New Beginnings (True Hybrid Book 1) (4 page)

“I might be your other half but I do have a say in if I want to be here or not. We either take things slow or you can forget about me.”

A spark of excitement rushes through me at being able to be blunt with him.

"I think we will take it slow but there is one thing I can't resist from doing."

Before I can ask what he jumps on me and bites into my neck where it meets my shoulder. He is forcing his mark on me! Just to show everyone I am his. What the hell is wrong with him?

My body tenses as I feel his teeth break the skin. I lock my lips closed to keep the moan from escaping my mouth. I experience more pleasure from his bite than I have ever expected to. I feel as if my whole body’s on fire. It is as if I jumped straight out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I feel him release my shoulder and start to lick the bite so it will close. I want to scream when I feel his mouth leave my body. I feel empty and cold. I don’t like this one bit.

When Zander pulls away to look at me, I freeze looking straight into his eyes. I see so much love and devotion, that it scares me. I try to look away but am captivated by his eyes.

Love is a strange emotion. I’ve always kept my distance away from people just for that reason. How can someone who knows so little about me have such a strong emotion towards me? Especially knowing about my reputation.

Better yet. How can I feel the same emotion for someone I only just really met? I need space and time, but Zander doesn’t seem like the type to let me have it. Reacting with anger is always my go to.

“I can’t believe you forced your mark on me. What were you thinking? I can’t do this Zander. This is all too much too soon for me”

“Why? Don’t you feel our bond getting stronger the longer we are around each other? Don’t you feel anything for me?”

Feeling my anger rise even more, I proceed to shove him away so I can breathe. Zander refuses for me to stop touching him or being within distance of being touched. I look around the room trying to find anything to use to my advantage.

There is a king size bed to my right, with a nightstand and a lamp on each side. There is a couch and lounge chair right in front of the balcony, which has a door leading outside.

We are too high up for me to want to jump. Even if I heal fast, it still hurts. Broken bones and internal bleeding hurts no matter who you are.

There is a TV, DVD player, and stereo next to a door left of me. The door leads into a dark room. I assume the room is the bathroom since the closet is behind me to my right.

I shove Zander hard before walking towards the dark room. He recovers quickly and follows closely behind. As I walk into the dark room I slam the door shut. Successfully hitting him in the face in the process.

A satisfied smile spreads across my face at the sound of his grunt. I ignore the pain in my face. It feels like I have just got hit with the door.

Leaning my weight against the door, I search for a light switch. The light is bright and makes it hard for me to see for a few moments. Reaching for the lock and hearing the clicking sound, makes me relax slightly. All the while knowing Zander can pull the “Big Bad Wolf” act and blow the door down.

After hearing him retreat to the bed, I look around the room. There is black marble countertops and black tiled floors. The walls are a contrast with a deep red color. There is a red garden tub that matches the walls, but around the tub is the same black tile that covers the floor. The towels are either black with red and white pin stripes or red with black and white pin stripes.

It is the best-looking hotel bathroom that I have ever seen. I slide down the door as I hear the TV turn on in the room. After sitting against the door for a few moments I notice exactly how dead tired I am. As I eye the tub, debating if I want to take a hot relaxing bath, there is a knock at the bathroom door.

“What do you want now, Zander?”

Making sure he can hear exactly how mad I am. I hope it hurts his ego.

“Just was letting you know I was putting clothes for you to wear by the door.”

He sounds defeated. I have the sudden urge to open the door and wrap my arms around his slim waist. Digging my nails into my palms, to keep from acting on those feelings.

“Please stop hurting yourself.”

What he said shocks me to my core. How does he know? I’m not digging hard enough to break through the skin and bleed. So I knew he can’t smell the blood.

“I know you’re hurting yourself because you’re hurting me too. I’m looking at your nail imprints in my hand right now.”

I know bonds can feel the pain of one another, but not that they can end up with the marks. I have to see, to know if he is telling the truth. Jumping up, and hitting my arm on the counter in the process, I unlock and open the door. What I see brings a smile to my face.

Zander is standing there looking sexy as hell with a pained expression on his face. Laughing to myself that I hurt him without actually touching him. Zander growls in response.

I didn’t notice the blood dripping down my arm, until I saw his arm. Holding my arm next to his and seeing the same two-inch jagged cut I gasp. Zander walks past me into the bathroom, grabbing a towel so he can wipe away the blood.

As he reaches for me, I back up. Not wanting him to touch me because I can’t think straight. He drops his arm with a hurt expression on his face, but covers it almost immediately. My hands itch to touch him just so he’ll feel better.

He pushes past me to go back to the bed. My body ignites at the small touch and I feel everything go straight to my core. He stops walking. He growls in response to smelling my arousal.

“You better go bathe before I do something we both regret.”

I stand still knowing if I run for the bathroom he will give chase, and I will let him win. After a moment, I turn around and walk into the bathroom. Hearing a growl, it makes me stop in my tracks. I turn around just inside the door and notice his emerald eyes are glowing with dark heat.

Just as he takes a step towards me I shut the door and lock it. Realizing I forgot the clothes by the door, I unlock and open it. Grabbing the clothes I shut the door and lock it as fast as I can.

Zander left some clothes by the door. He left me a pair of black sweat pants and a black t-shirt. Throwing the clothes on the countertop, I walk to the tub and turn on the water as hot as I can stand it.

I start removing my clothes. I can’t get rid of my arousal. No matter what I think of or do, only seems to make it worse. No matter what I think about he is there, looking sexy as ever.

I climb into the tub and get covered by water all the way to my neck. I close my eyes and try to relax, but I feel tenser than anything. I decide to ‘relieve’ some stress.

Reaching down with my left hand, I come into contact with my perfectly sized breast. Not too big and not too small. They are more than a handful for me.

Using my right hand, I start at my stomach. Flat, smooth skin is what meets my hand as I rub down. My hand continues its journey down towards my core. As soon as my hand comes into contact with my core a sigh escapes my mouth.

I feel my tight and moist heat, even threw the water. As my hand proceeds to rub in circles I feel my need getting stronger. Rubbing harder and faster my need climbs higher and higher.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear the door crash to the floor and a deep growl, but I am too close, too focused to stop. I can feel myself getting close to my peak. Before I can finish, strong arms are wrapping around me and lifting me out of the tub bridal style.

My mind is too busy trying to reach my release, that when I am laid on the bed soaking wet and strong wide shoulders push my legs open wide I don’t care. I want whatever he is going to give me. I am so close, and I know he will make the pleasure sooo much better.

Zander lowers his mouth to my core and growls, making my peak last longer than ever before. My hips shoot off the bed, begging for more. He growls against me again and I realize I need more than just his mouth on my core. Wrapping my hands in his hair I pull him up my body.

Not being able to control myself, I reach between us and start stroking his thick long shaft on the outside of his pants. He reaches between us rubbing and pinching my nub as he continues to bring me closer to my release.

I am starting to doubt that he will fit, due to him being huge and thick, until he plunges one of his fingers into my core. I moan out in pleasure from the assault. He freezes with his finger still deep inside me.

“You’re a virgin?”

There is surprise and pride in his husky tone. Wow! That simple phrase is enough to shake me, make me realize what is happening. I try pushing him off of me but he refuses to move, leaning his weight more down on my body making it hard for me to move.

“Look at me.”

It is more of a demand than him asking. Almost like he is trying to use his Alpha tone on me. Pfh! That’s not gonna work in his favor.  He is scaring me. My inner turmoil was making it easier for him to scare me.

Looking at him, I see something that scares me more than anything. Love! Deep, never-ending, passionate love. I have to look away. He reaches up grabbing my chin and makes me look at him.

“Please don’t hide from me.”

“I’m not hiding. I’m just scared.”

Shocked by my outburst, I try to cover my mouth. Zander has other plans. Leaning forward, his lips touch mine. An involuntary moan escapes my mouth and he deepens the kiss. I never want to stop kissing this man.

I feel his finger move inside of me and gasp. He uses his thumb to rub my little nub. My back arches off the bed. He is bringing me higher. This male is assaulting all my senses. He is affecting me mentally and physically. So close to climaxing so fast and needing a release.

“That’s right love. Cum for me.”

As the words leave his sexy kissable mouth, I climax.


Screaming his name I have my most intense orgasm from someone else. I float on cloud nine for a few moments. I don’t want to come back down but I can’t stay like this forever. With him still lying pressed perfectly to my body I feel something long and hard press against my thigh. Feeling a little, shy I hesitantly reach down and undo the front of his pants. Wrapping my hand around his soft yet hard shaft, I hear him growl.

“You don’t have to do that, love.”

“Yes I do. You gave me mine. It’s the least I can do.”

Rolling us over so I can reach him better, I passionately kiss his mouth. Leaving his mouth I start my assault, kissing my way across his cheek and down his neck. Enjoying the feel of him pressed against my hands and lips, I continue down to my target.

I stop when I get to his chest, feeling braver; giving each of his nipples a slow sensuous lick before continuing on my journey down. Dipping my tongue in his navel, his hips lift off the bed almost knocking me over.

When I reach my target, I see soft curls surrounding his shaft. Brushing my fingers through the curls, on my way to his sack, I cupped them to feel the weight. They were heavy and full. The skin is smooth as silk.

“Ugh! You’re killing me slowly here.”

The husky sound of his voice is alluring. I laugh before wrapping my hand around his shaft. Zander sucks in a breath as I slowly start moving my hand up and down. I feel my excitement rising.

Seeing a small drop of liquid on the head of his shaft, I stick my tongue out to taste it. It is salty and thick but it doesn’t taste bad. Slowly I put him in my mouth, feeling the texture of him. It is like steel wrapped in silk. I enjoy the feel of him in my mouth.

“I think it’s time for you to stop.”

His voice is strained. I feel his hands grip my arms, about to pull me away from his shaft. I can feel my arousal returning as if I hadn’t released 20 minutes ago. With my new found bravery I decide to stop tormenting him and myself.

I release him and he lifts his hips off the bed, begging for more. I start crawling up his body rubbing my breast against him the whole way up. Straddling his hips I start rubbing my core back and forth on his shaft.

Zander inhales sharply, making me move faster. He places his hands on my hips and pulls my core closer to his shaft causing more pressure. Looking down at him I decide to lean over and kiss him like I’ve been dying to do.

As soon as our lips made contact I feel his shaft at the opening of my core. I can’t resist. I start sliding down on him, taking his shaft into my core, but something stops me. He has tightened his hands on my hips so I can’t slide down any further.

“What are you doing?”

His voice is strangled from the pleasure of my core wrapped around the head of his shaft. Gathering every bit of confidence I have before I speak, takes more than I know.

“Giving you what you want. Why?”

“I don’t want you feeling like I’m trying to force you into anything.”

I don’t know what I expected him to say, but it sure wasn’t that.

“You’re not.”

“You think you’ll feel the same way tomorrow or the day after? I think not. You will resent yourself and me if we do this.”

And with this conversation the mood is gone with no return in sight. He pulls me down on his chest when I try to get up and remove the head of his shaft from my core. He holds me tight, which makes me relax into his embrace. The sound of his heartbeat provides a lulling rhythm.

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