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Authors: Kimber S. Dawn

Roman: Book 1 (6 page)

Her throat attempts to swallow three times under my hand before succeeding and her tongue sweeps over her lips as her breathing slows.

After her eyelids flutter closed her warm breath puffs against my lips as she speaks, “You haven’t, Roman, it must have been one of your other girls. I don’t believe we’ve broached the assumption topic yet.”

A growl, yes…a growl escapes my chest before my mouth crashes over hers, my tongue sweeps inside and circles, sliding against hers
ut before I can
control over the kiss she has her teeth sinking into my bottom lip sucking it into her mouth while her thigh hikes up around my waist and tightens, pulling me closer and grinding her pelvis against my raging hard on.

A shudder wracks through me.  I rake my fingers through the hair at the base of her neck as my thumbs sweep over her high cheekbones With my hands tangled through her soft, blond locks, I take control over the kiss. Part of me believes it happens so easily because she is weak to my machinations and the power I wield
yet a voice in the back my mind whispers it has nothing to do with her being weak, and everything to do with the fact she freely handed me control.

I didn’t take a damn thing Heather wasn’t willing to give me.

All these thoughts are wrecking catastrophe upon my mind and in turn cause my patience to run brittle thin and my rationale begins to snap. I slam Heather harder against the wall and when her head cracks against the brick, our mouths and teeth harshly ram against each others. Her teeth cut into my lip before she sucks my bloody lip into her mouth, moaning as she wraps both legs around my waist. My hips move of their own volition.  I feel madness nipping at the corners of my consciousness as our lower halves mimic elicit sexual movements.

I have never been affected by anyone the way Heather Mackenzie and her lithe strong body is affecting me right now.

I feel her body tense moments before she convulses in my arms. As her hands alternate fisting and relaxing only the material covering my shoulders, an ecstasy laced moan escapes her throat.

What the hell have I just done? Looking down at her flushed face and lust clouded eyes I search in vain for an answer. I jerk my body away from hers and it takes effort stronger than I’m willing to admit to stop myself from helping her balance on her feet.

Sad confusion flashes across her face so quickly I question having seen it before she cocks her eyebrow up and smirks like a wanton temptress, “Thanks for the quick cum, babe. You couldn’t have made my evening any better. And to think, all I had to do was get held at knife point.” Her chuckle is malicious and dripping with sarcasm, “I must say, it was more than worth it, Mr. Payne.” She side steps me before sauntering towards her car and tosses the last words over her shoulder, “Let me know what I can do to get a wet fuck instead of a dry one next time. Yeah?”

She slides into her little red sports car before I can answer, cranks the engine, shifts into first gear, and then tears out of the parking lot.

Oh, I want Heather Mackenzie. I want her and I will have her.  But don’t mistake me getting tripped up by a woman for the first time as me becoming weak, or losing an ounce of blood lust.

Several more events occurred tonight which eclipse the minute details you aren’t willing to look at, little one.

the hell does little Miss Heather need to not only carry, but very efficiently carry two guns?

Heather thinks she clever and she’s convinced me of her false intentions of what it really is she wants from me, it’s time I learn the truth about what the little sideline watcher really wants.

Chapter 6

My oldest brother, Cody’s voice shakes the windowpanes in the living room. “What the
was that, Mac?”

I blow out an exasperated sigh before rolling my eyes and sweeping my fingers through my hair. When I look back at Cody I pin his eyes with mine. “I’m trying a different tactic, big bro, not that it concerns you.” Rebellion is rolling off me in waves and I could fucking care less. I’m surrounded by all three of my brothers in a torture chamber that resembles the ninth circle of hell masked as an interrogation.

Rick, the middle brother barks, “Uncle Jay already called. His men watched as they recorded the entire scene going down. He’s pulling your badge, Mac. You’re off the case. Hell, after what Jay described I doubt you’ll even be allowed a second chance in the department after your suspension is over. You fucked up tonight, kid. Big time.”

Oh my God, please tell me this is not really happening! Tell me. This. Is. Not. Really. Happening!  I leap from the interrogation room, I mean living room and storm into my room
ossing clothes, toiletries, shoes, and my shoulder holster with both guns into a big duffle bag, I grab my purse off the bed and swing both over my shoulder before barreling towards the front door only to be stopped by all three of my brothers yelling in semi unison, “Where the fuck do you think you’re going, Mac?!”

I spin towards them, standing to my full height which still puts me a foot and a half shorter than the shortest of them, Bobby and throw my badge on the floor at their feet, “Tell Jay I don’t want this case. If he’s going to strap it chock full of stipulations I don’t want shit to do with it, him, or the entire fucking department. I’m done! I can’t take this shit anymore! I’m twenty-five years old! Not twelve! I’ve been through the academy, I spent my time on the streets, and I’ve been the lead detective on this case for two years! I don’t deserve to have to live my life like I am some child in need of supervision! I want all of you to leave me alone, dammit! I’m through! With every last one of you! Through!”

I slam the front door behind me and storm outside. Tossing my bags into the passenger seat, I slip behind the wheel and stare through the windshield watching the rain fall without a clue as to where the hell I’m supposed to go.

I spent two weeks at a Holiday Inn. Two weeks.

Then I got pissed. After I showered and shaved from armpits to tip toes, I lathered lotion onto every square inch of skin before pulling on my shortest skirt, and a silky top with a plunging neckline so low it required double-sided tape to keep my breast from escaping.


my mousse covered fingers through my long curly hair and
a whole lot of eye makeup and a little swipe of nude lip gloss, then I buckle the ankle strap of my six inch black peep-toe Louboutins, grab my duffle bag and purse, check out of the hotel and
until I pull up to the gate surrounding Roman’s… what? Mansion? Manor? House of epic proportions?

After hitting the intercom it crackle
dead silence
the only answer for almost five whole minutes. I speak not one word, suddenly uncertain of my plans and concerned for my safety in Roman Payne’s grasp, or better said, his lair.

I am on the verge of throwing my ’69 Shelby into reverse and hauling my ass back to Holiday Inn when his deep voice pours from the speaker, “Ms. Mackenzie, how many times do I have to ask you, what do you want?”

My words tumble out in a series of awkward squeaks, “Hey! Ummm, hey. I ahh… just maybe some dinner, if you haven’t eaten. I pay, I mean, I can pay, or my treat. You know, I need somewhere to kinda stay, too.”

What. The. Fuck did I just ramble?

“Heather, I don’t need for you to pay for my dinner. Actually, I was just sitting down to eat when you interrupted. I will ask you only one more time, little girl. What. Do. You. Want?”

I’ve barely processed his words before I shove out my plea, “Please, Roman, please. I don’t have anywhere else to go. I’ve been living at the Holiday Inn for two fucking weeks, please, just until I can get a job and get on my feet. I don’t have anyone else.”

“I know where you’ve been living, and yes you do, you have three brothers. Ask for their help. Not mine.”

The intercom crackles with static and goes dead silent, signaling he’s finished with me.

Oh hell no. I say when, asshole.

I slap the intercom buzzer again.

After minutes of no answer I click the speak button and shout, “Don’t think I won’t put this bitch in reverse before gunning it through your gates, Roman Payne! I’m at rock bottom here, dammit. I’ve got nothing left to lose. I’m sure you know what it means when you fuck with a woman who has nothing left to lose, right?!”

The gates slowly part and a smirk slides across my face. As soon as the words ‘Check mate’ Skate through my mind I hear his chuckle spill from the speaker and his husky voice say, “There is nothing I find more gratifying than a woman who claims to have nothing left to lose. Come on in, little mouse, I’ll warm you up a plate.”

Little mouse? OH shit, what in God’s name have I gotten myself into?

I pull up the long drive edged in massive willow trees and a sense of dread prickles down my spine as the sun sets behind the massive manor. Really there are no other words to describe it. The cobbled stone covering the first, second and third floors have ivy and wisteria perfectly draped in several places. The high pitches in the roof are accentuated by dark mahogany beams which meet in the center of the pitch. Each window is made of ten or more windowpanes with glass so old it looks as though it sags. There are sconces between each window lit with gas lamps, and two massive ones on either side of the front door under a low swooping high pitched front porch. I’d like to say it reminds me of the
front porch, if the
were kings instead of miners.

Huge, old oak trees and their low hanging arms cover the mansion in shadows making the entire place seem both enchanting and intimidating.

I pull around the circle drive, making sure to point the front of my car towards the exit.
the keys from the ignition,
grab my bags from the back of my trunk and make my way up the uneven cobbled drive and staircase. My finger hits the doorbell and instantly the heavy door flies open and I’m jerked inside of Roman’s dark, cold house. Both of my bags hit the floor right before my back hits the stone wall of his foyer and my arms are pinned above my head in one of Roman’s hands while the other wraps tightly around my neck.

Alarm bells are blaring loud and fucking clear along with the warnings my brothers and Uncle Jay
been screaming at me for the last two years.

Don’t play with a wolf, Mac and not expect to see his teeth.

That’s the problem, Mac, your inability to believe that he’s capable of murder, that’s what will get you killed if you don’t smarten up, sis.

You’re ATTRACTED to him! You cannot separate fact from your feelings for him! This man will fucking kill you before you ever come to the realization he is indeed the devil his file claims him to be!

Mac, there are twelve women linked to him who’ve gone missing. TWELVE. You can’t possibly believe it’s a coincidence! YOU’RE SMARTER THAN THIS, MAC!

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