New Beginnings (True Hybrid Book 1)




New Beginnings 


























True Hybrid Series:


Chapter 1 New Beginnings

Chapter 2 Old Beginnings (Available by December 2015)

Chapter 3 Fresh Start (Available by July 2016)




























I’d like to acknowledge my mother, family, and friends cause with all of you none of this would have happened. And I’d also like to thank my loving children who were the inspiration to start the book and prove you can do anything you put your mind to. I love you all.













































My name is Elisabeth. I have no last name. Nobody does.

If you belong to a pack, then you carry the name of your pack for human appearances. A pack consist of a mix of supernatural species living in an area. Everyone follows a leader called an alpha or the Elders.

I'm alone. No pack. No family. I like it that way. No one to worry about. No one to check in with, other than the Elders.

It gets kinda lonely every now and then. But I remember that if I had family they would be a target. I couldn’t do what I do with a clean conscience. I’d constantly be worried about them.

Every now and then I hear a male voice in my head, helping me along. Like my conscience is male. I should have realized I was crazy the first time I heard it. Guess I’m just a slow learner.

I’m an average female, except for a few things. I'm a 6'3 enforcer for the Elders with a reputation that most men dream of having. I’m special, even among the supernatural community. I’m the only one known to my kind.

I'm part of a special enforcement task force controlled by the Elders. We are the police, judge, and jury of the supernatural world. We are sent out to identify threats, investigate, detain, transport, punish, and anything else dictated by the Elders.
Mainly my job is to “deal” with the supernatural beings who break the laws set by the Elders.

We are highly skilled and trained. We are also the most hated and feared in the supernatural world. The pay is awesome. I don’t have to pay for anything work related. Weapons, travel, etc. You know the normal items.

The Elders are composed of a representative from every supernatural beings species. They are the oldest supernatural beings belonging to each species. The Elders are our government. They have an input in everything before any supernatural being does it.

I’m the only one that isn’t represented at the counsel. They said I’m represented by the entire counsel because I’m a part of every species. The only one known to exist sucks.

The world is full of supernatural beings. Most you’ve heard of. Some you haven’t. Most are indistinguishable, unless you are a part of our world.

There are a few quirks that separate us from human beings. Unless you are a trained by a hunter then you will not notice.
We have spent years learning to blend in. It’s not always easy. The more complex the supernatural species, the harder it is to hide. The supernatural species have spent years mastering the art of blending in with the human beings.

It’s instilled in us from the day we are born. Blend in or risk the lives of everyone. The counsel won’t hesitate to have me or someone else kill you. If you know about someone and don’t report them, then you are just as guilty as they are.

Nothing is going my way. At times like this I hate my job. Nothing is worse than the situation I’m in at the moment.

I’m on a mission in Tokyo investigating a werewolf. His name is Zander. He belongs to Louisiana’s Shadow pack in the U.S.

Actually he is the alpha of Shadow pack.
He was placed under investigation for hunting in the open to be caught by the unsuspecting humans. He was spotted by one of the Elders minions hunting in a park. Not for food but for the thrill of catching something much more valuable. Me.

I tried passing this investigation off to another enforcer when I found out he was the suspect.
They refused my request. No other enforcer would take it, because he is an alpha.

Alphas are feared by all because they are almost as strong as the elders. Hard to catch, and even harder to kill. They are lethal.

I was asked for by name, but they would not tell me which Elder it was. That’s never a good sign. No matter the profession, it tends to be a trap.

Zander is my bond. They are the human’s equivalent of a soul mate. The difference is when you complete the bond you can’t survive without one another. Your life is actually connected to theirs. If they die, you die. If you’re apart for too long you both die. Plain as that.

He has been trying to catch me for 10 years. That’s when he first spotted me. We have never come into physical contact. He has followed me all over the world.

Coming close to catching me several times, but never did due to his small miscalculations.
I have dreaded this day since he spotted me in the French Quarter Market in New Orleans, LA all those years ago. It was the first and last time I saw him, until now. I have sensed him but nothing more.

You need to focus on the task at hand. You’re getting distracted. I’m glad I’m not a female. Your emotions and hormones run away with you.

My conscience is a wise, smartass, at the moment. Ugh! I swear he’s more ass than smart or wise.

He is here meeting up with Alpha Brock of Raven pack for a new alliance. Their packs have always gotten along, but with a new alpha comes a new alliance.

Brock recently came into being alpha. He defeated his father in a proper challenge. His father is still part of the pack. Brock didn’t kill him. Which is very unusual. Rare even, because of the flex of Alpha power between the two males.

Zander has not left Raven pack land all day.
I’m hiding just outside of the territory, in an abandoned building. I’m surprised none of the pack checked this building during patrols. Maybe it’s because of the shape of it

It is a two-story building. It looks like it was used as some kind of storage. Maybe fertilizer, judging by the sacks scattered on the floor.

Avoid the second floor.

Which means that would have been too obvious and probably unstable judging by the structures damage. I’m positioned at the wall farthest away from the only door in or out. I am by a window that is the closest to the corner of the building, that way I have plenty of shadows to hide in.

There is no breeze flowing through the broken panes of the windows. Everything is as still as I am. It is very creepy.

I feel like I am bait waiting in a trap. Watching and waiting for him to pass down the only road going in or out of the territory. He arrived on the pack's territory around 0845 (8:45am), and now it’s 1756 (5:56pm) and still no sign of Zander.

Be patient Elisabeth. He will show up soon enough. Just remember to keep a safe distance. Mate or not, he might hurt you if he finds out why you’re here.

The male conscience sounds patient and steady. My male conscience reminds me of someone. I just can’t put my finger on it, but it’s almost like someone is talking to me telepathically. It’s creepy sometimes, but it has never steered me wrong. I feel my conscience stir in the back of my mind at the acknowledgement.

I have always been able to feel Zander, but today is different. Zander knows I’m here waiting for him. I’m not sure how, but he knows. I can just feel that he knows I’m here. I can’t feel him, but for some reason I know he can feel me.

Calm down. Don’t let your personal feelings cloud your judgment. Focus. You have a job to do.

I inhale deeply to try and calm my nerves and regret it immediately. The smell is horrible. It smells like musty garbage on a 110-degree day. I should have worn an air freshener under my nose. YUCK!

I hear the sound of small feet as a rat scurries across the floor. The noise is slightly distracting. My eyes are instinctively drawn to the rat.

Turning back to the window, trying to drown out the noise, I almost miss the sound of Zander’s rented truck leaving the territory. I watch the vehicle, looking at the faces to see if he is in there. He is driving. My heart skips a beat before speeding up as I lay eyes on him. Getting lost in my thoughts will be very bad in this situation.

You got that right, Lizzy. Get your hormones under control.

His window is up, but his hair appears to be windblown. His eyes appear to be roaming the windows of the building, but I step further into the shadows. His eyes linger for a moment on my window before returning to the road.

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