had been from poor health, we’d have to dismiss you.” Her hand
stroked down from my shoulder and over my arm. It was soothing and steadied me.
“This is even more important. When they broke into your house, did they rape
you? Have you had sex with a man before? Have you ever been penetrated by a
male? ”

“Only by a
man?” I clarified. Not that I needed to. I’d never had sex. Or even kissed
another person with passion.

fingers tightened on my arm and her breath trickled over my neck in a stutter.
“Yes, with a man. Or a male.”

“I haven’t
had sex. It was close. I think they meant to do that.” I coughed the pain away.
My father had died protecting me. He and my mother had already decided, but
hadn’t presented the idea to me, yet. They protected my virginity with their
lives because they planned on bartering it. I didn’t blame them because I fully
agreed with them—once I was old enough to understand. So here I stood on my
eighteenth birthday, three years after my father’s death and the pain still

“And you
are healthy, passed all physicals?”




“If you had
lied, the light on the back of your collar would turn red. Your health exam
from a month ago is in your charts. You appear to be fertile.”

“Yes,” I
croaked. Did they care about that? I hadn’t known.

“I’m going
to give you a shot. If you are lucky, it will make you feel things. Should it
do so, it’s a normal reaction. Don’t worry if nothing happens, either. It’s the
most common result.”

grabbed a needle off a nearby table, checked it—probably to be sure it was what
she intended to give me—then wiped my upper arm with an antiseptic. She plunged
the needle in my arm. It pinched a bit and was warm going in. “The serum works
fast. You will feel it in seconds.”

I didn’t
dare ask what she’d given me. I couldn’t seem to form the words.

lovely.” She stood there and stared at my throat before her gaze lowered to my
chest. She whispered in my ear, “If you aren’t chosen, come back to me. I’ll
take care of you. For a time.”

beautiful in the slums, I’d heard it all. And sure, I knew I had a visual
appeal. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered coming here. In the slums, being
noticed was dangerous and beauty was not something I’d wanted to have. It made
me a mark and I had to hide in the house most of the time, because when I did
leave our family’s hovel, I faced how people viewed me. This wasn’t the first
time I’d been propositioned.

The truth
sank into my gut and made me burn in the middle. If I wasn’t chosen to be an
alien concubine, I’d take her offer. A sudden, keen ache tempted me to accept
her come-on now, to kiss her lips that were so unbelievably tempting as they
weren’t before. Her offer was the best I’d ever gotten, and a sudden fear she
wouldn’t renew it and I’d lose all opportunities struck me. I wanted to please
her. This doctor must make a good living, working for the aliens. My body shook
and my nipples hardened into tight points. A warm, delicious feeling spread
from my belly out and I loosened a bit, eager to see what came next.

Like a
weight lifted off my shoulders, I stood straighter. I wanted, I needed, and for
the first time, I knew I’d not only save my family from the early deaths of
pure poverty, but I’d be taken care of. I could be happy.

The doctor
made a humming sound. “So damned lovely. Are you getting wet from my
suggestion? Do you like the idea of a woman licking your pussy?”

My mouth
fell open and I almost answered, but she let her hand fall to my waist and as
she took her touch away, brushed lightly down my hip and around to my ass. “On
the table, love.”

slapped my ass. It stung with a heat that quickly faded into something
pleasurable. I gasped.

She helped
me step onto the table and guided my feet into stirrups. Then she strapped them
in at the ankle and spread my thighs enough to step between my legs.

“Go ahead
and relax back.” Her voice was husky and red streaked across her cheek bones.
“I usually only get to this part of the exam once or twice a day. Too often,
I’m done at the lie detector stage.”

I did as
she said and tried not to think about the male guards watching.

eighteen?” The doctor stepped back and carefully slid the stirrups wider,
wider. I tried to jerk up, but she pulled me until my ass slid all the way off
the edge of the table. Only my back remained on the table.  I’d have dangled
off except for the contraption holding my legs. I tensed against the feeling
I’d tumble to the floor until she leaned over me. Her weight held me as she
brought a strap about my chest. That security relaxed me. She rounded the table
to the end again and strapped my thighs in place. Every touch and movement
thrilled through me and a pulsing started in my womb. My skin was so sensitive
that every breath tickled against the small of my back where the weave of the exam
table dug into me.

My legs
were so far apart, she was able to sit in a chair and scoot forward until she
was staring straight at my pussy. My long-guarded and protected pussy. I
quivered and a moan slipped out. I heated in my core and a trickle of my cream
slid from me and down toward my ass. I blushed hot and fast from my cheeks down
my chest.

I was at a
slight incline so I could see her expression loosen from the professional
demeanor she’d had when I entered the tent. She licked her lips. She murmured
as she watched my folds plump—something I could feel and envision perfectly. I
was so turned on I had to wonder if there was something in the air in the tent.
It had to be the serum. I knew it. My tits ached and I had to grind my molars
in my fight against rubbing my nipples in front of three guards and a doctor.
I’d never been naked in front of another person since I hit puberty.

forget what I said. If for some reason they don’t see what I do and send you
back out here, I will give you what you need. And I promise it will be only you
I care for. Until one of us is ready for a change. And I will at some point.
I’d have to. Because they’ll take my job if they see any attachment.” She
shrugged. “But I think we could make a go of it for a year or two.”

muddled my brain even while my skin prickled and my mouth watered with the idea
of it. I’d only just met the woman and she wanted me to live with her. It
didn’t make sense. It had something to do with this strange shot and the collar.
That had to be it.

The doctor
snapped on a pair of gloves from her lab coat pocket and gently put a hand on
the inside of each thigh. What she said should make me rebuff her and tell her
I’d never be a whore for her, but it excited me further.

“I’m going
to examine you now.”

Her gentle
touch on my lightly downed pussy shocked through me and made me jump. I
swallowed hard and my hands gripped the table. My nipples were painfully tight.
My gasps started in an uncontrolled rush and I couldn’t calm myself.

“So wet.”
She spoke as if drugged and her fingers slid along my opening before she dipped
a finger inside. Her other hand rested on my mound and pushed down. “I am going
to work my whole hand into you. To provide a second verification to your
virginity beyond the truth test. And to verify that you can handle the cock of
one of the esteemed masters of Nelious.”

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