New Beginnings (True Hybrid Book 1) (2 page)


My phone starts vibrating and jerks me away from my thoughts, but not before I notice a female wolf leaning over the center console. She is rubbing his thigh, awfully close to his junk, and whispering something in his ear. He gives the female his best seductive smile just before driving around the dense tree line and out of sight.

I know he hasn’t been celibate. I have, but it’s not for lack of trying. Most supernatural beings won’t come within 100 yards of me if they recognize who I am. Comes with the territory.

A growl rips up from my chest. Why do I feel jealousy over her? He has needs, like any other male, and I’m not in his life to take care of those needs. He deserves to be happy. At least one of us does.

Focus Lizzy. This is not the time for your hormones to sway your judgment.

The phone vibrates again, making my already rising aggression even worse. I rip the phone out of my pocket.

Take a slow calming breath. You’re gonna to blow this.

Right. I need to relax and focus.


I answer more gruffly than intended and the line is silent for a moment. Maybe I scared them. More than likely I just startled them. I might get lucky and they will hang up.

“You’re running late with checking in.”

The robotic voice states, now sounding more like a male robotic voice, compared to the usual female sounding voice. Do I hear a touch of fear in the voice?

Something’s definitely not right.

My conscience is not letting up today.

“He has been on Raven pack territory all day. He just left in a black truck with a she-wolf.”

I state in a bland tone trying not to give anything away pertaining to my inner turmoil. I think it worked.

You better hope so. You don’t need them thinking your incapable of taking care of business. That might lead to them taking care of you, and not in a good way.

“We expect to hear from you within a few hours to give an update. No delay this time.”

The voice is trying to make it sound like a threat. Does he really think he scares me? He’s either out of his mind, or just plain stupid. Either way I’m not impressed.

Neither am I. He’s full of himself.


I hang up without another word.

There’s something not right about this. Just be sure to keep an eye out. They are up to something.

I agree. There is something seriously wrong with me. Maybe I need to have my head examined. I push the thought away as I walk out of the building.

Maybe you should just take my advice and shut up.

I roll my eyes as I make my way out to my 4x4 to follow Zander and his companion. As I get in the 4x4 and it roars to life I turn on the GPS so I can follow Zander’s vehicle. I put a tracker under his vehicle while it was parked outside his hotel last night.

It wasn’t hard to do. I have a feeling he knows what I’ve done. I’m beginning to think he wanted me to. Maybe it’s his turn to try and trap me.

You would like that, wouldn’t you?

That would be just my luck. If I didn’t have bad luck, then I wouldn’t have any luck at all. It feels like my bad luck is about to kick into high gear.

You need to be careful. You can’t trust him. He’s an alpha. They are ruthless and cunning. Will say or do whatever they have to, to get their way.

My conscience is right. I need to be cautious with Zander around. Any moment of weakness, and he will take advantage. This mission needs to be over like yesterday.

Stay focused. Don’t lose sight of what’s at stake.

Right! Keep everything in perspective. Everything is at stake. Keep my eyes on the prize. Don’t let anything get in my way.

Just remember his eye will be on a prize as well.

As I turn onto the gravel road just outside of the city, it reminds me of the country back home in the fall. The leaves are beginning to turn colors and the heat in the air promises a cold winter. Being homesick is an understatement.

I have been here for almost a week tracking him down. Definitely not the place I want to be. I’d rather be home. I’m starting to miss my quiet house by the swamp. It’s beautiful this time of year. The most beautiful place in the world to me.

Earth to Lizzy! Pay attention!

I follow the truck for about an hour and a half before it stops at a restaurant/bar named The Blood Moon. It’s owned by Raven pack. It’s for supernatural beings only. If you walk up to the bouncer and are human you will be throw out on the side of the busy streets.

As I walk up, the bouncer waves me through. The bouncer is a Damon. He’s about 7’ tall, very muscular, and mean looking. As I walked towards the door I almost missed the Valkyrie behind the bouncer. Clever Valkyrie. Being silent backup. Silly smoke creature.

I walk past them and into the restaurant. Upon walking into the restaurant I smell smoke, alcohol, and food. With an undertone of HIM. He smells of woods and powdered sugar. A sweet yet masculine smell. Makes my mouth water.

I do a quick sweep of the place. About 20 people litter the front of the building, including him. He is sitting at a table in the corner at the front of the building, hiding in the shadows just so he can watch the door and all the patrons.

He’s waiting for you.

No duh! I swear my conscience is such an ass sometimes. It seems to always point out the obvious.

I decide it’s time to freshen up. I had been stuck in that nasty hot building all day. I need a few to feel normal again.

The bathroom is down a hall in the back right corner of the building, I smell a new smell as I walked closer to them on my way to the bathroom. The she-wolf with Zander is in heat.

We all stop aging at 18, but we appear to be at our peak age. Peak age limits are 20-30. We reach the age of reproduction at 21. Which means she is at least 21.

I wonder why she is with him. Her mate will be coming for her soon. I'm sure she knows that. Or maybe he already has and she rejected him. She appears to be the type.

He’s up to something. Keep your guard up.

I wish you would just go away. I glance back at them. The she-wolf isn’t bad looking.

She is about 5'7, bright blue eyes, fair skin, and dark chocolate brown hair. She looks like her legs go on for days. She is wearing a tight pale blue dress that’s low cut to show more cleavage and a slit on either side with no sleeves. She looks like “the more skin the better” type of person. I instantly dislike her.

You’re just jealous that she got him first.

Even though my conscience is right, I refuse to dignify that with a response.

Stay focused. You’re getting distracted.

I wish my conscience would shut up. It’s more distracting than being this close to Zander. I turn away from them. I’m clumsy and need to watch where I’m going. I might run into something and make a fool of myself.

Just before I entered the hallway to the bathroom my body tenses, like somebody is watching me. I glance back over my shoulder and see bright emerald eyes, seeming to glow, and looking right at me.

It is Zander and he knows who I am. My heart rate accelerates and my breath hitches in my throat. This can’t be happening. He shouldn’t have this kind of effect on me. Especially with the restaurant practically separating us.

It’s hard to breathe when he looks at me that way. I don’t think I will ever be able to get use to that look.

Stop thinking like that. Move your ass before you get more than you want.

As soon as I enter the hallway, and out of his sight, I sprint for the women’s bathroom. It’s located on the right with a picture of female stick figure on the door. I shove the door open and immediately lean against it and lock it. I take a deep relaxing breath to slow down my heart rate.

The bathroom has writing all over the walls. Truck stop bathrooms are clean compared to this one. It is roomy though. The walls are tile but I can’t tell the color with the writing and smoke. The floor is supposed to be black and white checkered. There is a sink and a toilet that is supposed to be white in color. Everything is dingy and discolored from use.

I’m pulled from studying my surroundings as my phone starts vibrating. My time must be up, or close to it. I have no idea how long I have been in the bathroom, but it is time to stop procrastinating and face the music. I pull it out, and drop it. I curse under my breath before I answer.


Which earns a pause from the caller.

“Anything new to report?”

“Just that he’s a whore with a she-wolf in heat.”

I couldn’t stop the venom from leaking out in my voice. I hope he doesn’t realize why. The comment earns me a laugh from the male robotic voice.

“Well! Keep following him. I expect a full report within a week.”

I pause wondering why he thinks it will take me a week.

“It won’t take me that long.”

Another laugh reaches through the phone line. Who is this guy and what’s so funny?

Careful Lizzy. Remember they are the enemy. They are worse than Zander.

“That is why you get asked for by name.”

I hang up without any formal goodbyes or another word. This guy is starting to give me the creeps. Shoving the phone back in my pocket. I hear something.

Be careful Lizzy.

I hear someone approach the door and pause right outside. They are only by the door for a moment, but it feels like an eternity. I hold my breath until I hear them continue to one of the doors down the hall.

Breathe Stupid!

It isn’t until I start breathing again that I notice the bathroom smells of urine and sex. It makes my stomach roll over and at this moment glad that I haven’t eaten anything today. I listen for a few moments before I unlock the door. I take a deep breath before opening the door and taking a few steps back.

The door is shoved the rest of the way open by an unknown force. Almost hitting me in the face, as I’m shoved back into the bathroom. Whoever it is shuts the door and locks it before turning around to face me. I recognize the intruder immediately.

"What are you doing?"

I ask Zander sounding a little frustrated. He looks at me questioningly.

Look for a way out Lizzy. He couldn’t have caught you this easily. Make sure you put up a hell of a fight.

"I had to make sure you were real. I have been seeing you everywhere. I thought you were another figment of my imagination."

He is gorgeous, and maybe a little insane, but I like that in a man. He has emerald green eyes, black hair, tan skin, and muscles. He is wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans that hug him like a second skin showing off all his defined muscles, and a pair of black tennis shoes.

I have to close my mouth to keep from drooling on the floor. I feel naked under his stare. Almost as if he’s undressing me with his eyes.

I am wearing a grey spaghetti strap shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of white tennis shoes. I look plain compared to him.

My eye and hair color changes day-to-day, part of my alteration. Today my eyes are ice blue and my hair is silver. I am tan from spending all my time working outside my home in south Louisiana.

Zander is looking at me with a blank expression on his face, but his eyes give him away. They hold heat in them. He wants to do more than talk to me and I'm not sure how comfortable I am with that look.

I watch as his internal debate is weighing on him. He looks like he doesn’t know what or how he is going to say. I take his moment of hesitation and use it to my advantage. I shove past him, walk out the bathroom, and toward the bar.

I sit down in the first available seat. Bar stools aren’t very comfortable, but I could care less at the moment. I order a gin and tonic.

I glance at Zander’s table and see that he had returned to the she-wolf. I watch as Zander proceeds to pull her closer to make out with her while I am watching.

He’s trying to make you jealous. Don’t let him see that he’s getting to you.

I hear someone clear their throat. I turn around as the bartender places my drink in front of me. I notice he is eyeing me seductively. He smells of sex and looks like a passionate promise.

I start thinking he might be able to show me a good time and help me get back at Zander for his little display. Probably doesn’t recognize me, yet. I’m not telling him.

"Here you go."

I study the Fae male. He is average height, about 5’8, with dirty blonde hair, fair skin and honey brown eyes. He is wearing a black muscle shirt and black slacks.

He has a scar running down his forearm. Probably got that scar in the war of the species from about 150 years ago, before the Elders and the enforcers were created. Back then it was everyone for themselves.

The scar appeared to be a defensive wound. It looks like a knife of sorts caused it. Whatever it was it had to be made of pure gold/titanium mix to leave a scar on him.

"Thank you."

I say with what I hope is my most seductive smile. He takes it as a good sign.

"So where you from?”

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